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W W Telegraph Co Mar '77/p14
Waakins, Charles P '82/p46
Wacha, Amalie '81/p25
Wachal, Mary '82/p47
Wachter, Louis '86/p76
Wachter, Louis M/M '86/p73
Wachter, Louis Mrs '86/p75
Wackel, Harvey '85/p79
Waco village, NE '90/p15
Wade, J T Dr/M '82/p57
Wadkins, T C '81/p9
Wadsworth, Andres S '87/p58
Wadsworth, Augustus R '81/p60
Wadsworth, Lena '81/p18
Wady, W I '85/p74
Wagener, August '78/p58; '87/p1
Waggamann, John '85/p53
Waggamann, Marie '85/p53
Wagganer, Josephine '87/p75
Waggoner, Jacob '78/p5
Wagner '89/p37
Wagner, '78/p29
Wagner, Albert '88/p75
Wagner, Alxander '83/p77
Wagner, August Mar '77/p14; '80/p3; '83/p2
Wagner, Augusta '80/p3
Wagner, Augusta (Mrs. William Ebel) '92/p3
Wagner, Augusta '92/p8
Wagner, Claus '80/p65
Wagner, Claus, M/M '86/p15
Wagner, Cunegunde '83/p3
Wagner, Dominique '78/p72
Wagner, Emma '82/p32; '88/p75
Wagner, Fredrick William '87/p1
Wagner, Friedrich Mar '77/p14
Wagner, George Mar '77/p14; '79/p46; '85/p74; '86/p30
Wagner, George '89/p52
Wagner, Geraldine '86/p32
Wagner, Gottlieb Mar '77/p14, '88/p77
Wagner, Herman '91/p50, 53
Wagner, Hermann Mar '77/p14
Wagner, Jacob '90/p39
Wagner, Joh '83/p2
Wagner, Johann '83/p3
Wagner, John Mar '77/p14; '80/p3; '83/p74; '87/p76
Wagner, Joseph H '78/p23
Wagner, Julius '80/p3
Wagner, Justine '80/p3
Wagner, Karl Mar '77/p14
Wagner, Louisa '83/p77
Wagner, Louise C '89/p62, 70
Wagner, Maggie '82/p32
Wagner, Maria '86/p36
Wagner, Martin '80/p69
Wagner, Miss '86/p15
Wagner, Randolf '81/p70
Wagner, Romkea '79/p25
Wagner, Rosa '84/p14, 15
Wagner, Rosa '89/p52
Wagner, Ruth '86/p32
Wagner, W N Mar '77/p14
Wagner, Wilhelm Mar '77/p14
Wagner, Wilhelm F Mar '77/p14
Wagner, William '80/p3
Wagner, Willie '88/p74
Wagoner, Alva O '85/p53
Wagoner, Alvin O '85/p53
Wagoner, Andrew A '85/p53
Wagoner, Charles '85/p53
Wagoner, Louisa '85/p53
Wagstaff, J P '78/p20
Wahlin, Jno A '86/p69
Wahlstrom, Alfred '89/p72
Wahlstrom, Gustolf '89/p74
Wahlstrom, Mary '87/p49
Wahoo Centennial History '90/p62
Wahoo Mission; Eldred, NE '90/p62
Wahoo United Methodist Church Centennial History "'90/p63, 65
Wahoo United Methodist Church; Colon, NE '90/p62
Wahoo village, NE '90/p15
Waid, Amanda '83/p48
Waide, D F Mar '77/p14
Waidenhilder, Cunegunde '83/p2
Waight, A J '81/p60
Wainwright, Emma '88/p13
Wainwright, George Washington '78/p52
Wait, Jacob '86/p4
Wait, Jacob '89/p18
Wait, Jeppe '88/p67
Waite, Daniel '85/p6
Waite, Flora H '90/p18
Waite, Mary '85/p6
Wakefield village, NE '90/p15
Wakefield, E C '89/p59
Wakefield, Jasper '81/p60
Wakel, Nicholas '91/p50, 53
Wakeland, John A '83/p79
Wakeley, Mar '77/p14
Wakeley, C Mar '77/p14
Wakeley, E Mar '77/p14
Wakely, Elmer '84/p33
Wakely, Judge '89/p18
Wakely, Judge E '89/p32
Wakener, Herman '91/p26, 28
Wakley, Mar '77/p14
Wala, Catharine '83/p8
Wala, Jan '83/p8
Wala, Josez '80/p69
Walder, Gertrude '81/p45
Waldkoter, Louise '87/p24
Waldo, Elijah '78/p22
Waldon, Agusta B '81/p43
Waldorf, J M '79/p53
Waldorf, Jerry '89/p58
Waldron, Josh '86/p27
Waldrow, Agusta B '81/p43
Waler, Wm E '84/p26
Wales, James '86/p30
Waline, August '88/p6
Walk, Elsie '88/p26
Walker, Al '91/p23
Walker, Ann '87/p2
Walker, Belle '86/p3
Walker, C H '91/p38
Walker, Charles '83/p46
Walker, Charles W '87/p18
Walker, Chas '80/p16
Walker, Chas M/M '86/p30
Walker, Daniel '78/p6
Walker, Dette '82/p27
Walker, Edwin H '91/p37
Walker, Elsie '88/p26, 27, 32
Walker, Etta '86/p4, 30
Walker, F F '89/p19
Walker, Fannie C '87/p77
Walker, Francis M '87/p58
Walker, Fred '81/p25
Walker, Guy C '87/p58
Walker, H '78/p13
Walker, Horace '80/p78
Walker, L '78/p12
Walker, Lena '87/p55
Walker, Lillian '87/p18
Walker, M A Miss '86/p24
Walker, Mamie '86/p32; '88/p26
Walker, Oswold '88/p6
Walker, Porter S '79/p70
Walker, Thos '89/p 3
Walker, William W '81/p38
Walker, Wm '85/p48
Walkins, Walter H '88/p6
Wall, Ava Charlott '87/p5
Wall, David P '81/p60
Wall, John '81/p60
Wall, Joseph '91/p 5
Wall, Joseph Jr '89/p27, 30
Wall, Scott '84/p9; '87/p70
Walla, A F '83/p38
Walla, Anna '80/p2
Walla, Emma '86/p33
Walla, Fennie '85/p54
Walla, Frank '80/p13
Walla, Mathias '85/p54
Wallace village, NE '90/p15
Wallace, Amanda '81/p34
Wallace, Benjamin Ma r '77/p14
Wallace, Blanche '86/p32
Wallace, Eli '83/p79; '87/p76
Wallace, Embrosina '91/p74, 78
Wallace, Frank '89/p76
Wallace, H '89/p12
Wallace, H H '86/p76
Wallace, Hannah '81/p34
Wallace, Harriet W '81/p34
Wallace, Irene '86/p33
Wallace, Isaac F '78/p7
Wallace, John '81/p34
Wallace, John F '81/p60
Wallace, John H '81/p34
Wallace, Karen '90/p40
Wallace, Margaraet '83/p79
Wallace, Mary '85/p30
Wallace, Mary B '81/p34
Wallace, Robt '87/p71
Wallace, S '85/p20
Wallace, Sarah E '82/p10
Wallace, T Chalmers '81/p34
Wallace, Vera '86/p33
Wallace, W Bates '81/p34
Wallace, William '81/p60
Wallau, Alex Lee '81/p17
Wallau, Alex Lee 2nd '81/p17
Wallau, Betty Lee '81/p17
Wallau, Eileen Lee '81/p17
Wallau, Mrs '81/p17
Wallen, John '83/p42
Wallen, Mary Ann '83/p42
Waller, T '79/p43
Waller, Thomas Rev '84/p28
Waller, Thos '79/p43
Wallin, John T '81/p70
Wallinford, W C '90/p42
Wallingford, Charles W '86/p3
Wallingford, Hila B '86/p3
Wallingford, W C Mar '77/p14; '88/p67
Wallis, Charles L '83/p38
Wallis, Fred A '85/p34
Walrath, Earle '86/p31
Walrath, Hellen '81/p80; '86/p1
Walrshauson, Fredereka M '90/p18
Walsch, R D '89/p10
Walsh, L Mrs '89/p77
Walsh, R D '89/p14
Walsh, Samuel '81/p60
Walsh, W L '85/p72
Walsh, Wm L '85/p73
Walt, S '88/p6
Walter, Anna '83/p4
Walter, Berta '81/p25
Walter, Edward '78/p63
Walter, F '80/p28
Walter, Johann '87/p25
Walter, John S '81/p60
Walter, Joseph Mar '77/p14; '82/p0; '84/p75
Walter, Joseph '91/p49, 53
Walter, Joseph M '82/p0
Walter, Klotildy '84/o75
Walter, Mary '91/p49, 53
Walter, Miss '81/p25
Walter, Ottiley '84/p75
Walters, Dina '90/p37
Walters, G W '78/p9
Walters, George '81/p60
Walters, J C '86/p30
Walther, Frank T '78/p63
Walton, Frederick '81/p60
Walton, James '78/p52
Walton, Mamie '88/p42
Walton, W C '86/p3
Waltz, Aloysis T '89/p36
Wamosey, Mrs Mar '77/p14
Wampler, Earl B '87/p58
Wanek, Frantisek '83/p2
Wanek, George '83/p2
Wangberg, Peter '89/p72
Wann, NE '91/p31
Wanorska, Maria '83/p2
Wanos, Joh '83/p1
Wanos, Maria '83/p1
Wanous, Carolina '83/p7
Wanous, Joseph '83/p7
Wantiska, NE '91/p31
Wapelhorst, William '82/p32
Wappelhorst, William '84/p37
Warbritton, Hannah J '81/p37
Warbritton, LeRoy '78/p78
Warbritton, Lexon '81/p37
Warbritton, Reuben '78/p78
Warbritton, Sarah J '81/p37
Warbritton, W J '81/p37
Ward, Mar '77/p14
Ward, A L '80/p2; '81/p37
Ward, A Mr '83/p35
Ward, Augustus L '91/p49, 53
Ward, F Mar '77/p14
Ward, Farrell '92/p26
Ward, George '83/p63; '88/p44
Ward, H C Mar '77/p14
Ward, H L '83/p42
Ward, Joseph '85/p75
Ward, Lewis C '81/p60
Ward, Marie '85/p53
Ward, R W '81/p60
Ward, Richard '83/p73
Ward, Richard '91/p 7
Ward, S '81/p60
Ward, S E '81/p60
Ward, Sarah '83/p73; '85/p3
Ward, Stephen '78/p52; '85/p53
Ward, Thomas J '87/p77
Ward, W T '87/p2
Ward, Walter ‘83.p73; '85/p53
Ward, William '81/p60
Wardell, Oliver L '86/p10, 15
Wardin, John M/M '81/p74
Wardin, Mrs Mar '77/p14
Wardner, Mar '77/p14
Wardner, T H Mar '77/p14
Wardsworth, A D '82/p24
Wareke, William '84/p45
Waren, Helen '87/p47
Warken, Nick '89/p65, 70
Warne, Pearl '86/p33
Warnefan, Charles '81/p60
Warner, A J '87/p74
Warner, Abram J '79/p44
Warner, Agnes '89/p 7, 8
Warner, Andrew '88/p6
Warner, B F '78/p52
Warner, Chas '86/p12, 15
Warner, Gerta '87/p74
Warner, H H '85/p66
Warner, Henry E '85/p5
Warner, J Rev '86/p8
Warner, James '85/p5
Warner, James '91/p75, 78
Warner, Joel '85/p65; '88/p57
Warner, Joel '89/p 7
Warner, Joel Rev '82/p61
Warner, Joel Rev '89/p 7
Warner, Joseph F '85/p46
Warner, Julia '88/p50
Warner, L '87/p74
Warner, L A Mar '77/p14
Warner, L A '89/p51
Warner, Louis '87/p70
Warner, M M ‘77p14; '88/p57
Warner, M M '90/p27; '91/p38
Warner, Mary J '86/p15
Warner, Mrs '90/p72
Warner, Rudolpho '88/p10
Warner, Theodore J Mar '77/p14
Warner, Willis H '89/p 8
Warner, Wini '91/p80; '92 20
Warner, Wini '92/p20
Warnka, Josephine '78/p60; '87/p3
Warnke, Michael M/M '85/p28
Warnsdorff, Mar '77/p14
Warrayalay, Fancis '81/p70
Warren, Allen S '83/p79; '85/p51
Warren, Blanche '88/p6
Warren, C R '87/p55
Warren, E F '90/p71
Warren, H T '81/p17
Warren, Henry '83/p79
Warren, J R '81/p35
Warren, John '81/p35
Warren, L A '86/p20
Warren, Martha '85/p51
Warren, Martha S '83/p79
Warren, Mrs '81/p17
Warren, Theo Mar '77/p14
Warren, W. F. '92/p76
Warrick, John '78/p52
Warrick, Macey '84/p22
Warrick, Sam '84/p22
Warrick, Samuel '81/p72
Warrick, Samuel '91/p37
Warrick, Theo '85/p9
Wartburg Theological Seminary '91/p73
Warwick, Andreas Mar '77/p14
Warwick, Andrew '85/p29
Waryl, James '85/p29
Wascher, A '79/p24
Wascher, Bertha '79/p28
Wascher, C W Friedrich '79/p21
Wascher, Charlotte '79/p21
Wascher, Emma '79/p26
Wascher, Ernst '79/p28
Wascher, F '79/p21
Wascher, Helena '79/p24, 27
Wascher, M '79/p24
Wascher, Wilhelm '79/p24
Wascher, Wm '79/p26
Washburn, E '85/p48
Washburn, Frank M/M '81/p75
Washburn, Gale '83/p38
Washburn, Z '79/p54, 56, 57; '84/p71
Washington Co, NE '91/p 3
Washington County Mar '77/p14
Washington County Genealogical Society '81/p62
Washington County Sun '84/p32
Washington, General '79/p20
Washington, George '80/p60
Wasko, Millie '82/p47
Wasson, John '78/p25
Wasson, Sam I '78/p25
Wassum, Ella '89/p36
Wassum, Walter '89/p36
Wastay, Frank '92/p26
Watachorn, Richard M/M '81/p74
Waterhouse, Jennie '81/p18
Waterloo village, NE '90/p15
Waterman & Edelmeyer '80/p47
Waterman, HAA '86/p30
Waterman, John B '91/p56
Waterman, John W '79/p44
Waters, Edward '80/p76
Waters, Ellen '80/p76
Waters, Garrett '80/p76
Waters, Garrett Jr '80/p76
Waters, J A '88/p6
Waters, James '80/p76
Waters, Johanna '80/p76
Watkins, Amanda Jane '81/p72
Watkins, Capt '82/p10
Watkins, Elizabeth '81/p72
Watkins, J '85/p20
Watkins, Joseph '78/p53
Watkins, Morton '78/p1
Watkins, Thos '82/p43
Watkins, William '88/p9
Watson, Alvin '81/p36
Watson, Anna '84/p17
Watson, Benjamin '85/p17
Watson, Benjamin Dr '85/p16
Watson, Carrie '84/p47, 48
Watson, Charles J '78/p16
Watson, Chas K '86/p28, 30
Watson, E T '78/p16
Watson, Eleanor '84/p4
Watson, Elizabeth '81/p36
Watson, F '85/p48
Watson, Frank J '86/p15
Watson, H '78/p13
Watson, Harriet '87/p54
Watson, Henry '87/p76
Watson, Henry M/M '87/p53
Watson, Isabel '87/p53
Watson, J '78/p13
Watson, J '92/p49
Watson, J A '91/p75
Watson, J A Mr '91/p78
Watson, J V '82/p30; '85/p72, 73
Watson, J W '88/p67
Watson, James '92/p40
Watson, James D '78/p53
Watson, Jane Ann '85/p17
Watson, John '78/p48; '84/p4
Watson, John A '81/p36
Watson, John M '83/p42
Watson, John V '78/p78
Watson, John V. '92/p73
Watson, Judith '83/p79
Watson, Lewis Henry '85/p16
Watson, Lewis M '81/p60
Watson, Louisa '81/p36
Watson, Lydia '79/p48
Watson, Maggie '85/p29
Watson, Marjorie '86/p33
Watson, Mark M/M '91/p68
Watson, Mary '87/p77
Watson, Master '83/p42
Watson, Nellie '84/p4
Watson, Oliver '83/p79
Watson, Orise '90/p69
Watson, Palmyra '91/p74, 78
Watson, Patricia '88/p49
Watson, Raymond '86/p33
Watson, S N Mrs '91/p24
Watson, Samuel '85/p16
Watson, Sara Ann '81/p4
Watson, Sarah A '81/p36
Watson, Sarah H '84/p17
Watson, Thomas '85/p16, 17
Watson, Will W '91/p38
Watson, William D '85/p16, 17; '88/p68
Watt, A M '86/p46
Watt, Allie '87/p32
Watt, Anna C '91/p75, 78
Watt, Archibald '88/p80
Watt, Archibald '89/p28, 30
Watt, Bill '87/p29
Watt, Dr '88/p58
Watt, Elsie '86/p33
Watt, Erik Marin '87/p46
Watt, Herrie Madsen '87/p46
Watt, Jeppe M '87/p46
Watt, L M Mar '77/p14
Watt, Mr '80/p27
Watt, Nielsine M '87/p46
Watt, Richd '85/p59
Watt, S M Mar '77/p14
Watt, Sandy '87/p31
Watt, Soran Mason '78/p78
Watt, Soren M '88/p67
Watt, Soren Mason '92/p73
Watt, Thomas '86/p32; '88/p58
Watt, Tommy '88/p58
Watt, William Mar '77/p14
Watt, William '89/p54
Watt, Y Mar '77/p14
Watterman, Wm W '79/p53
Watts, Capt '82/p9
Watts, Jennie '84/p50
Wattson, William Mar '77/p14
Waubeek Bank '84/p31; '87/p50
Waubouski, Sophie '89/p63, 70
Waugh, Gaila '90/p15
Waugh, George '82/p27
Waugh, Mr '82/p57
Waugh, Samuel '91/p26, 28
Wauneta village, NE '90/p15
Wausa village,NE '90/p15
Waverly village, NE '90/p15
Wavnington, John '81/p60
Waw, W H Mar '77/p15
Wawerowsky, A Cath '84/p43
Wawerowsky, Anna Elisabeth '84/p43
Wawra, Eliza '83/p10
Wawrncka, Maria '83/p7
Way, Henry '79/p70
Wayley, Christena '83/p77
Wayley, Henry '83/p77
Wayley,Geo '83/p77
Wayne town, NE '90/p15
Wayne, Joseph '81/p70
Wayne’s Cash Savert '82/p63
Waynek, Annie '81/p43
Waynek, Minnie '81/p43
Wayner, Mathias '89/p64, 70
Weaner, L. '92/p34
Wear, Joseph Mar '77/p14
Wearing, Elizabeth Mar '77/p14
Wearne, Charlotte (Mrs. William H. Smith) '92/p4
Wearne, Charlotte '92/p8
Wearne, Samuel Mar '77/p14
Weatherby, Jacob '82/p67
Weatherby, John '82/p67
Weaver, Catharine '82/p45
Weaver, Daniel '87/p77
Weaver, J C Mar '77/p14
Weaver, Juliette '83/p48
Weaver, N R Mar '77/p14
Weaver, Paul '89/p28, 30
Weaverling, R E '87/p48
Webb, Alva '84/p18
Webb, Clara A '80/p67
Webb, E J '91/p 9
Webb, Edward Jas '91/p11
Webb, Hawley M '78/p5; '87/p2
Webb, J N Rev Jan '77/p1
Webb, Jennie '91/p76, 78
Webb, L '80/p5
Webb, M '80/p5
Webb, Milton L '91/p26, 28
Webb, Otis '80/p1
Webb, T Frank '78/p24
Webber, J L '88/p67
Webber, Mary F '90/p54, 57
Webber, W D Mar '77/p14
Weber & Haskett Mar '77/p14
Weber '89/p37
Weber Barber Shop '84/p44
Weber, Anna '89/p27, 30
Weber, Anton Mar '77/p14
Weber, Barbara '81/p25
Weber, Caroline '87/p23
Weber, Emma '82/p57
Weber, Ernest O '87/p59
Weber, Frances '81/p25
Weber, Fred '82/p57
Weber, Heinrich '87/p23
Weber, J L Mar '77/p14
Weber, John C '81/p70
Weber, L C Mr '90/p72
Weber, Lofe '82/p57
Weber, Otto H '78/p63
Weber, R T '81/p17
Weber, Sophie '83/p57
Weber, W D Mar '77/p14; '80/p40; '88/p67
Webster Presbyterian Church '88/p47
Webster, Dick '92/p66
Webster, R F '80/p12
Webster, Sarah L '86/p3
Wechsler '89/p37
Wechsler, Abraham F '81/p17
Wechsler, Elaine '81/p17
Wechsler, Grace '81/p17
Wechsler, Mr '81/p17
Wedergren, Andrew '87/p21
Wedikan, Ada '81/p60
Wedikan, Catharine '81/p60
Wedikan, Elizabeth A '81/p60
Wedikan, Ellen C '81/p60
Wedikan, Francis H '81/p60
Wedikan, George L '81/p60
Wedikan, Jefferson '81/p60
Wedikan, John L '81/p60
Wedikan, Marcelline '81/p60
Wedikan, Marcellus '81/p60
Wedikan, Mary '81/p60
Wedikan, Oregon F '81/p60
Wedikan, Warren '81/p60
Weeber, Mollie (Furnas) '91/p38
Weed, C M '90/p11
Weed, Julia '85/p54
Weed, S M '85/p54
Weeden, M '88/p67
Weeks, Helene '88/p21
Weeping Water city, NE '90/p15
Wegard, Julius '90/p53, 57
Wegener, Charlotte S '89/p61, 70
Wegmer, G '78/p29
Wegner, A Mar '77/p14; '78/p30
Wegner, Amelia '79/p36
Wegner, Andrew Mar '77/p14
Wegner, Anna C '78/p33
Wegner, Arthur '79/p30
Wegner, August '78/p29
Wegner, Augusta '78/p29
Wegner, Edmund H '78/p34
Wegner, Edward J '78/p30
Wegner, Ella (Borgelt) '79/p30
Wegner, Gustav Adolf '78/p33
Wegner, Gustine '78/p29
Wegner, Herman '78/p29; '79/p36
Wegner, J '78/p29, 30
Wegner, John '78/p29
Wegner, Julia '78/p29
Wegner, Julius '92/p46
Wegner, Martin '78/p29
Wegner, May B (Allemang) '78/p34
Wegner, Michael Zillmer '78/p29
Wegner, Minie '78/p29
Wegner, twins '78/p25
Wegner, Vern E '78/p33
Wegner, Walter W '78/p63
Wegner, William '82/p31
Wehle, Heinrich '81/p17
Wehling, F Mar '77/p14
Wehling, John Mar '77/p14
Wehling, Martin Mar '77/p14
Wehling, T Mar '77/p14
Wehling, Theo Mar '77/p14
Wehrer, C '78/p27
Wehrer, J '78/p27
Wehrer, Lizzie '78/p27
Wehrer, Louisa C M '78/p27
Wehring, H Mar '77/p14
Wehrmann, Heinrich '87/p22
Weich, E R '88/p6
Weich, M Mar '77/p14
Weich, Matthias Mar '77/p14; '88/p67
Weiche, Ewald '84/p37
Weichman, Bill '86/p35
Weichman, Kater '86/p35
Weidensall, Mar '77/p14
Weidensall, Jacob M/M '90/p73
Weidmeyer, William B '81/p43
Weigand, Anna '89/p27, 30
Weigand, Claus D '81/p80
Weigand, D Mar '77/p14
Weigand, David '81/p81; '86/p2
Weigand, David '91/p58
Weigel, George Mar '77/p14
Weigl, George Mar '77/p14
Weigle, Benjamin '92/p5
Weigle, Christina '89/p51
Weigle, Georgeia '89/p51
Weigle, Godfred '86/p15
Weigle, Gotfried '89/p51
Weigle, Gustave H '89/p61, 70
Weigle, John '86/p2
Weigle, Keskil '89/p51
Weigle, Louisa '90/p53, 57
Weigle, Miss '88/p14
Weigle, Mrs. Benjamin (Elizabeth Allen) '92/p5
Weigle, Rachel '87/p4
Weigler, Benjamin '92/p8
Weihe, Charles '92/p65
Weikel, M H Mrs '81/p25
Weikel, Samuel '88/p6
Weikel, Samuel '89/p63, 70
Weikhorst, Eddie '88/p50
Weikhorst, Fred '91/p54
Weikhorst, John '82/p33
Weiland, E J F Mr '91/p23
Weiland, J F E '84/p38
Weiman, Philip '81/p71
Weimann, Carl '91/p 5
Weinar, Annton Jr '81/p25
Weinberg, Ephraim '91/p64
Weinberger, Anna '81/p25
Weinberger, Ernst '81/p25
Weinbrandt, Helen B '85/p5
Weinbrandt, Herman '85/p5
Weinbrandt, Pete '85/p5
Weiner, Anton '81/p25
Weir, James '92/p73
Weir, Robert '78/p20
Weir, Thomas E '81/p71
Weis, F '89/p12
Weis, F Mr '90/p24
Weis, Fred '85/p73
Weise, Asmus '84/p23
Weise, F Mar '77/p14
Weisel, Joseph '92/p4
Weiser, Cris '81/p35
Weising, Joseph '87/p25
Weisner, Gottlieb '91/p75, 78
Weiss, Anna '82/p55
Weiss, Antal '81/p25
Weiss, Bruno '92/p37
Weiss, Constanlia Mar '77/p14
Weiss, Harriet J '81/p17
Weiss, Hedwig '92/p37
Weiss, Jak '86/p36
Weiss, Jiri '86/p35
Weiss, Joseph '92/p37
Weiss, Mrs '81/p25
Weister, Maria Sophie '86/p2
Weisz, Maria '89/p64, 70
Weit, Frederick '88/p67
Weitkamp, Henry '87/p71
Weitkamp, Henry P. '92/p68
Weitman, F R '81/p71
Weizenhofer, Joseph '81/p17
Weizenhofer, Mrs '81/p17
Welander, John '81/p44
Welby, D M Mar '77/p14
Welch, '91/p73
Welch, Alice '88/p22, 24
Welch, Alice Alma '88/p23
Welch, Ella G '88/p9
Welch, Emma '85/p25, 29
Welch, F '78/p21
Welch, Frank '81/p35; '82/p22; '86/p15
Welch, J J '88/p13
Welch, James '86/p50
Welch, Jane C '89/p28, 30
Welch, John '83/p20
Welch, Matthias '92/p50
Welch, Nellie '86/p32
Welch, Thomas '83/p20
Welcker, Heinrich '84/p15
Welcker, Philipp '84/p15
Welden, Levi '81/p60
Welding, Gertrude '84/p47, 48
Weldon, A L '78/p53
Welle, John Bernhard '81/p81
Weller, George '82/p30
Wellman, Chester '88/p6
Wellman, L E '86/p49
Wellman, L E '89/p 2
Wellnitz, Gustine '79/p22
Wells, & Lloyd’s Lumber Yard '88/p35
Wells, '89/p80
Wells, Ambrose '82/p16
Wells, B F '78/p53
Wells, Christine '86/p15
Wells, Clara M '84/p55, 57
Wells, Esther '82/p16
Wells, Fargo & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Wells, G C Rev '78/p61
Wells, G H '85/p47
Wells, G H Mrs '86/p50
Wells, John '89/p79
Wells, John Bernhard '86/p1
Wells, Martin H '89/p28, 30
Wells, Olive '89/p56
Wells, William H '80/p53
Welsh, Eliza '81/p71
Welsh, John '81/p71
Welsh, John '89/p65, 70
Welstead, Grace '84/p49
Welstead, J H '85/p74
Welstead, J W '81/p84
Welstead, Jesse '89/p 9
Welstead, Maggie '89/p65, 70
Welton, Hattie B '86/p4
Welty, D M '88/p67
Welty, D M '90/p30
Welty, David '85/p29
Welty, David M '86/p30
Welty, Mame '84/p49
Welty, Mrs '85/p29
Welty, Nancy Mar '77/p16
Welty, R '84/p9
Welty, Susie '84/p50
Welz, George F '86/p1
Wemp, W '81/p7
Wenchstern, Editha von '81/p17
Wendell, Martin '92/p45
Wendorff, Chris '91/p58
Wendt, Bertha '91/p75, 78
Wendt, F. C. '92/p47
Wendt, Freidrich Mar '77/p14
Wendt, Helena '78/p34
Wendt, John F '91/p51, 53
Wendt, Louisa '85/p27, 29
Wendt, Louisa (Mrs. Peter Parkert) '92/p5
Wendt, Louisa '92/p8
Wenkamp, John Mar '77/p14
Wenn, Zachariah '88/p67
Wenner, Sophia '91/p25, 28
Wensdorf, Christian Mar '77/p14
Wentworth, Albert '83/p81
Wentworth, Nancy '83/p81
Wentworth, Ross '83/p81
Wentworth, Willie '83/p32
Wentz, Mrs '83/p32
Wenzel, Albert '81/p44
Wenzel, Therese '91/p50, 53
Wenzell, Paul '92/p37
Werbelow, Aug '83/p74
Werbelow, Fred '83/p74
Werbelow, Fredrick '80/p67
Werbelow, Frierich '79/p23
Werbelow, Louisa '83/p74
Werbelow, Louise '79/p23
Wermlin, Aaron '92/p3, 8
Wermlin, Aron '85/p54
Wermlin, Johanna '85/p54
Wermlin, Mrs. Aaron (Johanna Peterson) '92/p3
Wermlin, Victor E '85/p54
Werner, Harriet E '84/p4
Werner, Mary S '84/p4
Werner, Mrs. William L. (Elizabeth Enos) '92/p3
Werner, William L '90/p22; '92 3, 8
Werner, William L. '92/p3, 8
Werner, Wm L '84/p4
Werr & Dorsey Mar '77/p14
Wert '89/p37
Wert/Wirt/Wurth '89/p37
Wertz, Fred '89/p 4; '92 31
Wertz, Fred '92p31
Wertz, S S '91/p42
Werz, J B Mar '77/p14; '85/p66; '88/p67
Werz, J B Mr '90/p26
Werz, Mary '81/p80
Wesche, Ernest '90/p54, 57
Wesely, Anton '86/p51
Wesely, Frank '86/p51
Wesely, Joseph '86/p51
Wesisel (Wishsel), Joseph '92/p4
Wesisel (Wishsel), Mrs. Joseph (Anna Nizera) '92/p4
Wessel, Deitrick '91/p74, 78
Wesselly, John '91/p76, 78
West & Harper '80/p57
West J E & Co '87/p50
West Lincoln village, NE '90/p15
West Point city, NE '90/p15
West Point Evangelical Ass'n '90/p51
West Point German Methodist Church '90/p51
West Point House '83/p24, 30, 31, 32, 37
West Point House '90/p34
West Point Manufacturing Co '91/p29
West Point Republican '83/p27
West Point Republican '91/p29
West, Amy Anna '85/p7
West, C Mar '77/p14
West, Caney '86/p72
West, Catharine '83/p81
West, E G '87/p72
West, F M Mar '77/p14
West, Fern '91/p23, 24
West, Gideon '78/p78; '78/p48; '82/p30; '85/p72
West, Gideon '92/p73, 77
West, H M '86/p49
West, Harry '92/p40
West, Henry '84/p6
West, J A '87/p70
West, J A Mr '91/p23
West, James '92/p40
West, Jane Elizabeth '85/p10
West, John '81/p10; '83/p57
West, Josapin '88/p9
West, Josephine '85/p7
West, Julia E '79/p53
West, Martha '88/p8
West, Mary '85/p8
West, Mary J '85/p9
West, Mrs Mar '77/p14
West, R '85/p48
West, S J '86/p77
West, T M Mar '77/p14
West, Tones '83/p81
West, Verna '92/p40
West, William '78/p17; '79/p53; '82/p12
West, Wm '85/p48
West, Wm L '85/p76
Westberg, Anna Amanda '85/p31
Westberg, John '88/p6
Westcott, Rhoderich Mar '77/p14
Westen '92/p49
Westerfield, F '78/p70; '85/p55
Westerfield, F '90/p18
Westerfield, Johaphine '85/p55
Westerfield, Phebe '85/p55
Westerfield, Phebe L '78/p70
Westerfield, T '78/p70
Westerholt, Johann Herman Hinrich '92/p26
Westermann, Anna '79/p7, 8
Westermann, Anton '79/p7
Westermann, Bernard J '79/p7
Westermann, Casper '79/p7
Westermann, Elizabeth '79/p7
Westermann, Henry J '79/p7
Westermann, William '79/p8
Western Philo '81/p72
Western T Store; Fremont, NE '90/p28
Western Trust & Security Co '91/p12
Western Union Telegraph '84/p9
Western village, NE '90/p15
Westervelt, Samuel P '80/p54
Westfall, A T '88/p67
Westfall, D C Mar '77/p14; '84/p7; '85/p76
Westfall, D C Mrs '81/p61
Westfall, Jacob M/M '86/p30
Westfall, John G '84/p7
Westfall, S L '84/p7
Westfall, Saml M/M '86/p30
Westlin, Albert '87/p71
Westlin, N P '82/p61
Westlin, Sherman '82/p62
Westling, August '92/p38
Westman, Dorothea Frederica '83/p3
Westman, Francis '83/p3
Weston village, NE '90/p15
Weston, G B Mar '77/p14; '78/p78
Weston, George B '88/p67
Weston, Jane E '85/p4
Weston, Lucy E '85/p4
Weston, Mary E '87/p77
Weston, Mary Ella '90/p54, 57
Weston, Philo '78/p22
Weston, William '85/p31
Westons Addition Mar '77/p14
Westphal, James Mar '77/p1C; '79/p18B; '80/p20; '81/p20B; '82/p20B; '85/p0; '87/p0
Westphal, John '92/p57
Westphalen families '86/p15
Westphalen, '87/p20
Westphalen, Anna '81/p81; '86/p1
Westphalen, Dietrich '84/p37
Westphalen, Dora '85/p22, 29
Westphalen, E '87/p18
Westphalen, F '80/p28
Westphalen, Ferdanand Mrs '80/p28
Westphalen, Ferdinand Mar '77/p14
Westphalen, girls '79/p69
Westphalen, Gust '82/p31
Westphalen, Henry '81/p81; '85/p77; '86/p2
Westphalen, J '80/p26
Westphalen, John Mar '77/p14
Westphalen, John '91/p58
Westphalen, Laura '88/p26, 27
Westphalen, Mabel '88/p26
Westphalen, Margaret (Mrs. John Mokelman) '92/p4
Westphalen, Margaret '92/p8
Westphalen, Mildred '88/p26, 27
Westphalen, Minnie '89/p64, 70
Westphalen, Mrs '85/p77; '86/p15
Westphalen, P H '87/p18
Westphalen, Paul '88/p26
Westphalen, Peter Mar '77/p14; '78/p63; '80/p29; '84/p61
Westphalen, Peter Mrs '84/p61
Westphalen, Rupert '88/p27
Westphalen, Vera Dorothy '87/p18
Westphalen, Wm '85/p77
Wetmore, Geo '85/p76
Wetmore, Geo '90/p42
Wettstein, Friedrich '84/p15
Wetzel, Maryann E '91/p51, 53
Wetzel, Mathilda '90/p53, 57
Wetzler, Harry '87/p58
Wever, John L '87/p4
Wewrova, Albina '81/p25
Wexler '89/p37
Wexler/Wechsler '89/p37
Weyer, C W '88/p7
Weyher, Fred C '81/p17
Weyher, Margaret '81/p17
Weyher, Mrs '81/p17
Whalen, Jas '81/p71
Whalen, Margret '81/p71
Whalen, Nancy '78/p8
Whaller, Benj F '78/p12
Whedon, Becky Jan '77/p1
Whedon, Bert D '82/p23
Whedon, Burt D '87/p58
Wheeler, '85/p48
Wheeler, Ada '83/p77
Wheeler, Amy Mar '77/p14
Wheeler, Arthur J '87/p69
Wheeler, Danile H '91/p38
Wheeler, Eliza '90/p70
Wheeler, F C '86/p49
Wheeler, Frank '80/p32
Wheeler, Henry Mar '77/p14
Wheeler, J H Mar '77/p14; '81/p60
Wheeler, James '83/p77
Wheeler, James H '81/p80; '88/p67
Wheeler, James H '91/p 2
Wheeler, Julia E '87/p77
Wheeler, Mr '78/p21
Wheeler, N '83/p48
Wheeler, Newell '83/p48
Wheeler, W W '88/p6
Wheildon, W W Mar '77/p14
Whellen, William '81/p60
Whelpley, Dave '84/p66
Whelpley, David '83/p49
Whelpley, Ella '85/p29
Whelpley, L '89/p11
Whelston, Samuel '81/p71
Whickle, N H Mar '77/p14
Whielen, M Mar '77/p14
Whilty, Robert '87/p76
Whinery, Arthur '86/p30
Whipps, C C '90/p44
Whisnand, Franklin '78/p53
Whitaker, C E '81/p35
Whitaker, John '82/p10
Whitaker, Katherine '81/p17
Whitaker, M C '81/p35
Whitaker, S R Mrs '81/p17
Whitaker, Sarah J '81/p35
Whitaker, T '81/p32
Whitaker, T H '81/p35
Whitaker, William '82/p32
Whitcomb, E L '91/p59
White Cloud '78/p2
White Horse, Chief '80/p31
White, A G '88/p67
White, A G Rev '78/p60
White, A J '88/p67
White, Abbey '89/p36
White, Albert T Mar '77/p16; '78/p55
White, Alexander '88/p9
White, Amy A '81/p72
White, B C '78/p70
White, Belle '81/p4’ '87/p76
White, C '81/p9
White, C W '78/p53
White, Catherine A '80/p68
White, Charles Mar '77/p14
White, E C '81/p71
White, E T Mar '77/p14
White, Edith '86/p12, 15
White, Eva May '85/p58
White, F S '91/p38
White, Fred E '90/p55, 57
White, G '81/p9
White, George '86/p4
White, H C Mrs Jan '77/p1
White, Hannah '80/p17; '85/p58
White, Henry '78/p8
White, Hiram Mar '77/p14; '81/p8; '84/p22
White, J '85/p48
White, J Henry '85/p58
White, J Henry Rev Jan '77/p1
White, Jacob '78/p63
White, James '80/p17
White, Jennie '87/p77
White, John '80/p17; '81/p60; '82/p24; '83/p79
White, John F '85/p9
White, John P '78/p53
White, Julia '80/p17; '83/p79
White, Kata E Mar '77/p16; '78/p55
White, Louesa '78/p70
White, Lulu '82/p33
White, Lydia M '80/p67
White, M Mar '77/p16; '78/p55
White, Malvina '81/p72
White, Martin '81/p81; '86/p1; '88/p6
White, Mary '81/p60
White, Mary Ann '85/p4
White, Mrs '83/p68
White, Mrs. O. H. (Laura E. Smiley) '92/p30
White, Nora '80/p19
White, O. H. '92/p30
White, P J '87/p59
White, R F Mar '77/p16; '78/p55
White, S N '80/p33; '85/p40
White, S N Mrs '86/p49
White, S P '78/p24
White, Sada '84/p47
White, Sada E '84/p48
White, Saml '83/p42
White, Sherman A '87/p58
White, Sina '81/p44
White, Thomas '83/p79
White, W H '85/p73
White, William '91/p74, 79
White, William Allen '89/p15
White, William W '80/p68
Whitehall, '85/p48
Whitehall, Alfred E Rev '87/p54
Whitehall, Barbara T '87/p55
Whitehall, Eugene '87/p55
Whitehall, George '87/p54
Whitehall, George W '87/p55
Whitehall, Harriet '87/p54, 55
Whitehall, Harriette '87/p55
Whitehall, Henry S '87/p54
Whitehall, Herbert O '87/p54
Whitehall, John C '87/p54
Whitehall, M D '87/p55
Whitehall, Miles D '87/p55
Whitehall, Miles G '87/p54, 55
Whitehall, Nettie E '87/p55
Whitehall, Nova Z '87/p54
Whitehall, Ralph '87/p55
Whitehall, Ralph R '87/p54
Whitehall, W W '85/p40
Whitehall, William W '87/p54
Whitehead, John '91/p 2
Whitehorn, A M '88/p63
Whitehorn, A M '89/p10
Whitehorn, G W '81/p18
Whiteman, C C '82/p30
Whitemore, James H '87/p58
Whitemore, William '81/p60
Whitenack, Golden '84/p55, 57
Whitford, '87/p20
Whitford, C A '78/p44; '87/p74
Whitford, Coradon A '91/p11
Whitford, Corydon '84/p23
Whitford, Henrietta '78/p44
Whitford, Lucinda '78/p44
Whitford, Nettie '78/p58
Whithall, W W '80/p30
Whiticker, Earnest '88/p6
Whitman, C L '85/p72
Whitman, Lee M '89/p61, 70
Whitman, Marcus Dr '86/p54
Whitman, Marcus Rev '86/p54
Whitman, Mrs '87/p56
Whitman, Rev/M '86/p54
Whitman, T W '85/p48
Whitmore, Will '83/p61; '85/p6
Whitmore, Will '90/p33
Whitmore, Wm '78/p13
Whitney, C M '82/p41
Whitney, Eli '85/p32
Whitney, Ellen '89/p27, 30
Whitney, Hardy H '78/p2
Whitney, Henry '82/p32
Whitney, L L Dr '82/p41
Whitney, Lucia '89/p27, 30
Whitney, N S '83/p57
Whittaker, Mary '85/p6
Whitted, Robt '78/p17
Whitten, Ellen '87/p77
Whitten, Ellen '89/p28, 30
Whitter, W L '78/p25
Whitterer, Martha E '81/p72
Whittier, Harriett '79/p43
Whittier, Henry '84/p29
Whittier, Ruth '81/p81; '86/p1
Whittier, Sam Mar '77/p14
Whittier, Samuel '78/p78; '88/p67
Whittier, Samuel '92/p73
Whittier, Samuel Mrs '88/p42
Whittier, William H '85/p67
Whittier, Wm H '78/p78; '79/p43
Whittler, Samuel '92/p50
Whittler, W. H. '92/p50
Whitworth, John '78/p3
Wichert, Leona '84/p47, 48
Wichmann, Anna '78/p67
Wichmann, Catherine H g '78/p66
Wichmann, Heinrich '87/p22
Wick, Nils Nilsen '81/p45
Wickert, Frederick '91/p49, 54
Wickhorst, August '88/p13
Wickhorst, Carson '89/p55
Wickhorst, Ludolph '81/p80
Wickhorst, Rudolph '81/p80
Wickhorst, T '85/p74
Wicklund, M/M Jan '77/p2
Wicklund, Martha C '90/p54, 57
Wickstrand, Axel W C '86/p52
Wickstrom, C A '84/p37
Wickwire, Frank E '85/p73
Wickwire, Harry '91/p23
Widener, Felix '88/p38
Widinaw, Christian '81/p71
Widman, Frank J '78/p70
Widman, I '78/p70
Widman, John '92/p66
Widman, K '78/p70
Widman, Oscar '82/p69
Widman, Oscar E '89/p64, 70
Widmay, John '88/p67
Widmayer, Magenau & Co '88/p54
Widner, Irvin '88/p6
Widner, Susan '85/p5
Widstrup, C S B Mr '89/p64, 70
Wiech, M Mar '77/p14
Wiechall, John Mar '77/p14
Wiechmann, Cath Marie '84/p43
Wiechmann, Diedr '84/p43
Wiedurvilt, Emil '92/p65
Wiegand, Conrad '92/p37
Wiegand, David '81/p81; '86/p2
Wiegard, Julius Mar '77/p14
Wiegard, Wilhelm Mar '77/p14
Wiegle, George Mar '77/p14
Wiekhorst, E A M/M '84/p39
Wiekhorst, Ferdinand Jacob '92/p19
Wiekhorst, Ludolph '92/p19
Wieland, Franz Bruno '84/p15
Wieland, Jos '84/p15
Wieland, Magaretha '84/p15
Wieland, Sophie '84/p15
Wieland,Wilhelm '84/p15
Wieneke, Henry '91/p25, 28
Wierman, Wilhelmina '78/p16
Wiese, Fred '92/p46
Wiese, Nona Mar '77/p1C; ?6/p0; '87/p0
Wiese, Nona '89/p37
Wiese, Nona J '79/p18B
Wiesel, Charles '84/p75
Wiesel, Emilie '84/p75
Wiesel, John '84/pp75
Wiesen, Gertrude (Mrs. William Kruger) '92/p5
Wiesen, Gertrude '92/p8
Wieser, Gottfred '92/p19
Wiesman, Jacob '80/p14
Wiesner, George F '82/p6
Wiessen, Kate '91/p25, 28
Wigant, Margaretta (Mrs. John Rexin) '92/p3
Wigant, Margaretta '92/p8
Wigfaid, James W '90/p22, 23
Wiggers, Emma '84/p47
Wiggington, Omar '89/p55
Wigginton, Omer M/M '81/p75
Wightman, G W '78/p41
Wightman, Gracie '85/p77
Wightman, I H '81/p60
Wightman, Judson '85/p77
Wigington, Geo '87/p70
Wigington, Isaac S '86/p3
Wigington, Shellman '78/p6
Wiglesworth, John '84/p39
Wihswaessen, Charles L '90/p57
Wihswaessen, Charles Leb '90/p53
Wilber village, NE '90/p15
Wilber, Claud '86/p46
Wilber, M C '82/p22
Wilber, M C Mrs '91/p38
Wilblur, M C '81/p35
Wilbur, A C '81/p35
Wilbur, Claude '86/p31
Wilbur, M '81/p30
Wilbur, M H '81/p35
Wilbur, R H '82/o22
Wilburger, Mrs '80/p33
Wilburs, M '81/p29
Wilch, Albert M/M '81/p74
Wilch, Lary '79/p57
Wilch, Minnie '82/p47
Wilch, P '85/p48
Wilch, Peter '91/p42
Wilcox village, NE '90/p15
Wilcox, Mar '77/p14
Wilcox, Abbie '88/p50
Wilcox, Elias '84/p21, 33
Wilcox, Elizabeth J. (Mrs. William C. Cameron) '92/p3
Wilcox, Elizabeth J. '92/p8
Wilcox, Jack '84/p65
Wilcox, Jerry '85/p3
Wilcox, John '86/p50
Wilcox, John '89/p55
Wilcox, Miss '89/p12
Wilcox, Mr '85/p78
Wilcox, Sarah '79/p49
Wilcox, Wm P Capt '91/p38
Wilcox, Z T '87/p73; '86/p30
Wilcoxon, Charles D '86/p4
Wild West '89/p13
Wild, Charles '81/p80
Wild, Chas '84/p19
Wild, Edward '85/p7
Wild, Fritz Paul '92/p19
Wild, Jacob '84/p15
Wild, Mary '88/p9
Wild, Otto '92/p19
Wilda, Anna '87/p26
Wilda, Ida '91/p28
Wilda, Joseph '87/p26
Wilda, Wenzel '87/p26
Wilde, Amelia '85/p18
Wilde, Augustus '81/p42
Wilde, C. F. '92/p47
Wilde, Charles F '91/p38
Wilde, Emil '85/p18
Wilde, Frank '85/p18
Wilde, Hulda Maria '81/p44
Wilde, Ida '91/p26
Wilde, Vilena '85/p5
Wilder, Mar '77/p14
Wilder, Ada Mar '77/p14
Wilder, Anna '85/p23; '85/p29
Wilder, George '88/p68
Wilder, George '89/p58
Wilder, Z B '81/p35
Wilder, Zodac B '80/p52
Wildes, Charles '82/p21
Wildle, Edward '85/p5
Wildrick, Mrs Mar '77/p14
Wilds, Brad '78/p53
Wiles, Luke '78/p13
Wiles, Stephen '78/p13, 14
Wiley, Charles '81/p61
Wiley, Clara '81/p61
Wiley, Elias K '81/p61
Wiley, Henry '78/p24
Wiley, Ida '81/p61
Wiley, J S '81/p61
Wiley, John '81/p61; '82/p73
Wiley, Nancy '81/p61
Wiley, Nathan '81/p61
Wiley, Oliver '81/p61
Wiley, William '81/p61
Wiley, Wm M '78/p14
Wilgohs, R '82/p27
Wilhelm, A H '86/p30
Wilhelm, Franz '84/p43
Wilhelmsen, Anna '87/p67
Wilhelmsen, Elisabeth '87/p67
Wilhelmsen, Hans '87/p67
Wilhelmsen, Wilhelm '87/p67
Wilken, Anna '86/p67
Wilkening, Annie '88/p10
Wilkening, Henry Sr '80/p45
Wilkening, Sophia '80/p44
Wilkenning, Henry '80/p48
Wilkenson, Thomas '91/p37
Wilkes, Frederick P '78/p7
Wilkey, W C '85/p74
Wilking, Meta '87/p75
Wilkins, David '82/p24
Wilkins, Essa '80/p32
Wilkins, J '83/p45
Wilkins, J P Miss '83/p45
Wilkinson, Emma '88/p42
Wilkinson, Hermon F Mar '77/p14
Wilkinson, Nathaniel '82/p44
Will, Blanche '81/p20
Will, Geo Secil '81/p1
Will, John '85/p42
Will, Marie '85/p42
Willard, H H Dr '81/p17
Willard, Mrs '81/p17
Willard, S P '81/p39
Willburgen, Homer Mar '77/p14
Willeamson, George '78/p22
Willets, Elisabeth '81/p25
Willets, Marie E '81/p25
Willett, Ferinandina '83/p42
Willgohs, Agatha '91/p50, 54
William & Brodhun '82/p6
William, B F Jan '77/p5
William, George H '89/p18
William, Gustavus A '80/p52
Williams & Perkins '91/p56
Williams '92/p48
Williams, Mar '77/p14
Williams, '78/p15
Williams, A Mrs '90/p71
Williams, Benjamin Jan '77/p5
Williams, Ceylon '85/p58
Williams, Charles B '81/p61
Williams, Charles L '89/p61, 70
Williams, Charley '89/p 9
Williams, Chas H '91/p28
Williams, Chas S. '92/p66
Williams, Clifford E '86/p32
Williams, Cloy '85/p58
Williams, Dick '88/p51
Williams, Don '89/p36
Williams, E G '86/p68
Williams, Edna '89/p36
Williams, Eli C '90/p54, 57
Williams, Elmer M/M '86/p30
Williams, Eugene '88/p42
Williams, Fannie A '78/p62
Williams, Francis '78/p8
Williams, Frank '78/p22
Williams, Gene '80/p76
Williams, George '81/p38
Williams, George Bradley '81/p81; '86/p2
Williams, Gertrude '86/p67
Williams, Guy S '91/p73
Williams, Harry '90/p39
Williams, Henry '78/p78; '81/p84; '82/p39; '88/p67
Williams, Henry A '81/p71
Williams, Ira '85/p58
Williams, Ira J '86/p32
Williams, J C '85/p48
Williams, J G '81/p40
Williams, J W '78/p3
Williams, John '81/p71; '82/p23; '83/p73
Williams, John P '80/p57
Williams, Joseph '81/p61
Williams, Judge '89/p56
Williams, Kate '83/p73
Williams, Lena '86/p15
Williams, Levi '81/p80
Williams, Lucy '85/p49
Williams, Luther J '88/p6
Williams, Mary E '85/p58
Williams, Michael '81/p61
Williams, Nancy '85/p5
Williams, O T B '82/p22
Williams, Page A '78/p45
Williams, Reese '86/p30
Williams, Richard Mar '77/p14; '88/p51, 67
Williams, Samuel Mar '77/p14; '78/p78; '85/p29; '85/15
Williams, Susan '81/p35
Williams, Theodore Mar '77/p14
Williams, Theodore S '81/p71
Williams, W H '91/p42
Williams, Wilard '85/p49
Williams, Wilhelmina Jan '77/p5
Williams, Wiliam M '81/p71
Williams, William '83/p73; '88/p39
Williams, William H '81/p71
Williams, Wm T '78/p3
Williams, Z Mar '77/p14
Williamson, Anna '83/p81
Williamson, E '82/p73
Williamson, John '80/p52
Williamson, Julia '89/p24, 25
Williamson, Kent Mrs '81/p62
Williamson, L R Rev '88/p79
Williamson, L W '86/p20
Williamson, Mary '83/p81
Williamson, Peter '83/p81
Williamson, Robert '81/p61
Williamson, Thomas '78/p7
Williamson, William '78/p7
Willink, D '83/p45
Willink, J '83/p45
Willis, Effie '89/p36
Willis, Eugene S '88/p9
Willis, Harry '89/p36
Willman, Herman Charles '91/p64
Willow Creek Class, NE" '90/p65 Willow, Creek, NE '91/p31
Wills, R D Mar '77/p14
Willsey, Carrie '85/p11
Willsey, Hattie '85/p11
Willson, E W '79/p41
Willson, Ira S '78/p10
Willyard, Rufus '78/p10
Wilpers, Harman Mar '77/p14
Wilsey, Hattie L '85/p9
Wilson & Hompkins Mar '77/p14
Wilson & Hopkin '85/p66; '88/p53
Wilson & Hopkins; Fremont, NE '90/p30
Wilson, A Rev '78/p60
Wilson, A V '80/p78
Wilson, Alexander '81/p71
Wilson, Alonzo '81/p40
Wilson, Alva '92/p34
Wilson, Andrew M '81/p61
Wilson, Anna '85/p77
Wilson, Bertha '82/p42
Wilson, C W '88/p6
Wilson, Charles '87/p4
Wilson, Charles Rev '88/p48, 49
Wilson, Chas '82/p43
Wilson, Chas M '86/p20
Wilson, Chas Rev '82/p71
Wilson, child of Eliza '89/p58
Wilson, Clarnece A '86/p3
Wilson, D B '78/p37
Wilson, E '78/p57
Wilson, E A Mar '77/p14
Wilson, E N Rev '88/p47
Wilson, Ed '91/p23
Wilson, Elisa '82/p43
Wilson, Esaac A '78/p78
Wilson, Estella J '90/p54, 57
Wilson, F A Mar '77/p14
Wilson, George '78/p43; '81/p61
Wilson, Harriet '81/p40
Wilson, Harry '85/p72
Wilson, Hattie '87/p74
Wilson, Helen C '89/p52
Wilson, Henrietta B '78/p43
Wilson, Hi '83/p30, 31, 32
Wilson, I A Rev '78/p58; '86/p79
Wilson, Isaac '86/p20
Wilson, Isaac A '79/p49
Wilson, Isaac A Rev '78/p60
Wilson, Isaac Rev '82/p71, 74; '88/p47
Wilson, Issac A Rev '87/p2
Wilson, J E '81/p35
Wilson, J H '89/p52
Wilson, J M '87/p8
Wilson, James Mar '77/p14; '81/p71; '82/p13; '88/p68
Wilson, Jane B Moore '78/p43
Wilson, Jannie '85/p22, 29
Wilson, John Mar '77/p14; '81/p71; '88/p68
Wilson, John E '78/p57
Wilson, John J H '78/p37
Wilson, John Lewis '83/p60
Wilson, John M '91/p75, 79
Wilson, Jos S '90/p16
Wilson, Joseph '83/p47
Wilson, Lincoln '87/p59
Wilson, Liza Turner Mrs '89/p58
Wilson, Lizzie '82/p57
Wilson, Lucia '85/p78
Wilson, Luther '79/p44; '85/p67
Wilson, M B '79/p70
Wilson, M V '87/p50
Wilson, M/M '86/p30
Wilson, Mary A '78/p37
Wilson, Miss '88/p29
Wilson, Mr '78/p58; '80/p58; '83/p62
Wilson, Mr '90/p34
Wilson, Mrs '79/p48; '86/p30
Wilson, Nettie A '78/p58; '87/p1
Wilson, Otis W '85/W p46
Wilson, P C '81/p40
Wilson, Phebe '84/p50
Wilson, Phebie Bessie '85/p30
Wilson, Phoebe S '87/p76
Wilson, R A '85/p66
Wilson, R A '90/p28
Wilson, Rhoda Ann '80/p56
Wilson, S '78/p37
Wilson, S J '89/p52
Wilson, Sarepta C '82/p14
Wilson, Susan E '78/p37
Wilson, Thomas Mar '77/p13; '78/p78; '79/p47, 49; '82/p27
Wilson, Thomas '92/p73
Wilson, Thos '78/p73; '83/p62
Wilson, Thos '90/p10, 34
Wilson, Tom '84/p22; '85/p66
Wilson, W B '90/p57
Wilson, W C Mar '77/p14
Wilson, W E Mar '77/p14
Wilson, W E '89/p52
Wilson, W F '83/p47
Wilson, W J '78/p57
Wilson, W M '86/p46
Wilson, W Mrs Mar '77/p14
Wilson, W R Mar '77/p14; '78/p78; '80/p40; '84/p9; '88/p53, 67
Wilson, W R '89/p12, 13;'92 73
Wilson, W S '91/p 2
Wilson, W W '91/p38
Wilson, W. R. '92/p50
Wilson, W. R. '92/p73
Wilson, Wallace '88/p31
Wilson, Will '82/p57; '88/p29, 30
Wilson, William '78/p53
Wilson, Wm R '79/p48
Wilsonville village, NE '90/p15
Wilstead, M/M '86/p15
Wilting, William '82/p44
Wiltse, Channing '80/p52
Wiltse, Chauncey '91/p38
Wina, Johann Mar '77/p14
Winchell, John K '78/p53
Winder, Elizabeth '85/p4
Winder, George '85/p4
Winder, John Mar '77/p14
Winders, G W '78/p14
Windham, R B '91/p38
Windhusan, T H '87/p76
Windhusen, Theodore '91/p58
Windisch, Conrad '92/p37
Windsor Hotel; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Wing Fong, Joe '89/p13
Wingell, David H '81/p44
Winkamp, Joseph Mar '77/p14
Winkamp, Lizzie C '91/p50, 54
Winke, Anna '87/p76
Winke, John H Mar '77/p14
Winkell, John '86/p50
Winker, John '87/p76
Winkleman, Henry '89/p62, 70
Winkleman, William '89/p62, 70
Winn, J B '78/p19
Winn, J B '91/p 6
Winn, Jesse B '91/p 6
Winn, Larsine '90/p20
Winn, Susan '90/p20
Winn, William '90/p20
Winn, Zachariah T '90/p20
Winnebagoes Indians '80/p41
Winney, Allice '81/p19
Winns, Jesse '91/p 6
Winside town, NE '90/p15
Winslow Blacksmith, The; Winslow, NE '92 69
Winslow State Bank, The; Winslow, NE '92 68
Winter, Fred '88/p6
Winter, James '91/p64
Winter, James Jr. '92/p65
Winter, Jan '83/p11
Winter, John '87/p3; '88/p60, 67
Winter, John '89/p20
Winter, Theresa Louisa '83/p11
Winter, Thomas J '80/p13
Winter, William Henry '92/p65
Winterowd, D M Mr '89/p62, 70
Wintersteen see Mrs Dave Franklin '90/p74
Wintersteen see Mrs Inman '90/p74
Wintersteen see Mrs J M Shively '90/p74
Wintersteen see Mrs Will Wittman '90/p74
Wintersteen, Elizabeth '84/p44
Wintersteen, Fern '84/p50
Wintersteen, J H Jr '90/p74
Wintersteen, J H Sr M/M '90/p74
Wintersteen, Jas H Jr '81/p85; '85/p24, 29
Wintersteen, Mary '90/p74
Wintersteen, P H '90/p74
Wintersteen, Waldo '90/p74
Winther, S Mar '77/p14
Winuighaus, F W Mar '77/p14
Wippern, Theodor '84/p43
Wirger, Maria '83/p10
Wirger, Petr '83/p10
Wirght, John '85/p26
Wirgl, Anna '83/p7
Wirka, Ed Mrs '86/p48
Wirminghau, Laura '91/p75
Wirminghaus, Laura '91/p79
Wirshbo, Elli '91/p64
Wirt '89/p37
Wirz, J P Mar '77/p14
Wirz, Joch '84/p15
Wisconsin - Badgers '91/p41
Wise, Bertha '81/p1
Wise, Christen '83/p72
Wise, E O '85/p29
Wise, Eugene '88/p67
Wise, Hannah Mar '77/p14
Wise, John A Mar '77/p14
Wise, Peter Mar '77/p14
Wise, Sarah E '91/p76, 79
Wiseman, James '81/p8
Wiseman, James F '91/p37
Wiser, Christian '80/p54
Wishart, James '88/p46
Wishart, John P '78/p53
Wishart, Thurston '88/p46
Wishsel (Wesisel), Joseph '92/p4
Wishsel (Wesisel), Mrs. Joseph (Anna Nizera) '92/p4
Wishsel, Joseph '92/p8
Wisler, Newton '85/p9
Wislicen, F L & Co '87/p70
Wislicen, Fred '89/p13
Wislon, Thomas R '79/p70; '84/p24
Wisneiski, Anton '91/p58
Wisner village, NE '90/p15
Wisner, Henry '92/p65
Wisner, Joe '90/p44
Wiss, John '86/p30
Wissmann, Wilhm '84/p43
Wist, Gustav Friederich Willechen '92/p45
Wist, John Mar '77/p14
Wist, Wilhelm Friederich '92/p45
Wite, Ernest W '87/p58
Witherell, E H '88/p6
Witherspoon, Dr '89/p18
Witherspoon, J K '89/p12, 14
Withnell, John '78/p17B
Witmire (Vietmeyer), Frederick '92/p3
Witmire (Vietmeyer), Mrs. Frederick (Pauline Schultz) '92/p3
Witmire, Frederick '92/p8
Witt, John '84/p6
Witt, Louis '84/p6
Witt, Rudolph '78/p63
Witte, Augusta C '78/p29
Witte, Christine '78/p30
Witte, J H E '78/p29
Witte, Laura C W '78/p29
Witte, Louise C '78/p29
Witte, Wilhelmine '78/p29
Witte, William '78/p29; '79/p40
Witte, William David '78/p29
Wittemann, Cathrina '84/p15
Wittemann, Johann '84/p15
Wittemann, Peter '84/p15
Wittenburg, Sophia '85/p41
Wittenburg, Charles '85/p41
Wittenburg, Pearl '84/p55
Witter, John A '87/p59
Wittgow, Wilhelm Mar '77/p14
Wittman, Will Mrs (Wintersteen) '90/p74
Wittorf, Catherine '85/p4
Wittrow, Catherina E '85/p51
Wittrow, Elby Philo '85/p51
Wittrow, Elmer '85/p51
Wittrow, Isaac S '85/p51
Wittrow, Ramolina '85/p51
Wmkimberland, '78/p19
Wobig, Albert '85/p18
Wobig, Albert '91/p50, 54
Wobken, Henry '78/p63
Wobken, Henry Gerhard '92/p65
Wobken, William Frederick '92/p65
Wodil, Emanuel '81/p61
Wodwarka, Ferdinand '89/p62, 70
Woehler, William '81/p45
Woerth, Edward G '78/p63
Woetsheik, Frank '81/p35
Woff, Wilhelm '92/p37
Wohlfart, Anna '90/p53, 57
Woita, Joseph '83/p7
Wojta, Frank '85/p49
Wojta, Joseph '83/p7
Wojta, Josephen '85/p49
Wokalek, Anna '87/p22
Wokalek, Joseph '87/p22
Wokalek, Wenzel '87/p22
Wokener, Carl '87/p23
Wokener, Heinrich '87/p23
Wokener, Henriette '87/p23
Wolacrzyk, Nettie '81/p23
Wolard, Carrie A '89/p61, 70
Wolber, Fred '89/p62, 70
Wolburg, Wendlein '84/p43
Wolcott School '85/p76
Wolcott, '91/p60
Wolcott, Amoret N '85/p27, 29
Wolcott, C H '78/p12
Wolcott, D B Mar '77/ p14
Wolcott, G W Mar '77/p14
Wolcott, George W '79/p45
Wolcott, H G '82/p27; '88/p39
Wolcott, H G '89/p13, 53; '92/p34
Wolcott, H J Mar '77/p14
Wolcott, H. J. '92/p54
Wolcott, Howard '84/p50
Wolcott, Mary '85/p77
Wolcott, Miss '84/p64
Wolcott, Mrs. '92/p54
Wold, Thore O '89/p62, 70
Wolf, Abner '78/p11
Wolf, Francis M '90/p53, 57
Wolf, Fred Mar '77/p14
Wolf, Fred '92/p68
Wolf, Friedreich Mar '77/p14
Wolf, Hattie '86/p31
Wolf, Hugo '91/p26, 28
Wolf, Jette '84/p43
Wolf, Katie '81/p81; '86/p1
Wolf, Peter '88/p6
Wolf, Peter F '88/p5
Wolf, W L '88/p59
Wolfe, Anson '86/p51
Wolfe, George F '90/p21
Wolfe, Henry '86/p51
Wolfe, Rev '80/p48; '87/p8
Wolfel, '84/p58
Wolff, Christena '79/p8
Wolff, Edward '79/p7
Wolff, Hans '88/p10
Wolff, Louis H '79/p9
Wolff, Margaret '79/p7
Wolff, Peter F '84/p37
Wolff, Theodore '79/p8
Wolff, Wilhelm '92/p37
Wolk, Arden '82/p75
Wollasten, Arthur '88/p10
Wollen, Belle '84/p14, 15
Wollen, Martha A '91/p75, 79
Woller, Isabella '87/p47
Wollschlager, Herman '87/p75
Wolman, Sissil '84/p75
Wolmaren, Eric '84/p75
Wolschlager, Hermann Mar '77/p14
Wolsleger, Arthur '84/p39
Wolsleger, Ed '84/p39
Wolsleger, Emma '82/p34
Wolsleger, Herman '82/p34; '85/p75
Wolsleger, W J '91/p58
Woltge, Louise '84/p43
Wolz, George '84/p9, 44
Wolz, George '89/p78
Wolz, George F '81/p81
Wondruska, Anna Maria '83/p8
Wondruska, Frantisek '83/p8
Woo, Fook '88/p6
Wood & Bedfor Mar '77/p15
Wood & Buford Mar '77/p15
Wood & Turner Mar '77/p15
Wood River village, NE '90/p15
Wood Turner & Fuller Mar '77/p15
Wood, Anna '84/p47
Wood, Anna (Smith) '78/p10
Wood, Annie '84/p48
Wood, Asas P H '79/p68
Wood, Charles '78/p53
Wood, Cora '86/p9, 15
Wood, Henry '92/p4, 8
Wood, Ira '91/p23
Wood, J '87/p59
Wood, J M Mar '77/p15
Wood, James M '78/p78
Wood, Joel '78/p10
Wood, Joel Martin '78/p10
Wood, John '79/p49
Wood, Joshua '81/p72
Wood, Mary A '84/p53
Wood, Mrs. Henry (Araminta Swan) '92/p4
Wood, N B '91/p42
Wood, P M Mar '77/p15; '78/p78; '88/p67
Wood, Prucius M '79/p68
Wood, Shelton '78/p10
Wood, William '88/p9
Wood, Wm '78/p19
Woodard, Capt '82/p12
Wooden, Elenor '83/p49
Woodland, Cemetery '86/p57
Woodland, Wm '78/p17
Woodmansee, Pearl '91/p24
Woodrow, William '78/p53; '82/p17
Woodrow, Woods Mar '77/p15
Woodruff, Chas '82/p6
Woodruff, Chas '90/p44, 45
Woodruff, Daniel '78/p9
Woodruff, Eugene B (Judge) '89/p24
Woodruff, Eugene B '89/p24
Woodruff, Lila (Murlbut) '89/p24
Woods, Arthur '83/p79
Woods, Charlotte '83/p79
Woods, Eliza '85/p42
Woods, H H '85/p48
Woods, H H '91/p42
Woods, J D '85/p42; '86/p49
Woods, J F Mrs '80/p33
Woods, J G '85/p48
Woods, J S '85/p48
Woods, J W '78/p20
Woods, James '91/p42
Woods, James Dr '85/p48
Woods, James W '91/p38
Woods, John '83/p79
Woods, Joseph F '83/p49
Woods, Lillian '84/p47
Woods, N B '85/p48
Woods, Thomas '78/p10
Woods, Thomas D '81/p71
Woods, W H '78/p53
Woods, W H '91/p42
Woods, William '81/p71
Woods, William H '85/p42
Woodward, A G '78/p5
Woodward, Amos '78/p43
Woodward, Angie '88/p42
Woodward, Catharine V '78/p43
Woodward, Iowa '88/p43
Woodward, J C Dr '88/p70
Woodward, Margaret E '78/p43
Woodward, Mary McHenry '78/p43
Woodward, Mr. '92/p54
Woodward, Mrs '88/p42
Woodworth, '85/p48
Woodworth, Herny '87/p4
Wookman, John '88/p6
Wooler, D '87/p47
Wooler, Jemima '87/p47
Woolsey, George W '78/p11
Woolsey, Jeremiah '78/p11
Woolworth, B W '88/p67
Wooske, Emma '83/p44
Wooster, James '81/p61
Wooters, Muriel E '87/p20
Wordekemper, Casper '79/p8
Wordekemper, Katherina '79/p8
Work, Mary K '81/p72
Workman, Farrell M '90/p80
Worley, Benjamin Franklin '82/p55
Worley, Elijah '82/p55
Worminghaus, F M Mar '77/p15
Worminghaus, F W Mar '77/p15
Worminhaus, F W '88/p67
Wormwood, B M/M '91/p59
Wormwood, Jay '78/p63
Wormwood, Pearl '86/p67
Wormwood, V P '91/p59
Worndorff, Charles '88/p68
Worstel, Louisa '88/p75
Wortendyke, E J Mrs '91/p38
Wortendyke, Henry '91/p38
Worth, August '88/p67
Wortman, Francis '80/p67
Wortman, Frank H '80/p69
Wortman, Kate '91/p49
Wortman, Mary '91/p50
Wortman, Sophia '88/p75
Wortman, Theodore '81/p42
Wortman, Willie '88/p75
Wortman, Wm '88/p75
Wortmann, Anna '91/p49, 54
Wortmann, Kate '91/p54
Wortmann, Mary '91/p54
Wosak, Caroline '83/p7
Wosicky, Barbara '83/p8
Woslager, Anna '88/p80
Woslager, John '88/p80
Wosleger, Wm J '87/p71
Wostoupal, Mild’d '84/p47
Wostrel, Frank '88/p75
Wostrel, Jerome '88/p75
Wotipka, John '85/p56
Woytcke, George '82/p6
Woytcke, George '91/p58
Woytka, Geo '90/p44
Wozniak, Francis '83/p6
Wozniak, Pelagiam '83/p6
Wrana, Anastasia '83/p8
Wrana, Joseph '83/p8
Wreege, Wilhelmina '80/p3
Wrenwick, G T '78/p13
Wrich, Carston '84/p23
Wright & Beebe Mar '77/p15
Wright & Bells’ Flax House '88/p35
Wright, Analiza '88/p9
Wright, Briggs H '78/p53
Wright, Charles S '80/p52
Wright, Clare '92/p29
Wright, Cymantha '81/p61
Wright, Dr '85/p15
Wright, Edgar '82/p34
Wright, Elizabeth '84/p20
Wright, Ella '82/p33
Wright, J '81/p9
Wright, J A Mr '81/p78
Wright, J B '81/p61
Wright, James '88/p6
Wright, John '80/p28; '85/p29
Wright, John A '91/p50, 54
Wright, John C '85/p9
Wright, John M/M '86/p15
Wright, Mary '87/p3
Wright, Mary E '78/p60
Wright, Mathew Mar '77/p15
Wright, Mother '82/p34
Wright, Mr '80/p34
Wright, Mrs. William K. (Ella A. Putnam) '92/p4
Wright, Olive A '88/p7
Wright, Olive A. '92/p78
Wright, Robert P '88/p10
Wright, Sophia '85/p9
Wright, W K '80/p39
Wright, W K Mr '81/p78
Wright, Walter '88/p21
Wright, William '81/p61
Wright, William K. '92/p4, 8
Wrightman, Frank '85/p53
Wroughton, Mar '77/p15
Wrtek, Barbara '83/p9
Wrtek, Jan '83/p9
Wruck, Albertine '85/p18
Wruck, Herman '85/p18
Wsher, E C Mar '77/p15
Wuest, Karl '92/p45
Wulacy, Perry '88/p67
Wulf, H C '84/p38
Wulff, Henry '87/p49
Wullschleger, Martha '82/p47
Wulluck, Rose '91/p75, 79
Wupper, F. R. '92/p56
Wurdowitz, Louisa '89/p27, 30
Wurth '89/p37
Wyatt, Birdie '88/p6
Wyatt, Enos '78/p10
Wyatt, Jimmy '78/p49
Wyatt, Robt M/M '86/p30
Wychlarz, Catharina '83/p6
Wychlarz, Francisca '83/p6
Wychlarz, Valentine '83/p6
Wyes, Rudolph '80/p14
Wyman, Julius H '81/p17
Wyman, Mrs '81/p17
Wyme, Thomas '81/p61
Wymore city, NE '90/p15
Wynkoop, Christina Mar '77/p15
Wyskocil, Ann '83/p8
Wyskocil, Joseph '83/p8
Wysocki, S F '82/p6
Y M C A; Fremont, NE '91/p67
Yaeger, Anna '90/p37
Yaeger, Theo '90/p37
Yager, J A '91/p59
Yager, Joseph A '86/p2
Yager, Peter '84/p15
Yahrmarkt, Frederick '90/p57
Yakish, Flora '84/p50
Yander, Friederike '80/p67
Yanson, Ann '83/p77
Yanson, Ela '83/p77
Yanson, John '82/p77
Yaple, Jacob '78/p57
Yaple, John '78/p55
Yaple, Julia A '78/p57
Yaple, M '78/p57
Yaple, Nancy '78/p57
Yaple, Srah '78/p55
Yargin, Philip '82/p73
Yarhmarkt (Jahrmarkt) Frederick '90/p54
Yarhmarkt, Frederick '90/p54
Yarn, W H Mar '77/p15
Yaryan, '84/p80
Yaryan, Clifford '84/p80
Yaryan, Della '84/p80
Yaryan, Fay '84/p80
Yaryan, Franklin '84/p40
Yaryan, Frederick '84/p80
Yaryan, George '84/p40
Yaryan, Margaret '84/p80
Yaryan, Marjorie '84/p80; '88/p80
Yaryan, Ora '84/p80
Yaryan, Susanne '84/p80
Yaryan, William B '84/p80
Yates & Avery; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Yates, J D '78/p3
Yeager, Susie '83/p47
Yeargin, John '82/p73
Yeargin, Philip '82/p73
Yeater, Henry '88/p6
Yeiser, Frederick '82/p9
Yeiser, Lucy '82/p9
Yenny, F C Rev '91/p44
Yeoman, Catharine M '81/p72
Yeoman, Kate Carter '87/p49
Yeomans, L '81/p6
Yerger, Brian Kevin Jan '77/p5
Yerger, Kenneth Jan '77/p5
Yerger, Marjorie Jan '77/p5
Yerman, Ellen '91/p74, 79
Yocum, Chris '88/p6
Yocum, Mrs '88/p6
Yoder, B Y '82/p21
Yonkie, Chauncey '82/p47
Yorden, Daniel '86/p30
York city, NE '90/p15
York, H. L. '92/p55
York, Madison '78/p11
Yost, A M Mar '77/p15
Yost, A N Mar '77/p15
Yost, Wm J '89/p19
Yosten, Matthew '87/p71
Yostern, Mat '89/p55
Young, Mar '77/p15
Young, Adelbert '81/p61
Young, Andrew '81/p35
Young, Andrew '89/p72
Young, Brigham '79/p70; '82/p66
Young, Brigham '90/p38; '91/p69,71,72
Young, Brigham Farm '90/p38
Young, C B Mar '77/p15
Young, C M '85/p54
Young, Catharine '82/p45
Young, Charley '92/p38
Young, Christopher '78/p3
Young, David '82/p73
Young, E B Mar '77/p15
Young, Edvinna '81/p35
Young, Edwinna '81/p35
Young, Eliza '85/p35; '86/p79
Young, Ellen A '81/p35
Young, Emma E '81/p35
Young, Frank P '81/p25
Young, Frank T Mrs '81/p17
Young, Fred '90/p48
Young, Geo '85/p63; '88/p56
Young, Geo H '91/p 7
Young, George Mar '77/p15; '82/p38, 68; '84/p17; '86/p31, 79
Young, George '91/p55
Young, George M/M '85/p35
Young, George Mrs '85/p36; '86/p57
Young, Georgia '85/p35
Young, H S Rev '85/p1
Young, Horace J '86/p32
Young, Ida '86/p51
Young, J '81/p8; '83/p64
Young, J S '85/p54
Young, James '85/p35; '86/p70
Young, James R Mar '77/p15; '86/p11, 15
Young, Jane '85/p3
Young, Jeremiah '78/p22
Young, John '78/p18
Young, John A '85/p4; '87/p74
Young, L W '81/p35
Young, Louise '86/p32
Young, Lucy A (Cowdry) '81/p72
Young, Mary A '87/p74
Young, Nelson '82/p73
Young, Ofa '86/p15
Young, R A '81/p61
Young, Roscoe '87/p58
Young, S D '81/p35
Young, S W '87/p74
Young, S. W. '92/p53
Young, Samuel Wesley '85/p4
Young, Seth '84/p17; '86/p79
Young, Seth '91/p54
Young, Seth W '85/p36, 37
Young, Stephen M '87/p74
Young, William '86/p33
Young-Franklin, George '79/p45
Youngstrom, Mr '81/p2
Younstan, John Mar '77/p15
Yount, J R '89/p11, 12, 13
Yount, Lila '88/p6
Yunek Implement House; Dodge, NE '90/p45
Yunek, Lena '84/p47, 48
Yunek, V J '82/p6
Yunek, V J '91/p58
Yunek, W J '87/p71
Yung, David Mrs '82/p41
Yunik, Josephine '89/p62, 70
Yutan village, NE '90/p15
Zabeta, Mariane '81/p41
Zabka, Anton '82/p59
Zabloudil, Jan '86/p39
Zacek & Tichota '89/p 3
Zacek, Jos F '89/p 3
Zacek, Mary A '84/p55
Zacek, Mathias '81/p43
Zacek, Tho Z '84/p56
Zade, August '82/p53
Zadel '92/p48
Zahn, August Mar '77/p15
Zahn, August '91/p58
Zahn, August Mrs '80/p39
Zahn, Emil '91/p58
Zahn, Herman '91/p64
Zahn, Herman W F '89/p62, 70
Zaiser, Minnie '87/p12
Zaiser, Perry '87/p12
Zajicek, Alexander '82/p78
Zajicek, Anna '81/p25; '82/p21
Zajicek, Nettie '88/p74
Zajicke, Paulina '88/p74
Zak, Frantiska '83/p9
Zak, Maria '83/p5, 7
Zakovec, J A '86/p48
Zakovec, John '86/p48
Zalagar, Anna '81/p41
Zaloudek, Rudolf, Joe '92/p26
Zamsdorf, Alvina '86/p3
Zander, Friederike '80/p67
Zapp, S A '87/p70
Zaribnicky, Fr Mrs '86/p39
Zarm, Joseph Mar '77/p15
Zarmsdorf, Friedrich Mar '77/p15
Zavodsky, Karel '86/p39
Zavorka, Jos '89/p 3
Zeigler, John '82/p31
Zeis, Elizabeth '88/p14
Zeis, George '88/p14
Zelena, Mary '85/p25, 29
Zelezna, Anna '86/p3
Zelgler, Percy C '87/p59
Zeller, Christ '86/p48
Zeller, Eva '85/p21, 29
Zellers, M T '87/p71
Zellers, M T MD '90/p11
Zellers, William A '88/p27
Zellers, Zeph '86/p30
Zellinger, John F '87/p58
Zeman, Anna '83/p8
Zeman, Frank '81/19
Zeman, John '91/p58
Zemina, Joseph '86/p46
Zenner, William Mar '77/p15
Zenner, William L '90/p53, 57
Zeph, Zenze '87/p75
Zeplin, Herman '83/p38
Zeplin, Ludwig '92/p46
Zerneke, E H '86/p30
Zerzan, Chas '88/p27
Zerzan, Ed W M/M '81/p74
Zerzan, Jos '82/p77
Zesch, Ccherkel '84/p43
Zesch, Johanne '84/p43
Zesch, Loretz '84/p43
Zestmyer, M '91/p42
Zethoca, John '88/p59
Zeuckner, (Sproener) '78/p30
Zeulinger, N W '84/p48
Zevetz, Isaac Israel '92/p45
Zevitz, Jake '92/p26
Zevitz, Morris '91/p64
Zeyn, J H '83/p27
Ziegler '89/p37
Ziegler, Barbara '87/p74
Ziegler, George '87/p74
Ziegler, Heinrich '87/p25
Zielger, John '81/p38
Zig Zag '91/p72
Zillie, Mr '80/p26, 27
Zillmer, Michael '78/p29
Zima, Antonie Mrs '81/p25
Zima, Marie '81/p25
Zimmer, Rev '80/p38
Zimmerman, Cassina '82/p43
Zimmerman, Jacob '81/p72; '84/p15
Zimmerman, Jul '92/p46
Zimmermann '89/p37
Zimola, Anna '83/p10
Zinger, Caroline '87/p75
Zinger, Jacob Mar '77/p15; '85/p67
Zingre, Ada '89/p 8
Zingre, Addie '89/p65, 70
Zingre, Al '91/p23
Zingre, Jacob '90/p31
Zink, Phillip '84/p37
Zinke, Wm '92/p66
Zinnecker, Henry Rev '89/p45
Zion Church '86/p65
Zion Evangelical Church; Winslow, NE '90/p51
Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church Winslow,NE '90/p50, 51,52
Zipf, Christian '79/p30
Zipf, Fredirick '79/p29
Zipf, Henrietta '79/p30
Zipf, Wilhelmina '79/p24
Zlotky, Mr '88/p15
Zodd, F M '88/p6
Zollers, Zeph '86/p30
Zollner, Ernst '87/p24
Zorn, Missouri (Mrs. Hiram Brancht (Braucht)) '92/p6
Zorn, Missouri '92/p8
Zorn, Scott '80/p37
Zotalis, Demetrios '92/p65
Zoubek, Frantiska '83/p4
Zoubek, Jan '83/p4, 5
Zoubek, Josepha '83/p4
Zoubek, Maria '83/p5
Zoufal (Coufal), Barbara (Mrs. Martin Prokas) '92/p6
Zoufal, Barbara '92/p8
Zouglin, Alexander '81/p71
Zrengastner, Frederick '81/p71
Zrust, Frank '86/p62
Zrust, Tony '82/p47
Zschocha, Augusta M '81/p41
Zschoghe, Auguste Maria '79/p21
Zuber, Heyman '92/p45
Zuber, Louis '92/p65
Zucker, Clarence S '78/p63
Zucker, Simon '81/p61
Zuehide, Carl '87/p12
Zuehide, Johanne '87/p12
Zuehrs, Ida '85/p18
Zuhlke, August '89/p27, 30
Zuhlke, Edythe '84/p47, 48
Zuhlke, Wm '92/p46
Zurcher, Henry '78/p15
Zurek, Josef '86/p39
Zvonicek, Jan '82/p79

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.