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Taber, Catharina '81/p42
Table Rock village, NE '90/p15
Tabler, '91/p80; '92/p20
Tabler, Elizabeth (Samson) '91/p80; '92 20
Tabler, Elizabeth '91/p80; '92 20
Tabler, Mrs. William (Elizabeth Samson) '92/p20
Tabler, William '91/p80; '92/p20
Tabor, Mrs '88/p35
Taborsky, Frank '92/p64
Taborsky, Jaroslav '81/p24
Taborsky, Jaroslav Jr '81/p24
Taborsky, Jaroslav Mrs '81/p24
Tacket, Ed '86/p72
Taege, Albert C W '79/p36
Taege, Ida N E '79/p35, 36
Taege, M E '79/p35
Taege, Martha M A '79/p35
Taege, Mary E '79/p35, 36
Taege, W A '79/p37
Taege, William '91/p49, 53
Taege, William A '81/p59
Taege. Gustave K C '79/p35
Taft, Frederick B '81/p59
Tagad, Frank '88/p5
Tagan, Edward T '89/p44
Taggert, J M '84/p33
Taggert, John M Rev '84/p24, 25
Taicho, Frank '88/p59
Tailor, Ansel '88/p9
Tain, Anna '83/p6
Tainsh, Katie A '78/p61
Taisler, Peter '81/p24
Tajman, Jos Mrs '86/p39
Talacka, Rudolph '92/p45
Talari, Guatane '84/p14
Talbitzer, William N '87/p59
Talbot, V Claris '87/p58
Talbott, '80/p73
Talbott, B '80/p74
Talbott, Benjamin '80/p73, 74
Talbott, Charlotta '90/p53
Talbott, Hannah Neale '80/p74
Talbott, James H '80/p74
Talbott, James Hervey '79/p73
Talbott, Robert Andrew '80/p73
Talby, Wm '78/p8
Talcott, C F '87/p77
Talcott, Charlotta '90/p53
Talcott, Priscilla S '82/p11
Talcott, W Mar '77/p13
Talich, Catherine '83/p2
Talle, Sophia E '80/p67
Talmadge, J S '78/p78
Talmage village, NE '90/p15
Talman, Nathaniel C '85/p9
Tamora village, NE '90/p15
Tanberg, Alex E '91/p25, 28
Tank, Bendix '86/p12, 14
Tank, H '88/p5
Tank, Hans Mar '77/p13
Tank, Henry '87/p71
Tank, Ludwig H. '92/p3, 8
Tank, Mr '88/p5
Tank, Mrs '89/p55
Tank, Mrs. Ludwig H. (Anna M. Ehmke) '92/p3
Tanke, C G '84/p37
Tann, Edna '86/p33
Tann, Violet '86/p33
Tanner, Erastus '78/p23
Tanner, Matilda '89/p20
Tanquary, Addie '82/p72
Tanquary, Addie F '82/p73
Tanquary, Edna Sharp '82/p72
Tanquary, Gerald William '82/p72
Tanquary, H N Mr '82/p72
Tanquary, Horace '82/p72
Tanquary, Horace Milton '82/p72
Tanquary, J H Mr '82/p72
Tanquary, James '82/p72
Tanquary, Mr '82/p72
Tanquary, Ralph Edward '82/p72
Tanquary, William '82/p72
Tanquary, William A F '82/p72
Tappan, John '90/p53, 57
Tappen, Marie '84/p43
Tapster, George Banks '92/p19
Tapster, John Robert '92/p45
Tarbell, Caudace M '87/p11
Tarbell, Eugene M '87/p11
Tarbell, Will A '89/p61, 70
Tarblan, Julia A '81/p45
Tarceyn, Thekla '83/p2
Tarner, B C '78/p78
Tarpening, Eliza '85/p51
Tarpening, Essie A '85/p51
Tarpening, Harrison '85/p51
Tarrell, Earl '87/p35
Tarritt, Daniel '89/p44
Tate, Charles W Mar '77/p16; '78/p55
Tate, Dr H Mar '77/p16; '78/p55
Tate, Frank '88/p5
Tate, H. W. '92/p30
Tate, Harvey Dr '79/p42
Tate, Homer '84/p50
Tate, Homer '91/p24
Tate, Lydia E Mar '77/p16; '78/p55
Tate, Samuel B '78/p4
Tator, Cyrus H '88/p17
Tatterson, Cherissa Hathway '82/p80
Taulsen Bros; Dodge, NE '90/p44
Tavus, W E Mar '77/p13
Tawney, Anna '85/p50
Tawney, Emma '89/p 8
Tawney, Geo A '85/p50
Tawney, John E '85/p50
Tawney, W '86/p48
Tayler, David W '78/p22
Tayler, L. '92/p54
Tayler, Maria '88/p10
Tayler, William B '88/p10
Taylor, A G '87/p71
Taylor, A J '87/p46
Taylor, Abigail '89/p28, 30
Taylor, Albert C '87/p59
Taylor, Allen '82/p67
Taylor, Ansel '88/p9
Taylor, B S '87/p71
Taylor, B S '91/p58
Taylor, C '78/p38
Taylor, C E '87/p46
Taylor, Elizabeth '87/p46
Taylor, Ellen '83/p42
Taylor, Fred '87/p58
Taylor, G T '88/p67
Taylor, G W '88/p8
Taylor, Geo W '85/p2
Taylor, George '87/p46
Taylor, George F Mar '77/p13
Taylor, George T Mar '77/p13
Taylor, George T. '92/p3, 8
Taylor, Gerry '91/p23
Taylor, Gertrude '91/p24
Taylor, H B '87/p59
Taylor, Infant '84/p52
Taylor, Isaac '87/p4
Taylor, J B Capt '82/p33
Taylor, J B Mrs '80/p39
Taylor, James '81/p42
Taylor, Jessie Virginia '85/p2
Taylor, Joel '91/p24
Taylor, John '91/p71
Taylor, John W '78/p6
Taylor, Joseph '78/p6
Taylor, Lucy W '78/p46
Taylor, M E '90/p72, 73
Taylor, Martha '85/p6
Taylor, Mary E '87/p46
Taylor, Mrs Mar '77/p13; '87/p34
Taylor, Mrs. George T. (Annie Stillman) '92/p3
Taylor, Oliver '89/p66, 70
Taylor, Reeese '81/p79
Taylor, Rev '80/p24
Taylor, Robert C '90/p53, 57
Taylor, S A '86/p14
Taylor, S B '78/p52; '85/p4
Taylor, Sarah Maud '85/p2
Taylor, Sarah R '78/p38
Taylor, Timothy '78/p6
Taylor, Virginia '85/p2
Taylor, Wallace C '87/p58
Taylor, William '78/p21; '84/p54
Taylor, William E '78/p52
Taylor, William H '78/p38
Taylor, William M '78/p53
Taylor, Wm '78/p20, 21, 22; '86/p65
Taylor, Zachary '80/p11
Tecumseh, Chief '86/p56
Teddy, Fred '89/p54
Teddy, Fredrick '90/p54, 57
Tedla, Anna '83/p10
Tedla, Jospeh '83/p10
Tedy, Elizabeth '82/p71; '88/p48
Tedy, Fred '82/p71; '87/p21; '88/p48
Tedy, Fred '91/p58
Teele, E F '85/p73
Teeter, Guy '87/p48
Teeter, Hazel '86/p32
Tefel, Magdalany '88/p9
Tefft, Amos '91/p37
Tefft, Eliza H Mrs '91/p37
Tefft, Orlando '91/p37
Tegg, Mary Fletcher '79/p42
Tegleberg, Otto B '80/p13
Teich, Esse '84/p47, 48
Teicher, Cathrine '87/p26
Teicher, Johann '87/p26
Teicher, Joseph '87/p26
Teicher, Wenzel '87/p26
Teichner, Emil '81/p24
Tekamah city, NE '90/p15
Telbasta Evangelical Association Church '90/p66
Telecky, Vlasta '84/p56
Telejsky, Johann '83/p44
Tellander, Matilda '91/p26, 28
Tellesen, Charles C '87/p58
Temple, William '87/p50
Templeton, John '81/p59
Templeton, Perry '80/p14
Ten Eyck, William B '87/p57
Tennant, A Mar '77/p13
Tennant, A N Mar '77/p13
Tennant, A W Mar '77/p13; '78/p78; '88/p67
Tennant, A W '90/p10, 57
Tennant, W a '78/p73
Tenny, H A '89/p10
Tepin, Edwin '78/p52
TePoel, J '86/p50
Ternhile, Ida '85/p50
Terrett, Colville D '78/p71
Terrill, J '85/p66
Terry Hotel '87/p70
Terry, A J '84/p2
Terry, D J Mar '77/p13
Terry, Dr Mar '77/p13
Terry, Fred '89/p54
Terry, Fred W '85/p28
Terry, Pluma '84/p2
Terry, S J '80/p40
Tesar, Jacob '83/p1
Tesar, Jan '83/p1
Teshan, Denis Father '82/p49; '86/p45
Tessier, John '92/p30
Tessier, Mrs. Mamie '92/p30
Tessines, William '88/p6
Tests, Joseph '78/p45
Tetter, Mary Ann '88/p8
Tevig, Cath '85/p20
Tew, Emma W '88/p8
Tew, John W '87/p50; '88/p9
Tew, Maryan '88/p8
Tew, Mrs '81/p8
Texas - Beef Heads '91/p41
Tharp, Joe '92/p36
Tharp, N L '82/p50
Tharp, Wm '84/p9
Thatch, Samuel H '80/p67
Thayer Co Genealogical Society '81/p62
Thayer, Charles '80/p12
Thayer, E Mr '85/p28
Thayer, Gen '88/p41
Thayer, Harrieta R '81/p4
Thayer, J M '78/p17B
Thayer, J M '90/p16
The Bookmark Knightstown, Ind Jan '77/p6
The Quincy Republican '84/p29
Thede, Hans '92/p19
Thede, John Mar '77/p13
Thedens, Claus '78/p63; '84/p4; '86/p11, 14; '88/p67
Thedens, Claus '89/p28, 30
Thedens, Hasper Mar '77/p13
Thedens, John '82/p19
Thedens, Katharine '84/p4
Thedens, Minnie '85/p30
Theede, Nicholas '84/p37; '87/p7
Theede, William H '90/p37
Thege, A H '85/p15
Thege, Barbara '82/p75
Thege, Darbara '86/p48
Thege, Hans H '86/p2
Theile, Julius '83/p74
Theile, Julius Henry '83/p74
Theile, Mary '83/p74
Theilen, John '85/p66
Theilon, John Mar '77/p13
Theisen, Agnes '80/p69
Theisen, Josie '88/p63
Theisen, Josie '89/p 9
Thekkelson, J '84/p7
Theological Seminary '91/p73
Therens, Peter Mar '77/p13
Thernes, Augusta '82/p23
Thernes, Matt '86/p30
Thernes, Matthew '91/p75, 78
Thernes, Peter '87/p76
Theune, Ferdinand '84/p43
Thew & Wolf; North Bend, NE '90/p48
Thew, R I '90/p48
Thew, R I M/M '85/p28
Thgompson, James R '81/p3
Thielan, John '88/p67
Thiele, Anna '83/p74
Thiele, Auguste '83/p74
Thiele, Eleanor D '89/p33, 34
Thiele, Ernest '83/p74
Thiele, William '92/p47
Thielen, John '80/p40
Thielen, John '89/p12,27,30; '90/p29
Thien, Jan '83/p3
Thiesen, Casper Mar '77/p13
Thieson, Amalie '84/p6
Thieson, Peter '84/p6
Thieson, Richard '84/p6
Thirsen, Casper Mar '77/p13
Thogersen, Otto George '92/p45
Thole, Anna '89/p65, 70
Thom, Alex '82/p74; '86/p79
Thom, Bertha '91/p50, 53
Thom, Mabel '86/p32
Thomas County Genealogical Society '81/p62
Thomas, Emily '87/p1
Thomas, '91/p60
Thomas, A R Mrs '86/p30
Thomas, A S '84/p50
Thomas, Aby '84/p50
Thomas, Bill '82/p38
Thomas, C Mar '77/p13
Thomas, Camilie '85/p52
Thomas, Caroline A '81/p72; '88/p8
Thomas, Charles E '91/p76, 78
Thomas, Clara '81/p79
Thomas, Dick '82/p27
Thomas, E Mr '91/p 5
Thomas, Effie '82/p41
Thomas, Effie C '88/p10
Thomas, Elizabeth '82/p43
Thomas, Emma '89/p 9
Thomas, Frank H '87/p59
Thomas, G P '81/p34
Thomas, Geo P '82/p22
Thomas, George '85/p4, 55
Thomas, George H '79/p53
Thomas, Hannah '81/p70
Thomas, Harey '81/p70
Thomas, Helen '81/p34
Thomas, Isaac L '87/p1
Thomas, J '81/p64, 67, 69
Thomas, J H A '84/p9
Thomas, J H A '90/p41
Thomas, J M '81/p9
Thomas, J T '88/p6
Thomas, J W '85/p52
Thomas, J W Mr '91/p 5
Thomas, James '88/p58
Thomas, Jesse '89/p12
Thomas, John '81/p70; '85/p52
Thomas, L B '87/p70
Thomas, Lewis Doane '79/p68
Thomas, Lizzie '89/p 9
Thomas, Lydia Ann '82/p43
Thomas, Martha '81/p70
Thomas, Mattie V '85/p4
Thomas, Minie '85/p52
Thomas, N D Mar '77/p13
Thomas, O W '81/p9; '83/p57
Thomas, S G '82/p27
Thomas, Uriah '80/p32
Thomas, V Mrs '82/p27
Thomas, Velona J '78/p63
Thomas, W D Mar '77/p13; '79/p68; '88/p67
Thomas, Will '91/p23
Thomas, William '81/p34, 61
Thomas, William D Mar '77/p13
Thomas, William H '89/p61, 70
Thomas, William I '78/p50
Thomas, Wm '84/p2
Thomas, Wm H '89/p70
Thomas, Wm M/M '86/p14
Thomason, H D Dr '81/p13
Thomason, Margaretha Mar '77/p13
Thome, C '88/p67
Thompsen, Andrew '91/p58
Thompson, '85/p5
Thompson, A '82/p6
Thompson, A J Mar '77/p13; '81/p9
Thompson, Alexander '88/p37
Thompson, Alma '85/p24, 28
Thompson, Amanda '78/p38
Thompson, Amil M/M '86/p30
Thompson, B '78/p14
Thompson, B E '78/p57
Thompson, B W '81/p59
Thompson, Benjamin '78/p57
Thompson, Betsey '81/p34
Thompson, C Mar '77/p13, 16; '78/p55
Thompson, C '89/p11
Thompson, C. Y. '92/p47
Thompson, Catherine '87/p5
Thompson, Charles F '87/p74
Thompson, Charlotte '82/p74
Thompson, Chris '85/p32
Thompson, Christ '92/p73
Thompson, Christine '89/p 8
Thompson, Christopher '78/p78; '85/p32
Thompson, Clause '83/p77
Thompson, Col '78/p14
Thompson, David '78/p3
Thompson, E H '78/p38
Thompson, Elizabeth '78/p47
Thompson, Emil '89/p49
Thompson, Evan '81/p39
Thompson, F M '78/p2
Thompson, Frederick '88/p67
Thompson, G W '78/p38
Thompson, George '78/p22; '80/p77
Thompson, Gunder '81/p34
Thompson, Gust '92/p66
Thompson, Hannah '85/p32
Thompson, Hannah H '87/p74
Thompson, Henry Mar '77/p13; '88/p68
Thompson, I L '81/p9
Thompson, J B '78/p47, 57; '83/p36, 37
Thompson, J D M '78/p14
Thompson, J J '87/p74
Thompson, J W Jr '87/p59
Thompson, J. I. '92/p50
Thompson, Jacob '88/p68
Thompson, Jacob '91/p76, 78
Thompson, James R '80/p12
Thompson, Jennette '80/p70
Thompson, John '78/p16, 19
Thompson, John '83/p37
Thompson, John B '81/p43; '83/p74
Thompson, John F '78/p55
Thompson, John F '89/p27, 30
Thompson, John H '85/p75
Thompson, John J '87/p74
Thompson, John W '78/p38
Thompson, Johnston '83/p48
Thompson, Joseph A '81/p2
Thompson, Joseph L '78/p52
Thompson, Kate '84/p47
Thompson, Katie '85/p32; '88/p75
Thompson, Katie '89/p28-30; '91/p 5
Thompson, Leah A '81/p81; '86/p1
Thompson, Leslie H '85/p21, 28
Thompson, Lida Ann '78/p57
Thompson, Lillian Y '88/p28
Thompson, Lilly B '87/p76
Thompson, M '85/p48
Thompson, M A '78/p57
Thompson, M C '78/p62
Thompson, M J '78/p59; '87/p2; '88/p67
Thompson, M S '78/p57
Thompson, Mahlon W '80/p52
Thompson, Maria '91/p74, 78
Thompson, Martha '82/p44
Thompson, Martin '81/p34
Thompson, Marvin '80/p54
Thompson, Mary '87/p5
Thompson, Mary A '82/p44
Thompson, Mary E '87/p5
Thompson, Mary R '90/p53, 57
Thompson, Matilda E '78/p47
Thompson, Miss '82/p57; '85/p23, 28
Thompson, Mr '83/p55; '86/p14
Thompson, Olney '90/p36
Thompson, R Mar '77/p16; '78/p55
Thompson, Rebecca '82/p44
Thompson, Robert Mar '77/p16; '78/p55
Thompson, Robt P '78/p3
Thompson, Rossannah '78/p47
Thompson, Samuel '78/p47
Thompson, Sarah '82/p44
Thompson, Sarah Frances '92/p51
Thompson, Sarah M '82/p44
Thompson, T E '78/p10
Thompson, Theo '81/p34
Thompson, Theodore '78/p21; '81/p8
Thompson, Thomas '80/p53
Thompson, Thomas J '81/p59
Thompson, Thos '81/p34
Thompson, Viola '85/p7
Thompson, W D '86/p46
Thompson, William '81/p59
Thompson, William B '80/p54
Thoms, A '81/p4
Thoms, Bertha '79/p22
Thoms, Friedericke '79/p21
Thoms, Friedericke (Beutzow) '79/p22
Thoms, Friedrich '79/p22
Thoms, Infant '81/p4
Thoms, Theo Jr '85/p18
Thoms, Theodore '80/p70
Thomsen, Allan '87/p46
Thomsen, Christena '84/p47, 48
Thomsen, Dora '86/p32
Thomsen, G '90/p39
Thomsen, Gosche '86/p2
Thomsen, H Mrs '88/p7
Thomsen, Henry '86/p22
Thomsen, Henry '91/p58; '92 71
Thomsen, Henry '92/p71
Thomsen, John '91/p24
Thomsen, Lois '87/p46
Thomsen, Mary (Mrs. Albert Breaker) '92/p3
Thomsen, Mary '92/p8
Thomson, Alex '78/p72
Thomson, Andrew D '78/p72
Thomson, Emil '87/p21
Thomson, Henry '81/p80
Thomson, Lena '86/p4
Thomson, Mary '87/p5
Thomson, Michael L '88/p80
Thomson, Mrs. Peter (Ellen Anderson) '92/p3
Thomson, Peter '92/p3, 8
Thomson, Roxey '85/p56
Thomson, Theodore '78/p24
Thomspon, Christ '92/p73
Thomspon, Christian '84/p37; '87/p7
Thomspon, John F Mar '77/p16
Thone, Andrew '88/p9
Thone, Gilbert '84/p22
Thone, H N '87/p49
Thone, L P '84/p22, 25
Thone, Lewis P '81/p72
Thone, Lewis S '80/p54
Thones, Andrew '85/p4
Thorley, Mn S '84/p35
Thorn, James '82/p22
Thorn, P '81/p9
Thorn, Thorne Mar '77/p3
Thornburg, Hannah '78/p48
Thorndike, Levi N '88/p10
Thorndike, Wm '85/p8
Thorner, Stephen Mar '77/p13
Thornton, Mar '77/p13
Thornton, Chester '88/p14
Thorp, Bry Mar '77/p13
Thorp, Irene '83/p79
Thorp, James '78/p52
Thorp, Jna '80/p57
Thorp, Nathan '83/p79
Thorp, Thomas A '83/p79
Thorpe, John '83/p57
Thrapp, Simon W '81/p70
Thrusch, George '87/p14
Thrush, Anna '90/p54, 57
Thrush, Cecil '82/p22, 25
Thrush, Cecil E '88/p23
Thrush, Charles Mar '77/p13; '81/p8; '86/p51
Thrush, Thomas '86/p49
Thrush, Thomas M/M '88/p25
Thrust, Thomas '86/p49
Thurber, Almon B. '92/p5, 8
Thurber, Mrs. Almon B. (Amanda M. McClintock) '92/p5
Thurlow, M/M Jan '77/p2
Thurnis, Mathias '88/p68
Thurnis, Peter '88/p68
Thurston, Anna Laura '86/p3
Thurston, Lena L '86/p3
Thurston, Minnie '86/p12, 15
Thurston, Minnie L '91/p51, 53
Tiarany, Michael '86/p30
Tibbets, T D Dr '86/p30
Tiberg, Eugenie F '91/p75, 78
Tice, B W '85/p34
Tice, B W '89/p17
Tichacek, Jan '82/p77
Ticholta, F '90/p44
Tichota, Frank T '89/p 3
Tichota, V J '82/p6
Tichy, Ant '86/p36
Tiedmann, Catharine '90/p55, 57
Tiedtke, Emelia '79/p37
Tiems, Charles M/M '82/p31
Tienken, Charles '78/p63
Tienken, Ed '78/p63
Tiernan, Maria '78/p14
Tifft, Hiram M/M '87/p41
Tifft, Solomon '87/p41
Tift, H Mar '77/p13
Tilden village, NE '90/p15
Tilllman, Frank M '88/p68
Tilllman, Herman see Lillman '86/p15
Tillman, A. M. '92/p57
Tillman, Andrew Fudge '87/p18
Tillman, Frank Mar '77/p13
Tillman, Frank A '89/p62, 70
Tillman, Herman L '86/p13
Tillman, Jospeh '91/p57
Tillman, Katie '88/p50
Tillman, Lizzie '81/p80
Tillman, Mary '86/p2
Tillman, Thomas '81/p70
Tillson, Mareen W. '92/p4, 8
Tillson, Mrs. Mareen W. (Anna M. Grover) '92/p4
Tilson, M W Mar '77/p13; '78/p78; '85/p74
Tilson, M. W. '92/p73
Tilson, Mary C '83/p77
Tilson, Moreen '83/p77
Tilson, Pearl '83/p77
Tilton, Elizabeth '89/p60
Tilton, Katie '85/p53
Tilton, Rachel '85/p53
Tilton, Wm '85/p53
Tim, George '88/p6
Timberville, NE '91/p30
Timble, Robert '81/p59
Timekeeping a Timeless Task '83/p69, 70
Timm, Elisabeth '79/p21
Timme, H C '91/p37
Timmer, Joseph '92/p37
Timmermann, Arnold '91/p49, 53
Timpe, C O '87/p49
Timpe, C O '90/p42
Timpte, Lizzie '81/p24
Tingley, C M '85/p5
Tingley, C M Mrs '85/p6
Tingley, C W '85/p3
Tingley, Cornelia '85/p4
Tingley, Cornelia Mrs '85/p5
Tingley, Cornelia W '85/p3, 4
Tingley, H L Miss '85/p4
Tingley, M Rev '87/p50
Tingley, Walter C '82/p24
Tipton, Gertie '89/p36
Tipton, Murney '86/p32
Tipton, Saul '78/p11
Tipton, Tessie '89/p36
Tischendorf, Augusta '81/p2
Tisdal, D A '82/p22
Tisher, V E '88/p9
Titorow, S Mar '77/p13
Tobey, Michael '79/p70
Tobias village, NE '90/p15
Tobias, '80/p26
Tobias, Fraik '91/p44
Tobias, Frank '91/p43
Tobias, Frankie E '89/p28, 30
Tobias, J '85/p20
Tobias, James Mar '77/p13
Tobola, Joseph '81/p61
Tobola, Vaclav '92/p45
Tockey, A H Mr '91/p 5
Tockey, Amos H '91/p75, 78
Tod, Anna '81/p24
Todd, Danna '81/p70
Todd, E P '78/p12
Todd, Francis A '81/p70
Todd, J '78/p17B; '81/p64, 65, 57, 59, 71
Todd, J B S '81/p70
Todd, John '81/p70
Todd, Kate H '81/p70
Todd, Kate S '81/p70
Todd, L G '78/p12, ’14
Todd, Mary E '81/p70
Todd, Otto F '87/p58
Toelle, A '79/p21, 23
Toelle, Adelheid Meta '79/p28
Toelle, Adolf W '78/p33
Toelle, Albert H '91/p53
Toelle, Albert Henry '91/p49
Toelle, Anna '78/p33
Toelle, Arthur E G '78/p23
Toelle, August C '78/p35
Toelle, August E M '79/p21
Toelle, C '79/p21
Toelle, Carl '80/p68
Toelle, Carl A J '79/p28
Toelle, Carl H '79/p27
Toelle, Clark Edward '79/p25
Toelle, Edward '79/p25, 27
Toelle, Eileen M '78/p35
Toelle, H '79/p23
Toelle, Helene '78/p33
Toelle, Hogo A '79/p30
Toelle, Leonard '79/p25
Toelle, Louise '79/p29
Toelle, M M '79/p23
Toelle, Mary '79/p27
Toelle, Raymond A '78/p32
Toelle, Sophia E '80/p67
Toelle, Susan '86/p0
Toelle, Walter H '78/p34
Toelle, William '79/p29
Toelle, Willie A '79/p23
Toeller, Augusta W S '79/p27
Toello, Marlin '78/p32
Toft, Anne L '87/p64
Toft, Elise '87/p64
Toft, Jorgen K '87/p64
Toft, Laurtiz C N '87/p64
Tohy, J M '81/p6
Toleke, Hermann '84/p43
Tolimeson, Mary L '87/p1
Tomanek, Frantisek '83/p8
Tomanek, Victoria '83/p8
Tomasek, Anna '88/p80
Tomasek, Jan '86/p36
Tomasko, Jan '86/p36
Tomek, Frant '83/p9
Tomek, Maria '83/p9
Tomes, Barbara '83/p1
Tomes, James '78/p8
Tomes, Joseph '83/p1
Tomes, Mary (Mrs. Vencel Sedlacek) '92/p3
Tomes, Mary '92/p8
Tomes, Matilda '82/p47
Tomka, '84/p20
Tomka, Frank '83/p60; '85/p46
Tomka, Maria '83/p2
Tomka, Mary '83/p60; '85/p46
Tomlinson, Joseph '83/p80
Tomlinson, Leonidas '83/p80
Tomlinson, Mary '83/p30
Tomlison, Mary L '87/p1
Tommerup, Mathias '80/p59
Tompkins '92/p20
Tompkins, Jones '78/p4
Tompkins, M G Mar '77/p13
Tompkins, M J '88/p55, 67
Tompkins, M J '90/p25
Tompkins, W J Mar '77/p13
Tomplins, M J Mar '77/p13
Tompson, C Mar '77/p13
Tompson, J '82/p73
Tompson, Minnie '87/p1
Tompson, Tho '77/p14
Toncray Mar '77/p13
Toncray, Anna E '84/p2
Toncray, C H '80/p40; '85/p66
Toncray, Check B. '92/p8
Toncray, Check H '85/p23, 28
Toncray, Check H. '92/p5
Toncray, E W '87/p43
Toncray, Everett '86/p15
Toncray, Gee Mar '77/p13
Toncray, Magee '85/p32
Toncray, Mager C '87/p1
Toncray, Maud '89/p63, 70
Toncray, Mrs. Check H. (Emma R. Dorsey) '92/p5
Toncray, Nelson '79/p50; '88/p67
Toncray, Velona F '79/p50
Toner, Mary A '90/p54, 57
Toney, Alice '82/p55
Tonges, D Mar '77/p13
Tongray, Magie C '78/p78
Tongray, Nelson '78/p78
Tonjes, Diedrick '87/p3
Tonkrey, Check '79/p49
Tonley, Thomas D W '82/p13
Tonnar, Mary L '89/p20
Tooker, Hannah '84/p75
Tooker, James A '84/p75
Tookey, Carrie '81/p79
Toombs, Charles W '87/p18
Toombs, E A '87/p18
Toombs, Esther A '87/p18
Toombs, Frank '86/p31
Toombs, J W '81/p20; '87/p18
Toombs, Mollie '84/p62
Toop, John '86/p30
Toop, Peter '86/p30
Topalsky, Max '92/p25
Torgerson, Anna '84/p75
Torgerson, O E Rev '84/p75
Torrence, Ettie E '82/p27
Torrence, Miss '85/p78
Torrens, Frank '86/p3
Tosier, G S '78/p16
Toso, Samuel '82/p73
Totten, Alva A '89/p64, 70
Touchy, NE '91/p31
Toussaint, Miss '85/p42
Towle, John '84/p66
Town Site Company '83/p37
Towne, Dellie '88/p44
Towne, Mary E '91/p25, 28
Towner, A '78/p14; '83/p72
Towner, Alice '83/p72
Towner, Amanda '83/p72
Towners, G G '81/p10
Townley, Margaret C '81/p17
Townr, Abram '78/p14
Townsen, H H '79/p47
Townsen, Henry '92/p73
Townsend, Mar '77/p13
Townsend, A '89/p18
Townsend, Alice '91/p37
Townsend, Anth '85/p76
Townsend, Asberry '88/p67
Townsend, Asbury '89/p18
Townsend, Ashberry '85/p73
Townsend, Charles Mar '77/p13
Townsend, Charles R '91/p74, 78
Townsend, Henry '78/p78
Townsend, Jennie '89/p9, 66, 70
Townsend, Oliver '91/p37
Townsend, Will '89/p44
Townsend, Wm D '89/p65, 70
Trachta, Josephine '84/p55, 57
Tracy, J M Mar '77/p13
Tracy, J M Mr '89/p28, 30
Tracy, Rebecca '86/p14, 15
Tragard, Frank '88/p6
Trail, Doane '92/p52
Trail, Mrs. Rollin A. (Sadie B. Smith), '92/p51,52
Trail, Rollin A. '92/p51,52
Trail, Rollin A. Jr. '92/p52
Trail, Rosalie '92/p51,52
Trajou, Clifford '78/p8
Trampy, Anna C L '87/p75
Tramsean, E N '81/p17
Tranda, Joseph '83/p3
Tranda, Maria '85/p3
Tranken, Herman '82/p6
Trapp, August '90/p37
Trapp, Augusta A E T '90/p37
Trapp, Bertha A '90/p37
Trask, Adaline '78/p60; '87/p3
Trathan, Chas A '85/p9
Travelute, Fred Mrs '86/p50
Travelute, George Mrs '86/p49
Travis, H H '78/p78
Travis, S R Mrs '81/p24
Travis, Sophie '81/p24
Treadway, E '78/p38
Treadway, John H '78/p38
Treadway, Mary W '78/p43
Treadway, Nancy J '78/p43
Treadwell, Kitty '86/p31
Treat, C P '85/p73
Treat, H B M/M '88/p24
Treat, Howard '88/p22
Treat, Howard W '88/p23
Treat, Howard Welcott '88/p24
Treat, Stanley '91/p22
Treen, Oscar '85/p77
Treen, W H '80/p40; '88/p67
Treen, W H '89/p14
Treen, William Mar '77/p13
Trehan, Patrick '81/p59
Trellert, Geo '86/p36
Tremeyer, Fr '86/p35
Trenhail, George Mrs '86/p15
Trenhile, Elisabeth J '85/p50
Trenhile, Elizabeth '85/p50
Trenhile, George '85/p50
Trenton village, NE '90/p15
Treskow, Rev '82/p32
Tresnak, Anton '89/p62, 70
Tresnak, Vincenc '91/p44
Tressler, Isaac '85/p5
Tressler, Matilda J '85/p5
Trester, Almon '89/p44
Trevis, Batey '87/p75
Trezona, H Rev '80/p78
Trezona, Henry '80/p78
Tribe of Ben Hur '86/p19
Tribune '85/p68
Tribune, The '88/p43
Tribune-Daily & Weekly; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Trilety, Lorenc '82/p78
Trilety, Marie '82/p78
Trilety, Vaclav '82/p78
Trimble, James M '85/p9
Trimble, William '78/p9
Trinity Church; Heun, NE '89/p 2
Trinity College '87/p51
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran '82/p64
Trinity Lutheran Church Scribner '85/p80
Triplett, Ellsy '78/p53
Tripp, Stephen '83/p30
Tripp, Stephen '90/p22, 23
Triptow, Delpha Mrs '80/p58B
Trisler, Eva '82/p57
Trmula, John '81/p24
Trochtenberg, H M/M '88/p15, 16
Trochtenberg, Henry '88/p16
Trossin, Johanna '83/p48
Trotten, Wm J '85/p72
Trotter, Eliza E '78/p45
Trotter, H '78/p45
Trotter, John A '78/p45
Trotter, M '78/p45
Trotter, Mary Jane '78/p45
Trotter, Samuel '78/p45
Trotter, Thomas O’Keefe '78/p45
Troudfiter, Lizza '87/p1
Troudfitter, Lizzie '78/p58
Trout, Henry '86/p46
Troutman, Ida '81/p18
Trouwsky, Frantiska '83/p11
Trowbridge, Emile H '81/p41
Troxell, Oscar J '87/p5
Troy, Mrs '81/p17
Troy, Thomas J '81/p17
Trudesdall, Edgar '88/p39
Trudsen, John '88/p6
True, E L '85/p48
True, Jacob W '83/p49
True, W B Mr '90/p53, 57
Truebleed, Ben '86/p76
Trueblood, Carrie '82/p33
Trueby, Susan '85/p3
Truesdell, A '89/p11
Truesdell, Arthur '84/p9
Truesdell, Arthur '89/p12
Truesdell, Leslie '91/p23
Truesedell, Ed '91/p22
Truix, Edith '88/p6
Trulson, Ola '87/p4
Trulson, Ole '86/p70
Truly, William Mar '77/p13
Truman, Bertha '86/p24
Truman, I. J. '92/p54
Truman, Lyman Mar '77/p13
Trunell, Isaac '81/p59
Truxel, Anna E '87/p2
Truynner, Thomus P '78/p23
Trynor, Maria '82/p55
Trzicky, Jaroslav '81/p24
Trzicky, Jaroslav Mrs '81/p24
Tschantre, Clara Regina '85/p45
Tshudi, Annie '84/p4
Tshudi, Catherine '84/p4
Tshudi, Jost '84/p4
Tubb, George '88/p5
Tubbs, Amelia E '87/p18
Tubbs, Chancy '88/p27
Tubbs, Charles '88/p27
Tubbs, Hiram Perry '87/p18
Tubbs, Lester '83/p47
Tubbs, Ora '88/p28
Tubbs, Orra '88/p27
Tubbs, Perry J '81/p20; '87/p18
Tucker, Alfrede '81/p40
Tucker, Charles A '91/p37
Tucker, Dan '79/p41
Tucker, I '79/p70; '84/p31
Tucker, J. F. '92/p34
Tucker, James '88/p8
Tucker, L '81/p6; '85/p62
Tucker, Leo '89/p61, 70
Tucker, Leroy '79/p70
Tucker, Lewis '79/p70
Tucker, Luther G '91/p37
Tucker, N J Mrs '91/p37
Tuckett, Byron D '85/p55
Tuckett, Chas '85/p55
Tuckett, Sarah '85/p55
Tueck, Mrs '81/p24
Tuek, Theresa '81/p24
Tuhenel, Threse '84/p14
Tuhota, Frank Mar '77/p13
Tulgren, Axel '87/p68
Tulgren, Elna '87/p68
Tulgren, Elna M A '87/p68
Tullis, Ezra '82/p22
Tully, John '86/p66
Tully, Kathryn '84/p55
Tully, Luke '86/p21
Tully, Margaret '84/p56
Tully, Patrick '82/p48; '86/p43
Tuma, John '90/p44
Tunberg, A E '87/p71
Tunberg, Alex '89/p52
Tunberg, Alex E '91/p25
Tunberg, Alex H Mar '77/p13
Tunberg, Allita D '84/p5
Tunberg, Augusta '84/p5
Tunberg, Dlich '84/p5
Tunberg, Dora '85/p30; '88/p27
Tunberg, see Tanberg '91/p28
Tunberry, Sophia H '87/p4
Tungmeyer, A Rev '86/p59
Tupy, Anna '83/p8
Tupy, Barbara '83/p8
Tureck, Albert J '81/p24
Turek, Antonia '83/p9
Turek, Antonin '83/p9
Turek, Rev '89/p 2
Turek, Suzanne '81/p24
Turgoos, A '80/p32
Turn Halle Hotel; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Turnbull & Forsyth; Fremont, NE '90/p28
Turnbull, Charlotte '85/p45
Turnbull, James W '85/p45
Turner & Brugh; Fremont, NE '90/p29
Turner & Heins Mar '77/p13
Turner '92/p48
Turner Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Turner, B G Mar '77/p13
Turner, B G '85/p66; '88/p67
Turner, B. G. '92/p73
Turner, Ben '89/p53
Turner, Benjamin Henry '85/p68
Turner, C E '84/p31
Turner, Carrie A '87/p77
Turner, Cora '91/p 5
Turner, Edith D. (Mrs. Albert J. Eddy) '92/p28
Turner, Eliza '85/p67, 68
Turner, Eliza W '79/p44; '80/p58
Turner, Elizabeth Mrs '91/p 5
Turner, G F '78/p16
Turner, Geo '78/p73, 78
Turner, Geo '90/p10, 57, 73
Turner, Geo '92/p73
Turner, George '82/p68; '85/p71; '88/p51
Turner, George M/M '85/p68
Turner, George Mrs Mar '77/p13
Turner, Hank '79/p68; '88/p55
Turner, Henry '88/p51
Turner, J '78/p15; '83/p57
Turner, L Mrs '89/p12
Turner, Larua B '87/p54
Turner, Lincoln '82/p31, 32
Turner, Liza '89/p58
Turner, Lucy '79/p46
Turner, Malinda '85/p3
Turner, Margaret '85/p68, 70, 71
Turner, Maud '85/p78
Turner, Mr '90/p28, '91/p42
Turner, Mrs '88/p51
Turner, N S Mar '77/p13
Turner, Nancy Mrs Mar '77/p13
Turner, Nannie E '89/p64, 70
Turner, Peter Mar '77/p13; '88/p68
Turner, T M '88/p67
Turner, Thomas Mar '77/p13; '79/p46, 59; '85/p68
Turner, Thomas M C '79/p45
Turner, Tom '88/p51
Turner, Tom '89/p58
Turner, Town Mar '77/p13
Turner, W H '84/p9; '85/p64, 73; '87/p2; '88/p31, 55, 56; '88/p67
Turner, W H M /M '85/p28
Turner, W H '89/p12; '91/p54
Turner, W Henry '78/p59
Turner, W R '78/p4
Turner, Widow '90/p31
Turners '82/p38
Turten, Mar '77/p13
Turton, Mar '77/p13
Turton, G Mar '77/p13
Turton, G J '79/p54; '84/p71
Turton, Geo '82/p22
Turton, Geo J '91/p11
Turton, George '86/p57
Turton, George J Mar '77/p13’ '79/p56; '82/p12
Turton, George J '91/p55
Turton, Joseph Mar '77/p13
Tusanka, Maria '83/p8
Tuttle, Alice Sophrona '88/p9
Tuttle, Chandler '83/p72
Tuttle, E '85/p4
Tuttle, Elijah '85/p72
Tuttle, Frances Mary '88/p9
Tuttle, Francis '88/p9
Tuttle, Henry '81/p8
Tuttle, L R '91/p9
Tuttle, Mary Jane '85/p4
Tuttle, Matilda '85/p4
Tuttle, Steven '85/p4
Tuttle, William '88/p9
Tuveson, Nels A '80/p13
Tuxberry, Albert '82/p22
Tvalla, Auguste '83/p74
Tvalla, Chas '83/p74
Tvalla, William '83/p74
Twamley, J F '89/p13
Twamley, John '89/p18
Twamley, John T. '92p5, 8
Twamley, Mrs. John T. (Oiola C. Harris) '92/p5
Tweed, Jack '86/p30
Tweed, Wm '78/p4
Tweedale, George '83/p42
Tweedale, Mrs '83/p42
Tweedy, Pearl '86/p66
Twin, Mark '90/p19
Twittons, John '85/p43
Twittons, Mary '85/p43
Tyland, Lars M '87/p65
Tyland, Mathias M '87/p65
Tyler Wire Works '88/p35
Tyler, Wayne '78/p63
Tylor, Andrew '78/p2
Tym, Elizabeth '87/p18
Tym, Frank C '84/p61
Tym, Ida '86/p32
Tym, John Mar '77/p13
Tym, Sarah '87/p2
Tym, U S '81/p20
Tym, Vera '85/p33
Tymn, James N Mar '77/p13
Tymon, John '91/p59
Tyrzel '90/p20
Tyson, Caroline '85/p10
Tyson, Elizabeth '85/p10
Tyson, Geo W '85/p10
Tyson, Jonathan '78/p16
Tyson, Mary J '85/p8
Tyson, T M Rev Jan '77/p2
Tyson, Watson '85/p10
Tyson, Watson '91/p37
Tzschoppe, Aug Emil '84/p43
Tzschoppe, Fr Gott '84/p43
Tzschoppe, Maria Rosa '84/p43
Tzschuck, Bruno '78/p16
Tzschuck, Brunorr '78/p16
Tzschuck, Ferdinand '78/p16
Tzschuck, Wilhelmina (Wierman) '78/p16

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.