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G A Martin & Co '85/p66
G A R (Grand Army of the Republic)Merriam '92/p2
G A R; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Gable, George B '86/p2
Gable, Pliny '88/p39
Gabler, C '80/p40
Gabler, Carrie '81/p81; '86/p1
Gabler, Carrie '89/p8
Gabler, Ella '89/p8
Gabriel, Henriette '81/p22
Gabriel, James '81/p21
Gabriel, John '87/p75
Gabriel, Marie '81/p21
Gabriel, Mrs '81/p21
Gabriel, Rudolph '81/p21
Gabrilovtish, Hugo '81/p22
Gach, Viktoria '81/p22
Gackler, Matilda '91/p76, 77
Gadola, Mag '81/p30
Gadola, Mary '81/p30
Gadsis, Rev '81/p61
Gaffey, John '89/p64, 67
Gaffin, Lora '81/p4
Gaffney, Lawrance '88/p2
Gage, D A '78/p17B
Gage, I P '85/p72, 75
Gage, John L Rev '78/p60
Gage, John Rev '78/p60
Gage, Richd '78/p6
Gage, Wm '78/p6
Gahagan, Christian '79/p40
Gaines, W F '78/p51
Galbert, Eliza '83/p73
Galbert, Jane '83/p73
Galbert, Richard '83/p73
Galbraith, Clarence '84/p47, 48
Galbraith, Ella '86/p53
Galbraith, G C '90/p56
Galbraith, G C Mr '90/p53
Galbraith, Geo '86/p46
Galbraith, Jane '84/p47, 48
Galbraith, Jos '89/p3
Galbraith, M R '86/p40
Galbraith, W '82/p21
Galbreth, Isaac '81/p45
Gale, Allie T '91/p76, 77
Gale, Merriam '92/p54
Gale, Mrs '85/p35
Gale, N H Mar '77/p5
Gale, N H MrMerriam '92/p54
Gale, N. H. '92/p54
Galer, Clara '92/p20
Galer, Mrs. William (Gemima) '92/p20
Galer, Olive '92/p20
Galer, Oliver '92/p20
Galer, Robert Andrew '92/p20
Galer, Sarah '92/p20
Galer, William R. '92/p20
Galglasier, D '81/p10
Gallach,William '81/p66
Gallagher, Anna '86/p67
Gallagher, Felix '83/p29
Gallagher, James '81/p53
Gallagher, John '82/p48; '86/p43
Gallagher, M '87/p50
Gallagher, Maria '82/p54
Gallagher, William '81/p53
Gallan, Geo '83/p37
Gallas, Stefan '81/p22
Gallaudet, Rev '85/p33
Gallaway, Kate '91/p26
Gallen Gertie '88/p75
Gallen, '83/p32
Gallen, Agnes '88/p74
Gallen, Geo Sr '83/p24
Gallen, George '82/p21; '84/p73
Gallen, George '90/p10
Gallen, Mr '83/p26
Gallen, Susie '88/p74
Gallkey, Clara '87/p4
Gallon, George '78/p73, 74
Gallon, Hannah '80/p68
Gallon, James '80/p69
Gallon, Margaret '80/p70
Gallugh, '83/p71
Gallup, Jasper A '78/p24
Gallway, Kate '91/p27
Galoway, Ralph '86/p20
Galpin W C Rev '78/p59
Galpin, W C Mar '77/p5; '88/p65
Galpin, Wright C '78/p76
Galster, Christopher '89/p63, 67
Gambel, Damben '88/p61
Gamble, Amos '78/p6
Gamble, Anna '81/p18
Gamble, Charles Raymond Jan '77/p4
Gamble, Dr '84/p8
Gamble, E Mar '77/p5
Gamble, Eliza E Jan '77/p4
Gamble, George Mar '77/p5
Gamble, J J Mar '77/p5
Gamble, L Ruth Jan '77/p4
Gamble, Minnie Alice Jan '77/p4
Gamble, Mrs Jan '77/p1
Gamble, Sarah Mar '77/p5
Gamble, William Mr '77/p5
Gamble, William H Mar '77/p5
Gammage, W E Mar '77/p5
Gamon, William '81/p53
Gannon, Theodore F '81/p14
Ganon, Thomas Mar '77/p5
Gans, Clara L '85/p30
Gant, Jas '87/p47
Garber '89/p37
Garber/Gerber '89/p37
Garbrich, Caroline E '87/p17
Gardanier, C D '81/p19
Gardanier, Franie '88/p28
Gardanier, Frankie '86/p24, 67
Gardanier, Henry '88/p65
Gardanier, Inez '85/p30
Gardanier, Mr '80/p66
Gardanier, W B '78/p63; '85/p74
Gardanier, W B '91/p57, 58
Gardanier, William B Mar '77/p5; '85/p23
Gardanier, William B '91/p74, 77
Gardels, A '79/p21, 22
Gardels, August C '79/p24; '81/p44
Gardels, August J '79/p22
Gardels, Augusta '79/p24
Gardels, Helelna F '79/p21
Gardiner, Benjamin F '85/p8
Gardiner, Nellie '84/p51
Gardinier '92/p48
Gardinier, H Mar '77/p5
Gardner, Augustus '80/p53
Gardner, Babtist '80/p53
Gardner, Carl '88/p22
Gardner, Charles '88/p24
Gardner, Charles H '88/p23
Gardner, F '81/p30
Gardner, Frank '81/p30
Gardner, Franklin '80/p53
Gardner, Joseph L '78/p51
Gardner, Levi L '81/p53
Gardner, P '80/p53
Gardner, S '80/p53
Gardner, W H M/M '88/p24
Gardner, William A '91/p35
Garemoe, C '85/p19
Garfield A '81/p35
Garfield F '81/p35
Garfield Margaret '81/p35
Garfield, Amanda '81/p35
Garfield, George '81/p35
Garfield, Horace '81/p35
Garfield, N '81/p35
Garfield, S B '81/p35
Garforth, George '81/p53
Garhart, D M '91/p57
Garhart, John Samuel '78/p51
Garinger, Albert '87/p58
Garl, Charles '92/p6
Garl, Mrs. Charles (Henrietta Riester) '92/p6
Garlock, Vera '84/p47, 48
Garms, G Mar '77/p6
Garnder, Alphanzo '85/p8
Garnder, Fannie '86/p67
Garner, Belinda '87/p77
Garnich, Francisco '91/p49, 52
Garrett, C W '87/p59
Garrett, John '83/p78
Garrett, Joseph A '85/p46
Garrett, Lena '81/p61
Garrett, M A '83/p78
Garrett, Thomas '86/p11, 13
Garrison, Harry '77/p74
Garrison, Susan '91/p75, 77
Garrison, William '84/p16
Garrison, William Lloyd '80/p77
Garst & Brubaker '78/p17
Garte, Elizabeth '78/p66
Garvey, Patrick '81/p53
Garwood, Cyrus '85/p62
Gaskill, T S '78/p13, 14
Gasmann, '84/p66
Gasset, H Mar '77/p5
Gassett, Mar '77/p5
Gast, Mr '80/p26
Gasten, William H '85/p29
Gasten, Wm H '85/p23
Gaster, Frederick '83/p25
Gaster, Frederick '91/p50, 52
Gaster, Theresa '85/p18
Gastick, Fransiska '80/p4
Gastin, Mar '77/p5
Gately, James P. '92/p69
Gatemeyer, Charles '91/p50, 52
Gates, A A '81/p30
Gates, A H '81/p30
Gates, Austin '83/p71
Gates, Bar A '81/p30
Gates, Benjamin H '81/p53
Gates, Bertie H '83/p71
Gates, Charles '81/p53
Gates, Willie '83/p71
Gates. C A '80/p33
Gatewood, J M '78/p16
Gatschal, Hezekiah '81/p66
Gatton, Sarah Miller '79/p42
Gatzemeyer, Elizabeth '80/p70
Gatzmeier, Henry Mar '77/p5
Gaugen, F Mar '77/p5
Gauger, Brun '86/p11
Gauger, Ferdinand '78/p76; '82/p16; '88/p65
Gauger, Fred M/M '86/p11
Gauger, Geo '91/p22, 23
Gauger, T. '92/p72
Gaughan, John '82/p49
Gaughan, John M '89/p64, 67
Gaughan, Maggie '81/p20
Gaughan, Martin '86/p44
Gaughan, Martin J '86/p32
Gaughan, Mary '89/p63, 67
Gaughen, Bessie '86/p32
Gaughen, John '86/p44
Gaughen, Luke '86/p26, 28
Gaughen, Maggie '86/p4
Gaughen, Martin '82/p48; '86/p43
Gaughen, Michael '82/p48
Gaughen, Mike '89/p55
Gaughen, Thomas '81/p48
Gaugher, Ferdinand '79/p46
Gaul, Mrs '83/p37
Gaumon, J H Mar '77/p5
Gaunwinckel, Hein '84/p11
Gavin, Mar '77/p5
Gawthrop, Henry A '81/p14
Gawthrop, Mrs '81/p14
Gay, Daniel '87/p3
Gay, Hannah '78/p8
Gay, J M '85/p73
Gay, Mr '78/p69
Gay;ord, Rev '80/p23
Gayer, Robert '81/p66
Gaylord, Alice '81/p30
Gaylord, E S '85/p6
Gaylord, Edwin H '81/p30
Gaylord, Emily '81/p30
Gaylord, H B '81/p30; '83/p57
Gaylord, Harriet C '81/p30
Gaylord, Mary '88/p14
Gaylord, Mary F '81/p30
Gaylord, R Rev '80/p21; '86/p11
Gaylord, Reuben Rev '84/p28
Gaylord, Ruben '84/p53
Gaylord, Rueben '78/p43
Gayton, George '88/p38
Gayton, Solomon '90/p41; '91
Gearon, Nellie '81/p79
Geary, Samuel '80/p12
Geddes, George '85/p33
Geddes, George L '87/p58
Gedeon, John '81/p22
Gedeon, Mrs '81/p22
Gee '92/p49, 50
Gee, W W '78/p76
Gee, W. H. '92/p72
Geen, Caroline '83/p75
Gegenhim, Elizabeth '87/p1
Gegner, Fred '87/p59
Gehrig, Adolph '84/p11
Gehrig, Jacob '84/p11
Gehrig, Lisette '84/p11
Gehrk, Chas '85/p15
Geiger, George '81/p66
Geiger, John H '89/p65, 67
Geiger, Thomas '85/p47
Geiggenmoss, Mar '77/p5
Geilhorn, Fredrick '90/p21
Geils, B F Mar '77/p5
Geisellman, E Mar '77/p5
Geiselman, Henry '79/p62
Geisler, Albert '87/p71
Geisler, Henry '78/p27
Geisler, Louy '78/p27
Geisler, Minna Frau '78/p27
Geiss, Philip '81/p30
Geisselman, Ed '80/p39
Geisselman, H W '90/p32
Geitsen, Henry Mar '77/p5
Geitsen, John Mar '77/p5
Geitson, Elisabeth C '87/p75
Geitson, M Mar '77/p5
Geitzen, Charles '89/p9
Geitzen, Jennie '89/p9
Geitzen, John B '88/p65
Geitzen, Louis '89/p9
Geitzen, Mr '90/p30
Geizen, Henry '88/p65
Gellner, Ernestine '78/p23
Gemers, J Delbert Jan '77/p5
Gemers, John Jan '77/p5
Gemers, Mary Jan '77/p5
Genealogical & Historical GuideMerriam '92/p59
Genealogical Publishing CoMerriam '92/p12
Genealogical Seekers '81/p62
Generry, Amelia (Fritz) '90/p60
Generry, Paul '90/p60
Geneva city, NE '90/p13
Genoa village, NE '90/p13
Gentele, Ernest E W '78/p27
Gentleman, Michael '86/p26
Gentles, William '81/p53
Gentrup, Anton '92/p47
Gentrup, Joe '92/p46
Gentry, W '78/p14
Gentzler, Philip '85/p74; '87/p75
Geoghigan, John '81/p66
George, Joseph '82/p16
George, M J Mrs '87/p69
George, Margaret '82/p16
Georgia - Buzzards '91/p41
Gerard, Emma '92/p53
Gerard, L '85/p68
Gerber '89/p37
Gerber, Ernst A '78/p33
Gerber, Fred '82/p32
Gerber, John '91/p25, 27
Gere, Chas H '82/p22
Gerhardt, Elizabeth '81/p22
Gerhardt, Max '92/p46
Geriken, Joseph '80/p67
Gering village, NE '90/p13
Gerke, Wm '78/p63
German Evangelical Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14; '91
German Evangelical Lutheran Orphans’ Home Society '86/p33
German Insurance Co of Freport, Ill '87/p37, 38
German Lutheran Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14, 57
German Lutheran Church; Maple Township, NE '91/p39
German Lutheran Church; Uehling, NE '92/p56
German Lutheran; Fremont, NE '91/p66
German M E Church; Fremont, '89/p57
German Methodist Church; Arlington, NE '90/p66
German Methodist Church; Blair, NE '90/p66
German Methodist Church; Fremont, NE '90/p50; '91
German Methodist Church; Ithaca, NE '90/p63
German Methodist Church; Pebble, NE '90/p51
German Methodist Church; Scribner, NE '90/p52
German Methodist Church; Wahoo, NE '90/p65
Germanic Emigrants Register '92/p14
Germantown village, NE '90/p13
Gerny, E M '87/p47
Gerrard, E T M/M '81/p74
Gervois, George C '85/p4
Gervois, John '85/p4
Gerwick, George '78/p63
Geschke, Carl '92/p37
Gesly, John Mar '77/p5
Gessionz, Mar '77/p5
Getak, Josef Mrs '86/p38
Getty, Fred W '85/p6
Getty, W L '85/p6
Getzinger, Eva Mrs '91/p24
Geuenther, Fredricke Marie (Gotha) '80/p75
Gharaty, Pat '78/p18
Ghent, Ida '81/p20
Ghent, Ida M '81/p20
Ghost, Mar '77/p5
Ghost, Judge '86/p42
Ghost, W C '88/p52, 65
Ghost, William C Mar '77/p5
Giaconini, Mar '77/5
Giacornina, Mar '77/p5
Gibbins, Sophia '88/p30
Gibbon village, NE '90/p13
Gibbons, Thomas '91/p71
Gibbs, C J '80/p15
Gibbs, E '78/p13
Gibbs, Eddie '85/p56
Gibbs, Fred '80/p14; ‘82’p24; '87/p59
Gibbs, Frederick '80/p13
Gibbs, Joseph '81/p81; '86/p1
Gibbs, L B '87/p70
Gibbs, Martha '85/p56
Gibbs, Prince C Mar '77/p5
Gibbs, W O '85/p56
Gibbs, William H '80/p12
Gibbs, Wilson '80/p15
Gibney, Julia '83/p41
Gibsen, F Mar '77/p5
Gibson Iver Bernhard '81/p2
Gibson J A Mar '77/p5
Gibson J S '81/p30
Gibson, Mar '77/p5
Gibson, A Mar '77/p5
Gibson, A & F W '90/p57
Gibson, A '89/p10, 14
Gibson, A. '92/p50
Gibson, Arthur Mar '77/p5; '78/p60, 76; '82/p8; '85/p63, 66; ‘72/p73;
Gibson, Arthur '85/p66, 72, 73
Gibson, Arthur '90/p27; '92/p78
Gibson, Arthur M/M '89/p51
Gibson, F W Mar '77/p5; '78/p76; '80/p40; '85/p66
Gibson, F W '90/p25, '92/p50
Gibson, Geo E '81/p42
Gibson, George '79/p41
Gibson, Goodall & Co '91/p7
Gibson, H V B '81/p30
Gibson, Helen '87/p10
Gibson, Henry '91/p7, 35
Gibson, Isaac '81/p30
Gibson, Isabella '81/p30
Gibson, J A Mar '77/p5
Gibson, J T '81/p30
Gibson, Jane Elizabeth '88/p9
Gibson, Jennie E '78/p58
Gibson, Lucius B '88/p19
Gibson, Mr '84/p66
Gibson, Sallie M '85/p6
Gibson, Sarah W '85/p6
Gibson, Silas M '78/p11
Gibson, T Mar '77/p5
Gibson, T. R. '92/p72
Gibson, Thomas '84/p29; '85/p6
Gibson, Thomas '90/p25
Gibson, Thomas R '78/p76; '85/p63
Gibson, Thos '78/p58
Gibson, Thos R '85/p63; '88/p56, 65
Gibson, Thos R & Co '90/p57
Gibson, W S '91/p58
Gibson, Will '86/p9, 11
Giddings, Thomas '78/p23
Gidley, C J '86/p51
Gidley, Carl '86/p51
Gidley, Jesse '81/p25
Gidley, N J '86/p51
Giebeauz, Mrs '85/p23
Gielson, M Mar '77/p5
Gieman, E F '85/p48
Giesel, John '79/p40
Gieselmann, Anna '88/p10
Gieslman, H N Mar '77/p5
Giesmann, Johann '84/p11
Giesselman, F H '78/p76; '88/p65
Giesselman, H W '78/p76; '88/p65
Giesselman, Henry '86/p19
Gietzen, Henry Mar '77/p5
Gietzen, John M/M '85/p23
Giffen, Ira '87/p58
Giffen, Mr '86/p50
Giffert, Daniel C '83/p38
Giffin, Bertha '81/p3
Gifford, Jennie '84/p16
Gilaspie, L '78/p4
Gilbert Frank B '81/p53
Gilbert, Albert '81/p42
Gilbert, Alexander '78/p20
Gilbert, Anna '83/p71
Gilbert, Bent '83/p71
Gilbert, Elizabeth '89/p27, 29
Gilbert, Franklin H '81/p41
Gilbert, Fred Mrs '82/p42
Gilbert, Ira F '91/p35
Gilbert, Leonard '78/p51
Gilbert, Lulu '91/p76, 77
Gilbert, Mariah '81/p72
Gilbert, Mrs '85/p71; '86/p11
Gilbert, Phylena '81/p72
Gilbert, Shirley O '80/p58B
Gilbertson, Bertha '85/p5
Giles, Geo W '85/p72
Giles, James '84/p39
Gilfry, Blanche '89/p36
Gilfry, Gay '89/p36
Gilfry, William Henry '87/p72
Gilke, John '87/p76
Gilkeson, J R '82/p65
Gilkison, Hiram '92/p53
Gilkison, J. R. '92/p53
Gill, C M '81/p14
Gill, Harold B. Jr. '92/p79
Gill, John '85/p59
Gillaher, Fulden '78/p17
Gillam, Capt '82/p16
Gillard, M C '78/p17b
Gillem, Caroline '82/p80
Gillem, Corela '83/p80
Gillem, Sylvester '83/p80
Gilles, J L Judge '91/p72
Gillespie, John '91/p35, 74,
Gillespie, Sylvaner '78/p11
Gillette, Emma '87/p8
Gillette, Emma '89/p9
Gillette, Lee P '86/p26
Gilley, Alfred '85/p23
Gilley, Lou '78/p59
Gilley, Lucinda G '87/p2
Gilley, Myra '90/p55, 56
Gilliam, Starke '77/p44
Gilliam, Vary '77/p44
Gilliman, Joseph '81/p66
Gilling, William E '81/p66
Gillis, Andrew J '81/p38
Gillis, Augusta '81/p38
Gillis, George '81/p38
Gillis, Henry W '81/p38
Gillis, Hudson '81/p38
Gillis, J P '82/p76
Gillis, James L '81/p38
Gillis, James R '81/p38
Gillis, John '86/p31
Gillis, Margaret '81/p38
Gillis, Mary Jane '81/p38
Gillis, Mrs '84/p45
Gillis, P '90/p48
Gillis, Peter '90/p54, 56
Gillis, Ridgeway B '81/p38
Gillis, Robert S '81/p38
Gilmer, William Judge ‘'83/p54
Gilmore, E R '78/p16
Gilmore, Helen '86/p11, 13
Gilmore, Isbella '78/p61
Gilmore, Robert '78/
Gilmour, Arthur '78/p16
Gilmour, William '78/p17
Gilroy, James '81/p53
Gilroy, Nicholas '81/p53
Giltner, Jno C '81/p30
Ginder, Carl '80/p4
Ginder, Casper '80/p4
Ginder, Catharine '80/p4
Ginder, Conrad '80/p4
Ginder, Elisabeth '80/p4
Ginder, Fredick '80/p4
Giner, Anton '80/p4
Ging, Christopher '81/p53
Ginjre, Mar '77/p5
Ginn, Thomas '80/p54
Ginter, Eva '83/p3
Ginter, Joseph '83/p3
Gipkens, Julius '81/p14
Gipp, Frederic '88/p8
Gipsy Queen '80/p32
Girard, Leander '86/p79
Girard, Leander '89/p42
Gird, Harry '84/p50
Giseleman, Henry U '79/p61
Gisin, Caroline '91/p51, 52
Gisselman, E Mar '77/p5
Gissisch J M/M '86/p35
Gissler, Anne-Marie '86/p40
Gitchell, John W '90/p54, 56
Gittinger, '89/p80
Givens, Felix '92/p46
Givern, F M '82/p59
Gladgow, Saml '87/p47
Glalubius, William '79/p40
Glancy, Thomas '81/p53
Glandt, John A '82/p47
Glaser, Ludwig Mar '77/p5
Glasgow, W G '82/p22
Glaske, Anna '83/p45
Glaske, Eliese '83/p45
Glaske, Johann '83/p45
Glaske, Joseph '83/p45
Glaske, Marie '83/p45
Glaske, Rosalie '83/p45
Glaske, Veronica '83/p45
Glasner, Charles '82/p47
Glass, John '86/p35
Glassburn, Mabel '85/p8
Glasser, Rosine (Mrs. Gustav Fleischer) '92/p4
Glasser, Rosine '92/p6
Glaubius, '78/p27
Glaubius, Christine W '80/p67
Glavin, Edward J F Lt '81/p22
Gleason, Andreas '82/p53
Gleason, Rev Father '92/p27
Gleesing, Max M/M '87/p21
Glencoe Church '90/p52
Glencoe, Nebr '81/p12
Glenn, '80/p58B
Glenn, Guy '86/p46
Glenn, James Mar '77/p5; '85/p76
Glenn, James '91/p50, 52
Glenn, M/M '86/p11
Glenn, Mr '80/p65; '85/p23, 27
Glennen, Catharine '82/p55
Glenns, Mr '81/p12
Glenville village, NE '90/p13
Gless, Bertha M '82/p47
Gless, George '91/p42
Glidden, Alice '91/p74, 77
Glidden, Cassie '86/p11
Glidden, Clara '84/p49
Glidden, Clara '91/p24, 27, '92/p27
Glidden, Frank '91/p24
Glidden, Frankie '92/p27
Glidden, Joe '92/p27
Glidden, Marthy '79/p47
Glidden, Mary G '81/p44
Glidden, O. F. '92/p27
Glidden, Oscar '85/p23
Glidden, Osker '91/p23
Glidden’s Bowling Alley '84/p8
Glime, George '78/p6
Glines, Leonard '87/p59
Gloria Jacoby '90/p0; '91
Gloser, Josef '91/p44
Glover, Ann Lorra '81/p72
Glover, Arminda '78/p40
Glover, Correnea E '81/p72
Glover, Doctor '79/p70
Glover, F S '87/p58
Glover, Guy '82/p57
Glover, J '81/p7
Glover, John '78/p18, 24, 40
Glover, John A '87/p58
Glover, John Dr '79/p70
Glover, Nancy '78/p40
Glover, Roy '82/p57; '88/p29
Glover, Roy '89/p36
Glover, S G Dr/M '82/p57
Glover, Sam G '86/p60
Gloyer, Max H '88/p59
Gloze, Mr '84/p56
Gluck, I Mar '77/p5
Gluck, Israel '88/p65
Glueck, Julius '81/p22
Gluilk, Anna Marie '86/p35
Gneman, Mar '77/p5
Gobe-Democrat '88/p45
Gobel, G A '78/p76
Gobes, Catherine '86/p37
Gochenour, Dela '85/p9
Godard, Archelas '87/p76
Goddes, George L '87/p58
Godeker (Gudeker), Mrs. Henry (Elizabeth Shude) '92/p3
Godeker, Henry (Gudeker) '92/p3
Godel, Emma '84/p5
Godel, Fred '84/p5
Godel, Frederick G '90/p53, 56
Godel, Gottlieb A Mar '77/p5
Godel, Mathilda '84/p5
Godel, Minnie '84/p50
Godenschwager, Frederick '83/p50
Godfred, Weigle '86/p10
Godfrey, Mar '77/p5
Godfrey, Anna (Schoenfeldt) '80/p54
Godfrey, Chas H '86/p11
Godfrey, Lizzie '86/p11
Godfrey, William '81/p66
Godfry, W Mar '77/p5
Goebel, August Mar '77/p5; '83/p2
Goebel, Augustine '83/p3
Goebel, Carolina '83/p2
Goebel, Cunegunde '83/p3
Goebel, Maria '79/p6
Goede, Rev '80/p48
Goede, Wm Rev '80/p48
Goedeka, Katy '81/p41
Goedel, Herman '88/p37
Goehding, Max '92/p56
Goehl, John Mar '77/p5
Goeken, Andrew A '85/p79
Goeken, Anton '80/p5
Goeken, Gertrud '80/p5
Goeken, John '78/p63
Goeken, Joseph '80/p5
Goeken, William '80/p5
Goeler, Infant '79/p35
Goeller, August K G '79/p38
Goeller, Frank F '79/p37
Goeller, George B '79/p37
Goeller, Johann G '79/p36
Goeller, Magdalena '79/p37
Goethey, John '81/p53
Goettsch, Henry Mrs '87/p21
Goetz, John '82/p27
Goetze, Helene '81/p22
Goff, Almira M '90/p74
Goff, Daisie L '85/p30
Goff, E K Mar '77/p5; '88/p65
Goff, Fannie '81/p20
Goff, H Mar '77/p5
Goff, H J '81/p20
Goff, H K '90/p73; '91
Goff, Harlow '88/p65
Goff, Harlow M/M '90/p73, 74
Goff, Henry K '90/p74
Goff, Herbert W '90/p74
Goff, Hiram J '90/p74
Goff, J '81/p20
Goff, J W '85/p72; '88/p65
Goff, Jno W '90/p55, 56
Goff, John M/M '86/p11
Goff, John W '85/p73
Goff, Lillius A '86/p58
Goff, Lucy '86/p31
Goff, Mary Ann (Knox) '90/p74
Goff, Myra '90/p54, 56
Goff, N Mar '77/p5
Goffe, Mar '77/p5
Goffe, Daisy '84/p50
Goffe, H H Mar '77/p5
Goffe, H K Mar '77/p5
Goffe, Harlow Mar '77/p5
Goffe, Henry K '78/p76
Goffe, Henry K. '92/p72
Golden Rod Creamery '82/p29
Golden, H. '92/p55
Golden, Margaret '82/p5
Goldenberg, E Miss '81/p14
Goldenberg, J Mrs '81/p14
Goldenberg, L F Miss '81/p14
Golder, Jess Mrs '82/p62
Golder, Nellie C '88/p13
Golder, Will Mar '77/p5
Golder, William '78/p63
Golder, William L Mar '77/p5
Golder, Wm L '85/p74
Goldgraber, Girl '86/p19
Goldgraber, Joe '91/p23
Goldmsith, B '83/p38
Goldner, Ruchel '81/p22
Goldsbery, Clifford '88/p2
Goldsmith, Bella '81/p15
Goldsmith, Bennett '83/p38
Goldsmith, Hannah '81/p15
Goldsmith, Hattie '88/p28
Goldstein, Szyfra Mrs '81/p22
Goliher, David '78/p4
Goll, Jacob '83/p58; '84/p22
Goll, Wm R '91/p35
Gollhey, Clara '78/p61
Golliglee, Bernard S '80/p18
Golliglee, Catherine A '80/p18
Golliglee, Cathrine M '80/p17
Golliglee, Charles J '80/p18
Golliglee, Eleanor '80/p17
Golliglee, Elizabeth '80/p18
Golliglee, Frank '80/p18
Golliglee, Frank L '80/p19
Golliglee, John '80/p17, 18
Golliglee, Lawrence '80/p18
Golliglee, Mary Frances '80/p17
Golliglee, Michael '80/p17
Golliglee, Rosa '80/p18
Golliglee, Rose '80/p17
Gollop, George '86/p31
Goltry, M H '86/p60
Gongle, Ida '82/p32
Gontard, Adalbert von '81/p15
Gontard, Baron Adalbert von '81/p15
Gontard, Baroness von '81/p15
Gontard, Paul von '81/p15
Good, Henry '81/p53
Goodell, Amy A '81/p30
Goodell, Anna '82/p55
Goodell, Chas '81/p30
Goodell, Francis '82/p55
Goodell, Francis C '81/p72
Goodell, Joanna '82/p55
Goodell, M A '81/p30
Gooden, S J '87/p2
Goodenschwager, Auguste '85/p41
Goodenschwager, Fritz '85/p41
Goodenschwager, Minnie '85/p41
Gooding, Olvier P '81/p53
Goodman & Morse Mar '77/p5
Goodman '92/p49
Goodman, C F '83/p37
Goodman, Emma '87/p5
Goodman, Jake '92/p15
Goodman, Rose F '81/p15
Goodman, Thomas '78/p76
Goodrich & Howard Mar '77/p5
Goodrich, Emma '87/p5
Goodrich, Geo S '78/p76
Goodrich, Geo S '90/p5
Goodrich, George '82/p30
Goodrich, George '92/p77
Goodrich, George S Mar '77/p5
Goodrich, S B '91/p7
Goodrich, St John '86/p11
Goodsell, Lucy M '85/p6
Goodspeed, C W '81/p20
Goodspeed, Etta '81/p19
Goodspeed, I M '84/p46; '85/p65; '88/p57
Goodwell, T C '78/p20
Goodwill, Frank '79/p70
Goodwill, John '81/p30
Goodwill, W F '81/p30
Goodwin, D '78/p14
Goodwin, Ira '78/p24
Goodwin, Mollie E '88/p10
Goodwin, Roy '89/p36
Goolsby, A D '91/p35
Goorich, Blanche '81/p53
Goorich, Carlton '81/p53
Goorich, Elizabeth '81/p53
Goorich, Louise '81/p53
Goorich, Samuel '81/p53
Goorich, Spencer, '81/p53
Goorich, William '81/p53
Goover, M '86/p35
Gorack & Kobosh '79/p17
Goracke, Holly '79/p17
Gordan, John '84/p5
Gordan, Linie '84/p5
Gorden, Marty '84/p34
Gorden, Sallie Clark '88/p8
Gorder, Karie O '80/p67
Gordon village, NE '90/p13
Gordon, Anna '80/p56
Gordon, George '85/p23
Gordon, Hugh M/M '86/p26
Gordon, Jennis '89/p56
Gordon, John '86/p4
Gordon, John '89/p27, 29
Gordon, John Mrs '87/p78
Gordon, Louise B Mrs '91/p35
Gordon, Mrs '90/p71
Gordon, O. A. '92/p72
Gordon, William '81/p54
Gordon, William Mr '81/p78
Gore, James M '90/p54, 56
Goree, Elmer '89/p9
Goree, Mike '90/p48
Goree, William '89/p9
Goree, Wm, H '85/p73
Gorey, Francis '86/p32
Gorey, Kathleen M '86/p33
Gorey, Mary F '86/p33
Gorey, Pat '89/p54, 55
Gorey, Pat M/M '91/p64
Gorey, Patrick '86/p26, 27
Gorgan, John '92/p55
Gorgelein, Bertha '90/p37
Gorgelein, Mary '90/p37
Gorham, W E '87/p48
Gorham, William '92/p34
Gorie, Wm '85/p72
Gorman, James C '89/p63, 67
Gorman, Mary '89/p12
Gormley, J '90/p27
Gormley, Myra Vanderpool '89/p38
Gorr, Edgar '84/p76
Gorst, A C Rev/M '85/p11
Gorst, Charles Crawford '85/p11
Gorst, William '80/p76
Gorst, Wm Jesse '85/p11
Gorton, Elisha '85/p3
Goss, '84/p25
Goss, Carrol W MD '87/p20
Goss, John '83/p55; '86/p32
Goss, Sherman '83/p55; '84/p32, 33
Gossard, Albert '84/p69
Gossard, Clarence '84/p69
Gossard, Jefferson H '85/p9
Gossard, Morrel '84/p69
Gossard, Philip J '78/p51
Gosser, Conrad Mar '77/p5
Gotha, Fedricke Marie '80/p75
Gothenburg village, NE '90/p13
Gottlieb, D Mr '81/p22
Gottlieb, Dorothy '81/p22
Gottsch, C F '84/p23
Gottsch, Henry '86/p4
Goudie, Willim '83/p47
Goul, Mr '90/p71
Gould, Caroline '92/p36
Gould, Charles E '81/p54
Gover, Anna Maria Dill '82/p53
Gover, Ferdinand '82/p53
Gover, Johanna Emma '82/p53
Goverty, M '82/p9
Govitz, S J '87/p2
Goyer, A D '78/p17B
Gpadone, A Mar '77/p5
Grabben, Marx '88/p9
Grabe, Frank '83/p73
Grabe, Theresea '83/p73
Graber '89/p37
Grace United Methodist Church; Kennard, NE '90/p67
Grace, W G '81/p13
Grady, Abbie '84/p55
Grady, Nellie '84/p55
Grady, Thomas '81/p38
Graef, Peter '86/p33
Graef, Rev '89/p57
Graf, Anna Maria '81/p15
Graf, George '81/p15
Grafe, William '83/p66
Grafelmann, Anna Mary '84/p41
Grafelmann, Catharine '84/p41
Grafelmann, Gesche '84/p41
Grafelmann, Henrich '84/p41
Grafelmann, Johann '84/p41
Grafelmann, Marie '84/p41
Grafelmann, Peter '84/p41
Grafelmann, Tesch '84/p41
Graff, Mar '77/p5
Graff, Caroline '83/p49
Graff, Geo S '78/p76
Graff, Jno Mar '77/p5
Graffof, John '87/p41
Grafs, Benjamin '89/p28
Grafton village, NE '90/p13
Grafts (Grafs) Benjamin '89/p28
Grafts, Benjamin '89/p28, 29
Graham, Ada '86/p31
Graham, Agnes '78/p47
Graham, Agnes '92/p53
Graham, Albert '84/p20
Graham, Altie '85/p30
Graham, Alx M '83/p75
Graham, Ann '83/p75
Graham, Delilah R '79/p50
Graham, Eliza M '91/p50, 52
Graham, Elizabeth '79/p47
Graham, Elizabeth R '78/p44
Graham, Frank '87/p58
Graham, Franklin '86/p33
Graham, Harvey '84/p20
Graham, Ida '84/p20
Graham, James Mar '77/p5; '79/p44; '85/p59; '86/p79
Graham, James '92/p54
Graham, James H Mar '77/p5; '78/p60; '79/p50; '85/p63; '88/p56
Graham, John Mar '77/p5
Graham, Joseph Mar '77/p5; '84/p20
Graham, Michael '81/p66
Graham, Miss '88/p42
Graham, Mrs. William H. (Emma Cody) '92/p3
Graham, Nellie '84/p20
Graham, Pauline '84/p20
Graham, R L Mr '88/p59
Graham, Robert Mar '77/p5; '78/p44; '80/p35; '84/p20; '85/p64
Graham, Robert '91/p55, 56
Graham, Robert L Mar '77/p5; '85/p23, 27
Graham, Robert M/M '86/p79
Graham, Robt '88/p56
Graham, William '83/p75
Graham, William H. '92/p3, 6
Graham, Wilson Nebr '84/p20
Grahm, James H '91/p55
Grainger, Rev '89/p57
Gral, David '80/p33; '86/p16
Gramshaw, Stephen Mar '77/p5
Grand Island city, NE '90/p13
Grandy, Jason '88/p9
Graney, E '85/p19
Graney, J '85/p19
Graney, K '85/p19
Graney, P '85/p19
Graney, T '85/p19
Granke, Louis '85/p23
Grans, Caroline '87/p4
Grant Sarsaparilla Co; Fremont, NE '89/p76
Grant village, NE '90/p13
Grant, General '82/p66
Grant, J T '85/p54
Grant, James '80/p54
Grant, James M '81/p9
Grant, Jedediah M '82/p67
Grant, M James '83/p57
Grant, Mary '85/p59
Grant, Mary L '82/p27
Grant, Pat '80/p26
Grant, President '89/p7
Grant, S '85/p54
Grant, Thomas '85/p59
Grant, U S President '85/p79
Grantham, Margery T Mar '77/p5
Granthan, Maggie '84/p16
Granthaus, W T Mar '77/p5
Grantorad, Maria '83/p8
Grardanier, Frankie '82/p42
Grass, Catherine '90/p54, 56
Grasse, Charles '81/p66
Grassman, M T '80/p33
Grataka, Ludwig Mar '77/p5
Grataka, Wilhelm Mar Nebr '84/p5
Grates, Regina '84/p12
Gratts, Benjamin '89/p28
Grauenhorst, L Rev '80/p48
Graunke, Elizabeth '78/p64
Graunke, Heinrich '78/p64
Graunke, Louis '78/p64
Graunke, Sophia '78/p64
Graus, Caroline '87/p4
Graver '89/p37
Graver/Graber '89/p37
Graves, Joel C '78/p8
Graves, John '82/p22
Graves, Judge '92/p46
Graves, Nancy '78/p40
Graves, Richard '78/p40
Gray, '85/p9
Gray, A W '82/p22
Gray, Charles '84/p66
Gray, Dell '86/p67
Gray, E F Mar '77/p5; '78/p76; '80/p40; '87/p38; '88/p65
Gray, E F '89/p10; '90
Gray, Etta '85/p78
Gray, Eva M '85/p2
Gray, J W '78/p51
Gray, Mabel '89/p56
Gray, Virginia A '85/p2
Gray, William '86/p76
Gray, Wm H '85/p2
Grayson, William W '87/p58
Greaser, Chris M/M '86/p26
Greaser, Johanna '87/p37, 38
Greaser, Paul '86/p26
Greaser, Peter '90/p45
Great Western & Wabash Railroad Co '83/p66
Greater Omaha Genealogical Society '81/p62
Greater York Area Genealogical Society '81/p62
Greaves, William C '87/p77
Grebe, Henry '86/p26
Grebe, Henry '91/p35
Grebe, Louis '91/p34
Grebenicek, Emanuel '92/p41
Greeg, George Mar '77/p5
Greeg, Robert Mar '77/p5
Greely Center town, NE '90/p13
Green, Adam '88/p65
Green, Adlie '89/p66, 67
Green, Adrian M/M '87/p9, 10
Green, C C '78/p13
Green, Charlie Jan '77/p3
Green, Cornelia A Mrs '90/p46; '91
Green, Elizabeth Jan '77/p3
Green, Frances Jan '77/p3
Green, Fred Jan '77/p3
Green, Hamilton '78/p6
Green, Hurbert '83/p75
Green, Ida '81/p80
Green, J A Mar '77/p5; '79/p46
Green, James '81/p54
Green, James M/M '81/p74
Green, Joel A '78/p76; '83/p75; '85/p64; '88/p56, 65
Green, Joel A. '92/p72
Green, L. A. '92/p56,57
Green, M/M '91/p42
Green, Martha Jan '77/p3
Green, NE '91/p31
Green, Roy Mrs '91/p2
Green, Sam '85/p50
Green, Samuel '88/p65
Greenbaum, Ellen '81/p15
Greenbaum, M '81/p15
Greenbaum, Mrs '81/p15
Greenberger, Ethel Spira '81/p15
Greene Co, NE '91/p3
Greene, Ferd '79/p7
Greene, Fitz Charles Mrs '81/p15
Greene, Ida '81/p80
Greene, Kate Mott '81/p15
Greene, Layton '78/p51
Greene, M W '78/p13
Greener, George C '81/p15
Greenlief, Francis S '81/p81; '86/p1
Greenman, E E '87/p42
Greenman, E E '91/p42
Greenman, L '80/p57
Greenwood village, NE '90/p13
Greenwood, Decatur '79/p42
Greer, George '84/p47, 48
Greernard, Louis '81/p54
Gregg '92/p48
Gregg, William J Mar '77/p5; '86/p53
Gregg, Edwin F '82/p24
Gregg, Gertrude '86/p31, 53, 66
Gregg, Mrs. William J. (Minnie McVicker) '92/p3
Gregg, Robt '88/p65
Gregg, Samuel '92/p78
Gregg, W. J. '92/p53,54
Gregg, William J. '92/p3, 6
Gregoire, Ephrem '86/p2
Gregory Mission '90/p62, 63,
Gregory Mission; Gregory, NE '90/p62
Gregory Mission; Platteville Circuit, NE '90/p64
Gregory, Brently '85/p57
Gregory, Father Jan '77/p1
Gregory, John S '91/p35
Gregory, Manlof '87/p54
Gregory, Mary E Mrs '91/p35
Gregory, Noble '86/p11
Gregory, Noble R '85/p57
Gregory, Spence '87/p54
Greip, Julius '88/p2
Grender, Herman '90/p37
Grenell, Edwin N '91/p35
Grennell, '79/p70
Grequis, J F '91/p57
Greser, Lizzie '89/p28, 29
Gresham village, NE '90/p13
Gretes, Regina '84/p11
Gretna village, NE '90/p13
Greve, Heinrich '84/p41
Greve, John '82/p6
Greves, Mar '77/p5
Greves, A A '78/p76
Greves, Wm C ‘7/p76; '88/p65
Grewe, Frank '80/p4
Gribe, Peter '81/p54
Gribling, Austin Mrs '88/p42
Gridley, J N '78/p36, 54
Gridley, Sketches '78/p36
Grief, August '85/p23
Grieffith, L A Mar '77/p5
Griep, B '80/p40
Griep, Henry '91/p23
Grier, Art '78/p2
Grier, Bert '78/p26
Grier, Capt '82/p13
Grier, David '78/p26
Grier, James '78/p26
Grier, John '78/p26
Grier, Mary '78/p26
Griesen (Grieser), Mrs. Theodore (Emeline Shouts) '92/p3
Griesen (Grieser), Theodore '92/p3
Griesen, Theodore '92/p3,6
Grieser (Griesen), Mrs. Theodore (Emeline Shouts) '92/p3
Grieser (Griesen), Theodore '92/p3
Grieser, Delrun '78/p63
Grieser, see Griesen '92/p6
Grieser, Theodore '92/p3
Grieser. see Griesen
Griespach, Sophia '78/p67
Grieve, J '90/p44
Grieves, '85/p72
Grieves, Amanda '86/p22, 24
Griff, Mar '77/p5
Griffen, Mar '77/p5
Griffin, Agnes R '78/p56
Griffin, E '78/p56
Griffin, Eleazer '78/p56
Griffin, Ellen G '79/p43
Griffin, Francis D Dr '81/p15
Griffin, Frank '78/p56
Griffin, Graph '78/p56
Griffin, Horace W '78/p56
Griffin, Ira A '80/p13, 14
Griffin, James '81/p7
Griffin, John '81/p54
Griffin, John '91/p75, 77
Griffin, K '86/p60
Griffin, Mrs '81/p15
Griffin, R. J. '92/p54
Griffin, S '78/p56
Griffin, William '81/p80
Griffin, William A '78/p15
Griffith, Amazabell '78/p46
Griffith, Effie B '91/p50, 52
Griffith, Flora '86/p11
Griffith, J S '78/p14
Griffith, John '78/p14
Griffith, L A Mar '77/p5; '85/p73
Griffith, L A '89/p18
Griffith, L B '78/p46
Griffith, Lyman A '90/p53, 56
Griffith, Mary '84/p1
Griffith, Matie E '90/p53, 56
Griffith, Merrit '80/p70
Griggs, Mary F '78/p62
Griggs, Mary T '87/p4
Grill, Joseph Mar '77/p5
Grimes, '89/p80
Grimes, Francis '85/p6
Grimes, M S M/M '85/p23
Grimes, Marion S '85/p6
Grimison, Attorney '80/p44
Grimison, County Attorney '86/p16
Grimison, J A '80/p33; '85/p40
Grimm, Elsie '90/p37
Grimm, Gertrude R '90/p37
Grimm, Hans '82/p55; '87/p50
Grimm, Hinne '88/p9
Grimm, Lewis '82/p55
Grimm, Martha E '91/p49, 52
Grimshaw, Webster '81/p81; '86/p1
Grinell, E N Mrs '85/p2
Gring, Rev '78/p62
Grinnell, Lottie '87/p4
Grison, S '91/p42
Grisowld, Herman Paul '88/p21
Grissom, Isaac '86/p4
Grissom, Luda '84/p55
Grissom, Opal '84/p56
Grissom, S '85/p48
Gristman, John '84/p76
Griswold R M M/M '88/p24
Griswold, Capt '82/p14
Griswold, E Mar '77/p5
Griswold, H C Mar '77/p5
Griswold, H E '89/p47
Griswold, Helen '85/p77
Griswold, Helen M '86/p2
Griswold, Lucy '87/p8; '88/p42
Griswold, Lucy '89/p8
Griswold, Miss '85/p78
Griswold, Phelps '88/p22
Griswold, Phelps E '88/p23, 24
Groat, E G O Rev '87/p50
Groat, O G O Mrs '85/p3
Grobian, Carl '80/p4
Grobian, Catherine '80/p4
Grobian, Charles '83/p3
Grobian, Elizabeth '80/p4
Grobian, Fridericus '83/p3
Grobian, Fritz '80/p4
Grobian, Henry '80/p4
Grobian, Juska '80/p4
Grobian, Justina '80/p4
Grobian, Karel '83/p3
Grobian, Mary '80/p4
Grobian, William '80/p4
Grobowsky, John '83/p27
Groehnmiller, Dr '80/p43
Groene, Ferdinand '79/p8
Groenert, Gustav '91/p62
Groenmiller, J C Rev '80/p46
Groesclose, Miss '88/p14
Groetecke, Fredrica '91/p74, 77
Groeteke, Katharine '81/p79
Groeteke, Louis '87/p8
Grogan, Kathryn '86/p32
Grogan, Mae '84/p57
Grogan, Mae E '84/p55
Grohn, Anna '87/p5
Grokowski, S '82/p21
Grone, Margaret '79/p8
Gropengieser, Wilhelmine '87/p24
Grosch, Herm '84/p41
Grosditche, Benjamin '80/p53
Grose, Mary '89/p27
Grosman, Julius '86/p35
Gross village, NE '90/p13
Gross, A Mar '77/p5
Gross, Anna '84/p47, 48
Gross, Chris '82/p59
Gross, Julia '84/p47, 48
Gross, Louise N (Levsen) '80/p75
Gross, Marilla '85/p3
Gross, Mary '84/p47, 48
Gross, Mary '89/p29
Gross, Mikol '86/p36
Gross, Peter '80/p75
Gross, W '78/p30
Gross, W D '78/p51
Grosse, Ann H '87/p76
Grosse, Matilde '78/p30
Grosse, Wilhelm '78/p30
Grosse, Wilhelmine F '78/p30
Grosso, Anna '78/p30
Grosz, Helen '89/p62, 67
Grote, Claus '86/p11
Grotelueschen, August '88/p69
Grotelueschen, Mrs '88/p69
Groteluschen, Chas '86/p49
Grotenbusche, Henry '85/p44
Grotenbusche, J H '85/p44
Grotenbusche, Kate M '85/p44
Groth, Christ '92/p46
Groulik, Joseph M/M '81/p74
Grout, Fanny '81/p42
Grover, Anna M. (Mrs. Mareen W. Tillson) '92/p4, 6
Groves, A S '78/p2
Groves, F W '82/p19
Groves, Lottie '91/p76, 77
Grovijohn, Charles Mar '77/p5
Grovijohn, Frederick '81/p45
Grovijohn, Gertrude '91/p49, 52
Grovijohn, Mary '91/p26, 27
Grovitike, Rickey '87/p69
Grozdnech, Stephen '92/p41
Grubbs, '87/p20
Gruby, John H '86/p3
Gruessing, Beata F '78/p35
Gruessing, Bernard G '79/p36
Gruessing, Ernst '79/p36
Gruessing, Ernst W '79/p35
Gruman, Benn '83/p50
Grumkantz, Charles '87/p75
Grumkeantz, Charles '87/p75
Grunberg, Auguste '83/p43
Grunberg, Johann '83/p43
Grunberg, Karl '83/p43
Grunberg, Louise '83/p43
Gruner, Edward '92/p61
Gruner, Gottfried '92/p22
Gruner, Mr '81/p22
Grunke, Amelia '78/p64
Grunke, H. H. '92/p47
Grunke, Herman '92/p47
Grunke, Ludwig '78/p64
Grunke, W. T. '92/p47
Grunke, Wm '92/p47
Grunkrans, Joh '88/p65
Grunkranz, John Mar '77/p5
Grunov, Wilhelm '78/p65
Grunshaw, Emiline '89/p27, 29
Grymer, Anker Frede Frandsen '92/p61
Guants, Ida Jane '91/p74, 77
Gucmen, Angela '83/p5
Gudeker (Godeker), Henry '92/p3
Gudeker (Godeker), Mrs. Henry (Elizabeth Shude) '92/p3
Gudeker, Henry '92/p6
Guenther, Carl '80/p75
Guenther, Elizabeth '79/p37
Guenther, Frau '80/p75
Guenther, Friederike Dorothea Elisabeth (Hoesse) '80/p75
Guenther, Friedrich M '80/p75
Guenther, Gustav A '80/p75
Guenther, Moritz '79/p37
Guerin, Edward H Mrs '81/p15
Guerin, Murial '81/p15
Guerin, Vivian '81/p15
Gugenbuhl, Heinrich '84/p11
Gugenheimer, Elizabeth '87/p1
Gugge, David Mar '77/p5
Guhanson, Lorene '87/p1
Guhstadt Mar '77/p5
Guide Rock village, NE '90/p13
Guidinger, Amy '84/p55
Guidinger, J P M/M '81/p74
Guidinger, W A '87/p71
Guinarad, Alfred '78/p76
Guldager, Christian '80/p60, 63
Guldbrandsen, L F Rev '88/p7
Guldbrandsen, L. F. '92/p78
Gumfert, Mar '77/p5
Guming, John T '81/p54
Gump, Florence L '85/p2
Gump, Josiah '85/p2
Gumpert Store '88/p54
Gumpert, Frank '89/p9
Gumpert, Fred '84/p8
Gumpert, Freddie '89/p9
Gumpert, H F Mar '77/p5; '88/p54
Gumpert, H F '89/p10
Gumpert, H G '85/p73
Gumpert, Henry '87/p75
Gumpert, Henry '89/p9
Gumpert’s Store '84/p8
Gumprt, H G '88/p54
Gundel, Captain '86/p71
Gunderson, Augusta '87/p5
Gunn, Horace '80/p53
Gunn, M P H '81/p72
Gunnarsson, Tysk Anders '88/p61
Gunnet, John '78/p20
Gunning, Alice '81/p15
Gunning, Martha '86/p11
Gunteman, Gretchen '87/p75
Gupka, Aurelia '81/p22
Gurdack, John '92/p41
Gurling, F Mar '77/p5
Gurn, Karl Mar '77/p5
Gurney, E R '87/p70; '88/p55
Gustafson, Hannah '91/p50, 52
Gustafson, Ida J '91/p49, 52
Gustafson, P '89/p74
Gustafson, Peter J '91/p49, 52
Gustason, Augusta '87/p5
Gustavson, Gustav Adolv '92/p16
Gustavson, Peter '81/p3
Gut, Kasper Mar '77/p5
Gutch, Herman '87/p48
Guter, '84/p58
Gutleben, Johannes, Rev '80/p48
Gutschow, J P M/M '81/p74
Guttch, Louisa '88/p8
Guttch, Peter '88/p8
Guttch, Scharles F '88/p8
Guttery, Adda '92/p54
Guttery, J D '84/p67
Guttery, Lois '86/p31
Guttery, Mrs '86/p66
Guttman, Armin '81/p33
Gutzmiller, Ruth E '80/p18
Guy, C W '78/p43
Guyen, Theodore '88/p14
Gwallon, Charles F '81/p66
Gwin, Sidney '78/p3
Gwin, Thos '81/p30
Gwinn, A S '89/p11
Gwyn, E '87/p72
Gwyn, Laura '87/p72
Gwyn, S '87/p72
Gwynn, Jennie '88/p38
Gwynn, Jennie A '89/p64, 67
Gwynn, Kitty '88/p38
Gwynn, Laura '88/p38
Gwynn, Manny '88/p38
Gwynne, A '87/p72
Gwynne, E '87/p72
Gwynne, Edith '87/p72
Gwynne, Nettie M '87/p72
Gwynne, S '87/p72
Gypsy Queen '89/p56

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.