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J. H. Sperry '92/p27
Jacaobs, Johanna ‘78/p67
Jacks, Henry Mrs ‘86/p97
Jackson Co, NE '91/p 3
Jackson village, NE '90/p13
Jackson, '91/p60
Jackson, A Mar ‘77/p7
Jackson, A M Mar ‘77/p7; ‘85/p74
Jackson, Ada ‘85/p1
Jackson, Alija S ‘81/p55
Jackson, Anderden W ‘81/p55
Jackson, Andrew President ‘85/p79
Jackson, Ann ‘78/p15
Jackson, Chas '89/p 4; '92p31
Jackson, E ‘78/p51
Jackson, E C ‘78/p51
Jackson, Edmond, C '90/p11
Jackson, Edward ‘85/p1
Jackson, Edward J ‘78/p53
Jackson, Etta M '90/p53, 56
Jackson, Evelyn '91/p60
Jackson, Ezra Thayer ‘87/p47
Jackson, Fred '91/p75, 77
Jackson, Gene Lawrence '91/p60
Jackson, George ‘81/p55
Jackson, J A Mrs ‘81/p15
Jackson, Joseph ‘85/p1
Jackson, Lizzie ‘85/p1
Jackson, Louis W. '92/p4, 7
Jackson, Lucy ‘87/p47
Jackson, Marie Mrs '91/p44
Jackson, Mary ‘88/p58
Jackson, Miss ‘88/p58
Jackson, Mr ‘88/p58
Jackson, Mrs. Louis W. (Sarah Merryweather) '92/p4
Jackson, Nettie '89/p66, 68
Jackson, S D Mar ‘77/p7
Jackson, Thomas 2d ‘87/p47
Jackson, W H Rev ‘87/p48
Jackson, Z ‘79/p79; ‘80/p56; ‘81/p6; ‘84/p24, 32
Jacob, Henry ‘87/p58
Jacobi, Anna ‘80/p67
Jacobi, Eduard ‘86/p35
Jacobs, Adolf ‘78/p67
Jacobs, Anne ‘78/p67
Jacobs, Arthur ‘85/p30
Jacobs, Baby ‘78/p57
Jacobs, Carolina ‘83/p3
Jacobs, Christy ‘86/p27
Jacobs, E Mar ‘77/p15
Jacobs, E ‘78/p54
Jacobs, Heinrich Otto ‘78/p67
Jacobs, Henry ‘78/p67
Jacobs, Lewis R ‘81/p67
Jacobs, Matilda ‘78/p67
Jacobs, Miss '92/p29
Jacobs, Pauline ‘88/p27
Jacobs, Peter ‘88/p50
Jacobs, R Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54
Jacobs, Ude ‘84/p38
Jacobs, Uede ‘88/p50
Jacobs, Ulde '90/p53, 56
Jacobs, W E Rev ‘85/p1
Jacobs, William L Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54
Jacobsen, Anne ‘87/p66
Jacobsen, Asmus ‘85/p41
Jacobsen, Carrie '89/p27, 29
Jacobsen, Cnud ‘88/p65
Jacobsen, Conrad ‘84/p58
Jacobsen, Dorthea ‘86/p3
Jacobsen, Elisa ‘87/p66
Jacobsen, Herny P ‘86/p2
Jacobsen, Jacob C ‘87/p66
Jacobsen, Johanne M ‘87/p66
Jacobsen, Johannes ‘87/p66
Jacobsen, John ‘84/p16
Jacobsen, Lars ‘87/p66
Jacobsen, Maren ‘87/p66
Jacobsen, Niles P ‘87/p66
Jacobsen, Soren C ‘87/p66
Jacobson, A Mar ‘77/p7
Jacobson, Anne ‘87/p2
Jacobson, Henry ‘87/p8
Jacobson, John '92/p23
Jacobson, K Mar ‘77/p7
Jacobson, Matilda ‘87/p75
Jacoby, Gloria ‘87/p0; ‘88/p0
Jacoby, Gloria '89/p 0; '92
Jacoby, Marguerite '89/p20
Jaeke, Otto B ‘78/p35
Jaensch, Max ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Jaffe, J M Mar ‘77/p7
Jager '89/p37
Jahas, Walter ‘81/p22
Jahnel, Frank ‘84/p23; ‘87/p70
Jahnke, John ‘81/p45; ‘83/p27
Jahrmark, Ferdinand ‘80/p26
Jahrmarkt see Yarhmarkt '90/p56
Jahrmarkt, Frederick '90/p54
Jail & Fire Co; Dodge, NE '90/p45
Jakle, William ‘83/p50
Jakomar, Ferdinand Mar ‘77/p7
Jakub, Joseph ‘83/p11
Jakub, Maria ‘83/p11
Jalapa Post Office, NE '91/p17
Jambor, Joseph '91/p75, 77
Jambor, Katrina (Mrs. John Rerucha) '92/p5
Jambor, Katrina '92/p7
James W H ‘82/p21
James, A ‘85/p19
James, E ‘84/p18
James, Emery ‘85/p44
James, Essie ‘86/p66
James, F ‘86/p19
James, H ‘85/p19
James, H A Mar ‘77/p7
James, Ida '91/p26, 27
James, J’brian ‘81/p55
James, Jas ‘85/p19
James, Maggie ‘88/p9
James, Martha ‘85/p52
James, Mary ‘82/p9
James, Nancy ‘85/p44
James, Thomas ‘85/p52
James, William ‘82/p9
James, William E ‘87/p58
James, Wm C ‘78/p24
James, Wm O ‘88/p59
Jameson, A B Rev ‘82/p71
Jameson, Samuel '92/p55
Jamison, Mar ‘77/p7
Jamison, A B Rev ‘88/p48
Jamison, Henry ‘78/p10
Jamison, Isaac ‘78/p10
Jamison, Jacob ‘78/p10
Janason, J Mar ‘77/p7
Janava, ‘78/p26
Janda, Chas '92/p29
Janda, John '92/p29
Janda, Josef ‘86/p38
Janda, Joseph ‘85/p79
Janda, Joseph '91/p26, 27
Janda, Maggie ‘85/p79
Janda, Mrs. Charles (Rosie Molacek) '92/p29
Janecek, E. '92/p46
Janecek, Frantiska ‘83/p8
Janecek, J ‘86/p38
Janecek, John '91/p50, 52
Janecek, L. '92/p46
Janecek, Ludwig '91/p62
Janecek, Mary '91/p50, 52
Janecek, W. '92/p55
Janes, ‘87/p20
Janes, Robert L ‘84/p40
Janesovsky, Benjamin '92/p16
Janesovsky, John '92/p16
Janesovsky, Leo '92/p23
Jankel, Karel ‘86/p38
Jankele, Charlie ‘88/p75
Jankiewitz, Samuel '91/p62
Janota, Maria ‘83/p3
Janovec, John '89/p28, 29
Janover, Jan ‘83/p9
Janovsky, Maria ‘83/p11
Janovsky, Petr ‘83/p11
Janowksi, Julius ‘88/p2
Jansa, Anton ‘83/p65
Jansa, Frank ‘80/p14
Jansen village, NE '90/p13
Jansen, Erik Wilhelm '92/p23
Jansen, Gontji ‘85/p5
Jansen, Mary C '91/p26, 27
Jansen, Mattie Mrs '91/p 5
Jansen, Victor W ‘84/p37
Jansen, Virginia '89/p20
Jansky, Martin '91/p74, 77
Janssen, Jan ‘86/p36
Jany, Marx Dr '91/p57
Japp, Ed ‘83/p59
Japp, John ‘84/p23
Jardine, James ‘85/p49
Jardine, Jessie ‘85/p49
Jarman, Harry ‘86/p46
Jarman, Joe ‘86/p46
Jaroux, John ‘78/p6
Jarrett, Emmaline ‘85/p18
Jasa, Ben Mrs ‘86/p48
Jaworowicz, Dolores ‘81/p22
Jaworowicz, Edward ‘81/p22
Jaworowicz, Mr ‘81/p22
Jaworowicz, Mrs ‘81/p22
Jay, Morris ‘81/p55
Jeankoseek, Henry ‘80/28
Jeanoseek, Peter ‘80/p28
Jedlicka, Emma ‘81/p22
Jefferis, Edmond ‘78/p20
Jefferis, Thos ‘78/p20
Jeffrey, Ellen ‘83/p41
Jeffrey, Louis ‘83/p41
Jeffrey, Sarah Ann ‘83/p41
Jeffrey, Thos Co ‘87/p36
Jeffries, G G ‘86/p46
Jeffries, Irvine B '89/p61, 68
Jelinek, Frank ‘82/p75; ‘86/p48
Jelinek, Frant ‘82/p79; ‘86/p38
Jelinek, Jos '90/p45
Jelinek, Karel ‘82/p79
Jelinek, Marie ‘82/p79
Jelinek, Mary '89/p60
Jelinek, Vit ‘86/p38
Jemminek, Vojt ‘86/p38
Jemsachoi, L ‘84/p7
Jeneski, Mr ‘88/p3
Jenewein, F ‘85/p66
Jenewein, F '90/p27
Jenewein, Ferd Mar ‘77/p7
Jenewein, Ferdinand ‘88/p54
Jeneweith, F ‘88/p65
Jeniweire, F Mar ‘77/p7
Jeniweire, Ferd Mar ‘77/p7
Jenkins, David ‘85/p48
Jenkins, David '91/p42
Jenkins, Doris ‘84/p69; ‘85/p40
Jenkins, Frank S ‘87/p1
Jenkins, Norman M/M ‘81/p74
Jenkins, W S ‘86/p49
Jenks, B H Mar ‘77/p7
Jennette, D Rev ‘83/p9
Jennings, Arthue M ‘87/p1
Jennings, Hadley ‘86/p27
Jennings, Ira ‘86/p27
Jennings, James '92/p4, 7
Jennings, Mary ‘83/p75
Jennings, Mrs. James (Margaret Hindmarsh) '92/p4
Jennings, Roy ‘88/p21
Jennings, Willie ‘88/p50
Jenny, Walter B Mrs ‘81/p15
Jeno, Anna ‘87/p25
Jeno, Cathrina ‘87/p25
Jeno, Elisabeth ‘87/p25
Jeno, Johann ‘87/p25
Jens, August ‘84/p8
Jens, Charles F ‘87/p58
Jensdatter, Helga ‘87/p63
Jensen, A C Mar ‘77/p7; ‘78/p76; ‘85/p64, 76; ‘88/p52, 57, 63
Jensen, A C '89/p13; '92/p73
Jensen, A C Jr ‘85/p62
Jensen, Adolf ‘80/p63
Jensen, Andrew ‘78/p76
Jensen, Angeline ‘88/p3
Jensen, Anna ‘84/p19
Jensen, Anna '90/p54, 56
Jensen, Anna A ‘88/p3
Jensen, Anne M ‘87/p66
Jensen, Bent ‘86/p65
Jensen, Berthe K ‘87/p64
Jensen, C Mrs '91/p 5
Jensen, Carl Christian '92/p23
Jensen, Christ ‘81/p4
Jensen, Christ J ‘85/p36
Jensen, Christine ‘85/p18
Jensen, Cilia ‘88/p3
Jensen, Cristine Mar ‘77/p7
Jensen, Dorothea R ‘87/p64
Jensen, Elise ‘87/p67
Jensen, Emma C M '89/p64, 68
Jensen, Erik Wilhelm '92/p23
Jensen, Gunnild S ‘87/p62
Jensen, Hanne ‘87/p62
Jensen, Hans '89/p65, 68, '92/p23
Jensen, Hans L ‘86/p2
Jensen, Ike '91/p22
Jensen, J C ‘84/p37; ‘87/p7
Jensen, Jack '91/p24
Jensen, James ‘88/p3
Jensen, Jens C ‘87/p67
Jensen, Jens P ‘87/p62
Jensen, Johan Peter '92/p23
Jensen, Johanna M ‘87/p67
Jensen, Johanne ‘87/p67
Jensen, John P '89/p61, 68
Jensen, Jorgan ‘87/p64
Jensen, Karen ‘87/p63
Jensen, Kirstine ‘86/p4
Jensen, Lars ‘87/p63
Jensen, Lars '92/p46
Jensen, Lars C ‘84/p37
Jensen, Larsine ‘87/p67
Jensen, M P ‘78/p51
Jensen, Mads Christian '92/p16
Jensen, Maggie C '91/p77
Jensen, Maggie Christina '91/p75
Jensen, Marie ‘88/p3
Jensen, Martin ‘88/p65
Jensen, Mary ‘85/p24
Jensen, Mary ‘87/p76
Jensen, Nels P ‘88/p3
Jensen, Niels ‘87/p67
Jensen, Ole Mar ‘77/p7
Jensen, Peter Mar ‘77/p7; ‘78/p60; ‘87/p3. 62, 63
Jensen, Peter '91/p74, 77; '92/p62
Jensen, Peter M '89/p61, 68
Jensen, Simine M ‘87/p67
Jensen, Simon ‘87/p67
Jensen, Simon C ‘87/p67
Jensen, Soren ‘84/p23
Jensen, Soren '89/p64, 68
Jensen, T ‘80/p40
Jensen, W R Mar ‘77/p7
Jenson, A C Mar ‘77/p7
Jenson, Bent Mar ‘77/p7
Jenson, Caroline ‘82/p42
Jenson, E M Mr '91/p 5
Jenson, Maren Maria ‘86/p3
Jenson, R Mar ‘77/p7
Jenson, Thomas Mar ‘77/p7
Jeppson, Ellen ‘84/p47, 48
Jepsen, Oscar ‘79/p52
Jepsen, Oscar M/M ‘85/p24
Jepson, Arthur Mrs ‘85/p32
Jepson, Oscar R '91/p74, 77
Jerman, Joseph ‘83/p38
Jerns, Ernestine ‘87/p76
Jernstron, John Edwin '92/p42
Jernstron, John Edwin '92 42
Jeson, Andrew ‘78/p7
Jespersen, Albertin ‘87/p61
Jespersen, Peter ‘87/p61
Jespersn, Indiane C ‘87/p61
Jess, Albert ‘84/p50
Jessen, Anna ‘82/p32
Jessen, Conard Mar ‘77/p7
Jessen, Ellen ‘84/p47, 48
Jessen, Elthyle ‘84/p47
Jessen, H A ‘86/p50
Jessen, Hans ‘88/p59
Jessen, J P Jr ‘86/p50
Jessen, J P M/M ‘88/p59
Jessen, J P Sr ‘86/p50
Jessen, Jurgen M/M '91/p15
Jessien, F A Mr '92 7
Jessien, F. A. (groom) '92/p7
Jessien, F. A. '92/p4
Jessien, Ferdinand M/M ‘85/p24
Jessien, Mrs. F. A. (Catharine Hansen) '92/p4
Jessup, C A Rev Dr ‘81/p15
Jest, Melinda ‘85/p4
Jester, E S ‘85/p3
Jett, Francis ‘78/p9
Jevery, Andrus ‘85/p56
Jewel Co '89/p76
Jewel, J A ‘88/p3
Jewell, Chas F '91/p 5
Jewett, Geo M/M ‘82/p57
Jewett, Luther Dr '89/p60
Jewett, Mr '90/p72
Jewett, P W ‘87/p59
Jewett, Willie '89/p36
Jilek, Anna Marie ‘86/p35
Jilek, Josie ‘85/p45
Jillett, George ‘85/p56
Jillson, Allen '90/p53, 56
Jindra, A ‘86/p49
Jindra, Ignas ‘85/p43
Jindra, Josef ‘86/p38
Jindra, Josephine ‘85/p43
Jinks, Sutter P ‘78p59
Jipp, Frederic ‘88/p8
Jipp, Louise ‘87/p49
Jirousek, Beatrice '89/p60
Jirousek, John J '89/p60
Jirousek, John M '89/p60
Jirousek, Lona (Casey) '89/p60
Jirousek, Mary '89/p60
Jirousek, Mary Jelinek '89/p60
Jirousek, Matthew '89/p60
Jirousek, Nettie '89/p60
Jirousek, Sophie '89/p60
Jirovec, ‘88/p80
Jirovec, Louise ‘84/p56
Jisscje, Arthur ‘88/p3
Joacomin, Antonin ‘83/p6
Joacomin, George ‘83/p6
Joacomin, Joanna Catharina ‘83/p6
Jochims, Brigetta '89/p28, 29
Joe, Long ‘87/p79
Joehnke, Anna ‘86/p2
Joens, Marie '89/p61, 68
Johanes, Frant ‘83/p8, 10
Johanes, Rosalia ‘83/p10
Johanes, Rosalia ‘83/p8
Johannes, Catharine Margaret ‘86/p3
Johannes, Sophie ‘86/p3
Johannessen, Johannes Peter '92/p23
Johannsen, Anna (Mrs. Andreas Stuehrk) '92/p4
Johannsen, Anna '92/p7
Johansen, Karen ‘87/p64
Johansen, Niels ‘87/p64
Johanson, Bertha '90/p54, 56
Johanson, John P ‘83/p63; ‘88/p44
Johanson, L Rev '89/p74
Johanson, Lorene ‘87/p1
Johe, Thomas ‘78/p8
Johl, son ‘82/p23
John, Adam ‘85/p19
John, C ‘85/p19
John, S ‘85/p19
Johnosn, Margaret ‘86/p53
Johns, Anson ‘84/p22
Johns, E W ‘81/p55
Johns, John Mar ‘77/p2; ‘84/p19; ‘85/p24, 26; ‘87/p77; ‘88/p3, 68
Johns, S A ‘81/p55
Johnsen, Anna ‘88/p10
Johnson Ed Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson village, NE '90/p13
Johnson, A Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson, A J ‘78/p76; ‘87/p76
Johnson, A John ‘86/p50
Johnson, Aaron ‘82/p30
Johnson, Adam '89/p60
Johnson, Albert ‘81/p45; ‘82/p11, 12, 13
Johnson, Albert '92/p76
Johnson, Albin ‘88/p3
Johnson, Alcesta ‘85/p57
Johnson, Alonzo ‘78/p4
Johnson, Ambrose C Man ‘77/p5
Johnson, Anders ‘85/p55
Johnson, Andrew ‘79/p50; ‘85/p55
Johnson, Andrew '89/p71
Johnson, Andrew J Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson, Andrew P '90/p53, 56
Johnson, Anna ‘82.p53; ‘87/p2
Johnson, Anna '91/p 5
Johnson, Annis ‘84/p47, 48
Johnson, Aravilla ‘85/p55
Johnson, Arta F Dr '89/p38
Johnson, August '89/p64, 68
Johnson, August Theodor '92/p23
Johnson, B K ‘85/p54
Johnson, Benjamin ‘87/p1
Johnson, Betsey ‘81/p46
Johnson, Borgil '91/p25, 27
Johnson, C R ‘88/p58
Johnson, Capt ‘82/p13
Johnson, Carl O ‘88/p3
Johnson, Carl O. '92/p66
Johnson, Caroline Margarete ‘81/p41
Johnson, Carrie ‘87/p77
Johnson, Carrie '89/p60
Johnson, Carrie J '91/p40
Johnson, Catharine E '90/p53, 56
Johnson, Catherine ‘86/p53
Johnson, Celia '89/p60
Johnson, Charles ‘82/p21; ‘87/p2
Johnson, Charles August '92/p24
Johnson, Charles H Dr ‘85/p48
Johnson, Charles S ‘83/p65
Johnson, Charley ‘82/p34
Johnson, Charlie '89/p 9
Johnson, Chas '91/p23; '92/p66
Johnson, Christ '89/p64, 68
Johnson, Christina ‘85/p55
Johnson, Christina L '89/p64, 68
Johnson, Clara ‘85/p8
Johnson, Clarence Mrs ‘88/p47
Johnson, Col John ‘79/p19, 20
Johnson, Coria ‘85/p55
Johnson, Cristina ‘84/p5
Johnson, D Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson, David M /M ‘86/p11
Johnson, Decy ‘78/p4
Johnson, E Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson, Edna Mrs ‘81/p15
Johnson, Edward Mar ‘77/p7; ‘86/p21; ‘53’p79; ‘87/’19
Johnson, Edward Sr ‘86/p55
Johnson, Eldora ‘86/p27
Johnson, Eleda H Jan ‘77/p5
Johnson, Elijah D ‘83/p48
Johnson, Elizabeth Jane ‘78/p19, 20
Johnson, Ella ‘86/p31
Johnson, Ellen ‘83/p76
Johnson, Elmira ‘85/p54
Johnson, Emily ‘84/p47, 48
Johnson, Emma ‘85/p27
Johnson, Emma '89/p 9
Johnson, Emma A Jan ‘77/p1, 4
Johnson, Eph ‘85/p62; ‘87/p21
Johnson, Eph '91/p54; '92/p37
Johnson, Erecka M '91/p77
Johnson, Erecke F '91/p74
Johnson, F H ‘87/p59
Johnson, Forrest ‘82/p65
Johnson, Frank ‘81/p19
Johnson, Frank M '89/p28, 29
Johnson, Fred ‘86/p70
Johnson, Freland C ‘81/p55
Johnson, Geo ‘85/p59
Johnson, Georgine ‘81/p43
Johnson, Gus '92/p55
Johnson, Gusta ‘88/p3
Johnson, Gustof '89/p74
Johnson, H Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson, H C ‘78/p19
Johnson, Hadley D ‘78/p19; ‘83/p55; ‘84/p29, 32
Johnson, Haldine P Mrs ‘81/p62
Johnson, Hanna ‘87/p5
Johnson, Hannah '91/p50, 52,
Johnson, Hannah Fredberg Jan ‘77/p5
Johnson, Hans ‘87/p58
Johnson, Hans '90/p53, 56
Johnson, Harold C ‘80/p18
Johnson, Harrison ‘78/p20
Johnson, Harry ‘85/p15
Johnson, Harry Edward ‘84/p7
Johnson, Has ‘87/p71
Johnson, Helen '89/p27, 29
Johnson, Henry ‘82/p65, 78; ‘85/p57
Johnson, Henry C '89/p28, 29
Johnson, Hildur ‘86/p33
Johnson, Ida '89/p 9
Johnson, Isaac ‘85/p44
Johnson, J '91/p58
Johnson, J B Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson, J C Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson, J D Mr '91/p24
Johnson, J E ‘85/p48
Johnson, J M Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson,James ‘78/p76’ ‘83/p72, 78; ‘84/p76; ‘85/p58; ‘86/p21, 53; '90/p21
Johnson, James Christ ‘84/p36
Johnson, James H '91/p58
Johnson, Jemina ‘86/p53
Johnson, Jennie B Jan ‘77/p5
Johnson, Jno D ‘87/p70
Johnson, Joanna ‘85/p4
Johnson, Joe ‘84/p76
Johnson, Joe '92/p38
Johnson, Joe Mrs ‘87/p21
Johnson, Johanna '89/p60;'90
Johnson, Johanna Sophia ‘86/p2
Johnson, Johannes ‘88/p65
Johnson, John '90/p55, 56
Johnson, John A '91/p52
Johnson, John Alfred '91/p51
Johnson, John B '91/p 5
Johnson, John Gilbert ‘81/p1
Johnson, John J Jan ‘77/p4
Johnson, Jonas M '89/p73
Johnson, Joseph ‘81/p72
Johnson, Joseph E '91/p72
Johnson, Josephena ‘88/p3
Johnson, Josephine ‘82/p45
Johnson, Julia ‘84/p55
Johnson, Julias ‘81/p67
Johnson, Julius ‘87/p21
Johnson, Just Mar ‘77/p7; ‘87/p4
Johnson, Katharine ‘88/p8
Johnson, L ‘78/p12
Johnson, L Rev '89/p74
Johnson, Laura ‘81/p79
Johnson, Lawrence '89/p 9
Johnson, Lawrence W ‘83/p38
Johnson, Leone ‘84/p54
Johnson, Livonia M '89/p62, 68
Johnson, Lizzie ‘86/p53
Johnson, Lottie ‘85/p55
Johnson, Louis '90/p54, 56
Johnson, Louis E '91/p49, 52
Johnson, Louisa C '91/p25, 27
Johnson, Louise C ‘85/p4, 5
Johnson, Lowell M/M ‘84/p17
Johnson, M Mar ‘77/p7; ‘81/p31
Johnson, M F ‘85/p48
Johnson, M/N ‘86/p11
Johnson, Maggie Jan ‘77/p2; ‘81/p19
Johnson, Margaret Roberts Jan ‘77/p6
Johnson, Margaretta ‘87/p4
Johnson, Martha C '90/p53, 56
Johnson, Martin ‘85/p24
Johnson, Mary ‘85/p58; ‘87/p75; ‘88/p47
Johnson, Mary C Jan ‘77/p4
Johnson, Mary E ‘80/p67
Johnson, Mathilda ‘84/p7
Johnson, Matilda ‘87/p75
Johnson, Matilda '89/p64, 68
Johnson, Michael Mar ‘77/p7; ‘78/p45; ‘84/p72; ‘84/p72; ‘86/p53
Johnson, Mike ‘87/p19
Johnson, Mike '89/p55
Johnson, Minnie ‘81/p19; ‘85/p57; ‘86/p53
Johnson, Minnie '89/p36
Johnson, Minnie H ‘86/p26, 27
Johnson, Mons '89/p52
Johnson, Morris '89/p 9
Johnson, Mrs. Ole (Elizabeth Rasmussen) '92/p4
Johnson, Mrs. Thomas (Sarah C. Dolan) '92/p3
Johnson, Myron M/M Jan ‘77/p2
Johnson, N P ‘81/p55
Johnson, N. A. '92/p46
Johnson, Nela ‘84/p5
Johnson, Nels ‘81/p4; ‘86/p70
Johnson, Niels '91/p62
Johnson, Nils Mar ‘77/p7; ‘87/p70
Johnson, Nils '89/p52
Johnson, Ola Mar ‘77’p7; ‘84/p5
Johnson, Olaf ‘88/p65
Johnson, Ole ‘82/p62
Johnson, Ole '89/p29, 30, '92/p4, 7
Johnson, Olof '92/p66
Johnson, P D ‘81/p8
Johnson, P G '89/p74
Johnson, P J Jan ‘77/p4
Johnson, P J '89/p72
Johnson, Peter Mar ‘77/p7; ‘84/p5; ‘86/p4
Johnson, Peter '89/p19, 28,
Johnson, Peter D ‘84/p22
Johnson, Philip ‘81/p15
Johnson, Philip Dewey Jan ‘77/p5
Johnson, President ‘86/p63
Johnson, R C Jan ‘77/p6; ‘84/p38
Johnson, Ralp ‘82/p11
Johnson, Ralph Jan ‘77/p2
Johnson, Ralph '89/p47; '91
Johnson, Rasmus Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson, Raymond ‘82/p63; ‘85/p54
Johnson, Richard ‘87/p2
Johnson, Rosa B '89/p63, 68
Johnson, Ruby ‘81/p1
Johnson, Sally Ann '91/p47
Johnson, Sara Jan ‘77/p2
Johnson, Sarah O ‘87/p73
Johnson, Sophia '91/p51, 52
Johnson, Susie ‘86/p32
Johnson, Swan ‘87/p75; ‘88/p3
Johnson, Swan J Jan ‘77/p5
Johnson, Sydney ‘80/p14
Johnson, Sydney E ‘80/p13
Johnson, T M J ‘87/p73
Johnson, Theodore F Jan ‘77/p5
Johnson, Thomas Mar ‘77/p7; ‘79/p40; ‘86/p4, 21, 53
Johnson, Thomas '92/p3, 7
Johnson, Thomas E ‘79/p40, 41; ‘80/p67
Johnson, Virginia ‘86/p2
Johnson, W Mar ‘77/p7
Johnson, W B ‘85/p24
Johnson, W D ‘78/p20
Johnson, W L ‘86/p46
Johnson, Walter ‘84/p76
Johnson, Wealthy Ann ‘81/p72
Johnson, Wesley ‘85/p55
Johnson, William Jan ‘77/p4; ‘81/p55; ‘82/p11, 13; ‘86/p27
Johnson, William M ‘78/p7
Johnson, William S '89/p72
Johnson, Willie ‘83/p72
Johnson, Willie, '92/p34
Johnson, Wm ‘85/p59
Johnsten, Robert Mrs ‘81/p62
Johnston, Albert Sidney Gen '91/p71
Johnston, Annie ‘85/p19
Johnston, Cord ‘85/p19
Johnston, David M ‘78/p9
Johnston, Elizabeth ‘79/p49
Johnston, Fred ‘85/p19
Johnston, Jos '90/p21
Johnston, Katie '89/p28, 30
Johnston, M/M ‘86/p11
Johnston, Martha ‘85/p19
Johnston, Rev '89/p18
Johnston, Robt ‘85/p19
Johs, Jullia A ‘83/p48
Joice, J H ‘78/p9
Jonas Frantisek ‘83/p6
Jonas, Alice ‘82/p47
Jonas, Frant ‘83/p10
Jonas, Maria ‘83/p6, 10
Jonas, Mr '90/p24
Jonason, John '90/p54, 56
Jonason, John M/M ‘85/p24
Jonassen, John ‘80/p40
Jones Co, NE '91/p 3
Jones, A D ‘78/p20
Jones, Albin C ‘88/p9
Jones, Albin C '91/p35
Jones, Alfred ‘83/p39
Jones, Alfred D ‘78/p20
Jones, Amanda ‘86/p2
Jones, Andrew ‘78/p53
Jones, Ann Mar ‘77/p7; ‘83/p46
Jones, Annie A ‘84/p50
Jones, Asahel ‘80/p54
Jones, Calvin E Mrs ‘81/p62
Jones, Charles Thomas ‘83/p48
Jones, Cora E ‘78/p61; ‘88/p9
Jones, Daniel Mar ‘77/p7; ‘80/p34; ‘82/p44; ‘88/p68
Jones, Daniel '91/p74, 77
Jones, David Mar ‘77/p7; ‘78/p15
Jones, David '89/p63, 68;
Jones, E Mar ‘77/p7
Jones, E '89/p10
Jones, Edwin E ‘81/p39
Jones, Elizabeth '90/p54, 56
Jones, Eola ‘84/p55
Jones, F ‘86/p46
Jones, Floyd S ‘86/p33
Jones, Francis Mar ‘77/p7
Jones, Harvey ‘82/p41
Jones, Herbert ‘86/p11, 12
Jones, Hetty E ‘81/p39
Jones, Hiram ‘85/p4
Jones, I D ‘85/p3
Jones, I N ‘78/p51
Jones, Ida ‘85/p4
Jones, Idia ‘85/p8
Jones, J A Mar ‘77/p7
Jones, J C ‘81/p31
Jones, J C Dr ‘86/p27
Jones, J M '91/p58
Jones, J S ‘78/p21
Jones, James A Mar ‘77/p7
Jones, James C ‘83/p46
Jones, Jas ‘78/p19
Jones, Jeremiah ‘78/p8
Jones, Jno W ‘87/p71
Jones, John ‘87/p77
Jones, John '89/p55; '90
Jones, John C ‘80/p53
Jones, John H Mar ‘77/p7
Jones, John J ‘82/p75
Jones, John P ‘81/p67
Jones, Joseph ‘78/p22
Jones, Joseph A Mar ‘77/p7
Jones, Judson ‘84/p53
Jones, L H Rev ‘78/p61
Jones, Lewis W ‘85/p3; ‘88/p10
Jones, Loretta ‘81/p31
Jones, Lottie L ‘81/p31
Jones, M C ‘81/p31
Jones, Malvina ‘81/p39
Jones, Margaret ‘87/p76
Jones, Marie ‘84/p50; ‘85/p30
Jones, Mary Ann '90/p54, 56
Jones, Mary E. '92/p31
Jones, Miss ‘80/p35
Jones, Mrs ‘84/p68
Jones, Nena ‘82/p42; ‘86/p24
Jones, Nona ‘88/p28
Jones, Prof ‘84/p68
Jones, Professor & Mary E. '92/p31
Jones, Richard ‘83/p46
Jones, S B ‘81/p31
Jones, Samuel ‘78/p24; ‘82/p31
Jones, Sarah J '90/p53, 56
Jones, Theodore Mrs ‘81/p15
Jones, Thomas Mar ‘77/p7
Jones, Thomas G Mar ‘77/p7; ‘86/p57
Jones, W H ‘88/p65
Jones, W L Mrs '89/p44
Jones, W T '89/p13
Jones, Will '91/p22
Jones, Willard ‘81/p55
Jones, William Mar ‘77/p7; ‘87/p5
Jones, Willm Henry ‘83/p46
Jones, Wm N ‘78/p21
Jonnes, P ‘82/p53
Jonowski, Julius ‘88/p3
Jonsdatter, Ingri ‘87/p67
Jonson, Ame ‘78/p59
Jonson, Bengt ‘87/p63
Jonson, Bettie ‘78/p60; ‘87/p3
Jonson, C E Mar ‘77/p7
Jonson, F I Mar ‘77/p7
Jonson, J C Mar ‘77/p7
Jonson, Jonas M ‘78/p61
Jonson, Just ‘87/p4
Jonson, Margaretta ‘87/p4
Jonson, Mary ‘87/p75
Jonson, Matilda ‘87/p75
Jonson, Niels Mar ‘77/p7
Jonson, Swan ‘87/p75
Jonss, C H Mrs ‘88/p42
Joohnson, G Mar ‘77/p7
Jopp, A W ‘82/p19
Jordan, Annie '89/p61, 68
Jordan, F ‘77/p44
Jordan, F ‘84/p37
Jordan, L ‘77/p44
Jordan, W ‘77/p44
Jordan, William ‘84/p37
Jordan, William W ‘77/p44
Jordan, Wm ‘85/p18
Jordon, C ‘85/p19
Jordon, James L ‘81/p40
Jordon, Nellie ‘85/p24, 25
Jorgensen, Anne ‘87/p64
Jorgensen, Anne M ‘87/p62
Jorgensen, Berthel ‘87/p64
Jorgensen, Christina ‘81/p81
Jorgensen, Christine ‘86/p1
Jorgensen, Ellen M ‘87/p64
Jorgensen, Enock B ‘87/p64
Jorgensen, Hans ‘81/p45
Jorgensen, Hans '92/p57
Jorgensen, Hans C ‘87/p65
Jorgensen, Hans Theodore Marius '92/p17
Jorgensen, James '89/p55
Jorgensen, Karen M ‘87/p64
Jorgensen, Kirsten ‘87/p62
Jorgensen, Lars ‘78/p76
Jorgensen, Ole '91/p58
Jorgensen, P. J. '92/p47
Jorgensen, Peter ‘87/p62
Jorgensen, Soren B ‘87/p64
Jorgensen, Tygo M R ‘87/p64
Jorgenson, Andrew ‘87/p71
Jorgenson, Lars ‘87/p2
Jorgenson, Loell ‘85/p29
Jorgenson, Nels P ‘87/p46
Joseph, John ‘83/p66
Joseph, Keller (Keller, Joseph) '92/p17
Joseph, Theodore ‘81/p55
Josephs, John ‘86/p9, 12
Joss, Eliza ‘86/p27
Joss, Fannie '90/p54, 56
Joss, J Mar ‘77/p7
Joss, Jacob Mar ‘77/p7; ‘82/p30; ‘88/p65
Joss, Jacob '90/p26; '92/p50
Joss, Jonas M ‘87/p3
Joss, Lizzie ‘80/p16
Joss, Wm ‘80/p16; ‘86/p27
Jost, Sophia ‘78/p65
Joura, Joseph ‘83/p6
Joura, Martin ‘83/p6
Joy, Francois ‘80/p53
Joy, Frank F '91/p76, 77
Joy, Frank L '89/p64, 68
Joyce, Thomas ‘81/p67
Jris, E W Dr ‘83/p71
Jris, Gertrude E ‘83/p71
Jruncranz, Mar ‘77/p7
Juber, Antone ‘87/p75
Juckett, A W ‘88/p18
Juda, Antonia ‘83/p41
Juda, Martin ‘83/p41
Juda, Michael ‘83/p41
Judd, Henry ‘84/p34
Judenski, Frederick W ‘86/p52
Judge, Father ‘82/p48; ‘86/p44
Judge, Winthen ‘84/p7
Judkins, Elwin ‘80/p28
Judy, J W Col ‘79/p42
Juett, A A ‘78/p18
Jugenheimer, Sallie '89/p63, 68
Julian village, NE '90/p13
Julian, Addie ‘86/p27
Julien, Stephen ‘84/p18
Julk, John Mar ‘77/p7
Jumbar, Frantiska '89/p28
June, Daniel B ‘83/p48
June, Mary ‘83/p48
June, S W ‘83/p49
Jung, John Mar ‘77/p77
Jungbluth, B H J Mr '91/p75
Jungbluth, Joseph '91/p74
Jungbluth, Ott M/M ‘86/p49
Jungbluth, Otto ‘86/p49
Jungbluth, Otto Mrs ‘86/p49
Junge, Sophie M C ‘86/p2
Jungluth, B H J Mr '91/p77
Jungluth, Joseph '91/p77
Jungmeyer, Adam '90/p65
Juniata village, NE '90/p13
Junior High School ‘82/p68
Jupp, Anna ‘82/p55
Jurgin, Pat '89/p12
Jurging, H ‘84/p8
Jurging, Peter ‘86/p12
Juss, R Mar ‘77/p7
Just, A. '92/p49
Just, C A Mar ‘77/p7; ‘78/p76; ‘88/p65
Just, C. A. '92/p73
Just, Christian A ‘87/p4
Just, K M Mar ‘77/p7
Just, P A ‘88/p65
Just, Peter Mar ‘77/p7
Just, Peter A ‘78/p76
Justice, Bessie '89/p56
Justice, Charles ‘87/p49
Justice, J '89/p14
Justice, James ‘88/p65
Justice, Linnie ‘87/p49
Juva, Cataharine ‘83/p4

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.