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Kindon, Patrick ‘81/p67
Laaker, Caspar ‘83/p80
Laaker, Ila Jean ‘88/p0
Laaker, Ila Jean 89 0; '90/p0; '91/p0
Laaker, John ‘82/p57
Laaker, John R ‘83/p80
Labagie, Pelagie ‘78/p17
LaBarre, H. '92/p30
LaBarre, Kittie '92/p30
Laber, George G ‘81/p55
Labor, Mary '92/p36
Labronce, Frances ‘78/p21
Lacey, Emma Elizabeth ‘78/p41
Lacey, J E ‘78/p41
Lacey, John ‘78/p56
Lacey, M ‘78/p41
Lacey, Mary ‘78/p56
Lacey, Nancy ‘78/p56
Lachnit, Amalia ‘86/p37
Lachnit, Francis ‘86/p37
Lacina, Anna ‘83/p3
Lacine, Jacob ‘83/p3
Lackarn, John ‘78/p12
Lackas, Agnes Mary ‘87/p17
Lackas, D M ‘87/p17
Lackas, H C ‘87/p17
Lackas, Nicholas Milo '92/p62
Lackemacher, Pauline ‘79/p29
Lacker, Mary ‘81/p80
LaCosta, Leon M/M ‘86/p12
Lacy, Wilson W ‘86/p12
Ladd, Charles Mrs ‘82/p8
Ladd, H H Mar ‘77/p8
Ladd, Rachel Jan ‘77/p2
Ladehoff, ‘86/p22
Ladenburger, Morris ‘87/p4
Ladendorff, ‘81/p55
Ladendorff, Mary ‘81/p55
Lafferty, E J ‘87/p59
Lafferty, John A ‘78/p24
LaFlesch, W H ‘78/p51
Lafren, John '91/p26, 27
Lage, Peter ‘78/p1
Lager, Eddie '90/p37
Lager, Ernst F D '90/p37
Lager, Friedrich '90/p37
Lagerstead, Adolph John ‘81/p81
Laggart, A M ‘79/p44
Laggart, J M ‘79/p44
Laggart, R ‘79/p44
Lagovia, G ‘86/p35
Lahman, Henry A ‘84/p37; ‘87/p7
Lahmann, John ‘86/p70
Lahn, F |P D Mrs ‘81/p15
Laing, David '89/p64, 68
Laing, Freeman ‘80/p28
Laing, John ‘80/p28
Laing, W Sr ‘80/p28
Laird, J L ‘86/p66
Laird, R M/M '90/p71
Lake, Charles Elliott ‘85/p1
Lake, Charles Franklin ‘85/p1
Lake, Charlette ‘88/p14
Lake, George B Judge ‘83/p65
Lake, Julia Anna ‘85/p1
Lake, Oscur T ‘78/p24
Lake, Peter ‘80/p12
Lakemacher, Fritz ‘79/p26
Lakemacher, Hinreete (Bockmann) ‘79/p24
Lakemacher, Julius ‘79/p29
Lakemacher, Martha ‘79/p29
Lallman, August ‘77/p10
Lallmann, Caroline ‘88/p9
Lalrson, Martin Mar ‘77/p8
Lamaster, J E '91/p35
Lamatte, Lil F ‘81/p67
Lamatte, Thos R ‘81/p67
Lamb, Alwilda ‘85/p8
Lamb, Anna '91/p26, 27
Lamb, Ethel A ‘80/p19
Lamb, Jesse A ‘88/p3
Lamb, Mary ‘83/p20
Lamb, Nancy Alexandria ‘85/p5
Lamb, William ‘85/p5
Lamb, Wm ‘83/p20
Lamberg, O M ‘88/p65
Lamberson, Geo A '89/p64, 68
Lamberson, Joseph Mar ‘77/p8; ‘78/p76; ‘79/p49; ‘88/p65
Lamberson, Joseph '92/p73
Lamberson, Robert M ‘86/p3
Lambert, C ‘81/p27
Lambert, Clement ‘81/p31
Lambert, Elish ‘81/p31
Lambert, Jno C ‘81/p31
Lambert, Sarah A ‘81/p31
Lambert, W B '91/p26, 27
Lambert, Wm B ‘80/p37; ‘88/p38
Lambertson, Ella '89/p65, 68
Lambertson, J P ‘88/p13
Lambke, Sophia ‘83/p48
Lambkin, John ‘88/p3
Lambrecht & Neuman ‘83/p34
Lambrecht, Alice ‘86/p49
Lambrecht, August ‘79/p22, 24; ‘80/p3
Lambrecht, Augusta ‘78/p35; ‘80/p3, 68
Lambrecht, B ‘79/p22
Lambrecht, Baby ‘79/p27
Lambrecht, Bertha W ‘79/p26
Lambrecht, Carl ‘80/p3
Lambrecht, Carl F ‘79/p26
Lambrecht, Carl H A ‘80/p3
Lambrecht, Fred ‘79/p33
Lambrecht, Friedrich ‘78/p35
Lambrecht, G ‘78/p22
Lambrecht, Hanna ‘80/p3
Lambrecht, Heinrich ‘79/p22; ‘80/p3
Lambrecht, Joseph ‘80/p33
Lambrecht, Maria ‘79/p24; ‘80/p3
Lambrecht, Marvin ‘78/p33
Lambrecht, Wilhelmine ‘80/p3
Lambret, Marietta ‘81/p31
Lambson, A B ‘82/p67
LaMetyr, G Rev ‘78/p60
Lamke, Hulda ‘87/p77
Lamley, Roy ‘87/p48
Lamley, Vera ‘86/p33
Lamm, S & Son '90/p32
Lammel, ‘88/p18
Lammel, Elizabeth ‘80/p18
Lammel, John ‘80/p18
Lammel, John H ‘80/p18
Lammers, Elizabeth ‘79/p6
Lammers, Frances ‘79/p6
Lammers, Henry ‘79/p6
Lammers, Julia ‘79/p6
Lammers, Maria ‘86/p4
Lammers, Theresia ‘79/p6
Lamont, J ‘81/p67
Lamp, Claus ‘84/p23
Lamp, Hans ‘84/p23
Lamp, Henrich ‘84/p23
Lamp, Marx ‘84/p23
Lampe, John ‘88/p75
Lampel, William ‘81/p15
Lampert, Benjamin Mathias ‘88/p25
Lampert, Louise ‘82/p41
Lamson, Charles Arthur ‘79/p68
Lamson, Jane E ‘79/p68
Lamson, T H ‘79/p68
Lanaghan, Ellen ‘81/p41
Lanbrecht, Joe ‘85/p48
Lancaster, Miko ‘88/p3
Lanclot, Philippe ‘81/p80
Landan, Simon P ‘87/p2
Landau, Elias S M/M ‘81/p23
Landau, Heinrich ‘87/p23
Landen, Evelyn ‘81/p79
Landenburg, Lizzie ‘86/p31
Landerfield, Justice '91/p74, 77
Landfeld, August Mar ‘77/p8
Landgren, Christian ‘78/p76
Landholm, Jess ‘87/p15
Landin, Peter N Mar ‘77/p8
Landis, Felix J ‘80/p68
Landis, J P ‘81/p45
Landon, Eunice ‘85/p10
Landon, Mattie ‘86/p3
Landon, P P ‘83/p48
Landren, A ‘88/p65
Lane, '89/p80
Lane, Andrew C '89/p64, 68
Lane, E B Mr '91/p 5
Lane, Florence ‘83/p46
Lane, James ‘83/p46
Lane, Mrs ‘83/p46
Lane, Neta ‘88/p38
Lang, C Mar ‘77/p8
Lang, Cecilie ‘81/p23
Lang, David Mar ‘77/p8
Lang, Earnest ‘83/p71
Lang, Henry ‘83/p71
Lang, Mary ‘83/p71
Lang, William ‘88/p14
Langdon, Maggie ‘86/p26, 28
Langdon, Martin '91/p35
Langdon, Thos ‘87/p48
Langdon, Thos '89/p45
Lange, Arendt, D ‘78/p66
Lange, Caroline '91/p25, 27
Lange, Claus Mar ‘77/p8
Lange, Elizabeth nee Garte ‘78/p66
Lange, F E ‘81/p31
Lange, F Ernst ‘80/p54
Lange, Frederick Ernest ‘80/p54
Lange, Henry '91/p50, 52
Lange, Jeanette W ‘78/p66
Lange, John Godfrey ‘80/p54
Lange, Ludwig ‘78/p66
Lange, Meta ‘78/p66
Lange, T C N ‘84/p38
Langemeier, Geo ‘86/p70
Langemeyer, Herman ‘86/p33
Langer, Maria ‘80/p4
Langer, Ray G '89/p33, 34, 35
Langewisch, F. H. '92/p68
Langley, H A Mar ‘77/p8
Langley, J ‘85/p20
Lanholm, August Mar ‘77/p8
Lanik, Antonia ‘83/p6
Lanik, Francis ‘83/p6
Lanik, Jan ‘83/p11
Lanik, Mary A ‘85/p56
Lanising, R ‘81/p67
Lanner, Margaret '89/p19
Lanton, James ‘84/p34
Lantry, Freddie ‘84/p52
Lantry, Freddie ‘84/p52
Lantry, Lemuel L ‘81/p44
Lantry, Lemuel L '91/p35
Lants, ‘87/p34
Lapacek, Joseph T M/M ‘81/p74
Lappard, John '91/p 5
Larimer, William ‘81/p38
Larimer, Wm ‘79/p47
Larkin, Wm R ‘79/p44
Larkins, Mike ‘87/p55
Larrabee, Fairbanks ‘84/p16
Larsdatter, Anne ‘87/p67
Larsen, Adam C J C ‘87/p62
Larsen, Anne E C ‘87/p67
Larsen, Anne K ‘87/p62, 67
Larsen, C E Miss ‘81/p15
Larsen, Christian ‘87/p67
Larsen, Dorothea ‘87/p65
Larsen, Esther ‘81/p79
Larsen, Hans '89/p62, 68
Larsen, Hans P ‘87/p67
Larsen, Harry ‘83/p59
Larsen, Holger George '92/p62
Larsen, Johan ‘87/p67
Larsen, Johanne ‘87/p67
Larsen, John L '91/p60
Larsen, Just ‘87/p65
Larsen, Knud ‘88/p3
Larsen, Lars ‘87/’67
Larsen, Lewis '91/p60
Larsen, Maren ‘87/p66, 67
Larsen, Maren K ‘87/p67
Larsen, Mate M. (Mrs. Nels Peters) '92/p3
Larsen, Mate M. '92/p7
Larsen, Niels ‘87/p67
Larsen, Niels P ‘81/p41
Larsen, Ole P ‘87/p66
Larsh, George Mar ‘77/p8
Larson Bros ‘87/p71
Larson Theater ‘88/p53
Larson, ‘87/p53
Larson, Albert ‘80/p15
Larson, Albertine ‘84/p73; ‘85/p44
Larson, Anders ‘87/p65
Larson, Andrew Mar ‘77/p8; ‘82/p61; ‘88/p36
Larson, Andrew '89/p71
Larson, Anna ‘81/p45; ‘85/p53
Larson, Anna '91/p60
Larson, Annie ‘84/p73
Larson, Asinth ‘84/p19
Larson, August ‘84/p37
Larson, Auto Co ‘87/p70
Larson, Burt ‘82/p44
Larson, C Mrs ‘84/p19
Larson, Carl A ‘87/p65
Larson, Carl Emil '91/p63
Larson, Charles '89/p62, 68
Larson, Chris ‘84/923
Larson, Christiane ‘87/p65
Larson, Christine '89/p27, 30
Larson, Delbert ‘80/p15
Larson, Edna ‘80/p15
Larson, Elizabeth ‘83/p78
Larson, Emil ‘88/p3
Larson, Ernest E ‘80/p15
Larson, F N ‘86/p46
Larson, Fred ‘80/p15
Larson, Frieda ‘82/p62
Larson, G L ‘88/p36
Larson, Gertie ‘80/p15
Larson, Gust ‘85/p6
Larson, Gustaf A ‘80/p13
Larson, Gustave '89/p 9
Larson, Hannah M '91/p60
Larson, Hans ‘88/p36
Larson, Infant ‘81/p1
Larson, Jacobina (Mrs. Nils Christianson) '92/p3
Larson, Jacobina '92/p7
Larson, Jens '89/p62, 68
Larson, Johanne C ‘87/p65
Larson, John ‘86/p77
Larson, Jorgen '91/p58
Larson, Karl J ‘88/p59
Larson, L Mar ‘77/p8; ‘81/p1; ‘82/p4; ‘84/p38
Larson, L P & Co ‘80/p40
Larson, L P & Co '89/p11, 12, 14, 19
Larson, L P '89/p13, 14
Larson, L W ‘82/p63
Larson, Lars ‘86/p20
Larson, Lars P ‘85/p53
Larson, Laura '89/p 9
Larson, Lillie '91/p24
Larson, Louie '91/p24
Larson, Louis '91/p60
Larson, Ludvig '91/p60
Larson, Lyda '89/p 9
Larson, M/M ‘80/p15
Larson, Mary ‘84/p73; ‘85/p6, 53
Larson, Mary '91/p60
Larson, Mathew ‘87/p76
Larson, Mr ‘82/p5; ‘85/p31
Larson, Neils ‘83/p30
Larson, Nels '92/p66
Larson, Nora ‘84/p19
Larson, O Mar ‘77/p8; ‘82/p61
Larson, Oliver Mar ‘77/p8; ‘82/p62; ‘86/p20
Larson, Oliver O ‘82/p39
Larson, Olof '89/p71
Larson, S C ‘83/p78
Larson, S G Rev '89/p73
Larson, Samuel ‘84/p73
Larson, Simon ‘84/p23
Larson, Sophia ‘84/p73
Larson, Supervisor ‘86/p17
Larson, Theodore ‘80/p13, 14
Larson, Theodroe ‘87/p58
Laru, William H ‘82/p24
Lason, A Mar ‘77/p8
Lass, Jorgen ‘87/p70
Lassek, Val ‘86/p36
Lasseter, Sarah A '89/p28, 30
Latham, J McNeal ‘84/p33
Latham, Jno M ‘78/p12
Latham, John NcNeal ‘78/p12
Lathrop, Betty Hope ‘81/p15
Lathrop, Dorothy ‘81/p15
Lathrop, Henry R Mrs ‘85/p15
Lathrop, Palmer J ‘81/p15
Lathrop, Rev C. G. '92/p76
Latta, Francis M ‘85/p4
Latta, Frank ‘85/p8
Latta, John ‘85/p4
Latta, Mary ‘82/p31
Latta, W ‘81/p32
Latta, W W ‘81/p81
Latter-Day Saints Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14, 57
Lattin, Ira ‘81/p3
Lauble, Mar ‘77/p8
Lauderberger, Mrs '89/p55
Lauderfelt, Justice ‘85/p76
Laudon, Wm A ‘85/p48
Laugham, Michael ‘81/p55
Laughlin, Henry ‘82/p30; ‘85/p72
Laughlin, P J ‘86/p69; ‘87/p48
Laughlin, T J ‘81/p31
Laughline, Thomas O ‘81/p55
Laughton, Charles E ‘87/p50
Launder, Lila ‘87/p20
Launer, Ardele ‘87/p20
Launer, Gottleib '89/p63, 68
Launer, Jacob ‘86/p2
Launer, Margaret ‘86/p4
Launies, Charles ‘87/p76
Laur, Henry '89/p 4
Laurel village, NE '90/p13
Lauth, Charles A ‘87/p11
Lauth, Josephine Marie ‘87/p11
Lavana, A ‘81/p55
Lavelle, Cora ‘84/p47, 48
Lavrinec, Zuzanna ‘81/p25
Lawbertson, Joseph Mar ‘77/p8
Lawlor, Thomas ‘81/p55
Lawon, Mar ‘77/p8
Lawrence & Mandeville; Fremont, NE '89/p11
Lawrence village, NE '90/p13
Lawrence, Anton ‘86/p12
Lawrence, Catharine ‘82/p54
Lawrence, E A ‘80/p40
Lawrence, Ed A '91/p75, 77
Lawrence, Howard ‘88/p3
Lawrence, J S Mrs ‘81/p15
Lawrence, John E ‘81/p67
Lawrence, Mary J ‘83/p49
Lawrence, Mr ‘80/p25
Lawrence, Nick ‘82/p54
Lawson, & Parcell ‘85/p66
Lawson, Alf ‘84/p34
Lawson, C ‘87/p47
Lawson, C E ‘88/p65
Lawson, G L '89/p29
Lawson, GL Mr '89/p30
Lawson, Helen ‘84/p34
Lawson, John ‘87/p47
Lawson, Mary ‘84/p34
Lawson, Matilda ‘87/p2
Lawson, Peter ‘87/p47
Lawson, Sheldon '91/p35
Lawson, Sheldon Mrs '91/p35
Lawton, M/M '89/p25
Lawton, Roy M ‘80/p14
Lawton, Royal M ‘80/p13; ‘87/p58
Lawton, W H '89/p24
Lawyer, John ‘81/p69
Lay, Elisebeth '91/p51, 52
Layman, M J Mrs ‘86/p28
Layton, L W ‘87/p59
Lazure, Adolf ‘87/p49
Lazure, Leodolph ‘82/p52
Lazure, Maria ‘82/p52, 54
Leach, Albert Z '89/p62, 68
Leach, Arthur M/M ‘87/p49
Leach, C C Mar ‘77/p8
Leach, David ‘82/p22
Leach, Rev ‘80/p22
Leach, S C ‘79/p45
Leachman, Benj ‘78/p3
Leadum, Rev ‘88/p59
Leahey, Maria ‘82/p52
Leaming, Reuben H ‘81/p55
Leaming, S T ‘81/p31
Leanan, Thomas ‘88/p10
Leander, A O ‘88/p3
Learmont, J Mar ‘77/p8
Leary, Jennie M ‘85/p25
Leas, Elmer E '89/p65, 68
Lease, Mrs ‘88/p29
L'eau Qui Court, NE '91/p 3
Leavenworth, Colonel '91/p47
Leavewell, Ellen ‘81/p67
Leavewell, William A ‘81/p67
Leberman, Alma M ‘87/p11
Leblanc, Clotilde ‘81/p80
Leblanc, Elizabeath ‘85/23, 25
Leblanc, Elizabeth (Mrs. Xavier Forgette) '92/p5
Leblanc, Elizabeth '92/p7
LeBlanc, Hilaire ‘81/p55
Leblance, Alphonsine ‘86/p2
Lechlack, Gerog '92/p37
Lechlack, Maria '92/p37
Lechlack, Petronella '92/p37
Lechner, Christ F ‘84/p42
LeClar, A S ‘83/p57
Lecomb, S A G ‘88/p8
Leder, Abraham ‘84/p12
Leder, Jacob ‘84/p12
Leder, Johann ‘84/p12
Leder, Maria ‘84/p12
Leder, Samuel ‘84/p12
Leder, Ulrich ‘84/p12
Leder, Ursina ‘84/p12
Lednicky, A '91/p57
Lednicky, Anton M/M ‘82/p31
Lee & Rogers Mar ‘77/p8
Lee & Sons Mar ‘77/p8
Lee (Gee), W. W. '92/p50
Lee, ‘85/p50
Lee, J R Mar ‘77/p8
Lee, Comish ‘85/p63; ‘88/p56
Lee, Comish '89/p50, 58; '92/p50
Lee, D J ‘78/p51
Lee, Earl ‘88/p21
Lee, Elizabeth ‘87/p3
Lee, Fred ‘87/p80
Lee, Fred '91/p23
Lee, H J Mar ‘77/p8; ‘80/p40; ‘84/p8; ‘85/p65, 66; ‘87/p70; ‘88/p54, 57
Lee, H J & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p29
Lee, H J '89/p12, '90/p29
Lee, Henry J ‘78/p76; ‘88/p65
Lee, Henry J. '92/p73
Lee, Homer ‘83/p49
Lee, J C Mar ‘77/p8; ‘80/p40; ‘85/p73; ‘88/p65
Lee, J C '89/p76
Lee, J M Mar ‘77/p8
Lee, J M '89/p53
Lee, Jackson C. '92/p5, 7
Lee, James ‘86/p33, 79
Lee, James M ‘78/p76; 83/p66; ‘85/p57
Lee, James M. '92/p73
Lee, John Mar ‘77/p8
Lee, John '92/p48
Lee, John D '90/p38
Lee, John K ‘88/p65
Lee, John M ‘81/p76
Lee, John R ‘78/p76; ‘79/p50; ‘83/p66
Lee, John R '89/p29 30, '92/p73
Lee, Jos M ‘79/p50
Lee, Lizzie ‘78/p60; ‘79/p50
Lee, Lizzie Jane ‘85/p42
Lee, Mabel '91/p24
Lee, Maggie L ‘79/p50
Lee, Maggie L '89/p29, 30
Lee, Margaret ‘85/p57
Lee, Mary A ‘78/p50
Lee, Mary H Mar ‘77/p8
Lee, Mrs. Jackson C. (Jennie Earl) '92/p5
Lee, N B Mar ‘77/p8
Lee, Nora M ‘84/p55
Lee, Richard ‘83/p25
Lee, Sarah M ‘85/p57
Lee, Thomas Mar ‘77/p8; ‘78/p76; 79/p50; 88/p65
Lee, Thomas '92/p73
Lee, Thomas Alexander ‘82/p13
Lee, Thomas H ‘88/p65
Lee, Thos H ‘88/p41
Lee, Thos H '89/p11
Lee, Tom '89/p 6
Lee, Tommy '90/p 9
Lee, W B Mar ‘77/p8; ‘85/p58
Lee, W C Mar ‘77/p8
Lee, W E Mar ‘77/p8; ‘85/p68
Lee, W J Mar ‘77/p8
Lee, W W '92/p50
Lee, William B Mar ‘77/p8
Lee, William E ‘85/p68
Lee, William F ‘81/p55
Lee, William L '90/p23
Lee, Wm B ‘78/p76; ‘88/p65
Lee, Wm B '92/p48, 73
Lee, Wm E ‘79p50; ‘87/p73; ‘86/p79; ‘88/p65
Lee, Wm E '89/p42; '92/p73
Lee, Wm M/M ‘86/p42
Lee’s Hardware ‘83/p32
Leeder, Edward '91/p35
Lee-Glass-Andressen Co of Omaha ‘88/p54
Leehy, John ‘82/p54
Leehy, Maria ‘82/p54
Leeler, Max '89/p61, 68
Lee-Miller Co ‘88/p54
Lee-Miller’s ‘88/p23
Leepers, Capt ‘82/p10
Lees, ‘82/p38
Lees, Abram ‘86/p50
Lees, Henry ‘82/p73
Leese, Clyde ‘86/p32
Leffert, Catharine '90/p54, 56
Leffert, Frederick ‘78/p76
Leffert, Frederick '92/p73
Lefferts, Emma ‘83/p74
Lefferts, Frederick ‘83/p74
Lefferts, Sophia ‘83/p74
Leffler, Nathaniel J ‘86/p4
Lefler, Amos ‘80/p9, 10
Lefler, Larry Dr ‘80/p9
Lefler, Larry Mrs ‘81/p20B
Lefler, Pat ‘80/p20; ‘82/p20B
Lefler, Pat ‘85/p0
Leftwick, Capt ‘82/p16
Legand, Christ ‘82/p31; ‘86/p2
Legand, Fred ‘82/p33
Legergan, John Father ‘86/p44
Legevenpse, Charles ‘81/p55
Legg, Adda V ‘85/p55
Legg, D B ‘85/p74
Legg, Edna Francis ‘79/p49
Legg, J P ‘82/p30; ‘85/p72
Legg, Judson ‘85/p55
Legg, Lettie ‘85/p78
Legg, Lettie '92/p38
Legg, Martin O ‘87/p58
Legg, Mary ‘81/p19
Legge, Alexander E ‘86/p32
Legge, George ‘80/p33
Legge, James ‘86/p53
Legler, David ‘85/p48
Legler, Fred ‘88/p69
LeGrand, Louise ‘86/p50
Lehman, August ‘88/p37
Lehman, Ellen ‘88/p75
Lehman, Frederick ‘81/p15
Lehman, Lucille ‘81/p15
Lehman, Maria ‘84/p6
Lehman, Marton ‘81/p15
Lehman, Mrs ‘81/p15
Lehman, Wm '91/p35
Lehman, Zerline ‘81/p15
Lehmann, August ‘88/p37
Lehmer Bros; North Bend, NE '89/p54, 55
Lehmer, Cal M/M ‘86/p28
Lehmer, Cora ‘86/p32
Lehmer, Frank ‘86/p32
Lehmer, Jacob ‘84/p59
Lehmer, James '89/p45
Lehmer, Warren M ‘86/p32
Lehmkuhl, Fred '90/p55, 56
Lehr, W J ‘82/p42
Leiber, Albert ‘81/p55
Leicke, William ‘86/p35
Leifermann, Jos '89/p 3
Leigger, Emilia ‘80/p70
Leigh village, NE '90/p13
Leighton, F Mar ‘77/p8
Leighton, J S Mar ‘77/p8
Leighton, T Mar ‘77/p8
Leimer, Katherine ‘79/p29
Leimer, Martha ‘79/p26
Leimer, Martin ‘79/p26
Leimer, Rev Michael ‘79/p29
Leimer, Victor O F ‘79/p25
Leimer, Wilhem Eduard ‘78/p23
Leing, W Jr ‘80/p28
Leins, Harry '89/p36
Leiser, Christefer ‘78/p23
Leiser, Christian ‘84/p24
Leist, Albert ‘87/p75
Leist, John ‘86/p46
Leistikow, Christian Mar ‘77/p8
Leiswold, Frank ‘84/p1
Leiswold, Louisa ‘84/p1
Leisy, Anna ‘78/p31
Leisy, Anna Schumutz ‘78/p31
Leisy, Arthur J ‘78/p32
Leisy, August ‘78/p31
Leisy, Fredie Buggbee ‘78/p31
Leisy, Herny ‘78/p31
Leisy, Katharina (Kramer) ‘78/p31
Leisy, Lizzie (Baehr) ‘78/p31
Leisy, Lydia Baehr ‘78/p32
Leisy, Marie ‘78/p31
Leisy, Robert E ‘78/p31
Leisy, Rudolph ‘78/p31
Leisy, Setchen ‘84/p47, 48
Leisy, Sohn ‘78/p31
Leisy, Waldo ‘78/p31
Leisy, Walter Mar ‘77/p8
Leith, Grace E ‘81/p19
Leith, Lillie ‘81/p20
Leitikon,Christian ‘78/p49
Leitschuh, William ‘85/p15
Leitsohnk, William Mar ‘77/p8
Leitzell, Carrie ‘84/p3
Leitzell, Emanuel Mar ‘77/p8; ‘84/p3; ‘87/p17
Leitzle, Martin Luther ‘85/p25
Leland, Samuel Phelps ‘88/p39
Leman, Thomas ‘88/p10
Lemaster, George ‘80/p12
Leming, Herbert L '91/p76, 77
Lemis, Charles ‘85/p48
Lemk, Eva ‘83/p43
Lemke, Caroline S (Bleedorn) ‘78/p33
Lemke, Ferd, F ‘78/p33
Lemke, H A ‘78/p34
Lemke, Herbert E ‘78/p34
Lemke, M E ‘78/p34
Lemm, Amanda ‘79/p27
Lemm, Bertha ‘79/p29
Lemm, Bonnie ‘79/p30
Lemm, Elisabeth (Timm) ‘78/p21
Lemm, Frank ‘78/p27
Lemm, Herman ‘79/p29
Lemm, Mary ‘87/p77
Lemm, Romkes (Wagner) ‘79/p25
Lemm, William ‘79/p30
Lemmon, Alanby ‘78/p6
Lemmon, Harry ‘79/p57
Lemmon, Pheebe ‘79/p57
Lemmons, John S ‘887/p1
Lemon, James Sr. '92/p60
Lemon, Margaret Ferguson '92/p60
Lemon, Moore '92/p60
Lemon, Samuel P. '92/p60
Lemons, H C '91/p 6
Lemons, Wilhelm Mar ‘77/p8
Lemphere, David ‘81/p55
Lemseeain, Clemo ‘81/p55
Lemsing, Anna Mar ‘77/p8
Lemy, James ‘81/p67
Lemy, Luke ‘81/p67
Lenhoff, L D '91/p35
Lenig, Peter ‘86/p73
Lennahan, Mary Ann ‘81/p80
Lenox, Anna ‘81/p55
Lenox, James '91/p57
Lenox, Robert ‘81/p56
Lent, Mary '89/p28, 30
Lents, ‘87/p34
Lentz, Minnie '90/p37
Lentz, Rudolph Fredrich Gotthilf '92/p24
Lentz, William '90/p37
Lenz, Alfred ‘78/p33
Lenz, Minnie ‘78/p33
Lenz, Thyra Mae ‘78/p33
Leo, Wm E ‘78/p76
Leonarad, John ‘81/p31, 67
Leonard W E ‘84/p69
Leonard, Benjamin ‘78/p18
Lepert, ‘78/p26
Lerch, Fred Sr ‘78/p57
Lerch, Helena ‘78/p67
Lerhof, Jette W ‘84/p42
Lerke, R. M. '92/p57
Lerman, Coe '91/p 7
Leroy, Martha '89/p63, 68
Leshara, Peta ‘88/p32
Lesimeka, Rozalya ‘81/p23
Less, Wm E ‘79/p50
Lester, Clarence Arthur ‘86/p4
Lester, J C ‘88/p65
Lester, S L Mar ‘77/p8
Letorf, Carl ‘84/p12
Leu, Emma ‘79/p35
Leu, Johann ‘79/p35
Leu, Johann D E ‘79/p35
Leufert, Carl ‘80/p75
Leufert, Emilie (Hosser) ‘80/p75
Level, William ‘78/p3
Lever Woolen Mills; Fremont, NE '89/p77
Levsen, Louise N ‘80/p75
Levy, Florence ‘81/p15
Lewellen, Joseph '91/p50, 52
Lewerenz, Herman '92/p62
Lewerenz, Mrs ‘82/p33
Lewis & Clark ‘83/p56; ‘84/p32
Lewis & Clark '91/p48
Lewis Bros ‘86/p19
Lewis, ‘80/p58B; ‘85/p5
Lewis, August ‘87/p10
Lewis, Augustas ‘87/p10
Lewis, Bella Mrs ‘81/p15
Lewis, Charles ‘78/p2
Lewis, Charles '91/p42
Lewis, Christina '91/p25, 27
Lewis, Daniel K ‘87/p9
Lewis, Doris ‘81/p15
Lewis, Elmer ‘82/p32
Lewis, Eugene B '91/p35
Lewis, Ezra ‘81/p40
Lewis, Gus ‘86/p19
Lewis, Gus Mrs ‘86/p19
Lewis, Harry W '89/p63, 68
Lewis, Henry ‘81/p40
Lewis, J B ‘78/p18
Lewis, J C ‘85/p73
Lewis, Jacob '90/p54, 56
Lewis, Jake M/M ‘85/p25
Lewis, James '92/p51
Lewis, James L ‘78/p51
Lewis, Jane ‘81/p40
Lewis, Jane Anne’'92/p51
Lewis, John ‘81/p40; ‘84/p59
Lewis, John C ‘87/p9
Lewis, Joseph ‘81/p40; ‘84/p59
Lewis, Joseph W ‘81/p80; ‘86/p1
Lewis, Kathrine ‘87/p9, 10
Lewis, Lodowick F ‘85/p5
Lewis, Lois ‘87/p9
Lewis, M ‘78/p45
Lewis, Martha ‘81/p40
Lewis, Martin ‘81/p40
Lewis, Mary A ‘85/p20
Lewis, Melinda C '89/p27, 30
Lewis, N M ‘78/p24
Lewis, O D ‘87/p9
Lewis, Oscar ‘87/p9, 10; ‘88/p80
Lewis, Osmer ‘78/p58; ‘87/p10; ‘88/p9
Lewis, Rev ‘84/p7
Lewis, Robert ‘81/p40
Lewis, S ‘81/p6
Lewis, S A ‘78/p18
Lewis, Samuel Mar ‘77/p8; ‘79/p70
Lewis, Samuel A ‘78/p18
Lewis, Sarah Ann‘85/p5
Lewis, Thomas ‘81/p40
Lewis, Thomas M ‘78/p45
Lewis, Whitfield Dan ‘88/p80
Lewis, William ‘81/p40
Lewis, William H ‘88/p9
Lewis, William P ‘87/p58
Lewis, Wm Capt ‘85/p20
Lewis, Wm M ‘78/p45
Lexington city, NE '90/p13
Leyhard, John '91/p 2
Leymon, John ‘78/p3
Lhotak, Jan ‘86/p38
Lhotak, Mildred G ‘84/p56
Lhotak, Millie ‘81/p79
Libbe, Anna ‘79/p25
Libbe, Aug ‘79/p25
Libbie, M L '91/p35
Libbie, M L Mrs '91/p35
Libbo, Ruth ‘78/p33
Libby, H A Rev Jan ‘77/p2
Liberty Pole Camp ‘82/p66
Liberty village, NE '90/p13
Libis, Sybilla ‘88/p60
Libis, Sybilla '89/p20 Library Of Congress, The '90/p78, 79
Licekova, Marie ‘81/p23
Lichtenberg, Barbary '91/p50, 52" Lichtenberg, Lewis ‘82/p41
Lichtenberg, Mr ‘82/p41
Lidmila, Josephine '91/p25, 27
Liebig, Prof ‘80/p45
Liebley, Jacob ‘81/p67
Liebmann, Robert C Jr ‘81/p15
Liedman, Jay W '89/p40
Liekhaus, Mary '90/p44
Liekovec, Francis ‘81/p23
Lieks, Louise Marinda ‘78/p48
Lierman, Amelia ‘80/p3
Lierman, Arlen ‘79/p26
Lierman, August ‘80/p3
Lierman, Augusta ‘80/p3
Lierman, Carl ‘80/p3
Lierman, Frank ‘79/p28; ‘80/p3
Lierman, Fredrick ‘80/p3
Lierman, Frida ‘79/p28
Lierman, Gustav ‘79/p29
Lierman, Halina ‘80/p3
Lierman, Harry O ‘79/p30
Lierman, Heinrich ‘80/p3
Lierman, Helen ‘79/p26
Lierman, Herman '91/p25, 27
Lierman, John ‘80/p3
Lierman, John '91/p49, 52,'92 46
Lierman, John '92/p46
Lierman, John L ‘81/p67
Lierman, Kenneth ‘79/p30
Lierman, Laura ‘79/p30
Lierman, LeRoy ‘79/p25
Lierman, Liena ‘80/p3
Lierman, Lynette K ‘79/p30
Lierman, Mena ‘80/p3
Lierman, Miss Annie ‘79/p28
Lierman, Otto ‘79/p27
Lierman, Paul ‘79/p30
Lierman, Thos L ‘81/p67
Lierman, Tiellaleira ‘80/p3
Lierman, William ‘80/p3
Liermann, Albert ‘78/p64
Liermann, Amelia ‘81/p43
Liermann, Anna ‘78/p64
Liermann, August ‘78/p64
Liermann, Chas F W ‘81/p44
Liermann, Emilie ‘78/p64
Liermann, F W ‘78/p64
Liermann, John ‘78/p64; ‘79/p28
Liermann, Karoline ‘78/p64
Liermann, Lena ‘78/p64
Liermann, Martha ‘79/p28
Liermann, Mary ‘78/p64
Liermann, Phillippine ‘78/p64
Liermann, Ray E ‘79/p26
Liermann, Rosa ‘78/p64
Liermann, Vernie ‘78/p64
Liermann, Wallace P ‘79/p25
Liermann, Wilhelm ‘78/p64; ‘81/p45
Liermann, William ‘78/p64
Liermann, Wm ‘78/p64
Lieser, Christian ‘78/p21
Liettleson, Halvor ‘80/p52
Lifshitz, L ‘84/p38
Lightfoot, Charles ‘78/p76
Lightner, Louis Judge '91/p43 Liibbe, Anna ‘79/p24, 26
Liibbe, Aug ‘78/p24
Liibbe, August J ‘79/p26
Likes, Louise Marinda ‘78/p48
Lilley, Daniel ‘88/p65
Lilley, P C Mar ‘77/p8
Lillibridge, C E ‘78/p70
Lillibridge, C J ‘78/p70
Lillie, J A ‘87/p59
Lillman, Herman ‘86/p15
Lillman, Herman L ‘86/p12, 13
Lilly Post Office '90/p42
Lilnn, Christena ‘86/p3
Liming, John D ‘84/p56
Liming, Orlan ‘84/p55
Linahen, Mary ‘82/p49; ‘86/p44
Lincoln city, NE '90/p13 Lincoln Sanitarium ‘82/p65
Lincoln, Abraham ‘82/p69; ‘83/p47; ‘87/p41
Lincoln, Abraham '89/p15
Lincoln, Abraham President ‘85/p79
Lincoln, Elizabeth D ‘81/p15
Lincoln, Hal G '89/p62, 68
Lincoln, NE '91/p30
Lincoln, Nebr ‘78/p53
Lincoln, President Abraham ‘81/p76
Lincoln-Lancaster Ciounty Genealogical Society ‘81/p62
Lincon Congregational Church, Nebr ‘79/p62
Lind, Andrew E '91/p50, 52
Lind, Priscilla ‘87/p49
Lindemann, Engel ‘87/p24
Lindemann, Heinrich ‘87/p24
Lindemann, Theodore ‘87/p75
Linder, Anna ‘82/p54
Linderholm, J Albert '89/p36
Linderman, Eugene ‘87/p58
Lindgren, John '92/p66
Lindgren, N ‘84/p37
Lindholm, Clifford E ‘88/p3
Lindhorst, Bernard '92/p46
Lindhorst, Henry '92/p46
Lindhorst, Hy '92/p46
Lindley, D ‘78/p17B
Lindon, Edward ‘81/p67
Lindon, Henry D ‘78/p51
Lindquist, J Mrs ‘81/p3
Lindsay village, NE '90/p13
Lindsey, Chas ‘88/p65
Lindsey, Harvey ‘78/p63
Lindsey, John Mar ‘77/p15, ‘78/p54
Lindstrom, Ann ‘83/p41
Lindstrom, Hattie (Mrs. James P. Nelson} '92/p3
Lindstrom, Hattie '92/p7
Lindwurn, G Mr '89/p44
Linesay, Henry Mar ‘77/p8
Lingford, Harry L Mrs '91/p45
Lingren, Ethel ‘84/p55, 57
Linn, A Mar ‘77/p8
Linn, A. '92/p38
Linn, Andrew ‘82/p61
Linn, Charley '92/p38
Linn, Mathew ‘82/p73
Linn, Theola ‘86/p31
Linneman, Theodore Mar ‘77/p8
Linor, Mary ‘81/p40
Linor, Peter A ‘81/p40
Linsay, Mar ‘77/p8
Linsey, Jim ‘83/p30
Linsing, Anna ‘84/p12
Linsing, Gottlieb ‘84/p12
Linsing, Johann ‘84/p12
Linwood Hill Cemetery Linwood, Nebr ‘80/p75
Linwood village, NE '90/p13
Lion Saving Bank & Trust Company ‘82/p66
Lions Club, The '91/p45
Lipert ( Lepert) ‘78/p26
Lipincott, Joseph E ‘81/p72
Lipincott, Mary A ‘81/p72
Lipincott, Somimia ‘81/p72
Lipp, Emma '89/p18
Lipp, Mrs '89/p56
Lippencott, Charles Ellet Dr ‘79/p42
Lippincott, Charles Eller Dr ‘79/p42
Lippincott, James ‘82/p53
Lippincott, Joshua ‘84/p22
Lippincott, Lucretia A. (Mrs. John R. Cantlin) '92/p27
Lippincott, Thomas P '91/p35
Lirchner, Fred ‘86/p35
Lisa, Manuel ‘83/p56; ‘86/p56, 61
Lisa, Manuel '91/p48
Liscomb, John ‘81/p56
Lisk, W L ‘88/p3
Liston, Frank ‘81/p19
Liston, Frank '92/p38
Litchfield town '90/p13
Litchun, A Mar ‘77/p8
Little Pappio; Papillion, NE '89/p23
Little, Henry B ‘83/p40
Little, Thomas ‘81/p67
Littlechild, A E Mr '91/p23
Littlechild, A E Mrs '91/p24
Litts, William H ‘81/p67
Litzel, John C Mar ‘77/p8
Litzel, William T Mar ‘77/p8
Livers, R W Dr '89/p 8
Livery, Stable ‘86/p12
Livesey, Mr ‘86/p12
Livingston, Guy H ‘87/p58
Livingston, Stewart ‘88/p21
Ljemke, F Wilhelm ‘78/p32
Ljemke, Wilhelmine ‘78/p32
Llexington Genealogy Club ‘81/p62
Lloyd, Morris '89/p60
Lloyd, Sophie (Jirousek) '89/p60
Loaeny, Maria ‘85/p3
Loaker, Lizzie '91/p74, 77
Loar, C L ‘78/p41
Loar, Sarah E ‘78/p41
Lobb, Amelia E ‘81/p20
Lobb, Elizabeth ‘87/p17
Lobb, Mrs ‘81/p20
Lobe, Henry '92/p4, 7
Lobe, Mrs. Henry (Elizabeth Kopplekorn) '92/p4
Lobeck, Anna L ‘84/p15
Lobeck, C A Mr ‘81/p78
Lobeck, C O ‘84/p16
Lobeck, Otto ‘84/p15
Lochlin, H ‘81/p9
Locker, Mary '92/p36
Lockhart, Lilly ‘86/p3
Lockhed, Mar ‘77/p8
Lockland, Charles ‘78/p76
Locklin, C Mar ‘77/p8
Locklin, Charles Mar ‘77/p8
Locklin, Harriet E Mar ‘77/p8
Lockner, Adeline Minnie ‘88/p25
Lockwood, Mar ‘77/p8
Lockwood, A ‘78/p15
Lockwood, Capt ‘82/p15
Lodel, Andrew Mar ‘77/p8
Lodes, Jan ‘83/p3
Loding, Anna Marguerite '90/p80
Loding, George '90/p80
Loding, Hans Friedrich '90/p80
Loding, John '90/p80
Loding, Sophia '90/p80
Lodl, Anna ‘83/p4
Lodl, Frantisek ‘83/p4
Lodl, Jos ‘86/p62
Lodl, Maria ‘83/p4
Loeding, Fred ‘87/p21
Loehding, Emma ‘86/p68
Loehl, Rev ‘80/p38
Loen, Gottleib '91/p74, 77
Loescher, Eliza M ‘79/p28
Loewe, A W ‘78/p25
Loewe, August F ‘79/p28
Loewe, August W ‘79/p28
Loewe, Bertha W ‘79/p21
Loewe, C F W ‘79/p24
Loewe, Carl ‘79/p25, 30
Loewe, Carl E G ‘79/p21
Loewe, Darlene ‘79/p25
Loewe, Emil ‘79/p30
Loewe, Emilie ‘79/p25, 30
Loewe, Emma ‘79/p28
Loewe, Emma E O ‘79/p21
Loewe, Emma J S ‘79/p22
Loewe, Eugenia ‘79/p27
Loewe, Helene ‘79/p22
Loewe, Ida E M (Kind) ‘79/p30
Loewe, Jeanelle ‘79/p30
Loewe, Julius F W ‘79/p22
Loewe, Marie ‘79/p28
Loewe, Martha ‘79/p22
Loewe, Marvin ‘79/p30
Loewe, Sophia ‘79/p24
Loewe, Walter ‘79/p24, 27
Loewe, Warren W E ‘79/p25
Loewe, Wilhelm ‘79/p21, 22, 24
Loewe, Wilhelm C A ‘79/p21
Loewe, Willard ‘79/p24
Loffers, Anna ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Lofstedt, Mrs. Oscar (Anna Nilson) '92/p3
Lofstedt, Oscar '92/p3, 7
Loftus, Robt ‘85/p59
Logan Creek Zion Evangelical Ass'n '90/p52
Logan Valley Bank ‘82/p63
Logan Valley Bank, The; Uehling, NE '92/p57
Logan, David McClure Dr ‘79/p42
Logan, John W ‘82/p32
Logan, NE '89/p26
Login, Paul ‘82/p73
Lohman, Jos F ‘87/p70
Lohn, Franz Mar ‘77/p8
Lohr, L Rev '91/p45
Loid, C ‘78/p13
Loid, Wm ‘78/p13
Lomek, Jan ‘86/p38
London, Jacob '92/p17
Lone Tree '90/p35
Lone Valley, NE '91/p31 Lonegran, Emma ‘86/p60
Lonegran, John ‘88/p65
Loner see Toner '90/p56
Lonergran, John Father ‘82/p48
Lonergran, John Rev ‘86/p42
Lonerman, Henry M/M ‘86/p12
Loney, H ‘82/p21
Lonfellow, John C ‘80/p13
Long Pine village, NE '90/p13
Long, A D ‘78/p16
Long, Anne ‘87/p73
Long, Barbary ‘80/p67
Long, Benj ‘81/p31
Long, C Mar ‘77/p8; ‘81/p31
Long, Caroline ‘80/p5
Long, Chas W ‘81/p31
Long, Colonel ‘88/p72
Long, D ‘78/p41
Long, David E '90/p54, 56
Long, E F ‘81/p31
Long, Edith ‘85/p30
Long, Freelove ‘81/p31
Long, John ‘78/p2
Long, Josephine '91/p26, 27
Long, Josiah ‘80/p5
Long, Lavisa ‘80/p70
Long, Lewis M/M '91/p59
Long, Lieutenant ‘86/p61
Long, Mary ‘78/p41
Long, Mary A ‘80/p5
Long, Mary A M ‘80/p65
Long, Raymond ‘80/p5
Long, Rev L. B. '92/p76
Long, Richard M ‘78/p62; ‘87p5
Long, S A ‘87/p73
Long, S H Major ‘84/p18
Long, Sarah A ‘87/p73
Long, Stephen Major '91/p48
Long, Thomas ‘87/p73
Longacre, ‘80/p58B
Longacre, Millard ‘88/p30
Longacre, Mr ‘87/p8
Longhran, Joseph ‘87/p77
Longle, Child ‘83/p45
Longle, Miss ‘83/p45
Longle, Mrs ‘83/p45
Longley, Dr ‘87/p50
Longley, F H Dr ‘87/p50
Longley, Henry A ‘82/p14
Longpaul, James '92/p42
Longwith, Wm '92/p42
Longworth, Basil ‘86/p55
Lonneman, Mar ‘77/p8
Lonnemann, Heinrich Mar ‘77/p8
Lonorgan, John Father ‘86/p44
Lonquist, Christina '91/p24
Lonquist, Christine ‘81/p19
Lont, T ‘87/p73
Lonwith, Wm ‘85/p48
Loomis, Mar ‘77/p8
Loomis, Chas Franklin ‘85/p10
Loomis, Geo L ‘80/p40; ‘87/p70
Loomis, Geo L '89/p10, 11
Loomis, N B ‘78/p51
Loonaman, Anna '90/p55, 56
Loorland, Mar ‘77/p8
Loos, Bertha M ‘81/p15
Looschen see Mrs Aug J Albers '91/p15
Looschen see Mrs Ernest Schurman '91/p15
Looschen see Mrs Fred Meyrs '91/p15
Looschen, Friederike Mrs '91/p15
Looschen, Geo ‘80/p40
Looschen, Geo '89/p12
Looschen, George ‘79/p34
Looschen, George F '89/p18; '91/p15
Looschen, Henry ‘79/p34
Looschen, Henry '91/p15
Looschen, John '91/p15
Looschen, Martha '91/p15
Looschen, P O M/M '91/p15
Looschen, Siegmund G ‘79/p34
Loosing, Edward Henry ‘84/p52
Lorbeer, ‘82/p31
Lorben, Wilhelm Mar ‘77/p8
Lord, Ed ‘84/p63
Lord, M '89/p13
Lord, Mary B ‘81/p15
Lord, Mr ‘86/p18
Lore, John ‘78/p5
Lorence, Emma ‘86/p65
Lorensen, Mrs. Thomas (hristina Kiesbi) '92/p4
Lorensen, Thomas '92/p4, 7
Lorenz, Anna Clatanoff ‘78/p67
Lorenz, August ‘79/p8
Lorenz, Elizabeth ‘79/p8
Lorenz, Eva ‘79/p24
Lorenz, John Lee ‘78/p67
Lorenz, Ludwig ‘88/p59
Lorenze, Francis ‘81/p56
Lorenzen, Andrew ‘88/p14
Lorenzen, P J ‘87/p70
Loscarn, J H Mrs ‘81/p15
Loscarn, Theone ‘81/p15
Losch, Blanche R ‘88/p28
Losch, Grace M ‘88/p28
Losch, J F M/M ‘82/p21
Losche, Henriette ‘84/p42
Loseke, Eliza ‘83/p73
Loseke, John ‘83/p73
Loseke, Margaret ‘83/p73
Losey, Geo W ‘87/p70
Losey, W A ‘84/p55, 57
Loss, A S ‘84/p38
Loss, I ‘86/p46
Lothair, NE '91/p31
Lotspeich, George H ‘87/p77
Lott, A L ‘87/p57
Lott, Watzloff Jacob ‘86/p52
Louden, John M/M ‘81/p76
Loudon, Mayor ‘80/p43
Loughlin, James ‘78/p4
Loughlin, John D ‘78/p4
Loughlin, Patrick J ‘81/p67
Loughran, James ‘85/p23, 25
Louis May Museum ‘85/p29
Louis, ‘84/p58
Louis, Herb M/M ‘81/p74
Louisville village, NE '90/p13
Lound, P ‘84/p34
Loup city, NE '90/p13
Loup River Mission ‘82/p66
Love, B M M/M ‘86/p28
Love, Elizabeth ‘85/p10
Love, J W '89/p14
Love, J W Mr '91/p23
Love, J W Mrs ‘86/p28
Love, Para '90/p41; '91/p24
Love, Rebecca ‘85/p10
Love, Roma '90/p41 Love, Samuel ‘85/p10
Lovejoy, Mar ‘77/p8
Lovejoy, E V ‘81/p72
Lovelady, Moses ‘88/p3
Loveland, Mar ‘77/p8
Loverin, Madge ‘84/p55, 57
Lovich, Sophie ‘81/p23
Low, ‘82/p31
Low, Charles ‘78/p63
Low, Christoph Mar ‘77/p8
Low, Jesse ‘79/p62
Lowder, Mary Ann ‘78/p49
Lowe see Loen '91/p77
Lowe, Carl ‘80/p70
Lowe, Jane (Blair) ‘78/p19
Lowe, Jesse ‘78/p19
Lowe, John ‘87/p47
Lowe, M F Mr '89/p44
Lowe, Oliver ‘86/p73
Lowe, Rosa E ‘86/p4
Lowe, Theodore W ‘88/p10
Lowe, Thos ‘80/p56; ‘81/p8
Lowe, William ‘78/p19
Lowenstein, Grace ‘81/p15
Lowenstein, William Mrs ‘81/p15
Lowery, L Mrs ‘87/p54
Lownsberry, J ‘78/p51
Lowry & Markey; Fremont, NE '89/p10, 11
Lubker, Catharine ‘85/p52
Lubker, Elsabe ‘85/p53
Lubker, H H ‘85/p53
Lubker, Margaret ‘85/p53
Luc, E Miss ‘83/p63
Lucas, Carl Herm ‘84/p12
Lucas, Clarence ‘81/p84
Lucas, John '89/p14
Lucas, Robt S ‘85/p25
Lucien, Henry ‘82/p61
Lucke, George H Mar ‘77/p8
Lucken, Hille M '89/p66, 68
Luckey '92/p48
Luckey, Brian ‘88/p65
Luckey, Bryan ‘78/p76
Luckey, Bryan '92/p73
Lucking, F Mar ‘77/p8
Lucky, Bridget ‘85/p42
Lucky, Bryan ‘85/p42
Lucky, Terence ‘85/p42
Lucky, Terrence ‘84/p1
Lucraft, Will '91/p23
Ludeman, Wilhelmine '91/p51, 52
Ludering, Fr ‘84/p42
Ludi, N J ‘78/p78
Ludington, Mina '89/p28, 30
Ludvigsen, Hans Peter '92/p17
Ludvik, Bohumila ‘81/p23
Ludwig, Augusta ‘85/p45
Ludwig, Bertha ‘78/p30
Ludwig, Carrie E S ‘78/p30
Ludwig, George ‘83/p45
Ludwig, H W ‘78/p30
Ludwig, J N Mar ‘77/p8
Ludwig, Louise ‘81/p43
Ludwig, Luise A ‘78/p27
Ludwig, M C ‘78/p30
Ludwig, Miss ‘88/p29
Ludwig, Willie ‘88/p74
Ludwig, Wm S ‘78/p30
Lue, E Miss ‘88/p44
Luecking, Fritz Jr ‘82/p31
Luedke, Bernard J ‘85/p18
Lueking, Fredrich ‘87/p4
Luer, Dorette J C ‘84/p42
Lueschen, Anna W M ‘79/p37
Lueshen, Adolf ‘78/p35, 37
Luhrman, Anna ‘84/p74
Luhrman, Herman ‘84/p74
Luhrman, Mary F ‘84/p74
Luhrs, Gordon Mrs ‘81/p62
Luitzel, Emanuel ‘88/p68
Lukas, Maria ‘83/p11
Lukenbach, H Michel ‘88/p35
Lukes, Antonin ‘86/p38
Luksik, Jan ‘85/p38
Lulany, Mrs ‘88/1p4
Lull, Williard ‘80/p28
Lulmbard, Earl ‘84/p50
Lulnd, Karen K ‘87/p61
Lumbard, D A M/M ‘86/p12
Lumbard, D A. '92/p77
Lumbard, D Mr '91/p23
Lumbard, Dwight '89/p57, '90/p53, 56
Lumbard, Earl '91/p24
Lumbard, Geo '92/p50
Lumbard, George Mar ‘77/p8; ‘88/p65
Lumbard, James H ‘83/p76
Lumbard, Net ‘88/p55
Lumbard, Nina '91/p24
Lumbard, P E Mr '91/p23
Lumbard, Sarah ‘83/p76
Lumbard,Geo ‘83/p76
Lumbard’s Studio ‘84/p8
Lumpkins, John ‘78/p4
Luna, General ‘87/p58
Lunan, Chris ‘86/p32
Lunan, Francis ‘86/p79
Lunan, Frank ‘86/p32
Lunan, Ralph ‘86/p32
Lund, Augusta ‘87/p61
Lund, Dortha ‘78/p61; ‘87/p4
Lund, Jens J ‘87/p66
Lund, John ‘82/p31
Lund, L L Mar ‘77/p8
Lund, Lars ‘87/p61
Lund, Lars P ‘87/p61
Lund, Laura C ‘87/p61
Lund, Magdalene C ‘87/p61
Lund, Margrete ‘87/p61
Lund, Noble ‘81/p79
Lundberg, Gustave J ‘85/p37; ‘87/p7
Lunde, William ‘87/p47
Lundeen, Alma ‘86/p67
Lundgreen, Anna M '91/p74, 77
Lundgreene, C Mar ‘77/p8
Lundgren, O ‘86/p35
Lundquist, Dagmar M A '89/p63, 68
Lundstrom, Andrew '92/p63
Lundstrom, Selma ‘86/p68
Luneberg, Henry ‘85/p41
Luneberg, Mary ‘85/p41
Lungren, James C ‘78/p76
Lunnenburg, H ‘85/p48
Lunow, Henrietta ‘81/p2
Lusche, ‘84/p58
Lush, Augusta ‘81/p4
Lushbaugh, Mar ‘77/p8
Lusing, Wm E ‘79/p44, 45
Lusk & Carroll; Oakland, NE '92/p 38
Lusk, Chester ‘81/p72
Luthans, Martin '91/p58
Luther, August, '92/p68
Luther, Caroline '89/p52
Luther, Julia ‘78/p61
Luther, Marten Mar ‘77/p8
Luther, Martin Mar ‘77/p8; ‘85/p74
Luther, Martin '89/p52 Lutheran Children Home ‘82/p64
Lutheran Records '91/p73
Luthy, Mar ‘77/p8
Lutke, Auguste ‘83/p43
Lutke, Caroline ‘83/p43
Lutke, David ‘83/p43
Lutke, Heinrich ‘83/p43
Lutke, Hermann ‘83/p43
Lutke, Wilhelmine ‘83/p43
Lutney, Decatur ‘78/p5
Lutt, Donald '90/p69
Lutt, Wilma (Brozovsky) '90/p69
Luttet, Thomas Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54
Lutz, Grace ‘84/p47
Lutz, John ‘83/p57
Lutz, Mr ‘87/p8
Lutz, W H ‘85/p72
Lutz, Wm ‘82/p30
Lydick, G M ‘86/p76
Lydick, Hiram ‘81/p31
Lydick, Jona ‘81/p31
Lyle, E E ‘85/p57
Lyle, Harriet ‘85/p57
Lyle, Ina ‘85/p57
Lyman, C Mar ‘77/p8
Lyman, C N Mar ‘77/p8
Lyman, Charles H ‘88/p27
Lyman, John ‘83/p41
Lyman, Laura ‘78/p18B; ‘80/p20
Lyman, Lester Z '89/p65, 68" Lyman, T W ‘88/p65
Lyman, Thomas W ‘86/p11, 12
Lyman, Thos W ‘85/p74
Lyman, Thos W Mrs ‘85/p32
Lynch village '90/p13
Lynch, Mrs.William Henry (Mabel Grace Clark) '92/p47
Lynch, Patrick ‘81/p56
Lynch, Robert ‘81/p67
Lynch, Wesley ‘86/p3
Lynch, William Henry '92/p47
Lynde, Hilton F ‘87/p58
Lyo, Bataic ‘78/p21
Lyon, Mrs ‘88/p42
Lyons village, NE '90/p13
Lyons, Jeremiah ‘78/p10
Lyons, Mary Mrs (Wintersteen) '90/p74
Lyons, V A Miss '89/p61, 68
Lytle, Freeman ‘81/p18
Lytle, Lulu ‘84/p47, 48
Lyzhoft, Nels A C ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.