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O’Brian, Edward '81/p57
O’Brien, Dennis Mar '77/p15; '78/p55; '81/p57
O’Brien, Ed M/M '86/p13
O’Brien, Edward '81/p16
O’Brien, Francis M/M '81/p75
O’Brien, Frank E '81/p19
O’Brien, James '81/p69
O’Brien, Jennie '86/p3
O’Brien, John '81/p75; 85/p75
O’Brien, Lars Mar '77/p10
O’Brien, Nancy '85/p26
O’Brien, Ollie '87/p56
O’Brien, Rebecca (Brigle) '82/p53
O’Brien, S Mar '77/p10
O’Brien, Samuel Mar '77/p10; '78/p77; '85/p26; '88/p66
O’Brien, William '81/p69
O’Callahan, Michael '81/p69
O’Connell, John '80/p32
O’Conner, Father '88/p14
O’Connor, Ada '86/p67
O’Connor, Bishop '82/p48; '86/p43
O’Connor, Catharine '86/p10, 13
O’Connor, James '81/p7
O’Connor, James Rev '86/p57
O’Connor, Jerry '81/p7
O’Connor, John W '81/p2
O’Connor, Lillie '81/p20
O’Connor, Maria '82/p54
O’Connor, Martin '83/p45
O’Connor, Mat '85/p74
O’Connor, Mathew '87/p75
O’Connor, Matthew Mar '77/p10
O’Connor, Nellie '86/p66
O’Connor, T W Father '82/p48; '86/p44
O’Connor, Thomas '81/p57. 69
O’Connor, William '81/p57
O’Connor,Daniel '81/p7
O’Copnnor, Patrick Mar '77/p10
O’Donnall, Matthew '88/p66
O’Donnell, Edward Father '82/p50; '86/p45
O’Donnell, Eugene Patrick '86/p3
O’Donohue, John '88/p66
O’Driscoll, Helena '82/p55
O’Gara, W H '84/p69
O’Halley, Michael '81/p57
O’Hanlon, Clark '87/p50
O’Hanlon, Phillip '82/p22
O’Hara, '87/p42
O’Hara, James '87/p48
O’Hara, Lizzie B '86/p10. 13
O’Hara, Michael '82/p48; '86/p43
O’Hara, Theodore Col '80/p11
O’Hare, Michael '82/p48; '86/p43
O’Keefe, Thomas D '78/p45
O’Leary, Jeremiah '81/p69
O’Linn, Daniel H '84/p52
O’Loughlin, James '78/p4
O’Loughlin, John '78/p4
O’Neil, John '81/p57
O’Neil, William '81/p69; '82/p48
O’Neill, Family '79/p17
O’Neill, John Genl '86/p13
O’Neill, William '86/p43
O’Sullivan, Eva '88/p74
O’Sullivan, Father '88/p14
O’Sullivan, Gertie '88/p74
Oak Creek Mission '90/p65
Oak, J '81/p33
Oak, John '89/p74
Oakdale village '90/p14
Oakes, James '78/p10
Oakland village, NE '90/p14
Oakley, W B '81/p13
Oaks, Inger '81/p32
Oaks, J '81/p27
Oaks, John '81/p32
Oasly, J '81/p40
Oasly, Joshua '81/p40
Oats, Margaritta '82/p54
Oberg, Malcher '91/p76, 78
Oberg, William '89/p74
Oberly, Mary '88/p9
Oberman, Henry '89/p62, 69; '91/p58
Obermann Cemetery, '92/p40
Obermann, Henry '87/p71
Obermeyer, Aug Gottl '84/p42
Oberst, George '79/p70
Oberst, Jennie '89/p28, 30
Oberst, Olive '87/p4
O'Brien, Alice '89/p28, 30
O'Brien, Catherine '91/p74, 78
O'Brien, Dennis '90/p41
O'Brien, Geo '89/p 8
O'Brien, Samuel '90/p26; '92/p50
Obrychta, Josef '91/p44
Obrychta, Joseph '91/p43
Obvarka, Rozena '82/p47
Ocander, Emma '91/p75, 78
Occidental Hotel '82/p65
Occidental, The; Fremont, NE '90/p32
Ockander, Garrel '85/p50
Ockander, Jacob '80/p70; '85/p50
Ockander, Jacob '91/p50, 53
O'Conner, Mary '89/p65, 69
O'Connor, Bishop Rev '89/p19
O'Connor, John '91/p59
O'Connor, Patrick '91/p59
Odd Fellows '85/p26
Odell village, NE '90/p14
Odell, Wallace S '85/p22, 26
Odgaard, Christen O '87/p65
O'Duirin, Ulliam '92/p12
Odvarka, Ant Mrs '86/p39
Oelling, Wm '81/p23
Oelschlager, Aug '85/p74
Of Pioneer Days '91/p55-56
Offen, D B '78/p52
Ogalalla village, NE '90/p14
Ogan Post Office '90/p42
Ogan, Aaron '85/p76
Ogan, Granvil '85/p76
Ogan, Granville '89/p26
Ogan, NE '89/p26
Ogard, Andrew '87/p71
Ogard, Mr '85/p26
Ogburn, Wm '86/p13
Ogelvey, J Mar '77/p10
Ogelvey, James Mar '77/p10
Ogelvie, Charles Mar '77/p10
Ogelvy, C Mar '77/p10
Ogilvey, C Mar '77/p10
Ogle, Charles E '86/p4
Ogle, Edward '82/p73
O'Hara, M J '91/p59
Ohi, Doris '83/p76
Ohi, Otto '83/p76; '87/p20
Ohio - Buckeyes '91/p41
Ohiowa village, NE '90/p14
Ohl, Iowa '88/p4
Ohldag, Henry '87/p42
Ohlson, Carrie '89/p29, 30
Ohlson, Isaac Mar '77/p10
Ohlson, Lars Mar '77/p10
Ohlson, Mary D '89/p29, 30
Ohlson, Matts Mar '77/p10
Ohlson, Matz '89/p27, 30
Ohlson, Oliver Mar '77/p10
Ohmsted, A '81/p2
Ohmsted, Infant '81/p2
Ohrt, George '84/p23; '85/p4
Ohsain, J P '78/p77
Okander, Elisabetha '81/p5
O'Kane, Daniel '90/p53, 56
Okin, Mr '81/p16
Okin, Mrs '81/p16
Olander, Hadwick '91/p49, 53
Olbricht, Frank '81/p23
Old Settlers '91/p33
Old Settlers Association of Dodge Co '91/p16
Old, D T '88/p4
Olden, Peter Mrs '86/p13
Oldls, Oscar '83/p48
Olds, Anson '85/p72
Olds, C L '81/p84
Olds, Chas L '84/p9
Olds, Clark '88/p42
Olesen, Ole '91/p63
Oleson, A '88/p4
Oleson, Anna Christina '88/p8
Oleson, Anna Jo '91/p27
Oleson, Anna Johana Olive '91/p25
Oleson, Anton '89/p64, 69
Oleson, Bendt '86/p46
Oleson, Carrie '89/p64, 69
Oleson, Charles '91/p49, 53
Oleson, John '88/p4
Oleson, L O Mr '91/p23
Oleson, Lars '78/p62
Oleson, Mr '88/p4
Oleson, Nels Christian '88/p8
Oleson, Ole '81/p80
Oleson, Peter '85/p26; '88/p41
Oleson, S W Mrs '91/p45
Oleson, Seaman '85/p58
Oleson, Seth W '91/p45
Oleson, Tora '83/p48
Olifin, Henry '81/p57
Oligmueller, Theo '92/p46
Olin, Andrew '91/p 5
Olin, C F '85/p54
Olin, Jane '91/p25, 27
Olinger, Adam '80/p53; '81/p32
Olinger, Amanda M '81/p32
Olinger, Caroline '81/p32
Olinger, David G '81/p57
Olinger, Elisa F '81/p32
Olinger, James C '80/p54
Olinger, James P '81/p32
Olinger, M '80/p52; '81/p32
Olinger, Marg V '81/p32
Olinger, Mary Helen '81/p32
Olinger, Michael '80/p52
Olinger, Oscar J '81/p32
Olinger, Sarah W '81/p32
Olinger, Wm G '81/p32
Olinn, D H '78/p52
Oliver, John W '78/p6
Oliverins, Emma '84/p56
Oliverius, Josepha '83/p3
Oliverius, Wencesl '83/p3
Ollds, O M '85/p6
Ollerman, Franz A. F. '92/p4, 7
Ollerman, Herman '86/p11, 13
Ollerman, Mary '87/p76
Ollerman, Mrs. Franz A. F. (Ernestine Henrietta Uehling) '92/p4
Ollermann, F Mar '77/p10
Olmstead, Della M '86/p2
Olsdatter, Johanne '87/p62
Olsen, A '86/p46
Olsen, Alvin '86/p49
Olsen, Erik '90/p53, 56
Olsen, Ingeborg, K '87/p61
Olsen, Johanne '87/p62
Olsen, Johannes '83/p42
Olsen, L P '87/p55
Olsen, Lars '87/p62
Olsen, Ludvig '87/p62
Olsen, Nels Peter '86/p46
Olsen, Rasmus '85/p26
Olson, Aldey Victoria '81/p1
Olson, Alice '84/p48
Olson, Alvin '86/p26, 28
Olson, Anna '86/p20
Olson, Anton '88/p4
Olson, Carolina '85/p50
Olson, Christina Marie '91/p25
Olson, Christine M '91/p27
Olson, E Mar '77/p10
Olson, E B '85/p50
Olson, Edith M '82/p47
Olson, Gustaf '85/p26
Olson, Hans '86/p3
Olson, Harry '80/p13
Olson, Ivan '92/p63
Olson, Katharina '81/p4
Olson, Katharine '81/p4
Olson, Lars '85/p26
Olson, Lars '89/p71
Olson, M '82/p61
Olson, Mary '83/p45
Olson, Matts '87/p21
Olson, Mrs. Peter B. (Albertina Anderson) '92/p5
Olson, Nils '91/p76, 78
Olson, Nils Fred '92/p24
Olson, Oliver '84/p55
Olson, Peter B. '92/p5, 7
Olson, S O '84/p9
Olson, Simon '85/p50
Olson, Swan '86/p70
Olson, Swan '89/p72, 74
Olson, Wallace '81/p1
Olson, Walter H '82/p39
Olsson, Jannes '88/p61
Olsson, Lars '81/p80
Olsson, Nils '88/p61
Olsson, Sven Albert '92/p24
Olstead, Ira '83/p48
Olympias, Mother M Rev '81/p16
Omaha city, NE '90/p14
Omaha Co, NE '91/p 3
Omaha Indians '80/p30, 41
Omaha Lodge No 1 '89/p 8
Omaha World-Herald '87/p59
Omens, Andy '88/p4
Onderadcek, Anton '85/p49
Onderadcek, Mary '85/p49
Ondracek, Frank '86/p51
Ondracek, Julia '86/p33
Ondracek, W '85/p49
One Price Cash Store; Scribner, NE '91/p57

O'Neal, J M Mr '89/p65, 69
Oneal, Jas '78/p14
O'Neal, Nina '92/4, p7
O'Neill city, NE '90/p14
Oneill, Jas '78/p12
Oneill, L '78/p12
O'Neill, NE Centennial Edition '91/p40
Oneill, Wm '78/p12
Ong, J '81/p7
Ong, Nelson '89/p 5, 6
Ontoine, M C '83/p42
Opatril, Rudolph M/M '81/p76
Opera House '82/p68; '86/p42
Opera House; North Bend, NE '90/p47
Oppenheimer, Ira '81/p15
Oppenheimer, L Mr '81/p16
Oppenheimer, Mrs '81/p16
Oppenheimer, Ruth '81/p16
Orchard, Charlotte '78/p71
Orchard, James Mar '77/p10; '78/p71; '85/p65; '87/p4; '88/p57, 66
Orchard, James '92/p73
Orchard, Mary '87/p4
Orchist, Josephine '87/p3
Ord city, NE '90/p14
Oregon - Hard Cases '91/p41
Orehdorf, Benjamin F '88/p4
Orem, Con '79/p70
Orfinger, William '81/p57
Orlander, Sophia '91/p25, 27
Orleans city, NE '90/p14
Orlebar, H A '83/p42
Orman, Michael '81/p68
Orme, Alice '85/p50
Orme, Joe '85/p50
Orme, Marion '85/p50
Ormsby, Major '92/p29
Ormsby, Mrs. Major (Jessie Fink) '92/p29
Orndorff, Marietta (Mrs. Nelson Bliss) '92/p4
Orndorff, Marietta '92/p7
Orphan's Home; Fremont, NE '91/p66
Orr, David '88/p4
Orr, Margaret G '78/p45
Orr, William '83/p30
Orr, William C '81/p41
Orr, William S '87/p58
Ort, Jacob '88/p42
Orth, Donald J '91/p57
Ortman, Clara C '81/p37
Ortman, Elizabeth '81/p37
Ortman, Rebecca '81/p37
Ortman, W R '81/pp37
Ortscheid, '87/p20
Ortscheid, Amelia '88/p60
Ortscheid, Amelia '89/p20
Ortscheid, Andre' '89/p20
Ortscheid, Andrew '86/p80
Ortscheid, Andrew '89/p20
Ortscheid, Auguste '89/p20
Ortscheid, Caroline '88/p60
Ortscheid, Caroline '89/p20
Ortscheid, Emelia '86/p13
Ortscheid, Francois Joseph '89/p20
Ortscheid, John '89/p20
Ortscheid, Josephine '88/p60
Ortscheid, Josephine '89/p20
Ortscheid, Libis, Blind & Allied Families in Alsac '88/p60
Ortscheid, Louisa '88/p60
Ortscheid, Louisa '89/p20
Ortscheid, Ludovica (Mrs. Henry J. Reveillac) '92/p5
Ortscheid, Ludovica '92/p7
Ortscheid, Mary C '89/p20
Ortscheid, Mary Christine '88/p60
Ortscheid, Rosalie '89/p20
Ortscheid, Sybilla '86/p80; '88/p60
Ortscheidt, Josephine '83/p11
Ortsheid, Andrew '88/p60
Orttman, Annie '84/p73
Orttman, Franklin '84/p73
Orttman, George '84/p73
Orvis, J R '79/p46
Osborn, D '81/p34
Osborn, D G '81/p32
Osborn, Georgia D '81/p80; '86/p1
Osborn, Lizzie M '86/p2
Osborn, Luther W '85/p2
Osborn, Margaret Ann '85/p2
Osborn, Mrs '81/p16
Osborn, Retta '86/p24
Osborn, Stanley Rogers '85/p2
Osborn, W T '81/p32
Osborn, William H '81/p16; '87/p59
Osborne, Jennie '90/p54, 56
Osborne, L W '78/p52
Osborne, Will '89/p 4, '92/p31
Osceloa village, NE '90/p14
Osgood, Hilliard & Appleton '92/p71
Osmond village, NE '90/p14
Osmond, Mar '77/p10
Oson, C Mar '77/p10
Ostenberg & Co Mar '77/p10
Ostenberg, E '88/p66
Ostenberg, Earnest '89/p29, 30
Ostenberg, John M/M '86/p13
Ostenburg, Mary '85/p22, 26
Ostenburg, Otto '83/p66
Ostenburg, Otto M/M '86/p13
Ostergaard, Thomas '87/p1
Ostergard & Mehrbas '85/p66
Ostergard, James '88/p66
Ostergard, Thomas Mar '77/p10; '78/p77; '88/p66
Ostergard, Thos '92/p49
Osterhout, Earl '87/p58
Osterloh, Fred '87/p71
Osterloh, Gerhard Mar '77/p10
Osterloh, H Mar '77/p10
Osterloh, Heimrich Mar '77/p10
Osterloh, Henry '89/p36
Osterloh, J Mar '77/p10
Osterloh, Jno G '87/p71
Osterloh, John Mar '77/p10
Osterman & Co '90/p25
Osterman & Tremaine; Fremont, NE '89/p11
Osterman, '91/p12
Osterman, Alice '89/p 8
Osterman, C Mar '77/p10
Osterman, Chas '88/p57
Osterman, Chas '89/p 9
Osterman, Chas Mrs '88/p43
Osterman, Emma '81/p18
Osterman, Henry '90/p41
Osterman, Karl '80/p45
Osterman, Mary '88/p8
Osterman, Thomas '82/p61
Ostermann, Thomas T '90/p11
Ostrand, Otto Mar '77/p10; '78/p77; '87/p2
Ostrander, Herbert '84/p53
Ostre, Frank '92/p5, 7
Ostre, Mrs. Frank (Mary Schultz) '92/p5
Ostry, Joseph '88/p26
O'Sullivan, J. J. '92/p36
O'Sullivan, Raymond '89/p35
O'Sullivan, Raymond S '89/p33
Osyethrope, T '85/p20
Otoe Co, NE '91/p 3
Otoes Indian '80/p41
Ott, Agnes I (Moderow) '78/p34
Ott, Bertha '87/p43
Ott, Detlef '79/p23
Ott, Detleff '91/p50, 53
Ott, Dettlif Mar '77/p10
Ott, Dotlof '79/p30
Ott, Dr '80/p46
Ott, Eduard '79/p27
Ott, Eleonore A '79/p27
Ott, Emilie Henriette '79/p26
Ott, Ernest E '78/p34
Ott, Erwin W '78/p32
Ott, Lorna '79/p30
Ott, Lydai M '78/p35
Ott, Margaret Louise '78/p33
Ott, Otto W '78/p34
Ott, Paul Wilhelm '79/p23
Otteman, Annie '87/p4
Otteman, Helena '86/p2
Otteman, Henrietta '89/p28
Ottemann, John Mar '77/p10
Ottesen, Anders H '87/p66
Ottesen, Christian J '87/p66
Ottesen, Ellen K '87/p66
Ottesen, Hanne J '87/p66
Ottesen, Hans '87/p66
Ottesen, Johan P '87/p66
Ottesen, Maren '87/p66
Ottesen, Margrete J '87/p66
Otto, Anna Mar '77/p10
Otto, C A Mar '77/p10
Otto, Cathrine '87/p24
Otto, Dora G '89/p27, 30
Otto, Friedrich '87/p24
Otto, Johann '87/p24
Otto, Johanne '87/p24
Otto, Lester J Mar '77/p10
Otto, Lewis '92/p46
Otto, Louise '87/p24
Otto, Louise (Reinke) '78/p34
Otto, Maria '87/p24
Otto, Mrs. Wilber S. (Ellen Hunt) '92/p4
Otto, Natalie '85/p18
Otto, Wilber S. '92/p4, 7
Otto, William Mar '77/p10
Ottoman, Helena '86/p2
Ottosen, Bergitte '87/p66
Ottoway, Charles '78/p17B
Ough, Claude H '87/p58
Oughbarger, Joseph '82/p73
Ougsbarger, Jospeh '82/p73
Oulik, Hansine '89/p61, 69
Oustocheid, Mar '77/p10
Outten, Luther M '78/p43
Outten, Mary L '78/p43
Overdone, Henry '78/p5
Overgaard, Coroner '86/p18
Overgaard, Dr '85/p9
Overland Stage Company '85/p67
Overland, Jacob '81/p72
Overlander, William '85/p3
Overman, James H '91/p36
Overton village, NE '90/p14
Overton, John '82/p44
Overy, Olive '78/p62
Oviatt, Joseph S '87/p58
Owen, Cora E '86/p66
Owen, Ella '85/p26, 29
Owen, Ella C '91/p50, 53
Owen, Maroni '85/p72
Owens, A J '81/p32
Owens, George '85/p73
Owens, H '81/p31, 32
Owens, J '81/p10
Owens, J F M/M '82/p33
Owens, J W '81/p20
Owens, James '81/p33
Owens, James W '81/p69
Owens, John H '86/p3
Owens, M E '81/p32
Owens, Mary A. (Mrs. William H. Havens)'92/p3
Owens, Mary A. '92/p7
Owens, Mildred Leone '82/p33
Owens, Miss '84/p67
Owens, Patrick '82/p48; '86/p43
Owens, W H '81/p32
Owens, William '82/p46
Owin, George '82/p73
Oxford village, NE '90/p14
Oxford, C B Mrs '86/p13
Oxford, Sarah '89/p27, 30

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
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