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R A M; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Raab, Friedrich '84/p13
Raabe, Agnes E (Fullner) '78/p34
Raabe, August '80/p3
Raabe, Augusta '80/p3
Raabe, Auguste (Splittgerber) '78/p33
Raabe, Elisa '78/p34
Raabe, Frank '80/p3
Raabe, Istia '80/p3
Raabe, Jeanette '78/p33
Raabe, Leo '78/p33
Raabe, Maria '80/p3
Raabe, Mina '80/p3
Raabe, Oto G '78/p33
Raabe, Otto '80/p3
Raabe, Otto W '78/p35
Raabe, Paulina '80/p3
Raabe, Robert '80/p3
Raabe, Robert Ludwig '80/p3
Raabe, Rudolph A '78/p34
Raabe, Ruth (Libbo) '78/p33
Raabe, Vern '78/p33
Raabe, Wilhelm '80/p3
Raasch, Eliza M '89/p61, 69
Raasch, Fred '86/p46
Raasch, Gottleig F A '89/p61, 69
Raasch, John C '86/p3
Rabbas, Emil '78/p33
Rabbass, Anna '78/p38
Rabbass, August '79/p38
Rabbass, C D '79/p35
Rabbass, C E '79/p35
Rabbass, C L '79/p35
Rabbass, Clara Louise '78/p33
Rabbass, Clara M '79/p37
Rabbass, Emil R '78/p35
Rabbass, Friedrich W '78/p33
Rabbass, Friedrich Wm '78/p30
Rabbass, Johanna (Schultz) '78/p35
Rabbass, Karoline (Meier) '78/p30
Rabbass, Lillie F L '78/p33
Rabbass, Louise A (Matthies) '78/p33
Rabbass, Otto F '79/p37
Rabbass, Walter E '78/p35
Rabbe, Eleanora A E '78/p33
Rabe, Anna '78/p30
Rabe, Anna E '78/p30
Rabe, August '78/p30; ‘80p3
Rabe, August '91/p26, 27
Rabe, August Wihlem '78/p35
Rabe, Augusta '80/p3
Rabe, Bernard E G '78/p28
Rabe, Bertha '84/p42
Rabe, Chine '84/p42
Rabe, Edward C '78/p30
Rabe, Frank '80/p3
Rabe, H '84/p42
Rabe, Heine '78/p30
Rabe, Ida '91/p49, 53"
Rabe, Istia '80/p3
Rabe, J M (?) August '78/p30
Rabe, Louise '78/p30
Rabe, Maria '80/p3
Rabe, Marie '78/p30
Rabe, Mary '81/p45
Rabe, Mary A (Kumm) '78/p35
Rabe, Mina '80/p3
Rabe, Otto '80/p3
Rabe, Paul B '78/p30
Rabe, Paulina '80/p3
Rabe, Pauline '78/p30
Rabe, R L O '79/p30
Rabe, Robert '80/p3
Rabe, Robert L O '78/p30
Rabe, Wilhelm '80/p3
Raben, Joseph Mar '77/p11
Raber, Allen J '84/p5
Raber, Elisabeth '84/p5
Raber, F I '84/p5
Raber, J '78/p77
Raber, J J '88/p66
Raber, Wm A '84/p5
Race, Eddy '80/p28
Racek, James '86/p48
Racek, Jaromir '86/p39
Racek, Joseph '81/p81; '86/p1
Racek, Mary A '87/op75
Racek, Mathia '86/p48
Racek, Westley '87/p75
Rachwalsky, Max '81/p16
Rademacher '89/p37
Rademacher/Rademacher '89/p37
Rader, Charles '88/p68
Rader, Harvey '80/p15
Rader, M/M '80/p15
Rader, Maggie '80/p15
Rades, Louisa '89/p27, 30
Radke, Charlotte '84/p6
Radke, Wilhelm Mar ‘77’p11; '84/p6
Radler, Fred '83/p38
Raech, Frank '83/p78
Raech, Mary '83/p78
Raech, Mathias '83/p78
Raecke, Bernhard '84/p42
Raecke, Dorothea '84/p42
Raecke, Heinrich '84/p42
Raedtke, Albert '91/p75, 78
Raffy, Daniel '78/p24
Ragan village, NE '90/p14
Raggensack, Sophia '87/p2
Ragoss, F W '80/p38
Rahlf, Nicolaus '92/p46
Rahn, Phebe '85/p25, 27
Rahos, Willie '88/p43
Railey, Jonathon '78/p9
Raitt, J D '87/p71
Rajnglas, Chaja Mrs '81/p23
Rakes, C '78/p14
Rakes, W I '78/p14
Rakestraw, Prof '85/p21, 27
Ralaigh, Cathn '87/p47
Ralaigh, Richard '87/p47
Ralaigh, Samuel '87/p47
Rall '92/p48
Ralph, Ellen, '84/p47, 48
Ralph, George K '86/p3
Ralph, Henry '92/p47
Ralston, D P Mar '77/p11
Ralston, E D '85/p48; '86/p49
Ralston, E D '91/p42
Ralston, Jane '83/p78
Ralston, Lee J '83/p78
Ralston, Walter M/M '81/p75
Ralston, Wm '83/p78
Ramsdale, William '80/p58B
Ramsey, Frank W '89/p62, 69
Ramsey, Harrison C '81/p36
Ramsey, Ithamer '87/p69
Ramsey, J '81/p36
Ramsey, J A '86/p46
Ramsey, Jane '81/p36
Ramsey, Mr '84/p67
Ramseyer, J S '81/p33
Rance, Thomas '83/p67
Ranch Tavern; Papillion, NE '89/p23
Rand, Augustus '81/p58
Randal, Capt '82/p12
Randall, Adelaide M '88/p10
Randall, Albert C '88/p9
Randall, Anna '86/p29
Randall, C Mrs '86/p49
Randall, J H '86/p29
Randall, Wm Mrs '86/p49
Randels, John W '81/p80
Randles, Nellie '88/p38
Randolf, Elisa '80/p68
Randolph village, NE '90/p14
Randolph, Edward T '78/p2
Randolph, M/M '80/p15
Randolph, Sara Jane '85/p3
Randolph, Wm H H '79/p49
Raney, Eliza '81/p58
Rank, Petr Mrs '86/p39
Rankin, C '86/p72
Rankins, Thomas '78/p24
Rannie, W A '86/p46
Ransaber, Ellen '81/p58
Ransaber, Frederick '81/p58
Ransaber, Van '81/p58
Ransford Steam Ferry '90/p 9
Ransford, B F '80/p36
Ransford, H A Miss '78/p48
Ransford, Wm P '81/p72
Ranslem, A '86/p48
Ranslem, Lovina '86/p33
Ranslem, T H '84/p45
Ransohoff, Doris '81/p16
Raockwell, Daniel Mar '77/p11
Rapp, Gust '88/p4
Rapp, Mary '88/p4
Raric, T. R. '92/p27
Rarick T. F. '92/p27
Rarick, Sarah E. (Mrs. Edwin C. Dimick) '92/p27
Rarick, Truman '91/p23
Rasch, Friedrich '87/p24
Rasch, John Mar '77/p11
Rasch, Phillipena '83/p78
Rasch, William '83/p78
Raschke, Caroline '83/p44
Raschke, Ernestine '83/p44
Raschke, Gottfried '83/p44
Raschke, Johann '83/p44
Raschke, Karl '83/p44
Raschke, Wilhelm '83/p44
Rascover, Clara '81/p16
Rase, Karen S '87/p64
Rase, Kirstine '87/p64
Rase, Simon A '87/p64
Rashford, C W '84/p24
Raskin, Frank '92/p44
Rasmussen, Ann Margaret '81/p81
Rasmussen, Anne '87/p62
Rasmussen, C '86/p46
Rasmussen, Cena '84/p2
Rasmussen, Christ Carner '84/p36
Rasmussen, Christian '82/p45
Rasmussen, Elizabeth (Mrs. Ole Johnson) '92/p4
Rasmussen, Elizabeth '92/p7
Rasmussen, Hans Clausen '92/p44
Rasmussen, Hans P '84/p37; '87/p7
Rasmussen, Henry '92/p25
Rasmussen, Herbert '80/p13
Rasmussen, Jacob '84/p37
Rasmussen, John '92/p25
Rasmussen, Jorgen '87/p65
Rasmussen, Lewis '92/p66
Rasmussen, Lou '78/p63
Rasmussen, Mary '84/p53
Rasmussen, N P C '84/p2
Rasmussen, N P M '84/p2
Rasmussen, Niels '87/p62
Rasmussen, P '84/p23
Rasmussen, Peter H '84/p37; '87/p7
Rasmusson, Anna (Mrs. Nels Anderson) '92/p5
Rasmusson, Anna '92/p7
Rassmuson, Mar '77/p11
Rasted, Anna '84/p5
Rasted, James '84/p5
Rasted, Kattie '84/p5
Rastede, Gerhard Mar '77/p11
Rathbone, Mary '78/p24
Rathburn, Sherman '87/p69
Rathke, Anita '78/p34
Rathke, Anna M '78/p30
Rathke, Elsie '78/p34
Rathke, Emil '78/p34, 35
Rathke, Ernestine (Gellner) '78/p33
Rathke, Ernst '78/p35
Rathke, Gustav '78/p33
Rathke, Hattie '78/p35
Rathke, Hedwig '78/p35
Rathke, Helena (Wendt) '78/p34
Rathke, Ida (Smidt) '78/p35
Rathke, Melva Roma '78/p33
Rathke, Otto G '78/p34
Rathke, Rudolph A '78/p30
Rathman, Christian '91/p36
Rathman, George '78/p52
Rathmann, Chris '84/p21
Rathmann, George D '91/p36
Rathmann, John '91/p36
Ratke, Adam '83/p44
Ratke, Auguste '83/p44
Ratke, Christian '83/p44
Ratke, Ernestine '83/p44
Ratke, Wilhelmine '83/p44
Ratuchavitz, Philip '92/p25
Rauch, Jeanette '81/p23
Raufschneider, Mr '88/p4
Rausch, August '92/p37
Rausch, Louise '92/p37
Rausch, Veronica '92/p37
Rave, Edward Mar '77/p11
Ravenna Genealogical Society '81/p62
Ravenna village, NE '90/p14
Raver, William '88/p8
Rawlings, Fortitude '83/p46
Rawlins, Flora T '91/p26, 27"
Rawson, Adele '81/p16
Rawson, Elias '79/p57
Rawson, Palmer '79/p57
Ray & Flor '90/p57; '92 48
Ray '92/p48, 49
Ray, Arthur '83/p76
Ray, Ellenor V '85/p6
Ray, Fannie A '89/p28, 30
Ray, H Mar '77/p11
Ray, Jno Mar '77/p11
Ray, John Mar '77/p11; '78/p77; '82/p68; '83/p76; '85/p48; '88/p66
Ray, John '92/p73
Ray, Joseph '84/p3
Ray, Lucy A '83/p76
Ray, Mary '84/p3
Ray, Thomas '81/p41
Raycraft, Joseph W '91/p75, 78
Raycraft, Margrett '83/p77
Raycraft, Thomas '83/p77
Raycraft, Wm '83/p77
Raycroft, William Mar '77/p11
Raymer, Betta '81/p81; '86/p2
Raymond village, NE '90/p14
Raymond, William L '81/p58
Rayn, Sadie L '88/p13
Rayon, E M Mrs '81/p16
Reactz, August Mar '77/p11
Read, E H '78/p52
Readinger, H D '84/p47, 48; '85/p18
Readinger, Irene '89/p33, 34
Ready, Jas '85/p20
Reagan, John '81/p58
Realph, Anthony '86/p20
Realph, Bridgett '86/p20
Realph, Edward '86/p20
Realph, Eleanor '86/p20
Realph, John Mar '77/p11; '86/p8, 20
Realph, John '91/p20
Ream, Aaron '78/p38
Ream, Amos W '78/p38
Ream, John '78/p37
Ream, Margaret '78/p37
Ream, Mary A '78/p38
Ream, Samuel '78/p37
Rearick, Francis H Judge '79/p42
Rebaer, Mr '86/p13
Rebbe, Aug S '87/p71
Rebbe, Emma '84/p5
Rebbe, Henry '84/p5
Rebbe, Henry '90/p18
Rebbe, Henry C '87/p71
Rebbe, Oscar '84/p5
Rebbe, Session H Mar '77/p11
Rebbe, Wilhelmena '84/p5
Rebe, Wilhelm '78/p30
Rebecca Winters Genealogical Society '81/p62
Rebhausen, Anna '84/p47, 48
Rebhausen, Elizabeth H '79/p7
Rebhausen, Fred J '79/p7
Rebhausen, Helen '79/p7
Rebhausen, Henrietta '79/p6
Rebhausen, J R '79/p6
Rebhausen, Joseph '79/p8
Rebhausen, Rosa '79/p7
Rebhausen, Wilhelmina '79/p8
Rec Cloud city, NE '90/p14
Rech, Auguste '87/p76
Rech, Catharine '83/p8
Rechmeyer, Clarence '82/p66
Rechmeyer, Henry '88/p66
Rechtik, Frances '85/p45
Reckmeyer, Bennie '89/p36
Reckmeyer, Clarence '91/p17
Reckmeyer, Julia '85/p78
Reckmeyer, Julia '89/p 9
Reckmeyer, W Mar '77/p11
Reckmeyer, Walter '89/p 9
Reckmeyer, William '80/p47
Record, Edwin '84/p66
Records, A Clark '81/p20
Rector, C M '88/p13
Rector, Charles '86/p53
Rector, Charles '91/p59
Rector, Russel H '86/p32
Recumseh city, NE '90/p15
Red Horse, Indian '86/p29
Red Jacket Engine Co; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Reddin, Thomas '81/p69
Redding, Mary '78/p57
Redding, Peter G '79/p57
Redick, '91/p55
Redick, Gracy P '85/p53
Redick, John I M/M '87/p41
Redick, Leander '85/p53
Redick, Mary '85/p53
Redick, Michael '86/p13
Redict, Peter '78/p3
Redinour, Henrietta '79/p43
Redman Estate Mar '77/p11
Redmond, Nicholas '81/p69
Redmond, V L '78/p63
Redtke, Emilia '87/p3
Reeber, Mary C '91/p50, 53
Reed, '85/p48
Reed, Alex '85/p6
Reed, Alexander '87/p50
Reed, Aliza Jane '83/p72
Reed, Alvin E '86/p19
Reed, Andrew Mrs '86/p29
Reed, Charles '82/p14
Reed, D E '86/p61
Reed, David '83/p72
Reed, David E Rev '80/p48
Reed, E L '86/p29
Reed, Edna M '85/p6
Reed, Eliza O '89/p27, 30
Reed, Elizabeth '85/p4
Reed, Ethel '82/p42
Reed, Fannie '81/p81; '86/p1
Reed, G J '78/p19
Reed, Geo W '78/p77
Reed, George B '81/p81; '86/p1
Reed, Jane '83/p72
Reed, Lewis M '83/p61
Reed, Lewis M '90/p33
Reed, Lydia '88/p9
Reed, M O Mr '89/p44
Reed, Nathan '78/p2
Reed, Percey C '87/p73
Reed, Thomas '87/p73
Reed, Wellington '80/p70
Reeder, Lou A '82/p27
Reedy, William H '87/p58
Reehl, Emma T A '81/p45
Reehl, Louise '91/p49, 53
Rees, David '92/p46
Rees, Martin '87/p48
Rees, Matilda A '88/p9
Reese, Ace '88/p5
Reese, Annabel '86/p32
Reese, C W Mr '91/p68
Reese, Jurgen P. '92/p66
Reese, Mary '86/p9, 13
Reesman, Stella '89/p65, 69
Reeson, M. K. '92/p47
Reeson, Mary '91/p51, 53
Reetz, E A '87/p71
Reever, Charles '81/p58
Reeves, Amanda '82/p45
Reeves, J '78/p17B
Reeves, J C '78/p17B
Reeves, Rendel J Jr '88/p5
Reeves, S C '91/p 6
Reeves, Samuel P '82/p45
Reeves, Sophronia '78/p20
Reformed Presbyterian Church '83/p66
Regan, John '83/p20
Regie, F Mrs '86/p35
Regin, Cath '85/p20
Regin, Cor’l '85/p20
Rehak, Charles '83/p1
Rehak, John '82/p75; '86/p48
Rehak, Karel '83/p1
Rehak, Vaclav '83/p1
Rehak, Wenceslaus '83/p1
Reher, Edward '84/p38
Rehling, Cenie '88/p63
Rehling, Cenie '89/p 9
Rehling, Fred '88/p63
Rehling, Fred '89/p 9
Rehm, A Marie D '89/p62, 69
Reich, Christ '82/p25
Reich, Christian '82/p25
Reich, Hannah '91/p25, 27
Reichard, Heinrich '84/p13
Reichard, Tillie '89/p65, 69
Reichert, Charles '86/p48
Reid, C L '82/p27
Reid, H '85/p20
Reid, L '85/p20
Reifers, Catharine '82/p54
Reifers, John '82/p54
Reifers, Kattie '85/p6
Reifers, Nicholas '85/p6
Reifers, Nick '82/p54
Reifers, Petrus '82/p53
Reifers, Susan '85/p6
Reifers, Susanna '82/p53; '85/p6
Reiffers, Peter '82/p52
Reigel, J H '81/p2
Reilly, Alice '83/p42
Reilly, Mary '83/p42
Reily, John '81/p69
Reily, Terrence '81/p69
Reily, Will '85/p74
Reim, M Mar '77/p11
Reimann, Elizabeth '80/p4
Reimer, Walter '92/p47
Reimers, Amanda '92/p40
Reimers, Charley '92/p46
Reimers, Claus '87/p77
Reimers, Claus '89/p27, 30
Reimers, Dora '89/p63, 69
Reimers, Dorothea '92/p40
Reimers, Edward '92/p40
Reimers, Elizabeth '92/p40
Reimers, Emma '92/p40
Reimers, Henry '92/p40
Reimers, Herman '92/p46
Reimers, John '92/p40
Reimers, Julius '92/p46
Reimers, Louise '92/p40
Reimers, Marvin '92/p40
Reimers, Mary '87/p76
Reimers, Mary '89/p64, 69
Reimers, Minnie '92/p40
Reimers, Walter '92/p47
Reimken, Soh Marie '84/p43
Reinders, Gerhd C '84/p43
Reiney, Hun '86/p29
Reinfeld, John Joseph '89/p62, 69
Reinhardt, M Miss '81/p16
Reinhardt’s & Churchill’s '88/p35
Reinke, '84/p58
Reinke, John '82/p31
Reinke, Louise '78/p34
Reinken, Carolina '87/p22
Reinkobe, Norbert '86/p35
Reinsdorf, Rudolph '82/p59
Reis, Mary '86/p9
Reis, Nicholas '88/p68
Reisch, George '87/p42
Reith, Katie '89/p62, 69
Reitz, Gus Mrs '91/p24
Reitz, Nora '88/p14
Reitzell, Carrie C '86/p4
Relik, Maria Anna '83/p3
Rembough, Jacob '88/p10
Remmert, Ernst '81/p16
Remmert, Mrs '81/p16
Remmington, Zeri W '78/p23
Rems, Phoebe '87/p3
Remsberg, Laura Frances '85/p17
Renal, Jane '81/p58
Renard, Elizabeth '85/p8
Renard, Nettie '91/p74, 78
Rendell, Lillie M '89/p65, 69
Renfrow, Orra E '87/p18
Renner, Amanda '78/p67
Renner, Anna '79/p6
Renner, Augusta '78/p66
Renner, Carl J '78/p67
Renner, Charlotte Ann '78/p35
Renner, Donald '78/p7
Renner, Elisabeth '78/p67
Renner, Ellen '78/p66
Renner, Eric '78/p35
Renner, Frank '79/p7
Renner, Frank '91/p50, 53
Renner, Fred '91/p36
Renner, Fred Dr '91/p37
Renner, Fred W '78/p67
Renner, H '78/p67
Renner, Harry '78/p67
Renner, Heinrich Sr '78/p67
Renner, Henry '78/p67
Renner, Hilda '78/p35
Renner, Hugo '78/p66
Renner, Janice Anita '78/p67
Renner, Joseph Sr '79/p9
Renner, Jr '91/p36
Renner, K '78/p67
Renner, Katherine '78/p67; '79/p9
Renner, Lee Karl '79/p9
Renner, Paul J '78/p66
Renner, Pauline '79/p7
Renner, Phillip '78/p66
Renner, Rosie (Schultz) '78/p67
Renner, Theresa '79/p9
Renolds, Mar '77/p11
Renschen, Elizabeth Trippel '82/p53
Renschen, Ferdinand '82/p53
Renter, Carl '92/p3, 7
Renter, Fred '81/p80
Renter, Fredrica '91/p74, 78
Renter, Mrs .Carl (Anna Dolech) '92/p3
Renter, William '82/p32
Renter, William '92/p63
Renter, Wm '86/p2; '87/p8, 70
Rentschler, Christina '88/p28
Renwenz, John '86/p13
Reome, Chas '82/p54
Reome, Jacobus '82/p54
Reome, John Robert '82/p54
Reome, William Henry '82/p54
Reon, H '89/p14
Reone, Carl '82/p53
Reone, Ellenora Sullivan '82/p53
Reone, Mary '82/p53
Repass, George D '87/p76
Repler Mar '77/p11
Reppert, F Earl '89/p33, 34
Reppert, Fred '83/p30
Reppet, Clara '88/p63
Repschlager, Wilhelmine '81/p45
Republican village, NE '90/p14
Rericha, Joseph '92/p25
Rerucha see Berucha '91/p78
Rerucha, John '92/p5, 7
Rerucha, Maria '83/p7
Rerucha, Mathias '83/p7
Rerucha, Mrs. John (Katrina Jambor) '92/p5
Rerucha, Victoria '83/p7
Rescue Mission '90/p64
Rescue, NE '91/p31
Reseque, Jane '85/p3
Reseque, Lavina '85/p3
Residents of Poor Farm '90/p36
Ressler, Phillip '81/p58
Resume, Anna C '81/p80
Rettig, Mary C '86/p13
Rettig, Michael '86/p13
Rettig, Michael '91/p76, 78
Rettig, see Redick '86/p13
Retzlof, Evena '84/p73
Retzlof, Gottlieb '84/p73
Reuben, Lynn '78/p45
Reveillac, '87/p20
Reveillac, Edward '86/p80
Reveillac, Henry '82/p30; '86/p80
Reveillac, Henry '89/p20
Reveillac, Henry J '88/p60
Reveillac, Henry J. '92/p5, 7
Reveillac, Henry M/M '85/p27
Reveillac, Louisa '86/p80
Reveillac, Marie '86/p80
Reveillac, Martha '86/p80
Reveillac, Mrs. Henry J. (Ludovica Ortscheid) '92/p5
Revis, Mrs Nelson '79/p19, 20
Rex, Augusta '80/p69
Rexford, Mrs '88/p42
Rexin, Christian Mar '77/p11
Rexin, Clarence C '78/p63
Rexin, John '92/p3, 7
Rexin, Mrs. John (Margaretta Wigant) '92/p3
Rexin, Willie '88/p63
Rexin, Willie '89/p10
Rexroth, J C '87/p70
Reyez, Remijie '88/p5
Reyman, E J '81/p33
Reyman, M '81/p34
Reyman, Milton '81/p33
Reyman, R E '81/p33
Reynal, Antoine '81/p58
Reynal, Louisa '81/p58
Reynard, Mar '77/p11
Reynold & Campbell Mar '77/p11
Reynold, L S Mar '77/p11
Reynolds & Batcheller; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Reynolds & Blewett Mar '77/p11
Reynolds & Thomsen; Fremont, NE '89/p13, 14
Reynolds Addition Mar '77/p11
Reynolds Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Reynolds Brothers Mar '77/p11
Reynolds village, NE '90/p14
Reynolds, Addie Mar '77/p11
Reynolds, B W '82/p28
Reynolds, Benjamin F '89/p62, 69
Reynolds, Benjamin Willis '81/p81; '86/p1
Reynolds, C S '87/p70
Reynolds, Edgar '89/p36
Reynolds, Ellen '91/p49, 53
Reynolds, F J '78/p77
Reynolds, Frances '79/p50
Reynolds, G W D '89/p18
Reynolds, Gertie '91/p24
Reynolds, Gertrude M '82/p47
Reynolds, Ira '80/p58B
Reynolds, J A '88/p66
Reynolds, J A '91/p 9, 11
Reynolds, J F Mar '77/p11; '79/p46, 59; '85/p62, 68, 70; '88/p66
Reynolds, J F '91/p 8; '92/p73
Reynolds, J L '91/p11
Reynolds, J T '91/p 9
Reynolds, James '78/p1
Reynolds, Jessey '83/p76
Reynolds, Josiah '78/p72, 77; '79/p50; '83/p76
Reynolds, Josiah '92/p73
Reynolds, Josiah F '79/p44
Reynolds, L N Mar '77/p11
Reynolds, L W Mar '77/p11; '78/p77; '80/p58; '85/p68; '88/p57, 66
Reynolds, L. W. '91/p9, 11; '92/p73
Reynolds, Lyman W '79/p44; '85/p67
Reynolds, M E Mrs '85/p70, 78
Reynolds, M Elizabeth Mrs '91/p32
Reynolds, M. C. '92/p34
Reynolds, Maggie A '90/p55
Reynolds, Marilla '83/p76; '85/p27
Reynolds, Mary (Maggie) A '90/p55
Reynolds, Mary A '90/p55, 57
Reynolds, Mattie '84/p50
Reynolds, Mattie B '85/p30
Reynolds, Michael '81/p56
Reynolds, Mrs '85/p71
Reynolds, Mrs. '92/p78
Reynolds, N K Mrs '85/p32
Reynolds, Oliver '80/p58B
Reynolds, Patrick '88/p66
Reynolds, W Mar '77/p11
Reynolds, Walter B '82/p28
Reynolds, William '91/p 9, 11
Reynolds, Wilson '78/p77; '83/p76; '86/p64, 68; '88/p31, 56, 66
Reynolds, Wilson '92/p73
Reynolds, Wilson; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Rezabek, Anna '82/p77
Rezac, Marie '83/p8
Rezac, Martin '83/p8
Rezicha, Mike '92/p3, 7
Rezicha, Mrs. Mike (Caroline Chmelka) '92/p3
Rezloff, Anyness '84/p73
Reznicek, Andrew V '82/p75; '86/p48
Rezucha, Maria '83/p7
Rezucha, Mathias '83/p7
Rezucha, Victoria '83/p7
Rhea, Jos E '89/p62, 69"
Rhoads, Electa '84/p73
Rhoads, William '84/p73
Rhode Island - Gun-flints '91/p41
Rhode, T D '90/p44
Rhodes, Mar '77/p11
Rhodes, Amy J '80/p2
Rhodes, C Mar '77/p11
Rhodes, Delilah '80/p2
Rhodes, Electa '80/p2
Rhodes, Elnora '80/p2
Rhodes, Ida '80/p2
Rhodes, John G '80/p2
Rhodes, Luther D '80/p2
Rhodes, Lydia '82/p21; '85/p27
Rhodes, Mary A '80/p2
Rhodes, Mary Emley '81/o72
Rhodes, Nancy '79/p49
Rhodes, Nancy E '80/p2
Rhodes, Orin '84/p24
Rhodes, Orrin '80/p57; '81/p8
Rhodes, Rufus '83/p24
Rhodes, Rufus A '80/p2
Rhodes, Sarah '81/p8
Rhodes, Thomas M/M '86/p13
Rhodes, W L '88/p52
Rhodes, W W '81/p72
Rhodes, Welthy A '80/p2
Rhodes, Wm '80/p2; '83/p25
Rhodes, Wm H '80/p2
Rhone, Dale Mrs '81/p62
Rhone, Roy W '86/p12, 13
Rhone, Z S '85/p48
Rhorback, Jane C '78/p62
Rhower, Henry '89/p28, 30
Rhustrat, Mar '77/p11
Rice, A I Mrs '88/p25
Rice, B P Mar '77/p11; '86/p57
Rice, Edith '81/p16
Rice, George H '88/p5
Rice, Hazel '88/p22
Rice, Hazel Kirke '88/p23, 25
Rice, Henrietta W '87/p1
Rice, John M '87/p77
Rice, Joseph '78/p3
Rice, Lyman Alden '86/p40
Rice, Myron '81/p81; '86/p1
Rice, Perez '86/p40
Rice, S '81/p36
Rice, Wade O '88/p5
Rich, Alexander V Mar '77/p11
Rich, Alexander V '91/p76, 78
Rich, Amelia '84/p73
Rich, August '84/p73
Rich, Eva '82/p32
Rich, Fridirica '84/p73
Rich, Prof '84/p47
Rich, Ralph '84/p47, 48
Rich, S M '82/p22
Rich, Timothy '80/p58
Rich, W H '86/p46
Richard, Dr '82/p66
Richard, Emilie '91/p74
Richard, Emily '91/p78
Richard, Frank '86/p24
Richard, Henry '86/p29
Richard, Jacoby '90/p 0; '91/p 0
Richard, L D Mrs '85/p38
Richard, Margaret '84/p20
Richard, Mary '90/p55, 57
Richards & Keene; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Richards, Adolph '92/p40
Richards, Annie '92/p40
Richards, Charles M '87/p59
Richards, E Mar '77/p11
Richards, Edwin '88/p21
Richards, Frank '88/p28
Richards, Fred '91/p24
Richards, H V '85/p72
Richards, Harvey '82/p30; '85/p73
Richards, Harvey '91/p 2
Richards, Henry '92/p40
Richards, Herman '92/p40
Richards, J M '92/p76
Richards, J W Mrs '91/p24
Richards, James '82/p24
Richards, Joseph Mar '77/p11
Richards, Keene & Co '84/p9; '87/p70
Richards, L D '84/p9; '85/p73, 77; '87/p70; '88/p53
Richards, L D '90/p11
Richards, L D M/M '85/p27
Richards, Lena '92/p40
Richards, Mable Clare '85/p27
Richards, Martin '92/p40
Richards, Minnie '89/p62, 69
Richards, Ralph B '87/p58
Richards, Redfield '91/p24
Richards, Ros '82/p54
Richards, Rosa '82/p54
Richards, Silas '82/p67
Richards, W S '78/p52; '83/p58; '86/p72, 76
Richards, William L '82/p24
Richardson Co, NE '91/p 3
Richardson, Bertha '85/p27
Richardson, Charles '91/p49, 53
Richardson, Cyunthia '83/p78
Richardson, Elen N '88/p9
Richardson, Emeline '79/p57
Richardson, Emma '85/p56
Richardson, Family '79/p17
Richardson, G W '78/p21
Richardson, Gov '80/p21
Richardson, J W '84/p28
Richardson, Jennie '81/p18; '82/p27
Richardson, Jeremiah '79/p53, 57, 58
Richardson, Jonathan '81/p72
Richardson, Joseph '83/p78
Richardson, Mr '85/p39
Richardson, Mrs '86/p13
Richardson, N H '82/p30; '85/p72
Richardson, O M '85/p56
Richardson, Origen D '78/p19
Richardson, P '85/p56
Richardson, Sarah '83/p78
Richardson, William '79/p57
Richardson, Wm A '84/p27
Richart, Bertha (Mrs. Ferdinand Billerbeck) '92/p4
Richart, Bertha '92/p7
Richerson, Lela Scheer '88/p40
Richerson, O D '78/p19
Richert, Jacob '81/p69
Richey, Mar '77/p11
Richey, James '88/p66
Richey, W A '78/p77
Richie, Elizabeth '87/p77
Richie, Mable '86/p32
Richie, Mary A '87/p76
Richland Precinct, NE '90/p64
Richland, NE '91/p31
Richmon, Lee '85/p48
Richmond, M B '86/p68, 69
Richmond, Ros '82/p54
Richmond, S Mar '77/p11
Richmond, S E Mar '77/p11
Richmond, Sophie E Mar '77/p11
Richrads, H S '81/p69
Richter, Henry '91/p36
Richter, John '81/p72; '85/p6

Richton, Earnest '81/p58
Richwein, John '83/p50
Rickard, Charles M/M '81/p74
Rickart, John B '81/p58
Rickener, August '91/p45
Rickey, Nancy '84/p17
Rickly, '84/p58
Rickner, Cora '91/p45, 46
Rickner, Earl '91/p45
Rickner, Edward '91/p45
Rickner, John '91/p45
Rickner, Lovina '91/p46
Rickner, Mary (Sixberry) '91/p46
Rickner, Solomon '91/p45, 46
Rickner, Solomon Franklin '91/p45, 46
Rickner, William '91/p46
Riddell, M B '80/p32
Riddell, S S '85/p48
Riddle, Elizabeth '82/p54
Riddle, Isaac '86/p68
Riddle, J H '86/p68
Riddle, John H '80/p12
Riddle, Thomas W '83/p67
Riddler, Arthur '85/p1
Riddler, James '83/p80
Riddler, James R '83/p80
Riddler, James S '78/p52
Riddler, M/M '85/p1
Riddler, Mary '83/p80
Riddler, Mary Josephine '85/p1
Ridenau, '78/p25
Ridenau, Charles P '78/p25
Ridenour, Sarah E. (Mrs. William H. Vining) '92/p5
Ridenour, Sarah E. '92/p7
Rider, Ed A '78/p22
Rider, T L '78/p20
Ridge Cemetery; Fremont, NE '89/p58
Ridge Cemetery-purchase of new site '86/p13
Ridge, Mar '77/p11
Ridgeley Catholic Cemetery '86/p57
Ridgeley Lutheran Cemetery '86/p57
Ridgeley Parish '86/p44
Ridgley, Fay '88/p26
Ridgley, Lloyd '88/p27
Ridgley, Loyd '88/p26
Ried, Nickelus Mar '77/p11
Rief, Mary Mrs '81/p23
Rieger, Peter '92/p64
Rieglerova, Dora '81/p23
Rieland, Philip '81/p81; '86/p1
Rienard, Frank '82/p42
Ries, Agnes '88/p26, 27
Ries, Caroline '88/p26, 27
Ries, Jacob '91/p58
Ries, Jake '82/p31
Ries, John '91/p58
Ries, Katie '91/p75, 78
Ries, LaVon '78/p63
Ries, Matilda '88/p26, 27
Riester, Henrietta (Mrs. Charles Garl) '92/p6
Riester, Henrietta '92/p7
Riethmueller, John '81/p44
Riewacker, Jean Hein '84/p13
Riewacker, Maria Threse '84/p13
Riggarb, F Mar '77/p11
Riggert, F Mar '77/p11; '88/p66
Riggert, Fred Mar '77/p11
Riggert, Henry C '89/p63, 69
Riggs, Melvin '78/p77
Right, Charles '81/p69
Rightmire, Harry K '87/p59
Riha, Anna '83/p8
Riha, George '83/p4
Riha, Joseph '83/p4
Riha, Maria '83/p8
Riha, Martin '83/p8
Riha, Wencesl '83/p8
Riley, George W '78/p77; '88/p66
Riley, J J '91/p43
Riley, J M Mar '77/p11
Riley, J. M. '92/p50
Riley, James M '78/p77
Riley, James T '78/p77; '88/p66
Riley, James T. '92/p73
Riley, Lizzie '89/p56
Riley, Margaret '83/p78
Riley, Mary Anne '87/p75
Riley, Peter '78/p77; '88/p66
Riley, Turner '78/p59; '87/p2
Riley, Walter M '87/p58
Rimder, Andrew '88/p5
Rinda, Freetiska '83/p11
Rinderhagen, John '82/p63
Rinderhagen, Minnie '89/p61, 69
Rine, Bertha '84/p49, 50; '85/p30
Rine, J M Mar '77/p11
Rine, Jno W Mar '77/p11
Rine, John '84/p49
Rine, Philip '91/p75, 78
Rinehart, Wm '85/p72
Ring, Herbert T '85/p30
Ring, Jacob Mar '77/p11
Ring, John '90/p54, 57; '91/p58
Ring, Mary '91/p51, 53
Ring, Mrs '86/p13, 14
Ring, Timothy '80/p51; '81/p43
Ringer, William '79/p40
Riordan & Kenny '87/p50
Riordan, H C '87/p50
Ripa, Jan '86/p39
Ripley, William '82/p14
Ripperger, H L '81/p16
Rippey, William '85/p27
Risdal, John '92/p36
Risdon, Ivel '91/p11
Rishavy, Mrs '81/p23
Rishavy, Thomas S '81/p23
Rising city village, NE '90/p14
Rising, Anson '91/p36
Rison, Edward W '81/p23
Risse, Agusti '81/p69
Risser, Babette '78/p32
Risser, Jacob B '78/p32
Risser, John '78/p32
Rist, Louisa '87/p69
Ristau, '86/p22
Ristau, Gail '78/p63
Ritche, M '84/p35
Ritchee, James Mar '77/p11
Ritchey, James Mar '77/p11
Ritchey, Jenny B '85/p8
Ritchie, C M '86/p20
Ritchie, Charles '86/p31
Ritchie, David '86/p58
Ritchie, David L '86/p29
Ritchie, Jas '86/29
Ritchie, John '89/p65, 69
Ritchie, Mr '78/p62
Ritchie, Nellie '86/p31
Ritchie, Willard '86/p31
Ritchmuller, John '81/p44
Ritter & Gentzler Mar '77/p11
Ritter, Anna '84/p43
Ritter, Byron '86/p31
Ritter, Frank '86/p31
Ritter, H J '80/p66
Ritter, John L '85/p75; '86/p29
Ritter, John L '89/p27, 30
Ritter, Julius '81/p58
Ritter, M E Mrs '86/p29
Ritter, Mary Etta (Skinner) '86/p29
Ritter, Therese '84/p43
Ritthaler, Mae '88/p0
Ritthaler, Mae '89/p 0; '92/p0
Rittscher, Adolph '92/p40
Rittscher, Annie '92/p40
Rittscher, Henry '92/p40
Rittscher, Herman '92/p40
Rittscher, Lena '92/p40
Rittscher, Martin '92/p40
Rittscher/Richards, Adolph '92/p40
Ritzdorf, Catherine '83/p49
Ritzdorf, Charles J '80/p77
Ritzdorf, Joseph H '83/p49
Ritzdorf, Margaret J '80/p77
Rivers, J M Mar '77/p11
Riverton village NE '90/p14
Rix, Nicholas '84/p21
Riznecek, Anna '91/p50, 53
Roach, James '78/p77; '88/p66
Roach, Walter '86/p51
Roading, Albert '90/p21
Roadinger, Judge '88/p28
Robar, Mary '89/p28, 30
Robberts, Madison Mar '77/p11
Robbins, Adalaide '80/p68
Robbins, Charles B '87/p59
Robbins, Edwin '78/p58
Robbins, James '78/p21
Robbins, Mrs. Roscoe B. (Mary B. Brown) '92/p5
Robbins, R B Mar '77/p11
Robbins, Roscoe B. '92/p5, 7
Robbins, Wm H '91/p37
Robers, George '81/p6
Roberson, C L '81/p16
Roberson, D R Miss '81/p16
Roberson, Ella '87/p4
Robert, Gaston '81/p23
Robert, H Mar '77/p11
Robert, Henry Mar '77/p11
Robert, John Mar '77/p11
Robert, Mrs '81/p24
Robert, W Mar '77/p11
Robert, William Mar '77/p11
Roberton, Sadie M '86/p67
Roberts, Archie '87/p46
Roberts, David '86/p50
Roberts, Jas '85/p9
Roberts, Jennie '91/p75, 78
Roberts, Joel C '86/p14
Roberts, John '88/p5
Roberts, Joseph '82/p39
Roberts, Lou '89/p12
Roberts, Madison '88/p68
Roberts, Margaret Jan '77/p6
Roberts, Mary '92/p18
Roberts, N J '87/p73
Roberts, Oral A Jan '77/p4
Roberts, R E '86/p59; '87/p73
Roberts, Rachel Jane '85/p7
Roberts, Ray '89/p36
Roberts, Robbie '87/p73
Roberts, Rufus '86/p48
Roberts, S F '81/p40
Roberts, Samuel A. '92/p75
Roberts, W W M/M '86/p29
Roberts, W W M/M '91/p68
Roberts, Ward G '87/p59
Roberts, William '87/p1
Robertsen, T H '82/p22
Robertson, Hugh '88/p68
Robertson, A B '91/p57
Robertson, Andrew '86/p31
Robertson, Archie M/M '82/p21
Robertson, Bernice '86/p0, 31; '87/p0; '88/p0
Robertson, Bernice '89/p 0; '90/p49, 69; '91/p14, '92/p55, 71
Robertson, Ed '87/p33
Robertson, Eliza Jane '88/p47
Robertson, Elizabeth '82/p71; '88/p48
Robertson, Estella M '82/p21
Robertson, Evelyn '88/p47
Robertson, Glenn Mrs '88/p47
Robertson, J C '89/p55
Robertson, James Mar '77/p11; '80/p33; '86/p16; '88/p44, 47, 68
Robertson, James '91/p58
Robertson, Jesse '88/p48
Robertson, Jessie '82/p71
Robertson, John '82/p71; '88/p48
Robertson, John B '78/p24
Robertson, John B Gen '78/p24
Robertson, Julia H '82/p45
Robertson, Martin '78/p38
Robertson, Robert '82/p71; '88/p48
Robertson, Tommy '88/p44
Robeson, Mrs. Tom (Mattie J. Powers) '92/p5
Robeson, Thomas '85/p27
Robeson, Tom Mar '77/p11
Robeson, Tom '92/p5, 7, '92/p50
Robias, James H '88/p68
Robidoux, Elizabeth '78/p1
Robidoux, Faron '78/p1
Robidoux, Felix '78/p1
Robidoux, Francis '78/p1
Robidoux, Joseph '78/p1
Robins, Mary A '86/p4
Robinson & Wright Mar '77/p11
Robinson, '91/p60
Robinson, A Rev '80/p16
Robinson, Aaron Clay '78/p63
Robinson, Alexander Rev '82/p71; '88/p48
Robinson, Alice '85/p30; '86/p66; '87/p5
Robinson, Andrew '78/p3
Robinson, C D '78/p16
Robinson, Charely '78/p3
Robinson, Charles Mar '77/p11; '83/p76
Robinson, Charles E '81/p58
Robinson, Charles W '91/p74, 78
Robinson, Clarence '84/p2
Robinson, Clark '84/p45
Robinson, Clark L '88/p13
Robinson, Daniel '83/p28
Robinson, David '78/p5
Robinson, E '81/p58
Robinson, E J Mar '77/p11; '79/p41
Robinson, Ella '85/p27, 21; '88/p59
Robinson, Emma '85/p23, 27; '88/p59
Robinson, Emma E '79/p48
Robinson, G W '83/p72
Robinson, Harvey J '90/p30
Robinson, Henry Mar '77/p11; '83/p72
Robinson, Hon J B '80/p34
Robinson, Isaac '78/p3
Robinson, J B Mar '77/p11; '79/p70; '80/p39; '84/p30, 31; '88/p57, 59
Robinson, J B '89/p50; '91/p16
Robinson, J B M/M '81/p78
Robinson, J Miles '78/p63
Robinson, J W '92/p76
Robinson, James Madison '79/p42
Robinson, Jas B Mar '77/p11
Robinson, John '78/p5
Robinson, L P '88/p5
Robinson, M C '79/p41
Robinson, M W '78/p18
Robinson, Marsh E '83/p76
Robinson, Mary E '84/p2; '88/p8
Robinson, Mary J '83/p72
Robinson, Maude E '88/p13
Robinson, Okley '88/p5
Robinson, Robert '83/p76
Robinson, Robert B '83/p63; '88/p44
Robinson, Russell A '86/p32
Robinson, S J Dr '88/p27
Robinson, S N Mar '77/p11
Robinson, W G Mar '77/p11
Robinson, W M/M '81/p78
Robinson, Walter '84/p63
Robinson, William Mar '77/p11’ '82/p32, 33; '85/p31
Robinson, William '89/p28
Robinson, Wm '85/p64; '88/p56
Robinson, Wm '89/p30
Robinson, Wm G '78/p77; '84/p2; '88/p66
Robinson, Wm. G. '92/p73
Robison, J B '88/p66
Robson, George '90/p24
Roca village, NE '90/p14
Roch, Honor '83/p2
Roch, Thomas '80/p38; '85/p27
Rochford, Henry H '81/p69
Rochford, J J '91/p59
Rochford, John '88/p66
Rochford, Nellie '86/p66
Rochford, R B '78/p77
Rochford, William '81/p58
Rock Creek Cemetery; Ceresco, NE '90/p64
Rock Creek Methodist Circuit '90/p65
Rock Creek Precinct, NE '90/p65
Rock, Geo A '81/p33
Rock, Kath A '81/p33
Rock, Mary '81/p33
Rock, Mary E '81/p42
Rockafeller, Geroge F '80/p13
Rockafeller, H H '82/p30
Rockefeller, H A '85/p72, 73
Rockenthein, Henry M/M '86/p14
Rockfort, Jno Mar '77/p11
Rockie, Willie '88/p21
Rockville town, NE '90/p14
Rockwell, Abraham Mar '77/p11
Rockwell, C F Mar '77/p11
Rockwell, Calvin '90/p23
Rockwell, Calvin B Mar '77/p11
Rockwell, I F Mar '77/p11
Rockwell, Ida '86/p2
Rockwell, Seth Mar '77/p11
Roda, C '88/p5
Rodd, Iva G '87/p18
Rodd, L M '87/p18
Rodd, L. M. '92/p55
Rodd, M '87/p18
Roddy, Ethel '86/p31, 67
Rode, Christine '89/p 9
Rode, Christopher '87/p76
Rodeback, Julius '88/p74
Rodel, Anna M '79/p7
Roder, Charles Mar '77/p11
Rodewald, '82/p33
Rodewald, Annie '86/p53
Rodewald, Mrs '89/p55
Rodgers, F Josephine '81/p24
Rodgers, Florence '81/p24
Rodgers, Hon Joseph G '81/p16
Rodgers, Mrs '81/p16
Rodgers, Robert '81/p58
Rodman, David '82/p73
Rodman, Isaac '82/p73
Rodman, Job '82/p73
Rodman, John '82/p73
Rodman, Samuel '82/p73
Rodner, Albert '83/p44
Rodner, Auguste '83/p44
Rodner, Juliane '83/p44
Rodner, Martin '83/p44
Rodner, Wilhelmine '83/p44
Rodwalt, Heinrick '81/p69
Roe, '79/p17
Roe, Elizabeth '79/p43
Roe, Robt '80/p56
Roeder, Augustus Dr '80/p45, 48
Roeder, Frances '80/p48
Roeder, Geo Dr '80/p46
Roehan, John '81/p58
Roehl, Mary S '91/p53
Roehl, Mary Selma '91/p50
Roehlin, John '80/p67
Roehric, Christine '81/p24
Roehtic, Helen '81/p24
Roelfe, Dick '91/p15
Roether & Beacker '82/p59
Rogan, '91/p20
Rogan, Bridgett '86/p20
Rogan, Ellen '86/p20
Rogan, Francis '81/p69
Rogan, Margaret '86/p20
Rogan, Mrs '86/p19
Rogan, Rose '81/p69
Rogengreen, H '85/p66
Rogenkoff, Matilda E '90/p57
Rogenkoff, Matilda Emily '90/p53
Rogensack, J Mar '77/p11
Roger, L H '92/p76
Rogers & Dorsey Mar '77/p11
Rogers & Dorsey; Fremont, NE '90/p26
Rogers Tent & Awning Co; Fremont, NE '89/p75
Rogers village, NE '90/p14
Rogers, '85/p67
Rogers, Aleck '82/p33
Rogers, Arvilla '89/p61, 69
Rogers, Bell '85/p23, 27
Rogers, Belle '91/p50, 53
Rogers, Bertha '86/p2
Rogers, C N '87/p71
Rogers, Carey '91/p23
Rogers, Carey I '82/p28
Rogers, Delimer '92/p4, 7
Rogers, E H Mar '77/p11; '78/p77; '82/p38, 64; '84/p28; '88/p66, 53
Rogers, E H & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p26; '92 49
Rogers, E H '89/p53; '90/p26, 57; '92/p49, 73, 76
Rogers, E H M/M '85/p68
Rogers, E J Mr '80/p78
Rogers, E W & Co Mar '77/p11
Rogers, Edward B '82/p39
Rogers, Elaphas '79/p46
Rogers, Elaphas H '79/p44
Rogers, Eliphus '82/p11
Rogers, Eliphus H '82/p10
Rogers, Eliphus Hibbard '85/p69, 70
Rogers, Fannie '82/p50
Rogers, Fannie Mrs '86/p14
Rogers, Fanny Mar '77/p11
Rogers, George W '78/p63
Rogers, H W Mar '77/p11
Rogers, Harry '89/p 9
Rogers, Henry Mar '77/p11; '85/p73
Rogers, I E '78/p18
Rogers, Ida '85/p68
Rogers, Ida J '90/p54, 57
Rogers, J H '78/p77
Rogers, James '81/p61
Rogers, James H '81/p80
Rogers, Jess '86/p46
Rogers, John '78/p7; '81/p58
Rogers, L H Mar '77/p11; '82/p8, 17, 64; '85/p64, 70; '88/p56, 66
Rogers, L H '90/p75; '92/p73, 76
Rogers, L H Mrs '85/p71
Rogers, L Henry '79/p46
Rogers, L N Mar '77/p11
Rogers, L W Mar '77/p11
Rogers, Lottie H Mar '77/p11
Rogers, Louie '91/p24
Rogers, Lucy '92/p76
Rogers, Lucy J Mar '77/p11; '82/p64
Rogers, M Mar '77/p11
Rogers, Margaret Ann Osborn '85/p2
Rogers, Mary '78/p1
Rogers, Mr. '92/p48
Rogers, Mrs. Delimer (Elda Holbrook) '92/p4
Rogers, Peter '85/p2
Rogers, Samuel E '78/p18
Rogers, Sarah '85/p2
Rogers, Sarah H '85/p16, 17
Rogers, Thomas '85/p17
Rogers, W B '78/p18
Rogers, W C '91/p37
Rogers, W H '88/p31
Rogers, William R '78/p18
Roggen, Edward P '91/p37
Roggensack, J Mar '77/p11; '81/p37
Roggensack, Jogen Mar '77/p11
Roggenther, Henry '78/p60, 77; '87/p3
Roglin, M E M/M '86/p29
Roglin, Rev '87/p21
Rogrs, Susie W '87/p8
Rohatch, John F '87/p59
Rohde, William '89/p55
Rohr, Martha '85/p27
Rohwer, Claus '84/p21
Rohwer, George '91/p36
Rohwer, Hans J '84/p21
Rohwer, Heinrich '91/p 5
Rohwer, Marx '89/p28, 30"
Rolfe, John '82/p11
Rolfe, Nancy '82/p11
Rolfing, Jamie J '79/p27
Roll, Mar '77/p11
Roll, J F '78/p77; '88/p66
Roll, Mr '80/p27
Roll, Wm '78/p5
Rollar, C Allen '87/p58
Rollin along-Guy S Williams '91/p73
Rollins, Albert L '87/p58
Rolte, Carl K '86/p2
Roman, George N '82/p27
Romands, Laura '82/p55
Romanowski, Gustav '91/p49, 53
Romans, Charles '89/p65, 69
Romberg, A Mar '77/p11
Romberg, A E '87/p71
Romberg, Anna '81/p42
Romberg, Arnold '84/p37
Romberg, Charles '92/p47
Romberg, Dora '80/p39
Romberg, Fanny Mar '77/p11
Romberg, Fred '83/p26
Romberg, Fred '91/p74, 78; '92/p47
Romberg, George Mar '77/p11; '87/p4
Romberg, George '90/p21, 57
Romberg, John Mrs '80/p39
Romberry Mar '77/p11
Rometch, Lizzie '89/p 9
Romig, Jeremiah D '81/p45
Romig, John H '83/p74
Romig, Penrose B S '81/p45
Romig, Susanna '91/p49, 53
Romine, Mr '88/p68
Rominger Wagon Shop '88/p35
Roney, Ann '85/p20
Ronin, N J '82/p29; '84/p9
Ronneker, A E Heinrich '79/p35
Ronney, Fanny '83/p49
Rood, E L '91/p22
Rooney, Thomas '81/p69
Root, Jno '80/p56
Root, Joseph '81/p69
Rooth, L Mar '77/p11
Ropers, John '79/p23
Ropers, Wilhelmine '79/p24
Rorer, H J '91/p36
Rosa, Chas H '89/p61, 66, 69
Rosa, Editor '80/p39
Rosa, G H Mrs '81/p78
Rosa, G W '90/p45; '91/p28
Rosa, Geo W '85/p76
Rosberg, C '84/p66
Roschmann, Fritz '85/p4
Roschmann, Magdalena '85/p4
Rose Hill, NE '91/p31
Rose, A M '78/p9
Rose, C H Mrs '89/p44
Rose, Eliz Ann '81/p72
Rose, Eliza Ann '80/p54; '84/p25
Rose, H D '80/p57
Rose, Henry '91/p49, 53
Rose, Jessie '88/p74
Rose, John '89/p79
Rose, M/M '86/p14
Rose, Maria '83/p2
Rose, Mrs '86/p14
Rose, S C M/M '85/p27
Rose, S E '84/p22
Rose, Sarah Ann '82/p15
Rose, Sherman '84/p54
Rose, William '87/p4
Roseberg, Hugh '81/p38
Rosehill Cemetery, Ill '78/p53
Roseland village, NE '90/p14
Roseman, Dr '85/p66; '88/p51
Roseman, Frank M '89/p66, 69
Roseman, Paul '84/p50
Roseman, Paul W '85/p30
Roseman, Sophia '86/p36
Roseman, Sue M '89/p61, 69
Roseman, W F Mar '77/p11; '85/p73; '88/p66
Roseman, W F '89/p11, '92/p77
Roseman, W F Dr '88/p53; '85/p27, 29
Rosen, Ferdinand '83/p42
Rosen, Sam (Chmuel Kremkewitz) '92/p25
Rosenbalm, Parker '78/p52
Rosenbaum, Carl '85/p5
Rosenbaum, Elvira V '85/p5
Rosenbaum, Glen M/M '85/p15
Rosenbaum, Joseph '85/p3, 5, 6
Rosenbaum, Martha J '85/p3; '88/p9
Rosenbaum, Mary '85/p5
Rosenbaum, Noah '85/p5, 6
Rosenbaum, Raymond '83/p59
Rosenbaum, Susan C '85/p6
Rosenbaum, William '85/p5
Rosenberg, John Johnson '81/p81
Rosenberry, Ellen '81/p81; '86/p2
Rosenbloom, Max '89/p64, 69
Rosenburg, John '86/p1
Rosenburge, James '88/p5
Rosendahl, Rikus '91/p43; 44
Rosenfeld, Mrs '81/p16
Rosenfeld, Samuel '81/p16
Rosengreen, Neils '88/p66
Rosengren & Bothwell '88/p55
Rosengren, John '88/p55
Rosengren, Neils '78/p77
Rosengren, Wallie '89/p 9
Rosengrene, W Mar '77/p11
Rosichka, Anna '79/p17
Rosichka, John W Y '79/p17
Rosingrene, N Mar '77/p11
Rosker, Carrie E '89/p33, 35
Roskopf, Marcella '86/p32
Roskoph, Kathlenn '86/p32
Rosries, Anna '85/p23, 37
Ross Bros; Howells, NE '89/p 3
Ross, Alenander '84/p35
Ross, Allen P '86/p3
Ross, Amanda C '78/p37
Ross, Angus '89/p 3
Ross, Betsy '84/p35
Ross, D R '82/p39
Ross, Edyth J '86/p67
Ross, Florence '86/p33
Ross, Geo '85/p26, 67
Ross, J H '78/p57
Ross, John Mar '77/p11; '85/p75; '88/p47, 48, 68
Ross, John Mrs '85/p27
Ross, M '90/p35
Ross, Maria '78/p57
Ross, Mariah L '81/p72
Ross, Mariah S '81/p72
Ross, Mary '82/p71; '88/p47
Ross, Mattie '81/p20; '82/p71; '77/p48
Ross, Miss '87/p55
Ross, Norman '89/p 3
Ross, O M '78/p37
Ross, Thos '84/p35
Ross, William Mar '77/p11; '82/p71; '86/p14; '88/p47, 68
Ross, Wm '88/p66
Rosson, G W '78/p43
Rosson, J N '78/p43
Rotberg, Charles '92/p57
Roth, Florence '81/p16
Roth, H Mrs '81/p16
Roth, Henry E '81/1p6
Roth, Henry E Jr '81/p16
Roth, J C '87/p70
Roth, Jean '81/p16
Roth, Mrs '81/p16
Rothanzl, Rose '81/p20B; '82/p20B; '85/p0
Rother, Anna '83/p4
Rother, Eva '83/p4
Rother, Jan '83/p4
Rothschildt, Amalia '84/p43
Rots, Veto '92/p18
Rotter, Franz '86/p36
Rotzel, Cathrina '84/p13
Rotzel, Friedrich Wm '84/p13
Rotzel, Hein Adolph '84/p13
Rotzel, Heinrich '84/p13
Rotzel, Heinrich Fr '84/p13
Rotzel, Joh Danile '84/p13
Rotzel, Joh Franz '84/p13
Rotzel, Maria Cath '84/p13
Roubal, Anna '86/p32
Roubal, Jos '83/p9
Roubal, Josephine '86/p312
Roubal, Maria '83/p9
Roubideaus, Joseph '83/p56
Roubinek, L J '90/p45, 54
Roubodoux, Francis '78/p1
Roubodoux, Joseph '77/p1
Roubodoux, Philo '78/p1, 2
Rouch, William '79/p48
Roump, Larua '86/p31
Roumpf, Henry '86/p50
Rourke, John '81/p58
Rousan, Andreas '92/p6, 7
Rousan, Mrs. Andreas (Mary Stehlik) '92/p6
Rousch, Cassie (Mrs. Charles Bretz) '92/p4
Rousch, Cassie '92/p7
Rousch, Eliza '90/p71
Rousch, Samuel Mar '77/p11
Rousch, Samuel M. '92/p73
Rouse, '84/p73
Rouse, C. C. '92/p34
Rouse, James R '91/p51, 53
Rouseau, Henrietthe '84/p13
Roush, Mary Anne '78/p59
Roush, S M '78/p77
Roush, Samuel '78/p59; '88/p66
Roushe, Mary Ann '87/p2
Rout, Thomas '88/p68
Rout, W E Mar '77/p11
Routes, George '92/p64
Routsin, Job Mrs '88/p42
Routson, J Mrs '88/p43
Routze, Philip '81/p69
Rover, A '84/p22
Rover, Ham '84/p22
Rover, William '84/p22
Rowalsky, Theador '87/p23
Rowan, Henry H '81/p69
Rowe, P M/M '90/p71
Rowe, R '81/p6
Rower, Margery '88/p5
Rowland, Jas '78/p20
Rowles, Mary J '88/p9
Rowley, Capt '82/p14
Roxby, John '85/p50
Roy, John '78/p2
Royal, Elizabeth '85/p53
Royal, Johnathan '85/p53
Royce & Co Furniture Store '88/p53
Royce, Louise '84/p66
Royce, Mrs '80/p39
Royce, Nellie '81/p18
Royce, W E '84/p9
Royston, Richard '81/p69
Rozecrans '92/p48
Rozensk, Aloisie '81/p24
Rozmarin, Frank '82/p59
Rozna, Joseph '86/p37
Rubeck, Baby Bradley '78/p28
Rubin, Herman '88/p75
Rubin, Ida '88/p74
Rubinstein, Chana '81/p24
Rubinstein, J Mr '81/p24
Rubottom, John W '89/p61, 69
Ruby, Claressey '88/p9
Ruby, Lydia A '88/p9
Ruby, Thomas '88/p8
Ruch, Anton '84/p43
Rud, D E '78/p16
Ruder, Mabel '89/p 9
Rudersdorf, C Mrs '86/p49
Rudersdorf, J H '82/p59
Rudge, Elward C '87/p59
Rudler, Ludwig Mar '77/p11
Rudolf, Otto '81/p24
Rudolph Johann '87/p23
Rudolph, Henry '81/p58
Rudolph, Margareth Reiffers '82/p52
Rudolph, Philip '82/p52
Rudolph, Philip Morgenthaler '82/p52
Rudolphi, R Dr '89/p 3
Rue, J Mar '77/p11
Ruegar, Kate '87/p1
Ruegge, Fred M/M '84/p45
Rueter, E Rev '80/p48
Ruff, Charles '82/p31, 33
Ruff, John Mar '77/p11
Ruff, Mary '87/p75
Ruff, Mathias '85/p75
Ruff, Matthias Mar '77/p11
Ruffini, Elsie '81/p16
Ruger, D M Mrs '90/p71
Ruggles, C C Mar '77/p11
Ruggles, George '90/p29
Ruggles, Jonathan '78/p77
Ruhe, Emma C '91/p50, 53
Ruhl, Emma '80/p68
Ruhnka, A. E. '92/p78
Ruhstradt, Mar '77/p11
Rulo village, NE '90/p14
Rumbaugh, David '85/p3
Rumbaugh, Jacob '85/p3
Rumble, Anton '92/p36
Rumery, Ferdinand '91/p58
Rumery, Jacob Mar '77/p11
Rummans, Catharine '83/p50
Rumplik, Anna '81/p24
Rumrill, William S '81/p16
Rundall, Thomas '83/p48
Rundle, Thomas '83/p48
Rundstrom, Carl L '87/p58
Runels, Richard Mar '77/p11
Runnells, P Mar '77/p11
Runnels, Dick '86/p57
Runner, K '86/p35
Runyon, Nicholas '81/p8
Rupert, Basilius '90/p37
Rupert, Minnie '86/p66
Rupert, Roy '91/p23
Rupert, W Mar '77/p11
Rupeter, Anna '86/p2
Rupp, Christian '83/p38
Rupp, J '82/p21
Ruppe, Milton '78/p33
Ruppe, Violet '78/p33
Ruppert, William Mar '77/p11
Rusey, Philip '81/p58
Rush, Emely '81/p69
Rush, Lizzie M '86/p3
Rushville village, NE '90/p14
Ruskamp, Lorenz '92/p46
Russ, Rudolph '84/p37
Russel, Patrick '81/p58
Russel, W H '81/p8
Russell, '91/p60
Russell, Allice '83/p49
Russell, Charles '86/p46
Russell, F Mrs '86/p29
Russell, Flo '89/p56
Russell, H C '85/p48
Russell, Hughston '78/p11
Russell, James L '82/p9
Russell, John '85/p72
Russell, John B '91/p25, 27
Russell, Levi S '85/p72
Russell, M '82/p21
Russell, Majors and Waddell '90/p77
Russell, Mamie L '85/p46
Russell, Martin H '91/p25, 28
Russell, Newel '78/p20
Russell, Oscar '88/p66
Russell, Phil W '87/p58
Russell, Sarah '83/p48
Russell, William H '83/p57
Russell, Wilmer '92/p34
Rust, Hattie L '83/p50
Rust, Henry Mar '77/p11
Rust, Ida E '89/p29, 30
Rusterholz, Jacob '86/p42
Rusterholz, Jacob '92/p4, 7
Rusterholz, Mrs. Jacob (Sophia Seiker) '92/p4
Rustler Staff, 1906-07 '88/p21
Rutledge, Edith '91/p26, 28, 49, 53
Ruwe Hotel; Fremont, NE '91/p67
Ruwe, A E '82/p39
Ruwe, Chris '90/p42
Ruwe, Christopher '80/p48
Ruwe, F W '88/p13
Ruwe, Jesse '87/p70
Ruwe, Jno H '87/p71
Ruwe, Malinda '84/p53
Ruwe, T W '87/p70
Ruzek, Anna '90/p53, 57
Ruzicka, James '86/p48
Ryan, C '91/p59
Ryan, Clinton A '86/p3
Ryan, Dan '82/p52
Ryan, J N Father '82/p48; '86/p44
Ryan, James '81/p69; '85/p5
Ryan, James C. '92/p12
Ryan, James G '90/p59
Ryan, John '85/p5
Ryan, John D '87/p76; '88/p66
Ryan, Katie '81/p20
Ryan, Louis W '87/p58
Ryan, Maggie '85/p25, 27
Ryan, Maggie E. (Mrs. Fred Klaes) '92/p5
Ryan, Maggie E. '92/p7
Ryan, Margareth Theresia '85/p52
Ryan, Maria '82/p55
Ryan, Martha '84/p2
Ryan, Mary '91/p74, 78
Ryan, Mary McCarthy '82/p52
Ryan, Michael Mar '77/p11
Ryan, Michael S '89/p63, 69
Ryan, Mick Mar '77/p11
Ryan, Nellie '84/p2
Ryan, Peter '86/p14, 15
Ryan, Theresa '83/p81
Ryan, Tim Mar '77/p11
Ryan, Wm '84/p2
Ryand, Mar '77/p11
Rybacek, Christina '83/p5
Rybacek, Jan '82/p5
Ryewich, John '85/p43
Ryewich, Peter '85/p43
Ryewich, Poleney '85/p43
Rylvander, Einar Wilhelm '92/p18
Ryon, John '81/p8
Rysavj, J '90/p44
Rysavy, Joseph '82/p6
Ryster, Wilhelmina '89/p28, 30
Ryster, Willamine '89/p29

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.