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B & M Depot '88/p35
Baabe, Amelia (Hoofs) '78/p35
Baas, Charles '81/p18
Baas, Herman '88/p28
Babbit, A M/M '83/p37
Babbit, Rodney '81/p49
Babbitt, Amsi '81/p37
Babbitt, Dora '86/p37
Babbitt, F E '81/p37
Babbitt, Geo W '81/p37
Babbitt, Kate E '81/p37
Babbitt, M E '81/p37
Babbitt, M/M '86/p37
Babbitt, Martha D '81/p37
Babbitt, Wm H '81/p37
Babcock, '86/p16
Babcock, Bun '80/p33; '86/p16
Babcock, Etha '81/p49
Babcock, George J. '92/p/p34
Babendure, Abram '92/p/p41
Babghart, Isaac '90/p54, 55
Bachelors Hall; Fremont, NE '91/p32
Bachmann, Carl '89/p36
Bachmann, Walter '89/p36
Bachta, Helen '81/p21
Backer, Fred '87/p5
Backer, Henry '89/p28, 29
Backer, Herrick '88/p64
Backers, P Mar '77/p1
Backhaus, Frederic '89/p28, 29
Backus, E Mar '77/p1
Bacon, E '81/p6
Bacon, Eva M Mrs '91/p44
Bacon, George F '86/p2
Bacon, Mr '90/p72
Bader Bros '87/p71
Bader, Edward William Dewadanam '92/p/p61
Bader, F E '78/p50
Bader, Gustav '89/p64, 66
Bader, J. R. '92/p/p76
Bader, J. R. '92/p/p77
Badge, J W '88/p64
Badger, Dr '80/p23, 24
Badger, J C '82/p57
Badger, Milton Rev '80/p22
Badger, Mr '90/p72
Badger, Otis '89/p36
Badger, W D M/M '82/p57
Badger, Wm D '86/p60
Badgerow, Maude '87/p49
Badlini, John '81/p64
Badzunis, Area '86/p35
Baehr, Jacob '78/p32
Baehr, Lena '78/p32
Baehr, Lizzie '78/p31
Baehr, Marie '78/p32
Bagley, John '78/p17
Bagley, M '78/p17
Bagley, Russia '82/p14
Bagley, T N '78/p17
Bahle, H Mar ;77/p1
Bahle, John Mar '77/p1
Bahne, Albert '84/p10
Bahne, Dieterich '84/p10
Baier & Weich '85/p66
Baier, J '89/p10
Baier, Jacob '89/p27, 29;
Baier, Jake M/M '85/p21
Baier, Lewis '87/p71
Baiers, Minnie '88/p42
Bailer, Robert '81/p64
Bailey, Anna '87/p77
Bailey, C '80/p33
Bailey, Emma Alberta '88/p9
Bailey, Ezekiel '78/p10
Bailey, Geo '91/p44
Bailey, George A '81/p41
Bailey, Henry '90/p36
Bailey, J C M/M '81/p74
Bailey, Jefferson '78/p17
Bailey, Maud B '84/p54
Bailey, Thomas '84/p22
Bailey, Turner '84/p22
Baily, H F '81/p49
Baily, Jacob '86/p9
Baily, Joshua Bradford '78/p53
Bain, Thomas A '81/p13
Bair, Anthony '81/p64
Baird, Dr '84/p8
Baird, Warren '88/p64
Baith, Mr '90/p72
Baja, Catherine '86/p36
Bajaersch, David '84/p10
Baker & Briggs May '77/p1
Baker, '89/p80
Baker, A Mar '77/p1; '81/p39, 40
Baker, A E '82/p22
Baker, Able '82/p14
Baker, Ada '85/p54
Baker, Andrew Mar '77/p1
Baker, Benjamin '85/p54; '88/p1
Baker, Betsey J '79/p45
Baker, Charles Mar '77/p1; '81/p49; '86/p3
Baker, Charles '89/p52
Baker, Daniel '79/p46
Baker, Ella '89/p52
Baker, Emma '82/p54
Baker, Francis '81/p49
Baker, Frank A '87/p58
Baker, Frederick '80/p69
Baker, Friedreich Jr Mar '77/p1
Baker, Friedreich Sr Mar '77/p1
Baker, Geo '85/p54
Baker, George '78/p7
Baker, Henry '81/p49
Baker, Ira '85/p54
Baker, J C '84/p49
Baker, J C M/M '81/p78
Baker, J L Mrs '80/p39
Baker, Jane '81/p49
Baker, L '92/p/p49
Baker, L. W. '92/p/p33
Baker, L. W. '92/p/p34
Baker, Levi Mar '77/p1; '78/p75
Baker, Levi '92/p/p72
Baker, Lou '87/p35
Baker, Lydia E '85/p54
Baker, Mary J '85/p54
Baker, Matilda '79/p47
Baker, N Mar '77/p1
Baker, Nelson P '80/p12
Baker, Ottaway C '88/p17
Baker, Rachael '79/p45
Baker, Richard '79/p1
Baker, Rick '79/p1
Baker, S B '91/p26
Baker, S B Mr '91/p25
Baker, Samuel '81/p39
Baker, Sarah '87/p3
Baker, Thomas '78/p5
Baker, William Mar '77/p1; '81/p49
Baker, William '90/p53, 55
Baker, William R '85/p72
Bakers Addition Mar '77/p1
Bakowski, Charles Edward '92/p/p15
Bakowski, Fredrick '92/p/p15
Balch, W E Mar '77/p1
Baldauf, Michael '81/p64
Balding & Geitzen '85/p66
Balding, '85/p31
Balding, Fannie '92/p/p76
Balding, Fannie '92/p/p77
Balding, James Mar '77/p1; '78/p75; '85/p32; '88/p64
Balding, James '92/p/p49
Balding, James '92/p/p72
Balding, Jas M/M '90/p41
Balding, Jim '90/p41; '91/p21
Balding, Joseph Mar '77/p1
Balding, Josie '85/p21
Balding, Mr '90/p30, 42
Baldini, Francis '81/p64
Baldry, Mary Ann '90/p53, 55
Balduff & Wolz; Fremont, '89/p10, 11
Balduff, Mar '77/1; '88/p1
Balduff, A L '89/p12
Balduff, C '80/40; '85/p73
Balduff, C '89/p12, 13
Balduff, Charley '90/p29
Balduff, Chas '85/p66
Balduff, Chas H '84/p8
Baldwin '92/p/p20
Baldwin Mary E '87/p5
Baldwin, '91/p80; '92/p 20
Baldwin, Bela '89/p13
Baldwin, C. Lulu '92/p/p78
Baldwin, Dodge & Co '91/p8
Baldwin, Elise '81/p13
Baldwin, Elizabeth (Tabler) '91/p80; '92/p 20
Baldwin, Elizabeth Tabler '92/p/p20
Baldwin, F W Dr '81/p13
Baldwin, James '79/p43
Baldwin, Jno W '81/p27
Baldwin, John '78/p3
Baldwin, Lew '91/p22, 23
Baldwin, M. O. '92/p/p34
Baldwin, Mary '81/p27
Baldwin, Nellie '89/p36
Baldwin, Polly '78/p1
Baldwin, Robert W '85/p8
Baldwin, T Rev '86/p59
Balek, Antonie Mrs '81/p21
Balek, Helen '81/p21
Baler, Jacob '88/p64
Ball, Chas E '85/p9
Ball, George '81/p49
Ball, Inico '88/p1
Ball, James '82/p11; '85/p8
Ball, Lucinda E '88/p1
Ball, Nancy '82/p11
Ball, Thomas '81/p49
Ballard, Byron '78/p6
Ballard, Hattie '85/p10
Ballenger, Charles O '87/p58
Ballian, Mary '85/p59
Balling, M. '92/p/p34
Ballinger, Charles '82/p23
Ballon, Frank '88/p5
Ballon, John E '87/p59
Ballon, Julia '88/p75
Balmer, Rev '78/p59
Balon, Mathilda '82/p78
Baltimore Hotel '84/p8
Baltreusch, Chas '85/p6
Baltreusch, George '85/p6
Baltruch, Susanna '82/p55
Baltrusch, Carolus '82/p53
Baltrusch, George '82/p53
Baltrusch, Louise Polands '82/p53
Baltrush, Carroll '82/p53
Baltrush, Catherina '82/p53
Baltrush, Charles '82/p53
Baltrush, Susanna '82/p53
Baltrush, Susanna Reifers '82/p53
Baltrush, Susanna Reiffers '82/p53
Balturch, Anna Reifers '82/p53
Balturch, Carroll '82/p53
Balturch, Joannes '82/p53
Balwin, John '81/p27
Bamford, John '91/p25, 26
Bammer, Joseph '86/p2
Bamsure, Maria'82/p53
Banard, David '81/p9
Bancroft & McBain Mar '77/p1
Bancroft village, NE '90/p12
Bancroft, Eliza '91/p25, 26
Bancroft, Henry '79/p43
Bancroft, Horace Mrs '88/p42
Bancroft, Pomroy '83/p75
Bancroft, Sarah '83/p75
Band of Hope; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Baner, Alice '81/p79
Bang, C A '91/p58
Bang, Carl '91/p58
Bang, Charlie Mar '77/p1
Bang, Eugene '81/p18
Bang, Gene Mar '77/p1C
Banghardt, Isaac '89/p55
Banghardt, Van M/M '86/p19
Banghart see Babghart '90/p55
Banghart, C A '87/p17
Banghart, Carl D '87/p17
Banghart, Catharine A '87/p17
Banghart, Catharine E '87/p17
Banghart, Cloyd V '87/p17
Banghart, E G '87/p17
Banghart, Eddie '88/p26
Banghart, Edith '88/p26
Banghart, Edith E '87/p17
Banghart, Elizabeth Hile '87/p20
Banghart, Frankie '87/p17
Banghart, Gertrude '86/p32
Banghart, H C '78/p62; '85/p75
Banghart, Henry '88/p67
Banghart, Henry C Mar '77/p1; '87/p4
Banghart, I '87/p17
Banghart, Isaac Mar '77/p1; '87/p17; '88/p67
Banghart, Jessie '87/p17
Banghart, M/M '81/p78
Banghart, Mable G '87/p17
Banghart, Thomas I '87/p17
Banghart, V '87/p17
Banghart, VaGilder '88/p67
Banghart, Van Mar '77/p1; '87/p1
Banghart, Vangilder '87/p17
Bangs, Estella M '85/p9
Banish, J '81/p35
Banish, Joseph '81/p27
Banister, William '88/p10
Bank, Amah '83/p75
Bank, Chas '83/p75
Bank; Dodge, NE '90/p45
Bankes, John '82/p12
Bankes, William '82/p12
Banks, A O & Sons; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Bankson, John '78/p2
Banner, Henry '81/p49
Bannin, R D '81/p64
Bannister, Lucretia '88/p9
Bannon, Andrew '81/p64
Bannon, Margaret '81/p64
Bannon, Richard '81/p64
Banta, A Y Mar '77/p1
Banta, C E '80/p37
Banta, Eunice '84/p4
Banta, George E. '92/p/p3, 6
Banta, J F Mar '77/p1
Banta, J J Mar '77/p1
Banta, J S Mar '77/p1
Banta, Maggie '84/p4
Banta, Melissa J '87/p77
Baptist Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14, 57; '91/p65
Baptist Records '91/p73
Barada village, NE '90/p12
Baratt, R A '80/p14
Barb, R S '86/p46
Barbar, A J '85/p72
Barbek, Anthony '81/p21
Barber, C D '79/p54, 56, 57; '84/p71
Barber, Geo '88/p39
Barber, James H '82/p30
Barber, Jessie M '88/p9
Barber, Lizzie '87/p4
Barber, Mattie '81/p19
Barber, Mr '89/p53
Barber, Mrs '86/p30
Barber, R W Mrs '85/p21
Barber,James '81/p80; '86/p1
Barbour, Chauncey '81/p49
Barbox, Mary '81/p39
Barclay, E A '85/p50
Barclay, James '85/p50
Barclay, Jeannie C '85/p50
Bardsley, Hannah '78/p46
Bardsley, Jonas '78/p46
Bare, Daiv '83/p71
Bare, Mahale '83/p71
Barenik, Gessie '81/p21
Barenik, Mary '81/p21
Barge, August '84/p73
Barge, Joachim J '81/p42
Barge, Judge '89/p66
Bark Gutenberg '83/p19
Bark Inca '83/p19
Bark Johanne Marie '83/p19
Bark Precicsa '83/p19
Bark, Charlotte '83/p19
Barker, Alyce '82/p42; '86/p24; '88/p28
Barker, Eliza '82/p33
Barker, J B '85/p72
Barker, John '78/p63; '82/p33
Barker, John Jr. '82/p33
Barker, Lizzie '78/p62
Barker, Martha '82/p32
Barker, William '87/p59
Barlett, C W '87/p71
Barlett, George Mar '77/p1
Barnard '80/p58
Barnard & Koontz '82/p28
Barnard & Springer '84/p8
Barnard E L Mar '77/p1
Barnard Park Military; Fremont, NE '89/p19
Barnard, '81/p71; '85/p68
Barnard, A W '78/p19
Barnard, Ada '79/p46
Barnard, E E Mar'77/p1; '78/p75; '82/p8, 38; '85/p32, 63, 68, 69; '86/p79; '88/p56, 65
Barnard, E H '89/p13-14,31,33,41,53;
Barnard, E H M/M '89/p51
Barnard, E W Mar '77/p1; '85/p75
Barnard, E. H. '92/p/p72
Barnard, Edwin B '78/p44,64
Barnard, Edwin H Jr '89/p36
Barnard, Edwin R '79/p63
Barnard, Flora '87/p1
Barnard, Henry Mar '77/p1; '78/p75; '88/p64
Barnard, Henry '92/p/p72
Barnard, Ida B '89/p62, 66
Barnard, J C '84/p28
Barnard, Kuntz & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p31
Barnard, Mr '90/p25
Barnard, Mr. '85/p69
Barnard, N B '82/8p
Barnard, Ned '82/p8; '88/p31
Barnard, Ned '91/p23
Barnard, O C '84/p28
Barnard, W Mar '77/p1
Barnard, Will '85/p77
Barnebee, M '78/p19
Barnell, Esther '85/p57
Barnell, John '85/p57
Barnell, Lorenzo '80/p12
Barnell, Lucy '85/p57
Barnell, Norman '80/p14
Barnes Martha L '80/p67
Barnes, '79/p17
Barnes, Antha Pulsaki '83/p50
Barnes, George O '87/p58
Barnes, Judia H '88/p8
Barnes, M E '81/p49
Barnes, Mrs. '88/p41
Barnes, N E '83/p64
Barnes, Nora '86/p25, 27
Barnes, Thos Mrs '88/p42
Barnes, William '80/p68
Barnes, Wm Rev '78/p4
Barneston village, NE '90/p12
Barnett, F M '81/p50
Barnett, Mr. '85/p72
Barnett, S S Dr '81/p21
Barnhart, Jeremiah '79/p70
Barnholdt, Fred '86/p49
Barning, Meta Adelheid '79/p22
Barns, J E '82/p31
Barns, Judia H '88/p8
Barns, T W '78/p12
Barns, Wm T '78/p5
Barnthsen, Alfred August '92/p/p21
Barnum, Geo E '81/p27
Barnum, Guy C '91/p33
Barnum, Helen '81/p27
Barnum, Job V '81/p27
Barnum, Marcia '81/p27
Baroon, Wm M/M '83/p2
Barothy, Kilman '90/p54, 55
Barpett, Samuel '89/p28
Barr '92/p/p48
Barr, Capt '82/p15
Barr, E A Mar '77/p1; '78/p7
Barr, Laura A '89/p28, 29
Barrell, John '86/p25
Barrett, Cyntha A '85/p56
Barrett, D '81/p64
Barrett, E D '86/p15
Barrett, Gwendolla Alice '88/p25
Barrett, J W '85/p56
Barrett, Laura '86/p15
Barrett, M J '82/p53
Barrett, Marvin Mar '77/p1
Barrett, Richard '85/p56
Barrett, Sam '86/p76
Barrett, Samuel '89/p29
Barri, Mar '77/p1
Barron, Frank J '87/p58
Barry, Adjutant General '87/p58
Barry, Anton '85/p50
Barry, Edith '85/p50
Barry, Hannah '85/p50
Barry, Jane '78/p44
Barry, John '78/p18
Barry, John C '81/p50
Barry, Marin '82/p55
Barry, Mary Mansy '87/p49
Barry, Michael '82/p54. 55
Barry, P Mar '77/p1
Bars, Carl '91/p58
Bars, E A Mar '77/p1
Barta, A K '81/p13
Barta, Frant '86/p38
Barta, Mrs '81/p13
Barta, Robert '82/p77
Bartak, '82/p25A
Bartak, Charles '82/p25A
Bartek, Frantiska '83/p11
Bartek, Jan '83/p11
Bartek, Joseph '86/p52
Bartek, Joseph B M/M '86/p52
Bartels, Gussie '88/p74
Barter, H '86/p35
Barth, August '80/p17
Barth, Emilie '88/p1
Barth, Nick '82/p31
Barth, Sophia '80/p17
Barth, Valentine '81/p50
Bartholemew, Wm G '78/p2
Bartholomew, C Mrs '79/p46
Bartholomow, Cynthia '79/p63
Bartiens, Reman '81/p50
Bartlett & Co '83/p37
Bartlett Bros; North Bend, NE '90/p48
Bartlett, A Mar '77/p1
Bartlett, Alice '91/p74, 76
Bartlett, D J Dr '91/p57
Bartlett, G. H. '93/p34
Bartlett, George '85/p21; '86/p42
Bartlett, George W '80/p78
Bartlett, Grave '88/p28
Bartlett, Grove '82/p42; '86/p24
Bartlett, M S '81/p42
Bartlett, Mamie '82/p32
Bartlett, V E Mrs '81/p40
Bartlett, Vic '90/p47
Bartlett, Victor W '89/p65, 66
Bartlette, George '81/p72
Bartley village NE '90/p12
Bartley, David J '81/p42
Bartley, Lucretia R '81/p41
Bartley, William G '81/p50
Bartling, Lena '87/p71
Barton, Clyde '87/p69
Barton, F. J. '92/p/p46
Barton, John '81/p2
Barton, Joseph Mar '77/p1
Barton, Katherine '89/p63
Barton, Katherine M '89/p66
Barton, Wiliam E Rev '81/p13
Bartons, F. J. '92/p/p47
Bartos, Alois '81/p21
Bartos, K W Mrs '86/p38
Bartos, Mrs '81/p21
Bartosch, Frank '91/p76
Bartosh, Anton '81/p44
Bartosh, Anton '90/p44
Bartosh, Frank Mar '77/p1
Bartosh, Frank '85/p76
Bartosh, Frank '91/p76
Bartosh, Wenzel Mar '77/p1
Bartunek, Anna '83/p4
Bartunek, James '85/p45
Barz, Adelheid '81/p21
Baseed, '88/p1
Baselt, Fonda D. '92/p/p59
Basler, Mar '77/p1
Basler, C D Mar '77/p1; '85/p74
Basler, C D '89/p4
Basler, Carl '91/p57
Basler, Christanna '87/p1
Basler, Geo '89/p10, 11
Basler, George '84/p44; '88/p59
Basler, Harry H. '92/p/p38
Basler, J '88/p59
Basler, Jacob Mar '77/p1; '80/p37; '88/p64
Basler, Jacob M/M '90/p70
Basler, Louisa '91/p75, 76
Basler, Philip Mar '77/p1
Basler, Phillip '78/p75
Basler, W F '80/p37
Basler, W F M/M '90/p70
Basler, William F '81/p80
Baslers '92/p/p48
Basolt, Mary '89/p61, 66
Bass, Carolina '80/p69
Bassett village, NE '90/p12
Bassett, Ila Mae '88/p49
Bassett, Samuel M '78/p50
Bassman, Amelia '86/p4
Basta Bros '82/p59
Bastar, Anton '81/p3
Bastek, Barbara '83/p9
Bastek, Jan '83/p9
Bastrom, Anna L '83/p53
Bastrom, Olof '85/p53
Bata, Alois '89/p3
Batavia Steamer '86/p69
Batchelder, Mrs '88/p75
Batenhorst, Anton 92/p46
Batenhorst, Frank '92/p/p46
Batenhorst, Joe '92/p/p46
Bates , W '81/p27, 32
Bates, Barnabus '81/p72
Bates, Charles '78/p75
Bates, Col B '81/p72
Bates, E W '81/p27
Bates, Electra '81/p27
Bates, J H '78/p55
Bates, Mary '78/p55
Bates, S W '90/p4
Bates, Wm '80/p54; '81/p27
Batey, Johanna McGuire '82/p52
Batey, Leo '82/p52
Batey, Robert '82/p52
Bathric, A '79/p49
Batia, Frances '89/p28, 29
Batie, Caroline A '79/p46
Batie, Elizabeth G '79/p46
Batie, Ellen '87/p1
Batie, John '78/p75; '79/p46
Batson, A B M/M '82/p57
Batson, Edna '82/p57; '88/p29
Batson, Eva '89/p36
Batson, Mr '90/p72
Batson, Ray '82/p57
Battersbee, John '81/p50
Battie, John Mar '77/p1
Battle Creek village, NE '90/p12
Batty, Samuel '78/p50
Bau, Frederick '85/p29
Bauer '89/p37
Bauer, Andreas '87/p24
Bauer, Anna '83/p11
Bauer, Carolyn '81/p79
Bauer, Emiel '86/p33
Bauer, Emma F '86/p33
Bauer, Ferdinand '84/p38
Bauer, Frank '88/p63
Bauer, Frank '89/p10
Bauer, J H '91/p33
Bauer, Jan '83/p2
Bauer, Joe Mrs '86/p48
Bauer, John '88/p63
Bauer, John '89/p3, 10
Bauer, John F '87/p75
Bauer, Julius '88/p1
Bauer, Lawrence '87/p77
Bauer, Magdelene '83/p2
Bauer, Marie '84/p10
Bauer, P L '78/p63
Bauer, Peter '82/p32
Bauerle, Flor '86/p35
Bauerle, Florian '86/p36
Baufinger, Marie '86/p35
Baulduff, Charles Mar '77/p1; '87/p1
Baum, Arthur '84/p35
Baum, Christ '84/p5
Baum, Emilie '84/p5
Baum, Frederick '85/p21
Baum, Joe '92/p/p15
Baum, Mathaus '83/p48
Baum, William '84/p35
Baum. Ida '84/p5
Bauman, A Mar '77/p1
Bauman, Albert Mar '77/p1; '87/p5
Bauman, Anton Mar '77/p1; '88/p64
Bauman, Anton '90/p24
Bauman, E M '83/p38
Bauman, George '85/p21
Bauman, H '82/p65
Bauman, Johnnie '88/p74
Bauman, L Mar '77/p1
Bauman, O Mar '77/p1
Bauman, Otto '83/p37, 38
Bauman, Sheriff '86/p18
Bauman, Whilhelmina '81/p80
Baumann, Hermann '91/p61
Baumberger, Anna '84/p10
Baumberger, Elise '84/p10
Baumberger, Hein '84/p10
Baumert, Anne '79/p6
Baumert, Bernard '91/p51
Baumert, Bernard A '79/p6
Baumert, Edwin '79/p7
Baumert, Elizabeth '79/p8
Baumert, Frank J '79/p6
Baumert, Gertrude '79/p6
Baumert, Katherine '79/p9
Baumert, Ruth Ellen '79/p8
Baumert, Theresa '79/p6
Baumert, William '79/p8
Baumgard, August 79/p36
Baumgard, Ernestine '79/p36
Baumgardener, Mahlon '91/p5
Baumhauer '89/p37
Baumhoefener, '83/p50
Baunn, H G '78/p10
Baur, H M Mar '77/p1
Baur, Gottlob '92/p/p66
Baur, Peter '81/p81; '86/p1
Baurn, Christian '91/p74, 76
Bauser, William F. '92/p/p34
Baxter, Charlotte '86/p66
Baxter, Elsie V '85/p30
Baxter, Erand E '83/p64
Baxter, Helen '86/p67
Baxter, Washington '86/p25
Baxter, William '81/p64
Baxter, William L '87/p59
Bayer, '86/p42
Bayer, Joseph '91/p50, 51
Bayer, Mary L '87/p2
Bayha, C F '91/p29
Bayha, C F Mrs '80/p38
Bayhayle, Baptiste '81/p38
Bayley, Winslow '78/p13
Bayliss, S S '78/p19
Baylisss, Samuel '78/p17B
Bazata, Baby '78/p67
Bazenoks, Flora '87/p75
Bazzle, George '88/p10
Bbarrtlett, Amy Mar '77/p1
Beach '92/p/p50
Beach, Mar '77/p1
Beach, D W Mar '77/p1
Beach, Henry '81/p50
Beach, Minnie '87/p3
Beachler, S E '82/p31
Beadles, A F '78/p43
Beadles, Amanda F '78/p43
Beadles, J M '78/p43
Beadles, James M '78/p43
Beadles, Louisa '78/p43
Beadles, Mary A '78/p43
Beady, Lizzie '88/p50
Beagle, Oliver '82/p72,73
Beal, Nellie A '87/p49
Beal, W D '78/p4
Beale, Mr Rev '88/p7
Beales, Hannah M '87/p49
Beales, W B '81/p8
Beales, William '81/p8
Beall, Byron Rev '91/p33
Beall, Roger T '79/p70
Bealley, Anna '82/p55
Bealley, Robert '82/p55
Bealls, Harry L '88/p1
Beam, Ruth M '78/p48
Beaman, I K '84/p67
Beaman, J O '84/p67
Beaman, James '78/p75
Bean, Adelmer J '83/p49
Bean, Benjamin L '88/p9
Bear, Alex Dr '83/p62
Bear, Alex Dr '90/p34
Bear, Dr '90/p10, 34
Bear, Dr. '78/p73; '80/p26; '83/p62
Bear, Samuel A '86/p3
Beard, Ellen Mrs '78/p2
Beard, John '78/p2
Beard, Molen '78/p2
Beard, Thomas '79/p42
Beard, William '78/p7
Beardsley S '81/p35
Beardsley, J M '82/p22
Beardsley, Laura '87/p70
Beare, William '80/p68
Bears, Bessy '87/p21
Beasley, Anna Emily '78/p53
Beasley, Elias '79/p50
Beath, S K '70/p47
Beath, Samuel K '78/p75
Beath, Samuel K. '92/p/p72
Beatison, Amelia '83/p77
Beatison, Israel '83/p77
Beatison, Minnie '83/p77
Beatrice city, NE '90/p12
Beatty, George '81/p50
Beatty, Jeanette '86/p66
Beaty, Johanna '82/p54
Beaty, Robert '82/p54
Beaumann, Anton '87/p76
Beaurais, C P '81/p50
Beaurais, E C '81/p50
Beaver Crossing village, NE '90/p12
Beaver town, NE '90/p12
Beaver, Mar '77/p1
Beaver, Col '80/p38
Beaver, J M '81/p78
Beaver, J M M/M '82/p31
Beaver, James M '90/p11
Beaver, John '78/p63
Beaver, M '86/p25
Beaver, Mary E '85/p49
Beaver, Samuel '85/p49
Beaver, Terrence '85/p49
Bebbe, Wealthy S '87/p76
Becher, G G '84/p65
Bechtol, Nettie '81/p19
Bechtold, Bertha '82/p33
Bechtold, C L '82/p33; '85/p31
Bechtold, Ella '89/p65, 66
Bechtold, Ellen '82/p33; '85/p31
Bechtold, L F '82/p31,32
Bechtold, L G '82/p32
Bechtold, Levi Thomas '82/p33; '85/p31
Bechtold, May '82/p33
Bechtold, Oliver '82/p42; '86/p24; '88/p28
Beck Mrs. John Louis (Louise Sasse) '92/p/p3
Beck, Mar '77/p1
Beck, Alla '82/p71
Beck, Anne M '87/p63
Beck, August & family '86/p36
Beck, Burn D '83/p71
Beck, Edward '86/p38
Beck, Ellen '83/p71
Beck, Erastus '87/p63
Beck, Hilbert W '78/p63
Beck, Ignatz '84/p10
Beck, John '84/p39
Beck, John B '83/p71
Beck, John Louis '92/p/p3, 6
Beck, Julia '89/p28, 29
Beck, Kirsten M '87/p63
Beck, Marcus '84/p23
Beck, Marie '87/p63
Beck, Mrs '90/p42
Beck, Nexell '84/p63
Beck, Niels B '87/p63
Beck, Niels R '87/p63
Beck, Ole R '87/p63
Beck, Rusell '83/p71
Beck, Russell '83/p71
Beck, Susannah '81/p13
Beck, Thomas, '92/p/p37
Beck, W T '81/p27
Beck, William B '80/p52
Beckam, Anrew '87/p4
Beckenhauer, Sam '92/p/p47
Beckenhauer, William '91/p50, 51
Becker '89/p37
Becker, '84/p58
Becker, Allen Mar '77/p1
Becker, Arthur '85/p30
Becker, August '87/p4
Becker, Christina '83/p4
Becker, H '90/p44
Becker, Hubert '89/p1
Becker, J P '87/p43
Becker, Joe '82/p31
Becker, Joseph '83/p4
Becker, Mariana '83/p4
Becker, Meta '87/p4
Becker, Otto '86/p46
Becker, Peter '83/p4
Becker, William '85/p21
Becket, Samuel R '82/p15
Beckett, Martha C '82/p15
Beckius, Matt Mrs '86/p49
Beckland, Asahel W '88/p8
Beckman, A Mr '89/p72
Beckman, Andrew '89/p72, 74
Beckman, Carl B '87/p50
Beckman, Charles '89/p72
Beckman, George '84/p21
Beckman, Herman '87/p70
Beckman, John '84/p21
Beckman, Mary '84/p6
Beckman, Sadie '85/p77
Beckwith, D C Mar '77/p1
Beckwith, D E Mar '77/p1
Beckwith, George L. '92/p/p3, 6
Beckwith, Joel Mar '77/p1
Beckwith, Mary A '87/p3
Beckwith, Mrs. George L. (Emily E. Dodge) '92/p/p3
Beckwith, Oscar F '86/p4
Becraft, Harriet J '88/p9
Beddo, J H '78/p1
Beddoes, Wm G '78/p24
Bedell, E '78/p17
Bednar, Gerald '85/p48
Bedsted, Wm '81/p27
Bee, Barnard D '81/50
Beeach, Mar '77/p1
Beebe, '90/p35
Beebe, A G Dr '83/61
Beebe, A G Dr '90/p33
Beebe, A S '81/p50
Beebe, Amanda '81/p50
Beebe, Bart '81/p50
Beebe, C '89/p53
Beebe, C C Mar '77/p1
Beebe, C E '89/p2
Beebe, C P Mar '77/p1
Beebe, Chancy C '78/p75
Beebe, Chancy C. '92/p/p72
Beebe, Charles Mar '77/p1; '79/p46
Beebe, Charles P '78/p75; '83/p64
Beebe, Charles P. '92/p/p72
Beebe, Chas M '88/p64
Beebe, Chas P '79/p50
Beebe, Chauncey C '88/p64
Beebe, E P Mar '77/p1
Beebe, Emily J '91/p75, 76
Beebe, H P Mar '77/p1; '79/p46, 59, 60
Beebe, H P '91/p54; '92/p 72
Beebe, Hattie '81/p18; '88/p50
Beebe, Henry '86/p32
Beebe, Henry M/M '86/p79
Beebe, Henry P '78/p75; '85/p63, 65; '88/p56, 57, 64
Beebe, Hiram '81/p50
Beebe, John Mar '77/p1; '78/p75; '79/p46
Beebe, John '92/p/p72
Beebe, L J '78/p46
Beebe, Laura '81/p50
Beebe, M '88/p64
Beebe, M B Mar '77/p1
Beebe, Martin '78/p75; '79/p46
Beebe, Martin '92/p/p72
Beebe, Martin R '87/p1
Beebe, Mary '81/p50
Beebe, Philo '81/p50
Beebe, Pretise '86/p31
Beebe, Sarah '81/p50; '84/50
Beebe, Stedman P '85/p63; '88/p56
Beebe, W B Mar '77/p1
Beebe, W C Mar '77/p1
Beebe, Wealthy '85/p71
Beebe, Wealthy '92/p/p76
Beebe. H. P. '92/p/p72
Beecraft, George W '78/p50
Beelevile, Rachel E '88/p8
Beeman, James Mar '77/p1; '88/p64
Beeman, Joshua 86/p58; '88/p64
Beemer village, NE '90/p12
Beemer, A D '83/p63
Beemer, Al '83/p30, 32
Beemer, Albert '89/p9
Beemer, D R '82/p30; '85/p73
Beemer, Dan '85/p72
Beemer, David '85/p21
Beemer, J R '85/p73
Beemer, Lillie M '89/p62, 67
Beemer, Mary '83/p32; '87/p3
Been, Clyde '86/p33
Beener, A H '82/p21
Beens, F J Mar '77/p1
Beens, William Mar '77/p1
Beerbohm, Alvian '78/p34
Beerbohm, Arthur '79/p37
Beerbohm, Augusta '79/p28
Beerbohm, Carl S '79/27
Beerbohm, Emma '70/p37
Beerbohm, Frank '79/p 24, 28
Beerbohm, Friederich '79/p26
Beerbohm, Friederike '79/p26
Beerbohm, Friedrich '79/p27
Beerbohm, Fritz J '79/p26
Beerbohm, Hanna '79/p26
Beerbohm, Henrietta '79/p27
Beerbohm, Henry '79/p37
Beerbohm, Herman '79/p35
Beerbohm, Johann '79/p25
Beerbohm, Marie '79/p28
Beerbohm, Morris '79/p30
Beerbohm, Raymond F '79/p26
Beerbohm, Sharon K '79/p30
Beerbohm, Sophia '78/p25
Beerbohm, Wilhelm '79/p35
Beerdan, James '88/p1
Beermaker, John '83/p64
Beerman, Joshua Mar '77/p1
Beers, Rev '88/p48
Beers, Thomas J '87/p76
Beers, Will H '80/p14
Beery, A M/M '81/p78
Beery, Abraham '88/p1
Beggs, Charles '79/p42
Begler, Lewis '82/p23
Beherns, Eline Adeheid '87/p1
Behle, Mar '77/p1
Behle, Daniel '88/p64
Behle, Henry '81/p41
Behle, Henry '87/p76; '88/p64
Behle, Minnie '78/p60
Behling, Anita '79/p25
Behling, Anna '79/p25
Behling, Beata Anna Meta '79/p25
Behling, Bertha Meta '79/p29
Behling, Brune '79/p26
Behling, Carl '79/p26
Behling, Delilah '79/p29
Behling, Heinrich '79/p26
Behling, Herman '79/p25
Behling, Kath Margaretha (Meier) '79/p21
Behling, Reinhard '79/p29
Behling, Richard '79/p25
Behm, Henry '89/p12; '90/p48
Behr, Friedr Aug '84/p41
Behrend, Albert '81/p13
Behrend, Dr '81/p13
Behrend, Jean '81/p13
Behrend, Mrs '81/p13
Behrends, Marie '82/p60
Behrens F H Mar '77/p1
Behrens, Amalia (Mollie) '92/p/p40
Behrens, Fred '92/p/p40
Behrens, Henry '92/p/p40
Behrens, Henry '92/p/p46
Behrens, J H Mar '77/p1
Behrens, Mail Carrier '81/p48
Behrens, Margretta '87/p4
Behrens, Mollie (Amalia '92/p/p40
Behrens, Peter '92/p/p40
Behrens, Peter '89/p64, 67; '92/p 40
Behrin, J '86/p33
Behrns, Anna '87/p76
Beilke, Wilhelmina '91/p74, 76
Beimer, F '86/p35
Bek, Louie '81/p64
Belangee, Anna '89/p61, 67
Belcher, A M Mrs '81/p13
Belcher, Bartlett B '78/p7
Belcher, William '78/p7
Belden village, NE '90/p12
Belden, A F '81/p50
Belden, Anselme '81/p50
Belden, N B '88/p67
Belden, N S Mr '89/p28, 29
Belden, W O '87/p58
Beldon, N S Mar '77/p1
Belek, John '92/p/p3, 6
Belek, Mrs. John (Mary Hynes) '92/p/p3
Belew, John '78/p4
Belford, '91/p60
Belik, Jan '83/p9
Belik, Maria '83/p9
Belknak, Mr '88/p1
Belknap, Albert '81/p80
Belknap, Mrs '88/p1
Belknap, Orin '88/p64
Bell & Levy; Fremont, NE '89/p78
Bell Creek Class,NE '90/p67
Bell Creek Salem,NE '90/p66
Bell H N Mar '77/p1
Bell, Clara V '78/p62
Bell, Dr '80/p36
Bell, G E '81/p13
Bell, Gen Hiram '78/p62
Bell, H N '78/p75
Bell, J '78/p22
Bell, J A '79/p44
Bell, J D '89/p11
Bell, J R Capt '84/p18
Bell, James A '84/p28; '88/p1
Bell, James A '91/p11
Bell, John '78/p16; '81/p64
Bell, John J H Mrs '91/p45
Bell, L K '79/p20
Bell, Laura '92/p/p34
Bell, Mary J '79/p44
Bell, Mrs '88/p52
Bell, N A Mar '77/p1
Bell, N H Mar '77/p1; '79/p68; '80/p40; '83/p63; '88/p52, 64
Bell, N H '89/p10
Bell, T R '82/p22
Bell, Thos '88/p38
Bell, William '88/p9
Belle Creek, NE '90/p66
Bellengen, C E Mar '77/p1
Bellevue Lodge No 1 '89/p8
Bellevue Medical College '83/p67
Bellinger, A M Mar '77/p1
Bellinger, C E '78/p75
Bellinger, E C '88/p64
Bellour, Mr '83/p45
Bellowes, Hiram '84/p1
Bellowes, Jessie '84/p1
Bellowes, Louis '84/p1
Bellows & Crow '85/p66
Bellows, Alonzo J '81/p50
Bellows, Mertie '89/p9
Bellwood village, NE '90/p12
Belong, Catharine '83/p49
Belvidere village, NE '90/p12
Bemer, Detlef '88/p10
Bemis Bag Co '87/p57
Benard, F M '78/p21
Benard, M '78/p21
Bend, Miss '84/51
Bend, Sarah E '84/p51
Benda, Anna '83/p6
Bender, J A '84/p8
Bender, Mary '85/p5
Bender, Rachel '81/p18
Bender, Wm E M/M '82/p21
Bendick, Albert J '78/p10
Bendle, Clarence '86/p19
Beneck, Mina '82/p55
Benedict village, NE '90/p12
Benedict, C B '78/p17
Benedict, Silas '88/p46
Beneke, Judge '81/p79
Benes, Barbara '81/p21
Benes, Evelyn '81/p21
Benes, Jan '83/p10
Benes, Jan Nepomucene '83/p10
Benes, Ludovic '83/p10
Bengston, John '84/p37
Bengston, Olaf '88/p64
Benhaus, Heinrich 92/p37
Benient, Dwight '88/p64
Benisch, Alios '85/p41
Benjamin, A '81/p6
Benjamin, Arcenath Jan '77/p4
Benjamin, Aseneth '85/p54
Benjamin, Caroline U '78/p44
Benjamin, Chauncy H Jan '77/p4
Benjamin, Henry R '79/p44
Benjamin, Hester '78/p60
Benjamin, James '85/p54
Benjamin, Lulu '82/p32
Benjamin, Martha E '85/p54
Benjamin, Mary '89/p63, 67
Benjamina, Hester '87/p3
Benjamine, A O '78/p75
Benjamine, Lulu '82/p32
Benkelman village, NE '90/p12, 12 insert
Benner, Caroline M '84/p51
Benner, Emily '81/p72
Benner, H I '84/p51
Benner, Henry S '84/p54
Bennert, L Anna '85/p9
Bennet, Alva E '85/p57
Bennet, F '78/p15
Bennet, Floyd E '85/p57
Bennet, George '79/p46
Bennet, H '78/p15
Bennet, Hiram P '78/p15
Bennet, Isaiah H '78/p15
Bennet, Mary '85/p57
Bennett village, NE '90/p12
Bennett, C E '81/p50
Bennett, Caroline '81/p50
Bennett, E M Mar '77/p1
Bennett, Eliza '85/p5
Bennett, Flo '89/p56
Bennett, Frances S '78/p44
Bennett, Gideon '78/p7
Bennett, H P '78/p10
Bennett, Hiram P '78/p10
Bennett, Jas '85/p73
Bennett, Peter T '89/p11
Bennett, Rachel '91/p25, 26
Bennett, W J '78/p44
Bennie, Dal '83/p38
Benninger, Sarah '83/p50
Bennington town, NE '90/p12
Benson & Purvis '84/p8
Benson village, NE '90/p12
Benson, Carl '85/p4
Benson, Ezra T '82/p67
Benson, Mrs '81/p21
Benson, N Mar '77/p1
Benson, Nellie '86/p52
Benson, Otto F '81/p21
Benster, J G Mar '77/p1
Benster, Joshua '78/p61
Benster, Joshua C '88/p9
Bent, Mrs. '88/p42
Bentley, Ella '87/p5
Bentley, Ella M '78/p62
Bentley, Mary A '91/p33
Benton '92/p/p49
Benton, '85/p21
Benton, Abner '85/p21
Benton, E L Rev/M '85/p21
Benton, Edward R '86/p4
Benton, Emma Eugenie '78/p59
Benton, George '78/p8
Benton, George N. B. '92/p/p4, 6
Benton, Herbert '85/p21
Benton, I A '88/p64
Benton, Irving Mar '77/p1B
Benton, Jennie A '78/p60; '87/p2
Benton, John Mar '77/p1B
Benton, Mrs. George N. B. (Josephine Henwood) '92/p/p4
Benton, NE '91/p31
Benton, Thomas H '88/p71
Benton, W B Mrs '81/p13
Benton, W I Mar '77/p1B; '85/p21
Benton, W J Mar '77/p1B
Benton, W. I. '92/p/p50
Benton, Will Mar '77/p1B
Bentz, John '82/p31
Bentz, John William '91/p61
Benwed, Hugh '83/p46
Benz, Ernst Mar '77/p1B
Benz, Wilhelmina '81/p81; '86/p2
Benzine, H '79/p41
B--er '84/p10
B--er, Anna Maria '84/p10
B--er, Cath '84/p10
B--er, Elisabeth '84/p10
B--er, Gerhard '84/p10
B--er, Jacob '84/p10
B--er, Joseph '84/p10
B--er, Marie Anne '84/p10
Beran, Annie '85/p44
Beran, John Jr '85/p46
Beran, Joseph '85/p44
Beranek, Albina '83/p11
Beranek, Jan '83/p11
Beranek, John '86/p48
Beranek, Joseph '86/p48
Bercking, Sophie '84/p41
Berek, Jacob '84/p38
Beresford, J W Mrs '86/p9
Berg, Howard O '78/p48
Berg, Ludwig '81/p21
Berg, Mrs '81/p21
Berg, Theresa '81/p21
Bergalke, Caroline '91/p25, 26
Bergan, Elmer A '85/p30
Bergdoldt, andrew '81/p42
Bergelt, Anna '78/p66
Bergelt, Aug '78/p66
Bergen, N Mar '77/p1B
Berger, Albert '88/p59
Berger, Frank J. '92/p/p27
Berger, Hiram Mar '77/p1B
Berger, Joseph '92/p/p27
Berger, Martha '90/p54, 55
Berger, Millie '89/p66, 67
Berger, Mrs. Frank J. (Louise Schettler) '92/p/p27
Bergers, albert '78/p75
Bergess, Albert '88/p64
Berget, Josiah '78/p7
Berggoist, C M Mar '77/p1B
Berggren, N B '81/p4; '87/p5
Berggren, Olog '83/p64
Berggvoist, J J Mar '77/p1B
Bergland, Albert '81/p42, 46
Bergland, E '91/p26
Bergland, E Mr '91/p25
Bergman '89/p37
Bergoist, J J Mar '77/p1B
Bergorst, Q A Mar '77/p1B
Bergot, John '78/p8
Bergquist, O '91/p58
Bergquist, Orville '82/p62
Bergquist, Oscar '82/p61, 62
Bergren, A B '88/p64
Bergthold, Amelia '91/p51
Berhins, Elvine Adelheid '78/p58
Berk, Maria '85/p41
Berkley, Mr. '92/p/p53
Berkowitz, Mrs '81/p13
Berkowitz, Sam '81/p13
Berkwitz, Abram J '81/p13
Berkwitz, Morris J '81/p13
Berkwitz, Mrs '81/p13
Berlin village, NE '90/p12
Berlin, Julius J '88/p59
Berman, James '82/p53
Bern, Edward '78/p75; '88/p64
Bernack, Tony '80/p32
Bernadotte, Marshal '80/p60
Bernard, Diana C '90/p55
Bernard, E H '79/45
Bernasek, Wilma '85/p18
Berns, James '81/p38
Bernsteen, Joseph '84/p34
Bero, Edward '83/p75
Bero, Elizabeth '83/p75
Bero, F. '92/p/p49
Bero, Genevia '83/p75
Berquist, Gus J '81/p13
Berquist, Harold '82/p62
Berrick, Bertram R '81/p13
Berrick, Mrs. '81/p13
Berriman, John Mar '77/1B
Berry, B Pvt '91/p47
Berry, David S '78/p23
Berry, Ed '89/p4
Berry, George '91/p49, 51
Berry, George W Mar '77/p1B
Berry, Henderson S '78/p44
Berry, J M '78/p44
Berry, John T '78/44
Berry, Mr '81/p78
Berry, N J '78/p44
Berry, Nora M '89/p61, 67
Berry, Robert '90/p54, 55
Berry, Tina '81/p1
Berry, William '78/p44
Berry, William E '78/p44
Berryman, John E '88/p67
Berryman, Sarah '88/p44
Berson, Elizabeth '87/p4
Bert, Oscar S '78/p75
Bertelsen, Lawrence '92/p/p41
Berthelsen, Lars '87/p66
Berthge, Rena '86/p67
Bertrand village, NE '90/p12
Berucha, Fanny '91/p75, 76
Berwida, Joseph Mar '77/p1B
Berylon, A Mar '77/p1B
Besmer, Alvina (Beerbohm) '78/p34
Besmer, Melchior '78/p34
Besmer, Michael '78/p34
Bessey, Lillian '86/p9, 14
Bessie, Albert '81/p50
Best, May '87/p69
Bestercon, Theodore '90/p22
Betchka, Ella '85/p51
Betchka, John '85/p51
Beth Isreal Synagogue '82/p64
Bethany village, NE '90/p12
Bethel Cemetery '86/p9
Bethke, Floyd '87/p20
Bethke, Floyd E '86/p80
Bethke, Frida '84p47
Bethke, Frieda '84/p48
Bethwell, Andrew '78/p75
Betlach, Frank '90/p20
Beubennick, Aug '82/p52
Beubennick, Gertrud Delor '82/p52
Beubennick, Mina '82/p52
Beutell, Florence '87/p20
Beutell, Florence M '86/p80
Beutell, Florence Shields '89/p20
Beutzow, Friedericke '79/p22
Beveridge, S '89/p13
Beveridge, Simpson '88/p64
Bevington, George Arthur Dr '87/p55
Bewen, J Stephenson '78/p50
Beyersdorfer, Clement Father '82/p50; '86/p45
Bezrock, Anna '90/p54, 55
Biancullo, Mar '77/p1B
Biancullo, F Mar '77/p1B
Biangullo, Mar '77/p1B
Biarnesen, Maragrita '87/p63
Biarnesen, Samuel '87/p63
Bias, W N '78/p18
Bicak, Josef '86/p38
Bicak, Josef '92/p/p21
Bice, Minde '81/p16
Bicham, Andrew '87/p4
Bicka, Joseph '86/p25
Bicker, William Mar '77/p1B
Bickford, Birdie '88/p50
Bickford, Edith '88/p50
Bickford, Edna '88/p50
Bickford, James '89/p4
Bickford, Mary A '87/p3; '88/p10
Bickford, Maud '88/p50
Bicycle 999 '91/p22
Bicycle Kangaroo '91/p22
Bicycle New Mall '91/p22
Bicycle Queens '91/p22
Bicycle Rambler '91/p22
Bicycle Columbia Standard '91/p22
Bicycle Columbia Expert '91/p22
Bicycle Velocipede '91/p22
Biddlecome, Benjamin F '78/p46
Biddlecome, Elizabeth '78/p46
Biddlecome, John W '78/p46
Biddlecome, Rev J '78/p46
Bidsaul, O M '83/p57
Bidsawl, O M '81/p9
Bieger, Paul Rev '80/p46
Bielke, Carl '91/p75, 76
Bielke, F Mar '77/p1B
Bier, Emil Raimund '92/p/p21
Bierhouse, Henry '78/p46
Bierhouse, J '78/p46
Bierhouse, L '78/p46
Bierhouse, William M '78/p46
Biermann, Joseph '83/p44
Biers, Anna '86/p42
Biers, Thomas J Mar '77/p1B
Biers, William Mar '77/p1B
Bigalow, Danial B '83/p75
Bigelow, Daniel R '78/p75
Bigford, Ellen '83/p79
Bigford, Lavina '83/p79
Bigford, Samuel '83/p79
Biggar, Carrie A '84/p1
Biggar, Cliffie '89/p9
Biggar, Rebecca A '84/p1
Biggar, W J '84/p9; '88/p64
Biggar, William J '78/p61
Biggar, Wm J '84/p1
Bigger, Mar '77/p1B
Bigger, J W M/M '86/p9
Bigger, William J '87/p4
Biggerstaff, John '83/p77
Biggerstaff, John C '83/p77
Biglet, Adam '80/p56
Biglow, Erma Pearl '82/p55
Biglow, Franciscus '82/p55
Bignell, Dorothea '86/p32
Bignell, E '86/p50
Bignell, Emely '90/p54, 55
Bignell, Frederick '89/p29
Bignell, Fredrick '89/p29
Bignell, Polley Ann '86/p32
Bignell, Verna '86/p32
Bihler, Albert E '87/p72
Bihler, Olive E Colby '87/p72
Bila, Antonie '85/p57
Bila, Frank '85/p57
Bilan, Mary '86/p31
Bile, John '89/p44
Bilenger, John '86/p1
Biles & Bridge '80/p40; '99/p55
Biles & Grunkranz '85/p66
Biles, Mar '77/p1B
Biles, J V M Mar '77/1B
Biles, J V N '83/p18; '88/p55
Biles, J V N '89/p11, 12;
Biles, J V N Mr '91/p23
Biles, Will '85/p77
Biles, Willie J '81/p80; '86/p1
Bilger, G F Dr '91/p57
Bill, Kater '86/p35
Billberbeck, Ferdinand Mar '77/p1B
Billenback, Willie '88/p74
Billerbeck Ferd '84/p39
Billerbeck, F Mar '77/p1B
Billerbeck, Ferdinand '92/p/p4, 6
Billerbeck, Mrs. Ferdinand (Bertha Richart) '92/p/p4
Billerbeck, Wilhelmine '80/p68
Billeter, Selah '82/p46
Bills, Curtis E. '92/p/p34
Bilyue, J M '78/p50
Binder, Babette & children '86/p35
Binder, J F '86/p49
Binder, John '83/50
Binder, William '80/p33
Bing, Jacob Mar '77/p1B
Bingham, F E Rev Jan '77/p3
Bingham, Frank C Rev Jan '77/p5
Bingham, Kate R Jan '77/p5
Bingston, John '85/p21
Binkley, J '78/p17B
Binkley, Mary '81/p72
Binkley, Sarah '81/p72
Binter, Berman '81/p50
Bion, Jerri '89/p28, 29
Bion, Jerry '89/p28
Biork, Anna '87/p63
Biork, Carl P '87/p63
Biork, Kirsti '87/p63
Biork, Peter '87/p63
Birch, Diane '80/p17
Birchfield, Perry '78/p9
Bird, Anna '85/p5
Bird, Byron F '85/p55
Bird, Emma Phillips '87/p17
Bird, F E '85/p55; '88/p31
Bird, J Y '78/p2
Bird, M J '87/p17
Bird, Mary Bertha '87/p17
Bird, Ollie '91/p24
Bird, Priscilla '78/p49
Bird, Reme J '87/p17
Birdsall, C C Mar '77/p1B
Birdsall, Charles Carman '87/p75
Birdsall, Origon Mar '77/p1B
Birdsell, Charles '86/p21
Biriup, Angy '92/p/p36
Birkenheier, Johannes '79/p7
Birkheimer, George '81/p19
Birovec, Ann '84/p56
Birthwhistle, Wm '78/p17B
Bisby, Matilda L '86/p9
Bishop, Charlie '86/p9
Bishop, Eria '78/p69
Bishop, John '78/p69
Bishop, Petrus '82/p54
Bishop, Presley '87/p77
Bishop, R C '78/p5
Bishop, Rt Rev '88/p14
Bishop, S A M/M '86/p9
Bishop, W Mar '77/p1B
Bishop, W B '87/p71
Bishop, W S '89/p10, 14
Bishop, William '82/p54
Bisonette, Joseph '81/p50
Bissel, Columbus '81/p35
Bissel, G '81/p35
Bissel, J '81/p35
Bissel, Jane '81/p35
Bissel, Sarah '81/p35
Bissel, Thompson '81/p35
Bissett, C P '88/p18
Bissett, Mr '88/p18
Bithell, Rev Thomas '92/p/p76
Bithell, Rev Thomas '92/p/p77
Bitting, Mrs '81/p13
Bitting, William '81/p13
Bittinger, M E Mrs '87/p55
Bixby, Alva '87/p32, 33, 34,35
Bixby, Elva May '87/p34
Bixby, Glenn '87/p35,36
Bixby, Glenn Allen '87/p35
Bixby, Ira '87/p34, 36
Bixby, Ira Alva (Joe) '87/p34
Bixby, Katherine Adeline (Dickerson) '87/p28
Bixby, Mary '87/p35
Bixby, Mary Ellen '87/p33
Bixby, Ora '87/p33, 35
Bixby, Ora James '87/p33
Bixby, Pearl '87/p33, 34, 35
Bixby, Pearl Katherine '87/p32
Bixby, Robert '87/p28, 33, 34, 35
Bixby, Robert David '87/p32
Bixby, Toots '87/p34
Bixler, Annie E '86/p67
Bixly, E '78/p12
Biza, John '81/p21
Bjelik, Jan '83/p9
Bjelik, Marie '83/p9
Bjoring, Emma '84/p7
Bjorkgren, Charles '84/p37
Bjorklund, Margreta '85/p33
Bjorklund, P W '85/p33
Bjorklund, R '85/p53
Bjorkman, Miss '91/p5
Bjorquist, Carl F '86/p2
Black, C M '84/p76
Black, Chas '87/p71
Black, Clarence Elton '85/p17
Black, Dilks '86/p3
Black, E May '89/p66, 67
Black, Frilchen '82/p44
Black, George Franklin '85/p17
Black, Governor '85/p39
Black, Harlan K '85/p16
Black, I '81/p29
Black, Ira C '89/p65, 67
Black, Isaac '81/p27
Black, J P A '81/p27
Black, James '81/p37
Black, James B '86/p20
Black, Jane '81/p27
Black, John '87/p58
Black, Laura Frances (Remsberg) '85/p17
Black, Laws '79/p42
Black, Lillie '89/p8
Black, Mary '81/p27
Black, Maurice Franklin '85/p17
Black, May '85/p77
Black, May '89/p8
Black, Misses '92/p/p27
Black, Nancy '82/p43
Black, Rufus '88/p34
Black, Sarah Mar '77/p1B
Black, Sarah A Mar '77/p1B
Black, T D '85/p73
Black, T D '89/p6, 10, 12
Black, W S '81/p27
Black, Wilson '86/p33
Black, Wm H '79/p48
Blackbird Co, NE '91/p3
Blackbird, James '80/p31
Blackburn, Delilah '87/p72
Blackburn, Harry Leon '87/p72
Blackburn, J C '87/p72
Blackburn, Jay '88/p29
Blackburn, Jay '89/p36
Blackburn, Jay C '88/p29
Blackburn, Mamie '82/p57
Blackburn, Mr '90/p72
Blackman, E E '88/p33
Blackman, E Francesca '90/p53, 55
Blackman, Eliza (Wheeler) '90/p70
Blackman, Grace Mrs '91/p45
Blackman, J C Mar '77/p1B; '85/p73; '88/p64
Blackman, John C M/M '90/p70
Blackman, Lulu '90/p70
Blackman, Ollie '89/p9; '90/p70
Blackman, Short C Mar '77/p1B
Blackman, T L '85/p73
Blackman, Will '90/p70
Blackstone, Alex '81/p27
Blackstone, Athen '81/p27
Blackstone, Charles '81/p72
Blackstone, Charles Edward '78/p50
Blackstone, Chas '81/p27
Blackstone, Dianthe '81/p27
Blackstone, Edwd '81/p27
Blackstone, Hannah '81/p27
Blackstone, Joshua '81/p27
Blackstone, M J '81/p27
Blackstone, Nathan '81/p27
Blackstone, Saml '81/p27
Blackwell, Alex '78/p7
Blackwood, F '78/p24
Blackwood, J '81/p6
Blackwood, Jos '80/p56
Bladern, William F E '78/p30
Blading, James M/M '85/p21
Blaidorn, Albert G Mar '79/p23
Blair & Basler Mar '77/p1B
Blair Circuit '90/p66
Blair city, NE '90/p12
Blair State Bank '87/p50
Blair, Mar '77/p1B
Blair, Isabella '81/p36
Blair, J Mar '77/p1B
Blair, J G Mar '77/p1B
Blair, J I Mar '77/p1B
Blair, James '81/p36
Blair, Jane '78/p19
Blair, John I Mar ;77/p1B; '82/p61; '87/p49, 50
Blair, Julia E '86/p4
Blair, Laura E '89/p61, 67
Blair, Lors '86/p31
Blair, Mary A '81/p36
Blair, Mr '90/p9
Blair, Romanjo '85/p74
Blair, S F '85/p75
Blair, William '85/p72
Blair, Wm '81/p34
Blaka, John '82/p55
Blake, Angie F '91/p33
Blake, Ed B '88/p1
Blake, John '82/p55; '87/p42
Blakely, Maggie C '91/p33
Blakely, N '82/p22
Blakely, Nathan '91/p33
Blakely, William '91/p33
Blakes, John R Ma '77/p1B
Blakeslee, J G '86/p46
Blakesley, A M '85/p66
Blakesley, Albert M '79/p68
Blakesley, Elvie Anna '79/p68
Blakesley, Emogene '87/p75
Blakesley, Frances V '87/p75
Blakesley, Harriet J '79/p68
Blakesley, Louise Mar '77/p1B
Blakesley, Mr '90/p31
Blancet, J '78/p22
Blancett., Jas A '82/p43
Blanchard '92/p/p48
Blanchard & Barnard Mar '77/p1B; '85/p66
Blanchard, Elizabeth '81/p13
Blanchard, G F Mr '90/p25
Blanchard, Geo F '78/p75; '88/p64
Blanchard, Geo F & Co '90/p57
Blanchard, Geo F '90/p5; '92/p 72
Blanchard, Geo F M/M '85/p21
Blanchard, Geo F. '92/p/p72
Blanchard, George F Mar '77/p1B
Blanchard, Hattie '89/p17
Blanchard, James '91/p8
Blanchard, Lizzie '87/p8
Blanchard, Lou '89/p56
Blanchard, M/M '87/p8
Blanchard, Miss '89/p9
Blanchard, Mr '90/p25
Blanchard, Roxanne A '80/p58B
Blanchard. Geo F. '92/p/p50
Blanchards, '80/58B
Blanchett, James '84/p28
Blanchnard & Co Mar '77/p1B
Blandon, G F Mar '77/p1B
Blank, Franz Anton '92/p/p37
Blank, M/M '89/p22
Blanknagel, Ferd '92/p/p46
Blanknagel, Pauline '85/p18
Blattner, Elisabeth '84/p10
Blattner, Johann '84/p10
Blattner, Rudolph '84/p10
Blayhel, Albert Mar '77/p1B
Blazek, Marie '83/p6
Blazek, Vaclav Mrs '86/p38
Blazier, Laura '88/p42
Blazier, Minnie '88/p42
Bleak, Louis '82/p55
Blecha, Fr '86/p38
Blecha, Frantiska '82/p78
Bleedorn, Caroline S '78/p33
Blevett, Edward Mar '77p1B
Blew, John '78/p4
Blewett & Balding; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Blewett, Mar '77/p1B
Blewett, Altha '91/p24
Blewett, children '90/p41
Blewett, Edward '87/p3; '88/p64
Blewett, Edward '92/p/p77
Blewett, Mrs. Carrie '92/p/p77
Blewitt, E Mar '77/p1B
Bley, Louis '80/p38
Bleyhle, Albert '87/p76
Blink, Eliza '81/p64
Blink, William '81/p64
Blinn, Asa E '85/p4
Blinn, Edward E '85/p4
Bliss, Ben '80/p57
Bliss, Benjamin '81/p6
Bliss, Daniel '81/p7
Bliss, F C '89/p2
Bliss, Henry '80/p13
Bliss, J '79/p70
Bliss, John '86/p25
Bliss, Mrs. Nelson (Marietta Orndorff) '92/p/p4
Bliss, Myrtle '86/p33
Bliss, Nelson '92/p/p4, 6
Bliss, Sarah '81/p6
Bloch, Emiel E '86/p32
Block, M O Rev '89/p57
Block, Rudolph '89/p64, 67
Blockburger, Geo '88/p59
Blockie, Miss '83/p46
Bloedorn, Emilie W '78/p34
Bloedorn, Leona P '78/p34
Bloedorn, Louise D '78/p34
Blohm, Fred '84/p37; '87/p7
Blome, Ceclia '79/p7
Blomstrom, P '80/p15
Blonysein, John '81/p41
Blood, Edward '81/p64
Bloom, J H '84/p37
Bloomburg, A '83/p77
Bloomburg, Christena '83/p77
Bloomer, Aflred '82/p51
Bloomer, Arthur Mar '77/p1B; '78/p55; '87/p75; '88/p64
Bloomer, David '82/p17
Bloomer, Johanna '86/p4
Bloomer, Katie '81/p18; '85/p78
Bloomer, Mollie '81/p20
Bloomfield village, NE '90/p12
Bloomfield, J C Mr '88/p45
Bloomfield, J W '88/p45
Bloomingdale, Kate '84/p56
Bloomington village, NE '90/p12
Bloomquist, C G '84/p37
Blossom, Ebanezor '82/p72
Blossom, Joseph '82/p72
Blossom, Josephet '82/p72
Blossom, Perry '82/p78
Blotz, John '82/p58
Blthny, Josephine '86/p32
Blue Hill village, NE '90/p12
Blue Springs village, NE '90/p12
Blue, Archie '91/p23
Blue, Geo '91/p23
Blue, Geo A. '92/p/p30
Blue, John '78/p4
Blue, John H '80/p12
Blukeley, Mrs Mar '77/p1B
Blumenthal, Samuel Mrs '81/p13
Blumfield, Ellen '82/p44
Blunck, E A '80/p40
Blunck, E A '89/p10
Blunck, Edward A '91/p49, 51
Blunt, Andrew '78/p17B
Blunt, Joseph '78/p8
Blunt, Levi '78/p18
Blunt, Mary '78/p8
Blust, Lavina C '83/p49
Blythe, Willlie '86/p9
Boag, Rev '82/p71
Boahlke, Augusta W '89/p62, 67
Board of Trade '84/p8
Boardman, Nettie '85/p46
Boarthwaite, Hy '85/p59
Boartz, Emaline '80/p70
Boaz, Rev '88/p48
Bobisud V '89/p2
Bobrowska, Casimir '83/p45
Bobrowska, Johanne '83/p45
Bobrowska, Joseph '83/p45
Bobrowska, Simon '83/p45
Bobst, Joseph '78/p4
Bobury, Mar '77/p1B
Bocart, George '82/p72
Bocart, James '82/p72
Bock, Dorathea C. H. '92/p/p6
Bock, Dorathea C. H. (Mrs. Johann Schlotfeld) '92/p/p3
Bock, Rosine '81/p21
Bockmann, Hinreete '79/p24
Bockmann, Johann '87/p25
Bocksmeyer, Anton '83/p44
Bockurz, E Mar '77/p1B
Bode, A H '91/p43, 44
Bode, Anna '90/p53, 55
Bode, August Carl Elimar '92/p/p21
Bodewick, Mar '77/p1B
Bodewick, Barbara '81/p81; '86/p1
Bodewig, Jacob '86/p9, 13
Bodewig, John Mar '77/p1B
Bodman, Isaac '82/p72
Bodrowska, Marianne '83/p45
Bodwig, Eva '88/p14
Boe & Heggan Mar '77/p1B
Boe, Hannah '89/p63, 67
Boe, Lydia '86/p31
Boe, Superintendent '84/p49
Boehlin, John '80/p67
Boehmler, Karl '81/p21
Boehr, William L '87/p58
Boel, Emil '91/p58
Boeman, Wm G '79/p47
Boermann, Herman '84/p37
Boettcher, Amelia '85/p52
Boettcher, Auguste '85/p52
Boettcher, Friedemann '85/p52
Bogan, Mary '79/p44
Bogarsky, Theo '86/p9
Bogarth, Permillia '79/p47
Bogenschutz, Hedwig '84/p10
Boggs, D '84/p65
Boggs, Harry '88/p37
Boggs, M K Mrs '81/p13
Boggs, Mattye '86/p31
Boggs, William '89/p55
Boggs, Wm '81/p20
Bogk, George '87/p75
Bogner, Andrew '84/p38
Bogner, Baptist '89/p3
Bogner, Christopher '83/p2
Bogner, F X '89/p4
Bogus, Levis '81/p50
Bohde, Heinrich '87/p23
Bohde, Johann '87/p23
Bohde, Marie '87/p23
Bohemia, NE '91/p31
Bohen, Christene '83/p73
Bohen, Frederick '83/p73
Bohen, Mary '83/p73
Bohling, Christian '87/p23
Bohling, Emilie '79/p28
Bohling, Herman '79/p28
Bohling, Hiram '86/p13
Bohling, Hiram '86/p9
Bohling, Wilhelm B C '79/p24
Bohner, Joseph '81/p50
Bohunek, Catharina '83/p4
Bohuslavsky, Aloisie '83/p3
Bohuslavsky, Charles '83/p3
Bohuslavsky, Emilie '83/p3
Bohuslavsky, Joseph '83/p3
Bohuslavsky, Karel '83/p3
Bohuslavsky, Louisa '83/p3
Boicourt, Alfred Newton '84/p40
Boicourt, Jean Dobrovolny '84/p40
Boicourt, John Charles '84/p40
Boicourt, Sarah Warner '84/p40
Boies, J K Mar '77p1B
Boilesen, Bernice M '90/p80
Boilsen, Bernice M '90/p49
Bois, J '81/p9
Boker, C George '81/p13
Boland, N B Father '82/p50; '85/p45
Boldt, '86/p25
Bolich, Edith '84/p48
Bolin, James '88/p64
Boll, '84/p58
Boll, Christian W '89/p65, 67
Boll, Donley '78//63
Boll, Dr '91/p56
Boll, Duane '78/p63
Boll, E O '78/p63
Boll, Milford '78/p63
Boll, Raymond '78/p63
Bolle, Dorethea '87/p76
Bolong, Lucinda '83/p50
Bolt, Amelia '83/p73
Bolt, Caroline '83/p73
Bolt, Wm '83/p73
Bolte, Marie '81/p79
Bolton, James '83/p73
Boman, Mart Mar '77/p1B
Bomberg, John Mar '77/p1B
Bomes, David '82/p73
Bomzom, Mrs. '81/p13
Bomzom, Wolf '81/p13
Bond, Doomville C '78/p50
Bond, H C '78/p17
Bond, Hiram '81/p72
Bonkel, Mike '91/p50, 51
Bonne, '80/p56
Bonneau, Dora '82/p52
Bonneau, Ed '86/p76
Bonneau, Edmund '82/p52
Bonneau, Francis Xaver '82/p52
Bonneau, Gregory Eril '82/p52
Bonneau, Ida May '82/p52
Bonneau, Lia Muriel '82/p52
Bonneau, Theda Anna Miller '82/p52
Bonner, Sarah C '88/p8
Bonner, William R '86’p25, 36
Boocock, Molly '81/p13
Booge & C Mar '77/p1B
Books for sale 1991 '91/p20b
Booner, H L '88/p64
Boonett, P '81/p9
Boor, Augusta '91/p76
Boosman, Bridget '85/p43
Boosman, Denis '83/p43
Boosman, John '85/p43
Booth, Elizabeth '86/p3
Booth, J M '77/p1B
Booth, James Peat '91/p61
Booth, Jmes Mar '77/1B
Booth, Mr '88/p43
Booyer (Berger), Martha '90/p54, 55
Booyer, Martha '90/p54, 55
Booze, '80/p58B
Booze, Andrew '86/p2
Bopp, Jos '86/p35
Bor, Jan '86/p38
Borcher, F Mar '77/p1B
Borcher, Henry '86/p70
Borcher, Johnnie '88/p63
Borcher, Johnnie '89/p9
Borcher, Minnie '88/p63
Borcher, Minnie '89/p9
Borcher, William '84/p45
Borcher, Willie '88/p63
Borcher, Willie '89/p9
Borde, Joseph '87/p77
Bordean, Alexander '81/p50
Bordean, Antoine '81/p50
Bordean, Henry '81/p50
Bordean, James '81/p50
Bordean, John '81/p50
Bordean, Louis '81/p50
Bordean, Louisa '81/p50
Bordean, Susan '81/p50
Bordwell, Levi H '88/p9
Borg, Nathaniel '81/p45
Borgarz, William '80/p69
Borgelt, Bertha S (Haase) '79/p28
Borgelt, Ella '79/p30
Borgelt, Fred '94/p39; '87/p70
Borgelt, Harold '78/p63
Borgelt, Henry S '79/p28
Borgelt, Marie '78/p33
Borgelt, Mathilde B S '78/p66
Borgelt, Minna '78/p33
Borgen, Ingvald '92/p/p15
Borgenshagen, Ernest '81/p80
Borgerhajen, Mar '77/p1B
Borglum, August '89/p16
Borglum, August M '89/p16, 17
Borglum, Gutzon '89/p15, 16
Borglum, Solon '89/p15, 16
Borgquist, Oscar M/M '86/p9
Borland, Mary '81/p72
Bornerd, Orin '82/p72
Borowiak, Anna '83/p5
Borowiak, Joseph '83/p5
Borowiak, Martha '83/p5
Bortonhagen, Frederica '79/p49
Bortz, Ben '82/p21
Bortz, Benjamin '91/p50, 51
Bortz, Caroline '91/p25, 26
Borz, William Mar '77/p1B
Bos, Agnes '82/p47
Bos, Anna '82/p47
Bos, Anton '83/p4
Boss Disc Sharpener '89/p77
Boss, Caroline '81/p44
Bossler, Cathrina '84/p10
Bossler, Guillme '84/p10
Bossler, Jean '84/p10
Bossler, Magaretha '84/p10
Bossler, Nicolaus '84/p10
Bossler, Pierse '84/p10
Boston, Daniel W '78/p46
Boston, James E '78/p46
Boston, John '84/p51
Boston, S J '78/p46
Boston, W '78/p46
Boston, William '78/p46
Boston, William H '78/p46
Bostrom, Ellen '87/p76
Bosworth, Mrs '83/p68
Botchis, Grigorios '88/p1
Bothuell, A Mar '77/p1B
Bothwell, Andrew '83/p75; ’87/p2; '88/p 55, 64
Bothwell, Andrw M/M '85/p21
Bothwell, Anna '83/p75
Bothwell, Jane 83/p75
Botler, Anne N '87/p65
Botler, Bengt N '87/p65
Botler, Elna P '87/p65
Botler, Karna N '87/p65
Botler, Peter P '87/p65
Botsford, Sallie '78/p18
Bottcher, Caroline '87/p24
Bottorff, Ruth Emma '88/p9
Boudet, M Miss '81/p21
Boudey, Ed M/M '86/p9
Boughan, Margaret '83/p47
Boughton, George '78/p25
Boulter, Lizzie '85/p77
Boulter, Maggie Mar '77/p1B
Boultin, '78/p9
Boulwaire, John B '78/p9
Boulware, Col John '78/p9
Boulware, George W '78/p8
Boulware, John '78/p8
Boulware, John B '78/p8
Bourk, Emma '92/p/p6
Bourk, Emma (Mrs. Joseph Forget) '92/p/p5
Bourk, Louis '85/p52
Bourk, Mary '85/p52
Bourne, Francis '78/p9
Bourrian, Mar '77/p1B
Boutlon, M E Mrs '81/p13
Bouton, S Mrs '81/p13
Bouvier, Louis '79/p70
Bouvier, Nora '84/p51
Bouvier, Oliver '78/p50
Bouviers, '84/p22
Bovee, Edith May '85/p2
Bovee, Emma E '85/p9
Bovee, H J '85/p2
Bovee, M J '85/p2
Bovee, Mr '88/p42
Bovee, Nancy J '85/p7
Bowcart, George '82/p72
Bowden, Ammon '84/p3
Bowden, James '84/p3
Bowden, Nancy J '84/p3
Bowdich, Jacob '86/p9
Bowen & Bro '80/p40
Bowen & Pond; Fremont, NE '89/p11, 12
Bowen, A H Mar '78/p18
Bowen, Annette Mrs '91/p33
Bowen, George Mar '77/p1B
Bowen, J '83/p18
Bowen, John S '87/p49, 50
Bowen, John S '84/23
Bowen, Lucy A '91/p33
Bowen, William R '91/p33
Bowen, Wm R '91/p33
Bower, Blair Mrs '86/p9
Bower, Chas M/M '86/p25
Bower, Dale Mrs '78/p12
Bower, Geo M/M '86/p25
Bower, J S '84/p48
Bower, John Mar '77/p1B
Bowers, Charles '82/p72
Bowers, Charles M '87/p59
Bowers, Flora '91/p49, 51
Bowers, Harriet '85/p44
Bowers, Henry H '78/p75
Bowers, John '81/p50; '85/p44
Bowers, Mary '90/p53, 55
Bowers, Nathaniel S '88/p8
Bowie, Gordon '81/p81; '86/p1
Bowles, Mary A '87/p72
Bowlus, C Geo '87/p71
Bowlus, C George '84/p45
Bowman '92/p/p76
Bowman Thresa '85/p6
Bowman Hall '85/p66
Bowman, '82/p28; '85/p68, 69; '86/p20
Bowman, W. G. '92/p/p49
Bowman, A Mar '77/p1B
Bowman, A Jr '91/p58
Bowman, A Sr '91/p58
Bowman, Alma '84/p1
Bowman, Andrew '82/p62
Bowman, Ann E '79/p46
Bowman, Antone '87/p75
Bowman, Arthur '82/p62
Bowman, Berry '89/p9
Bowman, George '83/p73
Bowman, J B '88/p64
Bowman, J C '88/p64
Bowman, J H Mar '77/p1B
Bowman, J L Mar '77/p1B
Bowman, James '85/p68
Bowman, James L. '92/p/p72
Bowman, John E '78/p62; '87/p4
Bowman, Karin Anderson '82/p62
Bowman, M Mar '77/p1B
Bowman, M E Miss '79/p48
Bowman, Matts Mrs '89/p71
Bowman, Mrs '89/p5
Bowman, Ronald '82/p62
Bowman, Susan '85/p4
Bowman, W '89/p14
Bowman, W C Mar '77/p1B; '78/p62; '85/p69
Bowman, W G '90/p57; '92/p 49
Bowman, Will '91/p24
Bowman, William '92/p/p21
Bowman, William F '91/p26
Bowman, Wm '85/p68
Bowman, Wm F '91/p25
Bowman, Wm G '78/p62, 75
Bowman, Wm G. '92/p/p72
Bowring, H B Mr '89/p44
Boy, Valentine S '86/p4
Boya, Eliza '91/p75, 76
Boyce, Joseph '85/p3
Boyce, Nancy '85/p3; '88/p10
Boyce, Samuel '78/p22
Boyce, Stephen '80/p53
Boyd & Boyd '89/p10
Boyd, David '78/p6
Boyd, E J '89/p19
Boyd, James E '82/p22
Boyd, James E '91/p33
Boyd, Jeanne '88/p21
Boyd, Robt '78/p6
Boyd, William '83/p49
Boyden, Will '89/p4
Boyds, Gov '87/p10
Boyer, Mar '77/p1B
Boyer, Daniel '82/p72
Boyer, Effie '86/p33
Boyer, F L '83/p38
Boyer, Ferdinand '91/p26
Boyer, Lewis J '81/p38; '85/p72
Boyer, Mary L '78/p59
Boyer, Rosene '91/p74, 76
Boyer, T M '78/p61
Boyer, Thos M. '92/p/p50
Boyer, William H '81/p80
Boyers, Benson '85/p56
Boyers, E '85/p56
Boyers, Lydia A '85/p56
Boyes, Josiah '80/p57
Boyle John J '87/p58
Boyle, Bessie '86/p32
Boyle, Edward C '80/p18
Boyle, Grace E '80/p18
Boyle, Hannah '81/p79; '86/p32
Boyle, James H '80/p17
Boyle, John '80/p18
Boyle, M Eugene '80/p17
Boyle, Margaret E '80/p17
Boyle, Mary Jane '81/p72
Boyle, Maurice L '80/p17
Boyle, P J Father '82/p48; '86/p44
Boyle, Rev Father '92/p/p30
Boyle, S '81/p9
Boyle, Samuel '83/p57
Boyle, Wm '86/p9
Boynton, Alex '87/p58
Bozarth, Cary H '81/p80
Bozarth, Cory H '81/p80
Bozenak, Flora '87/p75
Braasch, Frederick '86/p2
Braasch, H F '91/p51
Brabec, Josef B '86/p38
Brabec, Maria '83/p1
Brace, J M Mar '77/p1B
Brace, Mills '88/p64
Brach, August '83/p79
Brach, Justina '83/p79
Brach, Wilhelm '83/p79
Bracken, Sarah '85/p5
Bracket, Cleo '90/p79
Bracket, Henry '81/p38
Bracket, Henry T '81/p38
Bracket, Hugh '81/p38
Bracket, Julia '81/p38
Bracket, Mary '81/p38
Bracket, William '81/p38
Bracket, William S '81/p38
Brackett, Fred '85/p46
Brackman, William '86/p50
Brackus, Fred '86/p50
Bradbury, Edyth '82/p32
Bradbury, Esther '85/p16
Bradbury, J M '87/p71
Bradbury, James '88/p13
Braden, Capt '82/p9
Bradenburg, J O '81/p3
Bradfield, Daniel '79/p26
Bradfield, Rollin E '79/p30
Bradford Cornelius '78/p8
Bradford Hannah (Gay) '78/p8
Bradford Mary '85/p3
Bradford, Caddy '81/p64
Bradford, Charles '81/p64
Bradford, Henry '78/p8
Bradford, NE '91/p31
Bradley, Jessie '85/p10
Bradley, Mary Belle '85/p2
Bradley, Rachel '85/p2
Bradley, Ruben '85/p2
Bradley, Thomas '81/p50
Bradley, Zarl T '88/p1
Bradner, Miss '87/p56
Bradshaw village, NE '90/p12
Bradshaw, J W '87/p2
Bradshow, J William '78/p59
Bradwell, William O '83/p50
Brady, Christine '86/p25
Brady, Emily Collins '79/p42
Brady, Henry '81/p64
Brady, Mahala '79/p42
Brady, Mary E '81/p64
Brady, Michael, '78/p20
Brady, Thomas '81/p50
Brady, W C '89/p12; '91/p12
Brady, William C '85/p25
Brady, Wm C '85/p21
Bragg, Captain '80/p9
Bragg, Edward S '80/p9
Bragg, Lt Col '80/p9
Braham, W J '88/p1
Brainard village, NE '90/p12
Brainard, Mar '77/p1B
Brainard, D Mar '77/p1B
Brainard, D A Mar '77/p1B; '88/p64
Brainard, H H '82/p41
Brainard, J Mar '77/p1B; '84/p16
Brainard, Julius '79/p45
Branard, Daniel '83/p75
Branard, Ella '83/p75
Branard, Marthey E '83/p75
Brancht (Braucht), George W '90/p55
Brancht (Braucht), Hiram '92/p/p6
Brancht (Braucht), Mrs Hiram (Missouri Zorn) '92/p/p6)
Brancht, George W '90/p55
Brancht, Jacob '91/p74, 76
Brandert, Herman '90/p42
Brandert, J. F. '92/p/p67
Brandert, Jno '87/p71
Brandert, Mr. & Mrs. '92/p/p68
Brandert, Wm '90/p42
Brandes, A '89/p12
Brandes, George '82/p30
Brandes, Joh H Soph '84/p41
Brandes, W Mar '77/p1B
Brandis, Conradine '84/p41
Brandis, George '88/p64
Brands, George Mar '77/p1B
Brandt, Albert '83/p43
Brandt, Albertine '83/p43
Brandt, C E Rev '89/p57
Brandt, Friedrich '83/p43
Brandt, Geo '89/p12
Brandt, Karl '83/p43
Brandt, Wilhelmine '83/p43
Brandt, William J '85/p46
Branken, Friedr '84/p41
Branken, Johann '84/p41
Brannan, Chas '89/p28, 29
Brannan, David C '78/p13
Brannen, Ellen '87/p69
Brannolte, Heinrich '79/p36
Brannolte, Louise '79/p36
Brannon, James B '80/p26
Brannon, Mrs '88/p58
Brasda, Mary '91/p51
Brass, Albert '80/p67; '83/p27
Brass, All '82/p21
Brass, John H '88/p9
Brathrenty, William T '80/p67
Bratrud, C Harriet '81/p21
Bratt, Colonel '87/p59
Braucht (Brancht), Hiram '92/p/p6
Braucht (Brancht), Mrs. Hiram (Missouri Zorn) '92/p/p6
Braucht see Brancht '90/p55; '92/p 6
Braucht, David '82/p58
Braucht, George W '90/p55
Braucht, Jacob '91/p74
Braucht, Myrtle '91/p23
Braucht, see Brancht '92/p/p6
Braun, Christiana '83/p45
Braun, Wm '92/p/p46
Braunlein, Barbetta '81/p44
Bray, Benjamin '81/p50
Bray, Dominick '81/p50
Brayden, Harvey '81/p8
Brazak, Mary '91/p51
Brazda, Joseph '81/p41
Breaker, Albert '92/p/p3,6
Breaker, Mrs. Albert (Mary Thomsen) '92/p/p3
Breakstone, Lee '81/p21
Breck, Charles Mar '77/p1B
Brecka, Frantiska '83/p9
Bredenbeck, Elisabeth '92/p/p37
Bredenberg, Anna '85/p53
Bredenberg, Axel '85/p53
Bredenberg, Gustaf '85/p53
Bredhaunel, Emelia '81p80
Breding, Alex '83/p27; '87/p55
Breding, Mary '80/p70
Breding, Zacharias A '81/p44
Bree, William Mrs '86/p73, 75
Breeding, Alex '82/p25
Breen, James '83/p47
Breetzke, Clara '84/p47, 48
Bregory, Kate '85/p57
Brehmer, Agnes '78/p33
Brehmer, Herman '78/p33
Brehmer, Wilhelm F A '78/p34
Breitenfeld, Mr '89/p76
Breitkreutz, '78/p27
Breitkreutz, Emil F W '78/p34
Breitkreutz, Ernestine '78/p30
Breitkreutz, Hertha '78/p35
Breitkreutz, Laura E '78/p34
Breitkreutz, Ludwig '78/p30
Breitkreutz, Sophie '78/p30
Breitkreutz, Viola '78/p30
Breitling, Emma '82/p7
Breitling, Gus '86’46
Breitling, John S '81/p21
Breitling’s Bakery '84/p8
Brejcha, Antonie Mrs '81/p21
Bremen, Josephine '85/p27
Bremen, Otto '81/p50
Bremer, '84/p58
Bremer, John '80/p3
Bremer, Josephine '85/p21
Bremer, Karl '89/p37
Bremer, Maria '80/p3
Bremer, Mary '80/p3
Bremer, Sophia '80/p3
Bremer, Wilhelmina '80/p3
Brenbarger, Isaac '78/p50
Brengle, Frances '83/p81
Brennan, Mathew '85/p59
Brenser, Maggie 83/p50
Brent, Charles H Rt Bishop '81/p13
Brent, Helen C C '81/p13
Brenton, Fred '87/p47
Breshears, Alta '90/p20
Bressler, Margaret E '91/p25, 26
Bressler, Mary M '91/p25, 26
Bretz, Charles '92/p/p4, 6
Bretz, Mrs. Charles (Cassie Rousch) '92/p/p4
Brew, A J '79/p48
Brew, Andrew '79/p47
Brew, E G '79/p48
Brewbaker, S N '78/p21
Brewer, Henry '78/p22
Brewer, Joseph '81/p18
Brewery '84/p8
Brewster Cemetery, Ill '78/p53
Brewster, Mar '77/p1B
Brewster, Al '8/p59
Brewster, Almon '78/p53
Brewster, Charley '83/p79
Brewster, G C Mar '77/p1B
Brewster, H T '81/p6
Brewster, Julie '83/p79
Brewster, Nathaniel '83/’59; '84/p23, 51
Brewster, Thomas '83/p79
Brewster, Thomas C '85/p4
Brezer, Clara '78/p62
Brezina, Alexander '83/p1
Brezina, Jospeh '86/p2
Brezina, Maria '83/p1
Brian, O J Mar '77/p1B
Brichacek, Anna '83/p5
Brichacek, Frantisek '83/p5
Brichacek, Marie '83/p60
Brick Saloon, The; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Bridge & Hodge; Fremont, NE '90/p32
Bridge, Brothers Mar '77/p1B
Bridge, Clyde '88/p1
Bridge, Conductor '83/p63; '88/p44
Bridge, Grace '85/p78
Bridge, K '79/p41
Bridge, Robert Mar '77/p1B; '88/p55
Bridge, Robert '91/p61
Bridge, Robt '85/p73
Bridge, W E Mar '77/p1B
Bridge, William '88/p64
Bridger, John Mar ;77/p1B; '88/p64
Bridges, Douglas '82/’23
Bridget, Robert '91/p50, 51
Bridgman, Frank '79/p42
Briggs, '81/p71
Briggs, A '78/p16; '87/p3
Briggs, A A Mrs '90/p71
Briggs, A C Mar '77/p1B
Briggs, A C M/M '90/p71
Briggs, A H Mar '77/p1B; ;85/p21, 27; '88/p59
Briggs, A H '91/p57
Briggs, A H M/M '81/p78
Briggs, A Mr '81/p78
Briggs, Abraham '85/p75
Briggs, Adelaide '89/p65, 67
Briggs, Asa Mar '77/p1B; '78/p61; '82/p32
Briggs, Asa '90/p71
Briggs, Asa Mrs '90/p71
Briggs, Bertha '90/p71
Briggs, Charles Henry '83/p48
Briggs, Clark '82/p31
Briggs, Clinton M/M '87/p41
Briggs, Doc '90/p71
Briggs, E '83/p30
Briggs, E Mrs '83/p32
Briggs, Emma S '89/p63, 67
Briggs, Emory '83/p18; '87/p3
Briggs, Frank '90/p71
Briggs, G Mar '77/p1B
Briggs, George Mar '77/p1B; '82/p62
Briggs, Harriet M '88/p8
Briggs, J C Mar '77/p1B
Briggs, J F Mar '77/p1B; '78/p58; '85/p65; '88/p57
Briggs, J F '91/p58
Briggs, J P Mrs '90/p71
Briggs, J T '78/p19
Briggs, James '82/p32
Briggs, Jennie '90/p71
Briggs, John '90/p71
Briggs, John C '78/p62; '87/p4
Briggs, John Mrs '90/p71
Briggs, Judge '82/p7
Briggs, Mary A (Noyes) '90/p71
Briggs, Mary E '81/p44
Briggs, Mr '90/p42
Briggs, Russell '86/p18
Briggs, Russell Mrs '90/p71
Briggs, W E '82/p31
Briggs, W S '89/p4; '92/p 31
Briggs, W. S. '92/p/p31
Briggs, William '79/p58; '81/p72
Briggs, Wilma '84/p47, 48
Briggs, Zeddie '83/p18
Briggs, Zelma '83/p18
Briggs, Zene '83/p18
Briggs, Zus '83/p18
Brigham, George A '81/p72
Bright, Martha '80/p68
Brigle, Catharina Liniger '82/p53
Brigle, John '82/p53
Brigle, Rebecca '82/p53
Brikensten, Capatain '86/p34
Brillhart '92/p/p20
Brimacombb, Mr '89/p55
Brimacombe, Ethel '86/p32
Brimacombe, Thos M/M '86/p25
Brindley, '91/p73
Brinkam, Mar '77/p1B
Brinkman Catharina '83/p79
Brinkman, Emilie '83/p79
Brinkman, Henry '79/p43; '80/p44, 45; '83/p79
Brinkman, J '86/p35
Brinnan, William Mar '77/p1B
Brinot, Elizabeth '85/p5
Brinstad, C W Rev '89/p57
Brisack, Hattie M '86/p3
Brisack, L P '85/p76
Brisack, Manley '89/p65, 67
Bristlein, Eliza '85/p5
Bristlein, John R '85/p5
Bristow, George H '78/p36
Britendall, I. W. '92/p/p72
Britendall, Isaac W '91/p75, 76
Britoon, Edward '81/p50
Brittendall, I W '88/p57
Brittendall, Mary '79/p49
Britton, Belle '85/p8
Britton, Mary E '85/p9
Brnciak, Katarina '81/p21
Bro, Mr '90/p32
Broadmsky, John '85/p41
Broady, Judge '87/p44
Brobst, Catherine '80/p1; '83/p37
Brobst, Kate (Hickey) '80/p1
Brobst, Solomon '80/p1
Brochshus, Sophia '89/p27
Brock village, NE '90/p12
Brock, Helen Mrs '81/p13
Brocker, August '91/p58
Brocker, Joachim Mar '77/’1B
Brockhaus, Sophia '89/p29
Brockhoff, Heinrich '87/p24
Brockhus, Elise '86/p3
Brockman, Caroline '80/p2
Brockman, Caroline C '80/p70
Brockman, Frank '83/p73
Brockman, Henry '83/p73
Brockman, Henry '92/p/p46
Brockman, Louisa '83/p73
Brockman, Louise '81/p44
Brockman, Sophia '91/p76
Brockmann, '79/p24
Brockmann, A '79/p24
Brockmann, Alwine '79/p29
Brockmann, Beata '79/p25
Brockmann, Caspar '79/p37
Brockmann, Ernest '79/p24
Brockmann, Heinrich '79/p23
Brockmann, Heinrich F '79/p25
Brockmann, Herbert '79/p25, 29
Brockmann, Katharine '79/p37
Brockmann, Louis 79/p27
Brockmann, Louise 79/p25
Brockmann, Martin '79/p30
Brockmann, Pauline '79/p25
Brockmann, Wm '79/p24
Brockschmidt, Anna '87/p24
Brodbell, Ole R '83/p64
Brodecky, Emil '89/p1
Broderson, Marie '85/p5
Broderson, Mary '84/p53
Broderson, Peter '87/p63
Brodhim, Joseph Mar '77/p1B
Brodhum, W C '87/p71
Brodhun, Jos '90/p45
Brodhun, Joseph '81/p43; '82/p6
Brodhun, W C '91/p58
Brodlee, S Frances '81/p13
Broekemeier, Anna '79/p36
Broekemeier, Anna K '79/p38
Broekemeier, F '79/p35
Broekemeier, F H '79/p38
Broekemeier, Franz '79/p36
Broekemeier, Franz F '79/p37
Broekemeier, Herman '79/p35
Broekemeier, Herman Edward '79/p36
Broekemeier, M '79/p35
Broekemeier, Marie '79/p36
Broekemeier, Marie '79/p37
Broekemeier, Mary L '79/p37
Brogan, Barnard '91/p74, 76
Brogan, Ellen Mrs '89/p55
Brogan, Mrs '89/p55
Brogan, Patrick 82/p48; '86/p43
Brokeman, Fredricka '87/p3
Broken Bow city, NE '90/p12
Brome, Mary C '85/p49
Brome, Thos C '85/p49
Bromer, Carl '80/p67
Bromer, John '80/p67; '83/p22
Bromer, Mary '81/p41; ;83/p32
Bromer, Tommie '88/p75
Brommer, Fred '81/p37
Brommer, Jno '81/p37
Brommer, Kate '81/p37
Brommer, L '81/p37
Bronck, Jonas '80/p59
Bronson, Annie (Mrs. Erwin Pollock) '92/p/p30
Bronson, Gilbert '88/p1
Bronson, Gilbert '92/p/p30
Bronson, Gust '89/p64, 67
Bronson, John L '82/p23
Brook, Jno E '85/p49
Brook, John H '87/p59
Brooke, A E '87/p17
Brooke, J Matthew '87/p17
Brooke, J T '87/p17
Brooke, Matthew '87/p17
Brookener, Harry '82/p24
Brooking, Mar '77/p1B
Brookman, Hans '78/p16
Brookover, Harry C '87/p59
Brooks, Frances '82/p24; '86/p24; '88/p28
Brooks, H D '89/p19
Brooks, Henry '81/p64
Brooks, J H Rev '82/p42; '86/p24; '88/p28
Brooks, Katie '91/p24
Brooks, S '85/p19
Brooks, Safrony A '81/p41
Brooks, Spencer '82/p42; '86/p24; '88/p28
Brooks, Thomas '91/p42
Brooks, Thomas E '78/p50
Brooks, Thomas M/M '86/p25
Brooks, Thos '85/p48
Brooks, William '86/p2
Broom, John '85/p48
Broply, James '81/p50
Bros, J '87/p69
Brosman, Joh '83/p2
Brothers, Gallen '83/p30
Brouch, Frederick W '81/p50
Brough, A G '79/p46
Brousek, Jacob '82/p75; '86/p48
Browers, R G Mrs '85/p21
Brown Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Brown, Mar '77/p1B; '79/p17
Brown, A H '87/p70
Brown, Addie Belle '85/p17
Brown, Agnes '87/p47
Brown, Agness '85/p43
Brown, Almira M (Goff) '90/p74
Brown, Almon P '89/p65, 67
Brown, Alva W '80/p13
Brown, Anna E '86/p67
Brown, B F '85/p74
Brown, Betsy '78/’p49
Brown, C A Mrs '81/p3
Brown, C L Mrs '81/p61
Brown, Capt '82/p10, 15
Brown, Caroline '91/p74, 76
Brown, Catharine M (Yeoman) '81/p72
Brown, Chancy '78/p75
Brown, Charles '86/p9
Brown, Charley M/M '81/p75
Brown, Chauncey '88/p64
Brown, Cora '84/p50
Brown, D Mar '77/p1B
Brown, David '78/p75; '88/p64
Brown, Dr '91/p24
Brown, Duncan '87/p47
Brown, Edna '85/p17
Brown, Edward B '86/p3
Brown, Elbert '86/p31
Brown, Eleanor '85/p16
Brown, Eliza '85/p16
Brown, Elizabeth '85/p16
Brown, Ella F '86/p3
Brown, Ella J '86/p3
Brown, Ellis '81/p64
Brown, Emily '85/p4
Brown, Emily C '83/p77
Brown, Emma '87/p33
Brown, F F '80/p40
Brown, F H Dr '84/p8
Brown, Frank '91/p24
Brown, Fred P '89/p61, 67
Brown, G W '90/p35
Brown, George '85/p3
Brown, Grace '92/p/p27
Brown, H '81/p7
Brown, H C '84/p8
Brown, H C '90/p74
Brown, H C Mrs '90/p74
Brown, H H '87/p70
Brown, Hanson '88/p8
Brown, Harry '82/p23
Brown, Hattie '84/p45
Brown, Hattie Jane '85/p17
Brown, Henry M '83/p77
Brown, Hubbard '83/p77
Brown, Hugh C '90/p54, 55
Brown, Irene R '85/p41
Brown, J '81/p67, 68
Brown, J A '85/p48
Brown, J C '91/p58
Brown, J J '91/p33
Brown, J L Mar '77/p1B
Brown, J P Mar '77/p1B
Brown, James '78/p11, 50; '81p64; '85/p3, 16
Brown, James A '91/p5
Brown, Joanna '88/p21
Brown, John '81/p12; '85/p16; '87/p47; '88/p14
Brown, John A '81/p64
Brown, John B '81/p64
Brown, John L Mar '77/p1B; '88/p67
Brown, John L. '92/p/p3, 6
Brown, John Lewis '85/p16
Brown, Joseph '82/p72
Brown, Judge '80/p32
Brown, Kathy '82/p25A
Brown, Laeo '80/p67
Brown, Leander B '85/p75
Brown, Lena '88/p74
Brown, Leo '83/p24
Brown, Louisa '85/p21
Brown, Maggie M '90/p53, 55
Brown, Mamie '92/p/p27
Brown, Margaret '87/p34
Brown, Martha '78/p18
Brown, Mary '81/p80; '88/p1
Brown, Mary A '78/p18
Brown, Mary B. '92/p/p6
Brown, Mary B. (Mrs. Roscoe B. Robbins) '92/p/p5
Brown, Mary E '85/p17
Brown, Maud M '88/p1
Brown, Millwell H '81/p64
Brown, Mrs '90/p48
Brown, Mrs. John L. (Emily H. Marshall) '92/p/p3
Brown, N H '89/p14, 19
Brown, N H Dr '84/p8
Brown, Nancy '85/p51
Brown, Nancy E '85/p3
Brown, Nancy Elizabeth '88/p10
Brown, Norman '78/p24
Brown, O F '80/p33
Brown, Olie '88/p1
Brown, Peter '89/p10
Brown, R A Mar '77/p1B
Brown, Rebeca '81/p72
Brown, Rev G M. '92/p/p76
Brown, Rev. G. M. '92/p/p27
Brown, Richard '78/p10
Brown, Robert '80/p32; '85/p43
Brown, Rosa '85/p17
Brown, Rufus '79/p43
Brown, Sara L '81/p81
Brown, Sarah L '86/p1
Brown, Stephen '81/p36
Brown, Stephen A '86/p3
Brown, T '85/p19
Brown, Thomas M '86/p9
Brown, Thoms '78/p5
Brown, V '80/p66
Brown, Vincent Mar '77/p1B; '80/p66; '87/p2
Brown, W D '78/p17B
Brown, W L Mar '77/p1B
Brown, W S Mar '77/p1B; '78/p75; '80/p40
Brown, W S Mrs '88/p54
Brown, W W '91/p33
Brown, Walter '87/p32
Brown, William D '78/p17B
Brown, William H '81/p64
Brown, William P '81/p50
Brown, William R '85/p16
Brown, William R '91/p75, 76
Brown, William Robert '85/p17
Brown, William S '90/p54, 55
Brown, Wm H '78/p75
Brownell, R C '87/p48
Brownell, R O '86/p66
Brownell, Wm '84/p59
Browner, '84/p58
Browner, Mary '85/p7
Browning, H L '82/p42
Browning, Josie '89/p62, 67
Browning, Mrs. Thaddius (Ethel Eva Clark) '92/p/p47
Browning, Thad '92/p/p47
Browning, Thaddius '92/p/p47
Brownlee, Mar '77/p1B
Brownsville Bank and Land Co '89/p51
Brownville city, NE '90/p12
Broz, J S Rev '88/p30
Broz, Jos '89/p4
Brozek, John '82/p33
Brozovsky, Frank '89/p1, 67; '90/p69
Brozovsky, Kristina (Vopalensky) '90/p69
Brozovsky, Orise (Watson) '90/p69
Brozovsky, Wilma '90/p69
Brozowsky, Anna '89/p27, 29
Brubaker & Garst '78/p17
Brubaker, A A Mar '77/p1B; '87/p2
Bruce, Carl Theodor Ernest '92/p/p21
Bruce, Florence '89/p36
Bruce, Fred Mar '77/p1B
Bruce, James '88/p1
Bruch, Julia '88/p9
Bruch, Mary '87/p4
Bruch, Rosanah '88/p8
Bruchner, Olof '92/p/p15
Bruckman, A '85/p21, 25
Bruckman, Alexander '92/p/p5, 6
Bruckman, Mrs. Alexander (Esther McCarn) '92/p/p5
Brudall, Olof '89/p27, 29
Bruger, Maximilian '81/p50
Brugh, '81/p71
Brugh, A G Mar '77/p1B; '78/p75; '88/p64
Brugh, A. G. '92/p/p72
Brugh, Andy '81/p71
Brugh, Asa '89/p8
Brugh, E C '88/p56
Brugh, E G Mar '77/p1B; '78/p775; '85/p64; '87/p70; '88/p64
Brugh, E. G. '92/p/p72
Brugh, Lulu K '81/p18
Brugh, S Mar '77/p1B
Brugh, S '89/p13; '92/p 49
Brugh, S. '92/p/p49
Brugh, Spangler '78/p75
Brugh, Spangler '92/p/p72
Brughs, '82/p38
Bruhn, Peter '89/p19
Brumitt, Charlotte B '89/p65, 67
Brummond, August '80/p69
Brummond, Carl '83/p27
Brummond, Emilie '91/p26
Brummond, Herman '91/p50, 51
Brun, Anne '87/p65
Brun, Jorgen '87/p65
Brun, Morten F '87/p65
Brun, Peter '87/p65
Bruner & Neligh '83/p37
Bruner, Amelia Phoneta '91/p25
Bruner, Cephorah '84/p49
Bruner, Charles '88/p53
Bruner, D W '88/p10
Bruner, Dr '85/p71
Bruner, H Mar '77/p1B; '88/p53
Bruner, John '85/p74
Bruner, John J '83/p36
Bruner, Mary '88/p74
Bruner, R D '81/p27
Bruner, Robert '81/p27
Bruner, Uriah '80/p1; '83/p33, 36
Bruner, Uriah '90/p21-23;
Bruning village, NE '90/p12
Brunke, Anna '84/p5
Brunke, Augusta '87/p1
Brunke, Friedrich Mar '77/p1B
Brunke, L '84/p5
Brunke, Ludwig Mar '77/p1B
Brunke, Ludwig '91/p75, 76
Brunke, Wilhelmine '84/p5
Brunkow, Adela L '90/p37
Brunkow, Clara M '90/p37
Brunkow, Lillie M '90/p37
Brunner, Amelia P '91/p26
Brunner, Charles H '89/p76
Brunner, Dr '82/p30
Brunner, H '85/p66; '88/p64
Brunner, John G M/M '90/p75
Brunner, W R '84/p8
Brunning, Gerhardt '84/p37
Brunning, Mary '88/p14
Brunning, William '88/p14
Bruno Cemetery, Nebr '80/p75
Bruno village, NE '90/p12
Brunson, Rev '92/p/p35
Brunswichg, Fritz '78/p66
Brusch, Hobart '79/p20
Bruse, Fred '90/p53, 55
Bruseau, Rilly '89/p64, 67
Brush, Henry '86/p25
Brusk, Chris '86/p25
Bruton, H A Mr '89/p44
Bruton, Lekca '85/p21
Bruton, Mollie '85/p21
Bruton, Q M/M '85/p21
Bruton, Quillian '85/p21
Bruza, Marie '82/p78
Bruzac, Etta '85/p21, 25
Bryan & Brooks; Fremont, NE '89/p11
Bryan, Bernardinus '82/p54
Bryan, Bertha '86/p33
Bryan, Bridgetta Fallen '82/p54
Bryan, Edward F '88/p1
Bryan, Hon W. J. '92/p/p38
Bryan, Hugone '82/p54
Bryan, Margaret '86/p33
Bryan, Pat Jr '87/p21
Bryan, Patrick '85/p75
Bryan, Scott '85/p8
Bryan, William Jennings '82/p76
Bryant, Thomas '78/p5
Bryant, A F '78/p70
Bryant, Abraham F '78/p70
Bryant, Elizabeth '78/p70
Bryant, J '78/p70
Bryant, John '91/p33
Bryant, Julia Ann '78/p70
Bryant, L T M/M '81/p75
Bryant, Martha C '87/p1
Bryant, R S '78/p20
Bryant, Rufus '78/p19
Bryant, Sicera Alice '78/p70
Bryant, Thos '91/p42
Bryant, Willie C '78/p70
Bryce, E H '87/p72
Bryce, Freddie E '87/p72
Bryce, J A '887/p72
Bryne, James '81/p64
Bryngelson, Josephine '84/p47
Bryngelson, Josie '84/p48
Bryngelson, Lena '84/p47
Bryon, J D Mar '77/p1B
Bryscejn, Anna '81/p21
Bryscejn, Lillian '81/p21
Bryson, E E '87/p57
Bucey, Richard '85/p75
Buch, Carl '85/p15
Buch, L '85/p15
Buchacek, '84/p20
Buchan, Mrs '87/p56
Buchanan, A E '87/p70
Buchanan, President '83/p52
Buchanan, Victor '85/p3; '88/p10
Buchanan, Walker 85/p3
Bucher, Frances '86/p32
Bucher, Para '86/p33
Bucher, Sherman T '86/p25
Bucher, W A '86/p25
Buchhalz, Minnie '92/p//p6
Buchhalz, Minnie (Mrs. Christian Feller) '92/p/p5
Buchholtz, William '86/p48
Buchholz, Wm '86/p19
Buchkoz, Frederick William '91/p26
Buchlow, Paul G '79/p38
Buchner, Louisa '92/p/p6
Buchner, Louisa (Mrs. Thigime Herbert) '92/p/p5
Buchner, Louisia '85/p21, 24
Bucholtz, Fred '86/p25
Bucholz, Willis '88/p50
Buck, Ebenezer H '78/p11
Buck, Frederick '78/p23
Buck, Geo '86/p9
Buck, Hilda '83/p71
Buck, Margaret '82/p62
Buck, Peter Emanuel Rasmussen '91/p61
Buck, William '83/p71
Buckholz, Frederick W '91/p26
Buckingham, Dist Atty '85/p21
Buckley, Alice '83/p37
Buckley, Bridget '84/p16
Buckley, Ella '81/p41
Buckley, J F '88/p1
Buckley, John F '89/p64, 67
Buckley, Mark '79/p42
Buckley, Otterbein C '81/p50
Buckley, Robert '81/p50
Bucklin, Edwin N '91/p50, 51
Buckmann, Dorothe '87/p22
Buckmann, Dorothea '87/p2
Buckmann, Marie '87/p22
Buckmann, Sophie '87/p22
Buckmann, Wilhelm '87/p22
Buckmaster, Peter Mar '77p1B; '78/p75
Buckmaster, Peter '90/p36
Budin, James '82/p47
Buebennick, Louis August '82/p52
Buehler, Michael '90/p53, 55
Buehring, Frank '89/p62, 67
Buell, A '85/p6
Buell, Samuel L '81/p64
Buene, Wm '92/p/p46
Buer, Geo H '85/p30
Buer, J F Mar '77/p1B
Buer, John Mar '77p1b
Buer, John F '87/p75
Buerman, Fred '79/p9
Buerman, Mary '79/p9
Bueton, Albert G R '90/p53, 55
Buetow, Albert Rev '80/p48
Buetow, Rev '80/p48
Buffalo Bill '84/p58
Buffalo Town Co '91/p8
Buffalow Town Co '91/p9
Buffert, Mr '87/p8
Buffington, George '86/p73
Buga, Joseph '79/p70
Bugeons, '84/p22
Buggenhagen, Charles '82/p31
Bugher, E J '81/p27
Buhan, Hugh Albert '96/p37
Buhan, Tho '86/p37
Buhe, Wm '80/p54
Buhen, Eberhard '81/p21
Buhring, Anna Mary '81/p81; '86/p1
Buhrman, Carl Dean '78/p28
Buhrman, Evelyn '78/p28
Buhrman, Marvin '78/p28
Buhrman, Melvern '78/p28
Bujeon, Ferdinand '79/p70
Bukacek, Bertha '84/p56
Bukacek, Bohumil '84/p56
Buker, C W Mar '77/p1B
Buker, W W Mar '77/p1B
Bull, A S Rev '80/p15
Bullalow, NE '91/p10
Bullard, E S Mrs '82/p27
Bulloc, Fannie '79/p48
Bulloc, Rebecca '79/p48
Bullock & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Bullock, Alfred A '86/p3
Bullock, C R Mar '77/p1B
Bullock, D Mar '77/p1B
Bullock, D E '88/p64
Bullock, D. '92/p/p49
Bullock, Daniel Mar '77/p1B; '78/p75; '87/p4; '88/p64
Bullock, Daniel '92/p/p72
Bullock, Daniel R '78/p61, 75
Bullock, Daniel R. '92/p/p72
Bullock, Elizabeth Helen (Carter) '89/p60
Bullock, Frank '92/p/p5, 6
Bullock, Frank '91/p24; '92/p 5, 6
Bullock, Frank W '86/p52
Bullock, Frank William '89/p60
Bullock, Geo '87/p71
Bullock, Geo & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Bullock, Geo Henry '90/p54
Bullock, George Henry '90/p55
Bullock, Howard '78/p50
Bullock, Mary '78/p45
Bullock, Mary L. '92/p/p6
Bullock, Mary Louisa (Mrs. Elisha King) '92/p/p4
Bullock, Miss '86/p9
Bullock, Mrs. Frank (Elizabeth H. Harter) '92/p/p5
Bullock, Mrs. S Mar '77/p1B
Bullock, Rebecca '78/p58; '87/p1
Bullock, S '90/p31
Bullock, Sam '85/p66
Bullock, Samuel Mar '77/p1B
Bullock, Thomas '82/p61, 66; '86/p2
Bullock, Thos M/M '86/p9
Bullock, Winnie '84/p49
Bullowa, Mary B '81/p13
Bumgardner, Allen '83/p77
Bumgardner, J L '87/p72
Bumgardner, J N '85/p62
Bumgardner, Levi L '87/p72
Bumgardner, Lucinda '83/p77
Bumgardner, R '87/p72
Bumgardner, Samuel '83/p77
Bump, A M Mar '77/p1B
Bump, O M Mar '77/p1B
Bunce, Anna M '78/p56
Bunce, Clara L '78/p56
Bunce, J '78/p56
Bunce, Mr '81/p79
Bunck, Renee '92/p/p32,34
Bunck, Renee '91/p19, 38;
Bunda, James '82/p75; '86/p48
Bunde, Johann '87/p23
Bundys, Paul '84/p44
Bunka, William '81/p21
Bunn, Valparaiso '78/p50
Bunner, A L '88/p1
Buracker, Charles C '78/p44
Buraker, Ambrose '79/p42
Burbank, John J '86/p2
Burbank, John J '89/p62, 67
Burch, B F '85/p75
Burch, Henry A '85/p75; ’88/p38
Burch, Julia D '88/p10
Burch, Mary '78/p61
Burchard village, NE '90/p12
Burche, Capt '82/p11
Burd, Albert H 87/p58
Burda, Albert '92/p/p6
Burda, Annie '85/p51
Burda, Antonia '85/p51
Burda, Mary '85/p51
Burda, Mike '85/p51
Burda, Mrs. Albert (Flora Pellencky) '92/p/p6
Burdeen, Rev '89/p57
Burdic, E S '86/p76
Burdick, Charles H '83/p57
Bureau of Indian Affairs '91/p72
Bures, Anna '81/p21; '83/p11
Bures, Joseph '83/p1
Bures, Maria '83/p5
Burger, C '86/p46
Burger, Ella '86/p51
Burger, Etsil '85/p22, 25
Burger, Ferdman '85/p43
Burger, George '80/p54
Burger, George J '81/p45
Burger, Hiram '86/p51
Burger, Jas L '78/p12
Burger, John Mar '77/p1B
Burger, Lenora '85/p43
Burger, Lewis '86/p51
Burger, Millie '86/’51
Burger, Peter, '78/p20
Burger, Thrisa '85/p43
Burgers, John '80/p37
Burgers, Mary '80/p37
Burgess, Albert Mar '77/p1B
Burgess, O S '84/p32
Burgess, Wm '78/p24
Burgh, Dr '87/p8
Burghandt, C B '82/p72
Burgher, Geo '81/p27
Burgher, John '81/p27
Burgher, Mary '81/p27
Burgher, Wash '81/p27
Burgur, C '82/p72
Burill, John J '88/p64
Burinng, Anna '87/p77
Burinng, Anna '89/p27, 29
Burk, Jas '83/p27
Burk, Michael '83/p27
Burk, Thomas '83/p27
Burke, D W '76/p61; '82/p21; '83/p27
Burke, Mary '88/p14
Burke, Patrick '81/p50
Burkerd, Iris E '85/p46
Burkerd, Jennie '84/p55
Burkett, Senator '88/p15
Burkey, Bert '88/p1
Burkhart, '86/p35
Burkhead, Anna '85/p9
Burkitt, Bertha Ann '87/p49
Burkley, Vincent '82/p22
Burman, John '81/p50
Burmester, C E '87/p57
Burn, Mary '82/p33
Burnand, James '82/p72
Burnap, '79/p17
Burnard, James '82/p72
Burner, Murrell '88/p1
Burnerd, Oren '82/p72
Burnes, Betsey '78/p62
Burnes, Betsy '87/p4
Burnett, B W '91/p50, 51
Burnett, Supt '83/p62
Burnett, Supt '90/p34
Burns, Mar '77/p1B
Burns, Adolph '84/p38
Burns, Anna '82/p54
Burns, B '90/p44
Burns, C E Mar '77/p1B
Burns, D '80/p40
Burns, D '89/p10, 14
Burns, Dolley '92/p/p29
Burns, E C Mar '77/p1B; '78/p63; '85/p74
Burns, E C '89/p51
Burns, E. C. '92/p/p29
Burns, Ed M/M '90/p71
Burns, Father '82/p52
Burns, Frank '90/p71
Burns, Frank Jr '90/p71
Burns, J '90/p71
Burns, J F M/M '90/p71
Burns, J Mr '78/p60
Burns, Jas Mar '77/p1B
Burns, Jesse '92/p/p29
Burns, John '81/p31; '88/p63
Burns, John '89/p9
Burns, Jos '80/p40
Burns, Joseph Mar '77/p1B; '87/p3; '88/p64
Burns, Joseph '90/p28
Burns, Lawrence '82/p54
Burns, Mark '81/p19; '88/p63
Burns, Mark '89/p9
Burns, Mary (Mrs. Eugene Inglesby) '92/p/p29
Burns, Mary '81/p19; '88/p63
Burns, Mary '89/p9;
Burns, Mr. '88/p43
Burns, Nellie '85/p30
Burns, Robert '91/p32
Burns, Willis E. '92/p/p29
Burns, Willis P '78/p63; '86/p46
Burns, Wm '84/p34
Burpee, John '81/p27
Burpee, Luke H '81/p27
Burpee, Sarah L '81/p27
Burr, D W '87/p58
Burr, Sarah '85/p58
Burrell, Arnold '91/p74, 76
Burrell, F L '84/p8
Burrell, W P '86/p46
Burrill, J '85/p72
Burrows, Agnes G '89/p63, 67
Burrs, William '88/p1
Burson, Gustavus '90/p22
Burson, Joseph A '78/p75
Burt Co, NE '91/p3
Burt, Alice Bishop Jan '77/p4
Burt, Edwin Jan '77/p4
Burt, George Jan '77/p4
Burt, Governor '78/p15
Burt, Joseph F Jan '77/p3
Burt, Lorinda L Jan '77p3
Burt, Nettie F Jan '77/p4
Burt, Oscar Jan '77/p4
Burt, Oscar S Jan '77/p3; '79/p49
Burt, Plato O Jan '77/p4
Burt, Prof '80/p41
Burt, Professor '84/p29
Burton Dorees '81/p17
Burton, Alan '81/p17
Burton, Edna I '89/p63, 67
Burton, Evillyn '85/p9
Burton, J '81/p6
Burton, John B '81/p17
Burton, Mrs '81/p17
Burton, Rebecca J '88/p10
Burton, W I Mar '77/p1B
Burtt, C I '81/p28
Burtt, J L '81/p28
Burtt, L K '82/p43
Burtt, L W '81/p28
Burtt, R I '81/p28
Burtwhistle, Mary A '90/p54, 55
Burtz, A '85/p72
Burup, C M Mar '77/p1B
Burwell town, NE '90/p12
Burwell, J E '84/p56
Busack, Hattie M '86/p3
Busch, Mar '77/p1B
Busch, August A '81/’13
Busch, August C '81/p13
Busch, Ben '86/p25
Busch, Elisabeth '84/p41
Busch, Ernest Mar '77/p1B
Busch, Ernst '92/p/p4, 6
Busch, F Mar '77/p1B
Busch, F J & Son; Howells, NE '89/p4
Busch, F J '89/p1, 3, 4
Busch, Friedrich '84/p41
Busch, Geo J '86/p49
Busch, Herman '87/p71
Busch, J F Mar '77/p1B
Busch, Miss '86/p25
Busch, Mrs '81/p13
Busch, Mrs. Ernst (Louisa Hubenka) '92/p/p4
Busch, William L '85/p45
Buscher, Johann '92/p/p37
Buschmann, Sophie '87/p26
Busek, Catharina '83/p1
Bush, Christiana '81/p72
Bush, Emily E '81/p81; '86/p1
Bush, Mary '83/p49
Busha, Joseph '78/p20; '81/p72
Bushman, Josephine '81/p21
Bushnell, C A M/M '88/p25
Bushnell, G A Mr '91/p24
Bushnell, Pearl '88/p22, 23, 25
Buskirt, George '78/p22
Buskohl, D H M/M '91/p15
Buss, C E '78/p15
Buss, Carolina '80/p69
Buss, Rev Wm. H. '92/p/p78
Buss, Reverend W. H. '92/p/p32
Buss, W H Rev '82/p42; '86/p24; '88/p7, 28
Buss, W H Rev '89/p57; '92/p 32
Buss, William H Rev '90/p11
Buss, William H Rev '82/p28; '85/p72
Buswell, Elizabeth '91/p33
Buswell, Ezra M '91/p33
Butler Co Cemeteries, Nebr '80/p75
Butler, A B '78/p61
Butler, A D '87/p4
Butler, Celestia G '89/p27, 29
Butler, Charles '86/p25
Butler, E S '80/p37; '88/p37, 38
Butler, John R '81/p50
Butler, Lottie K '81/p45
Butow, Auguste '83/p43
Butow, Friedrich '83/p43
Butow, Wilhelmine '83/p43
Butt, William D '80/p13
Butte village, NE '90/p12
Butterfield, C E '78/p17
Butterfield, Clarence Mrs '88/p47
Butterfield, Frank '86/p25
Butterfield, J B '86/p25
Butterfield, William L '89/p62, 67
Button, Benjamin '81’p51
Button, F W '87/p70
Button, Harriet '81/p51
Button, Martha '81/p51
Button, Osman '81/p50
Button, Reuben '81/p51
Buttrick, Margaret '80/p4
Butts, boys '90/p41
Butturff, G H '84/p16
Butzen, Emil F '90/p37
Butzen, Martha H '90/p37
Buxbaum, Berthold Dr '81/p14
Buzard, Hirm '80/p70
Bye, Joseph '87/p58
Byer, J G Mar '77/p1B
Byers, Harry '86/p25
Byers, Noah '87/p2
Byers, Noah A Mar '77/p1B
Byford, T M '78/p20
Byorkland, Ida M '91/p74, 76
Byren, James '78/p75
Byrne, Alma '81/p14
Byrne, Anna F '89/p36
Byrne, James '88/p64
Byrne, John '81/p64
Byrne, Mrs Irvin '78/p49
Byrne, Nellie '87/p69
Byron, W. S. '92/p/p50
Byron, W. S. '92/p/p72
Byson, Ed '92/p/p47
Bysong, John W '81/p43
Bywman, W C '85/p66

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.