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I O O F; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Ibbotson, John 87/p68
Ice Co 84/p8
Idaho Pioneer Certificates '89/p40
Ideal Laundry 84/p8
Ideal Steam Laundry; Fremont, NE '89/p78
Iden, August F W 79/p28
Iden, Bertha (Starck) 78/p24
Iden, Christine 79/p23
Iden, Concordia 79/p29
Iden, Henry 79/p28
Iden, John 79/p25
Iden, John A 79/p29
Iden, Thomas 78/p22
Ihfe, Claus Detlef '92/p23
Ihfe, Jurgen Nikolaus Hermann '92/p 23
Ihfe, William Henry '92/p23
Ihlenfeld, Charles Fred '92/p16
Ikenberry, John 86/p57
Ikenberry, Jonathan 86/p3
Ikenberry, Lydia (Mrs. Luther B. Maben) '92/p4
Ikenberry, Lydia '92/p7
Ikenberry, Tabitha 86/p3
Ikenbery, John Mar 77/p7
Ill, Brewster Cemetery 78/p53
Ill, Cass County Elections of 1837 78/p42
Ill, Cass County Elections of 1838 79/p42
Ill, Cass County Elections of 1842 79/p42
Ill, Cemetery Calhoun 78/p33
Ill, Cemetery Cuming City 78/p53
Ill, Cemetery Kennard 78/p53
Ill, Cemetery New England 78/p53
Ill, Cemetery Rosehill 78/p53
Ill, Herman Cemetery 78/p53
Ill, Virginia Graduates from 1876-1905 79/p42
Ill, Virginia of 1860 79/p42
Iller, Mar 77/p7
Illinois - Suckers '91/p41
Imes, Albert 88/p27
Imes, D 87/p17
Imes, Lloyd 88/p27
Imes, M Mabel 87/p17
Imes, S J 87/p17
Imhuff, John 82/p73
Imler, Catharine 87/p73
Imler, Laura V 87/p73
Imler, Thos 87/p73
Imperial town, NE '90/p13
Imsicke, J B Mar 77/p7
Imsicke, John R Mar 77/p7
Inches, Charles Dr 86/p24
Inches, Chas Dr 82/p42; 88/p28
Inches, Chas Dr '91/p57
Inches, D Rev 81/p85
Inches, David 86/p20
Inches, David Rev 82/p74; 86/p79
Inches, Dr '91/p59
Inches, Etta 86/p26, 27
Inches, Fred S 88/p13
Inches, Ida '91/p68
Inches, Jessie R 86/p67
Indian, Pawnee village '90/p76; '91
Indiana - Hoosiers '91/p41
Indianola city, NE '90/p13
Indians, Cheyenne '90/p18
Indians, Chow-wees '89/p42
Indians, Kickapoo '91/p 4
Indians, Kitke-haha '89/p42
Indians, Pawnee "'89/p33,42;"
Indians, Pitte-how-we-dots '89/p42
Indians, Sioux '90/p18; '91
Indians, Ske Dees '89/p42
Indra, Josephine 85/p43
Indrak, Ignas 85/p43
Industrial School for Indians '91/p70
Ingalls, E D 88/p65
Ingersoll, R A 85/p56
Ingleman, C 81/p31, 35
Ingleman, Cecilia 81/p31
Ingleman, Virginia C 81/p31
Inglesby, C E 82/p33
Inglesby, Eugene '92/p29
Inglesby, Mrs. Eugene (Mary Burns) '92/p29
Inglis, George M/M 81/p75

Inks, Edith 82/p42
Inlay, Addie 87/p8
Inlay, Addie '89/p 9
Inlay, Alida '89/p13
Inlay, Hattie 85/p77
Inman, Mar 77/p7
Inman, Anthony 82/p73
Inman, Geo 78/p76
Inman, Mrs (Wintersteen) '90/p74
Innes, John 85/p4
Innes, W M 84/p34
Innis, Dolina 84/p54
Innis, Lena 87/p49
International Harvester Company 84/p39
Iones, R M 80/p74
Iowa - Hawkeyes '91/p41
Ireland, Dublin Research 82/p1-2
Ireland, I 78/p19
Ireland, John '92/p56
Ireland, Mr 88/p2
Irish, Elgie '91/p45
Irish, Merle '91/p45
Irving Park '89/p58
Irvington, NE '89/p23
Irwin, John 80/p28
Isaacs, Christ Mar 77/p7
Isaacs, Peter "'91/p74, 77"
Isaacsen, Christine Mar 77/p7
Isaacson, Christian 88/p65
Isaacson, John "'90/p53, 56"
Isaksen, Peter 87/p66
Isgriff, Willie 85/p77
Isgrig & Stultz; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Isham, Lincoln 81/p15
Isham, Mrs 81/p15
Iske, Carl Wilhelm '92/p42
ISLA, NE '91/p31
Isles, Robt 85/p19
Ithaca Ebenezer Evangelical Assn '90/p63
Ithaca Methodist '90/p65
Ithaca Zion Church; Ithaca, NE '90/p63
Ithaca Zion Evangelical Assn; Ithaca, NE '90/p63
Ithen, Josephine "'89/p61, 68"
Iverson, John 80/p13, 14
Iverson, Olaf W "'89/p62, 68"
Ives, Anne 88/p44
Ives, Bertie 88/p44
Ives, Eben Mar 77/p7
Ives, Eben M/M 86/p11
Ives, Eben, Mrs 80/p49
Ives, Ebin 88/p68
Ives, J Russell 85/p16
Ives, Katie 88/p44
Ives, Nellie 88/p44
Izard Co, NE '91/p 3
Izard, Governor 84/p31
Izard, Mark W 84/p32

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