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Shriever, Otto '79/p21
S D Adventist Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Saare, Alfred H '89/p36
Saarfeld, Theresa '83/p3
Sabatka, Jan '86/p39
Saber, Star '88/p5
Sabin, E B Mrs '90/p71
Sabranek, Marie '81/p24
Sacerrise, Mary Mar '77/p11
Sachaleben, Eberhard '87/p22
Sachsleben, Henry '87/p22
Sacred Heart Church; Olean, NE '89/p 2, 3
Sadlo, Catharine '84/p74
Sadlo, Jeronim '84/p74
Sadlo, Mathew '84/p74
Saelzer, Cahtrina '84/p13
Saelzer, Christ Wm '84/p13
Saelzer, Franz Wm '84/p13
Saelzer, Heinrich '84/p13
Saelzer, Joh Peter '84/p13
Saelzer, John Freid '84/p13
Saelzer, Wilhelmine '84/p13
Saemson, Romas '81/p58
Safarik, Marie '86/p36
Safarik, Pevla '82/p77
Safarik, Vinc & family '86/p36
Sage, Sylvanus '81/p69
Sage, William Melville '87/p74
Sahlen, John H Mar '77/p11
Sahler, J H '90/p30
Sahler, John H '88/p67
Sahler, John H '91/p37
Sahlman, William '84/p37
Sailing, Jeff '78/p19
Saispair, Mr '89/p71
Saispair, Peter Mar '77/p11; '86/p29
Saispair, Peter '89/p51; '91/p16
Sake, Paulina '81/p24
Sake, Zada J '82/p45
Salak, A M '85/p48
Salak, A M M/M '81/p76
Salak, Joseph M/M '81/p76
Salak, Rud M/M '81/p76
Salar, Anna '87/p26
Salar, Anton '87/p26
Salar, Franz '87/p26
Salberg, Anna P '87/p67
Salberg, Bengta '87/p67
Salberg, Hanna '87/p67
Salberg, Peter '87/p67
Salem village, NE '90/p14
Saline Ford; Ashland, NE '90/p77
Saling, John '78/p17
Salisbury, Julie H '85/p42
Salmon, B D Mar '77/p11
Salmon, B E '88/p66
Salomon '92/p49
Salroth, Ivar '92/p44
Salsh, William '81/p60
Salter Grain & Coal Co '87/p69
Salzinger, Stephanie '81/p24
Samek, V '82/p6
Sammons, Miner '82/p11
Samplson, Austin Mar '77/p11
Sampson, '86/p70
Sampson, Amy '87/p4
Sampson, Deborah '80/p8
Sampson, F J '85/p7
Sampson, Henry '81/p58
Sampson, J A '83/p37
Sampson, J T '88/p67
Sampson, James T '78/p77
Sampson, James T. '92/p73
Sampson, John Mar '77/p11; '82/p62; '87/p75
Sampson, John W '91/p74, 78
Sampson, Leroy Jr ‘76/p5
Sampson, Levi '78/p77
Sampson, Levi Jr '78/p77; '88/p66
Sampson, Levi Sr '88/p66
Sampson, M W '88/p57
Sampson, Martha '87/p76
Sampson, Mary '84/p2
Sampson, Mary E '86/p2
Sampson, Phillippa A '78/p62
Sampson, Phillippi '82/p41
Sampson, Samuel Mar '77/p11; '78/p77
Sampson, W R Mar '77/p11
Sampson, W R Jr '82/p41
Sampson, Wm R '78/p77
Sampter, Hazel '88/p21
Sams, Camille '81/p16
Sams, E P '81/p16
Sams, Gladys '81/p16
Sams, Mrs '81/p16
Sams, Peter '85/p53
Samson, '91/p80; '92/p20
Samson, Amanda '91/p50, 53
Samson, Elizabeth (Mrs. William Tabler) '92/p20
Samson, Elizabeth '91/p80; '92 20
Samson, John '87/p75
Samuels, Donald Mrs '81/p16
Samuels, Infant '81/p16
Samuels, J '78/p37
Samuels, Joseph '82/p73
Samuels, Mary '78/p37
Samuels, Sadie '81/p16
Samuelson, John Mrs '81/p3
Samuelson, Oscar '89/p72
Sanches, Joseph B '88/p10
Sand Creek, NE '91/p31
Sand, J Mar '77/p11
Sand, Jaco Mar '77/p11
Sand, Jacob Mar '77/p11; '88/p67
Sand, Mary '87/p75
Sandalin, Wilhelmine '91/p50, 53
Sandeen, Peter '87/p5
Sandermark, Olan Olsen '92/p44
Sanders, Cora '86/p66
Sanders, D C '82/p22
Sanders, Frank A '85/p42
Sanders, Jacob '79/p20
Sanders, Jacob '89/p50
Sanders, John '91/p58
Sanders, L W '89/p13
Sanders, Lavina C '85/p51
Sanders, Mary A '85/p52
Sanders, Mary E '85/p42
Sanders, Mr '89/p51
Sanders, Thos H '85/p42
Sanders, William M '91/p58
Sanders, Winfield S '85/p51
Sanders, Wm E '87/p71
Sanderson, Dr '84/p15
Sanderson, F. M. '92/p76
Sandford, Capt '82/p17
Sandhills, Searchers '81/p62
Sandig, E S '80/p53
Sandig, Ernst '80/p54
Sandner, John C '79/p40
Sandquist, John G '89/p74
Sandridge, Mary H '87/p74
Sands, Frank Mar '77/p11
Sands, Jacob '89/p 1, 3
Sands, Verne '88/p14
Sandstrom, C O '87/p59
Sandwig, E '81/p33
Sandy, William Mar '77/p11
Sandy, Wm '92/p73
Saner, A '81/p69
Sanford, Grace Miss Dr '86/p29
Sanford, H B Mr '83/p61
Sanford, H B Mr '90/p33
Sanka, Berbara '81/p44
Santa Claus '91/p65, 67
Santman, H A '81/p13
Santo, John S '81/p58
Sarchet, Thomas '88/p39
Sargeant, R J '88/p67
Sargent village, NE '90/p14
Sargent, E J Mar '77/p11
Sargent, Emroy L '88/p9
Sarpy Co, NE '91/p 3
Sarpy, Gregoire B '78/p17
Sarpy, Pelagie (Labagie) '78/p17
Sarpy, Peter A '78/p17; '83/p56
Sarre, Heinrich '87/p22
Sarre, Magdalene '87/p22
Sars, Louisa '78/p60
Sary, Peter A 78/p16
Sasenhagen, Mrs '80/p39
Saspair, Peter Mar '77/p11; '82/p61
Sass, C. H. '92/47
Sass, Charles '91/p25, 28
Sass, John Mar '77/p11
Sass, Louisa '87/p3
Sasse, August '79/p36
Sasse, Gottfried '88/p37
Sasse, H '79/p36
Sasse, Helene Poline '79/p36
Sasse, Louise (Mrs. John Louis Beck) '92/p3
Sasse, Louise '92/p7
Sasse, Mary '81/p81; '86/p1
Sasse, Sophia '86/p3
Sassenberger, August '91/p78
Sassenhagen, August Mar '77/p11
Sassenhagen, August '91/p74
Sasspair, O Mar ‘;77/p11
Sast, John Mar '77/p11
Satten, Robbert Mar '77/p11
Sattler, Beatrice '89/p40
Sattler, Beatrice Walter '81/p0
Sattler, William '81/p58
Sattroson, Capt '82/p16
Saturday Evening Journal, Weekly Fremont, NE '89/p13
Sature, Augustus '82/p15
Sature, Margaret '82/p15
Sauer, George F '86/p35
Sauers, Geo A '88/p13
Sauers, Jas '87/p71
Sauers, John W '85/p30
Sauers, Minnie '86/p66
Saul, A A M/M & children '86/p35
Saults, Harry '86/p29
Saunders Co Mission '90/p64
Saunders Co, NE '91/p 3
Saunders Co, NE Centennial Book '91/p31
Saunders County '90/p61-65
Saunders, '91/p73
Saunders, Charles '91/p72
Saunders, Eliza R. (Mrs. William H. Hartford) '92/p3
Saunders, Eliza R. '92/p7
Saus, Charles '80/p69
Savage, D S '81/p10
Savage, E H '83/p57
Savage, Lydia M '81/p72
Savage, Robert '81/p69
Savage, Sidney R '81/p72
Savane, John '81/p58
Savidge, J P '86/p37
Savidge, Martin '86/p37
Savis, Lizzie '86/p10
Savlik, Joseph '83/p8
Savlik, Magdalene '83/p11
Saw Mill, North Bend, NE '91/p55
Sawers, Randolph '80/p52
Sawtell '92/p49
Sawtell, W H '88/p66
Sawtell, Welsey H '78/p77
Sawtell, Wolsey H. '92/p73
Sawtelle, Julius A '87/p18
Sawton, Stephen '81/p69
Sawyer, Daniel '81/p7
Sawyer, Dnl '80/p57
Sawyer, Perry '87/p77
Sawyess, Thomas '81/p69
Saxby, S D Mr '89/p44
Saxton, Catp '82/p17
Sayers, Isabell '83/p50
Sayles, Maynard E '87/p58
SC & P RR Mar '77/p11
Scanlan, James '80/p26
Scanlon, Con '80/p76
Scanlon, George '89/p36
Scanlon, John '89/p36
Scannell, Bishop '88/p14
Scarlet Women '89/p56
Scarrow '91/p56
Schaaf, Wilhelm '91/p63
Schabel, E '79/p40
Schabel, Fritz '79/p40
Schadaman, J J '80/p1
Schadel, Theodor '83/p42
Schademann, Jacob Johann '78/p64
Schademann, Marie '78/p64
Schadimann, John J '80/p67
Schae, Catharina '81/p42
Schaefer, Jacob '83/p27
Schaeffer, Alois Mar '77/p11
Schaeffer, Carolyn '86/p67; '88/p26
Schaeffer, John W '81/p58
Schaeter, Adam '84/p43
Schaeter, Caroline '84/p43
Schaeter, Christine '84/p43
Schaeter, Friederich '84/p43
Schafer (Shafer), Hinrich Diedrich '92/p64
Schafer, Alois '92/p64
Schafer, Jno '87/p71
Schafer, Lewis M/M '81/p75
Schafer, Paul '81/p2
Schafers, Henry F '79/p7
Schaffer, Wilhelmine '82/p32
Schaffner '86/p35
Schairer, Eva '84/p47
Schalich, Anna '89/p64, 69
Schalich, Karl Mar '77/p11
Scharfe, Sophia '80/p68
Scharoun, Wilhelm '83/p43
Schartz, Louis '78/p66
Schatschneider, William '91/p26, 28
Schauer, Ann '79/p17
Schauerhammer, A '78/p66
Schauerhammer, F '78/p66
Schauerhammer, Franz '78/p66
Schaul, Peter ‘88’p5
Scheel, Earl '81/p2
Schefelbein, clancy '84/p53
Scheffer, Kat '86/p35
Scheffner, Kater & children '86/p36
Scheidlinger, Juda '81/p24
Schejbal, Frances Mrs '81/p24
Schejbal, Tomas '92/p25
Schell, Mar '77/p11
Schell, John Mar '77/p11; '80/p58; '85/p24, 28
Schellenberg, August C '78/p63
Schellenberg, Herny '81/p80; '82/p32
Schemel, Heiene '84/p47
Schemmel, Henry '86/p17
Schenck, Dan Mrs '91/p45
Schere, John '82/p41
Schere, John A '83/p48
Schere, William '83/p41
Scherer, John A '78/p60
Scherman, Louise J '84/p6
Schers, Frederick '81/p80
Scherzer, Eliza '86/p67
Schettler, Dr. '92/p27
Schettler, G O '89/p14
Schettler, Louise '87/p8
Schettler, Louise (Mrs. Frank J. Berger) '92/p27
Scheu, Jind '86/p35
Scheve, Frederick '81/p80
Schideler, Henry '80/p28
Schiefelbein, Family '79/p17
Schiefelbein, JoAnn '78/p17
Schiefelbein, Roy '79/p17
Schieferl, Adam '83/p2
Schieferl, Michael '83/p2
Schield, Jos '78/p70
Schield, Phebe '78/p70
Schien, Anton Christian '92/p64
Schien, Christ '91/p57
Schierbecker, Jodi '92/p40
Schierloh, Johann '79/p25
Schiferl, Adam '91/p26, 28, 47
Schiferl, Agnes '84/p47, 48
Schiferl, Marvin '78/p63
Schiff, Simon '87/p25
Schiffmann '89/p37
Schiffmann/Shipman '89/p37
Schiller, E '86/p35
Schilling, August Mar '77/p12; '82/p31
Schimkel, Carl Mar '77/p12
Schimth, George Mar '77/p12
Schincke, Ida '84/p73
Schindelar, J B '86/p49
Schindler, J '85/p48
Schindler, Joe '81/p24
Schinke, Elizabeth '91/p49, 53
Schinke, Hermin '91/p49, 53
Schinke, Louise '78/p64
Schinke, Nathaniel '91/p51, 53
Schlatis, E W '88/p5
Schlautman, Edward '79/p9
Schlautman, Mary '79/p9
Schlecht, Anna '80/p2
Schlecht, Anna (Walla) '80/p2
Schlecht, Arthur '78/p28
Schlecht, Augusta '78/p34
Schlecht, Bobine '80/p2
Schlecht, Emelia '80/p2
Schlecht, Emelia '91/p50, 53
Schlecht, Emilie '79/p22
Schlecht, Ernest '79/p22; '80/p2
Schlecht, Ernst '80/p2
Schlecht, Erwin '78/p34
Schlecht, Frank '80/p2
Schlecht, Frank E '78/p34
Schlecht, Gottleib '79/p24, 26
Schlecht, Gottlieb '80/p2
Schlecht, Helena '80/p2
Schlecht, Ida '80/p2
Schlecht, Maria '80/p2
Schlecht, Minna '80/p2
Schlecht, Minnie '79/p28
Schlecht, Minnie M '91/p53
Schlecht, Minnie Mary '91/p49
Schlecht, Velanda '78/p28
Schlecht, Will '80/p2
Schlect, Ernest '79/p28
Schlect, Rosina '83/p74
Schlegel, Henry '88/p67
Schleisinger, Ann '81/p33
Schleisinger, Julia '81/p33
Schleisinger, L A '81/p33
Schleisinger, Mary '81/p33
Schleisinger, Mathilde '81/p33
Schleisinger, Seybault '81/p33
Schleisinger, T S '81/p33
Schlenck, Lina '92/p34
Schlesinger, S L '81/p17
Schlessinger, Arnold '81/p17
Schlessinger, Mrs '81/p17
Schleuder, Caroline '89/p27, 30
Schley, Julia M '85/p46
Schlichting, Nicolas '81/p3
Schlieman, Mrs '87/p56
Schlienz, Louise '81/p45
Schliestadt, Fr '84/p43
Schlitzer, Edward '91/p26, 28
Schloatfeld, Anna '89/p29, 30
Schloemer, John Henry '92/p25
Schloffeld, Claus Mar '77/p12
Schlosser '89/p37
Schlosser, Adolph '87/p71
Schlosser, Heinrich '87/p24
Schlote, Albert '90/p45
Schlote, Louis '82/p21
Schlotfeld, Jno '87/p71
Schlotfeld, Johann '92/p3, 7
Schlotfeld, Mrs. Johann (Dorathea C. H. Bock) '92/p3
Schlue, Dina '84/p43
Schlueter, Albert '78/p35; '81/p44
Schlueter, Albert M '78/p33
Schlueter, Anna '83/p32
Schlueter, Antoinette '78/p35
Schlueter, Augusta '81/p44
Schlueter, Caroline E '78/p30
Schlueter, Clara '86/p32
Schlueter, Dora '78/p33
Schlueter, F '78/p30
Schlueter, Frank '81/p45
Schlueter, Gilbert '78/p35
Schlueter, Herman '81/p41
Schlueter, J E W '78/p30
Schlueter, Johann E W '78/p30
Schlueter, Mary (Borgelt) '78/p33
Schlueter, Max F '79/p22
Schlueter, Paul J '79/p22
Schluter, Albert '80/p2
Schluter, August '79/p21
Schluter, Augusta '80/p2
Schluter, Carl '79/p22; '80/p2
Schluter, Frank '80/p2
Schluter, Friedrich '79/p21
Schluter, Mathilda '79/p21
Schluter, Uricka '80/p2
Schluter, William '80/p2
Schmadke, Charles '85/p46
Schmal, A '88/p5
Schmale, Carl '86/p51
Schmalik, Anna '90/p20
Schmecker, Frederick '80/p4
Schmediks, Henriette '84/p6
Schmehl, Lula H '87/p74
Schmehl, Matilda E '87/p74
Schmeid, August Mar '77/p12
Schmeiser, Frank '82/p6
Schmeiser, Frank '90/p44
Schmela, Ferdinand '91/p51, 53
Schmela, Rose '89/p33, 34
Schmeling, Herman '78/p63
Schmelzer, Elisabeth '84/p43
Schmelzer, Joh H Carl '84/p43
Schmicker, Anton '80/p4
Schmicker, Casper '80/p4
Schmicker, Elizabeth '80/p4
Schmicker, Hariet '80/p4
Schmicker, Mathias '80/p4
Schmid, Frida '82/p24
Schmidt '89/p37
Schmidt, Anna '83/p44
Schmidt, August '91/p26, 28
Schmidt, Carl '89/p62, 69
Schmidt, Ella '83/p40
Schmidt, Frederick '81/p3
Schmidt, Friedrich '83/p44
Schmidt, Fritz '90/p44
Schmidt, George '82/p54
Schmidt, Heller '89/p27
Schmidt, Johanna '91/p75, 78
Schmidt, Lina '80/p69
Schmidt, Magdalene '83/p44
Schmidt, Peter '84/p21
Schmidt, Rosa '82/p54
Schmietenknop, Henry '84/p36
Schmitt, John G '90/p37
Schmitt, Mary '81/p44
Schmitt, Norman Mrs '81/p62
Schmitz, Jacob '83/p48
Schmitz, Jak '86/p36
Schmitz, Nickolaus '79/p8
Schmitz, Saleme '79/p8
Schmoldt, F '78/p34
Schmoldt, Ferdinand '78/p34
Schmoldt, H E '78/p34
Schmoldt, Harry '79/p29
Schmoldt, Herman '78/p29
Schmoldt, Louise '78/p29
Schmoldt, M '78/p34
Schmoldt, Martha '78/p34
Schmoldt, Walter '78/p29
Schmoldt, Wilhelm '78/p29
Schmolt, Amelia '80/p3
Schmolt, August '80/p3
Schmolt, Caroline '80/p3
Schmolt, Ferdinant '80/p3
Schmolt, Louise '80/p3
Schmolt, Minna '80/p3
Schmolt, William '80/p3
Schmottz, Wilhelmine '80/p68
Schmuda, Henrietta '90/p53, 57
Schmuecker, Elizabeth (Reimann) '80/p4
Schmuecker, Matthias '80/p4
Schnabel, Mary '91/p25, 28
Schneerger, Anna '83/p2
Schneider '89/p37
Schneider, Barbara '81/p33
Schneider, C '84/p6
Schneider, Carl '79/p36
Schneider, Cathrina '84/p14
Schneider, Conrad '84/p6, 14; '85/p73
Schneider, Conrad '91/p58
Schneider, E C '86/p46
Schneider, Ernest '87/p49
Schneider, Fred '92/p34
Schneider, Geo '81/p33
Schneider, Glenn '78/p63
Schneider, Heinrich '84/p13
Schneider, Henry D '84/p23
Schneider, Jack '85/p5
Schneider, Jacob '82/p33
Schneider, L A M/M '90/p72
Schneider, Magdalena '84/p6
Schneider, Margaretha '84/p13
Schneider, Mary '81/p33; '85/p5
Schneider, Nathan '84/p14
Schneider, Peter '84/p14
Schneider, R B '87/p70
Schneider, R. B. '92/p77
Schneider, Rose '85/p5
Schneider, Rosine '81/p33
Schneider, Wm '84/p13
Schneier, Rabbi E '81/p24
Schnepel, Karel '86/p36
Schnetzer & Knechtel '84/p9
Schnoor, Charley '92/p64
Schnoor, Dora '82/p33
Schnoor, Hans Henry '92/p64
Schnoor, Henry '84/p39
Schnoor, Mat '82/p31
Schnoor, Walter '84/p39
Schnuettgen, Ferdinand Rev '88/p80
Schnuettgen, Louis '88/p80
Schnurmacher '89/p37
Schnutt, Frantiska '86/p36
Schode, William '84/p52
Schodfeld, Christian Mar '77/p12
Schoen, William '83/p40
Schoenbachter, Clementine '87/p75
Schoenberg, Christian '91/p26, 28
Schoenck, Carl Mar '77/p12
Schoenech, William '91/p58
Schoeneck, Carl Mar '77/p12
Schoeneck, M L Mar '77/p12
Schoeneck, W A '87/p71
Schoenek, C Mar '77/p12
Schoenfeldt, Anna '80/p54
Schoenfeldt, Augusta '82/p32
Schoenfelz, Christian '80/p68
Schoening, Anne '89/p20
Schoettger, Henry M/M '90/p72
Schole, Bernard '87/p75
Scholl, Bern '84/p5
Scholl, Lina '84/p5
Scholl, Maria '84/p5
Schonbacker, Joseph '92/p4, 7
Schonbacker, Mrs. Joseph (Clementine Novar) '92/p4
Schonberger, August Mar '77/p12
Schonberger, Joseph Mar '77/p12
Schonek, Charles '78/p61
Schonemann, Antje Friderike '84/p43
Schonemann, Betty Jansen '84/p43
Schonemann, Chr Jansen '84/p43
Schonemann, F Lube '84/p43
Schonemann, G '84/p43
Schonemann, Joh Wilhelmine '84/p43
Schonemann, Renard Wilhelmine '84/p43
Schonemann, Wilh Jansen '84/p43
Schonlau, Louis '80/p69
School District No 31; Dodge Co '92/p70
School District No 44 Feb 3, 1882 '89/p10
School District No 80; North Bend, NE '89/p55
Schooler, Mrice D '78/p9
Schooley, M H L Dr '79/p42
Schotts, '87/p74
Schou, John S '78/p77
Schou, Laren '92/p73
Schou, P Mar '77/p12
Schou, Peter Mar '77/p12; '78/p77
Schou, Peter '92/p73
Schou, Soren '78/p77
Schow, Emil '84/p37
Schow, J Peter '84/p2
Schow, John S '84/p2; '88/p67
Schow, Maria E '84/p2
Schow, Marion H '84/p2
Schow, Peter '88/p67
Schow, Peter '91/p74, 78
Schow, Soren '88/p66
Schowalter, Arnold C '78/p31
Schowalter, Ella P '78/p31
Schowalter, F '78/p32
Schowalter, Jacob '78/p32
Schowalter, John Jacob '78/p32
Schowalter, Kate '78/p31
Schowalter, Magdalena '78/p32
Schrade, John '86/p17
Schrade, W H '85/p76
Schrader, Joh Heinr '84/p43
Schrage, Gus '89/p10, 14; '91/p22
Schrage, Gus Mrs '91/p23
Schram, Conrad Mar '77/p12
Schrank, Bertha '84/p75
Schrank, Gustav '84/p75
Schrank, Theresa '84/p75
Schrark, Gustof '80/p68
Schreck, Peter M '78/p63
Schreder, William '86/p36
Schreefer, Ina '86/p33
Schreibe, Art '86/p46
Schreiner '89/p37
Schreiner, Anne '81/p33
Schreiner, Elijah '81/p33
Schreiner, Geo '81/p33
Schreiner, Jacob '81/p33
Schreiner, John '81/p33
Schreiner, Mary '81/p33
Schreinert, Johanna '86/p2
Schriever, Anna '79/p29
Schriever, Carl W '79/p29
Schriever, Claus H '79/p23
Schriever, Sophia '79/p23
Schriever, Wilhelmine '79/p22
Schriver, Lizzie '86/p60
Schrock, Isaac '86/p29
Schroder, Anna Maria '84/p14
Schroder, Charles Mar '77/p12
Schroder, Doretha (Mrs. Frederick Panning) '92/p3
Schroder, Doretha '92/p7
Schroder, Doretha '92 3, 7
Schroder, Lueder Mar '77/p12
Schroeder, A '91/p37
Schroeder, A C '86/p50
Schroeder, Adeline '82/p32
Schroeder, Alma '82/p32
Schroeder, Alvin '89/p65, 69
Schroeder, Anna '84/p6
Schroeder, Aug '85/p75
Schroeder, August Mar '77/p12; '78/p63; '82/p34; '87/p76
Schroeder, Bertha '80/p69
Schroeder, Carl '78/p63
Schroeder, Chas '85/p75
Schroeder, Conrad '81/p69
Schroeder, Frank '80/p14
Schroeder, Fritz '86/p49
Schroeder, Geo J '89/p61, 69
Schroeder, H M '86/p67
Schroeder, Herbert Spencer '82/p34
Schroeder, Julius C J '91/p53
Schroeder, Julius Carl John '91/p50
Schroeder, L M/M '86/p14
Schroeder, Max M/M '84/p45
Schroeder, W '84/p6
Schroer, Angela '92/p37
Schroer, Bernhard '92/p37
Schroer, H M/M '86/p29
Schrum, Charles '88/p5
Schruman, Ernest '91/p15
Schrumpf, Richard '85/p18
Schuback’e, Joseph '88/p68
Schuber, Anna '87/p25
Schuber, Cathrina '87/p25
Schuber, Cathrine '87/p26
Schuber, Johann '87/p25, 26
Schuber, Joseph '87/p26
Schuber, Magdalena '87/p25
Schuber, Marie '87/p25, 26
Schuber, Mathias '87/p25
Schubert, Augusta '92/p40
Schubert, Frank N '91/p 4
Schubert, Fredrick '92/p40
Schubert, Kenneth '92/p40
Schubert, Maria '92/p40
Schueller, Alfred '86/p39
Schuessler, Bohumila '82/p77
Schueth, Charles '80/p4
Schueth, Chas M/M '82/p21
Schueth, John '80/p4
Schueth, Maria (Langer) '80/p4
Schuhe, Bernard Mar '77/p12
Schuhlmeister, Cath '84/p14
Schuhmacher, Barb '84/p14
Schuld, Helen '81/p24
Schuldt, F C Rev '80/p48
Schuldt, Katie '89/p65, 69
Schuler, Caroline '87/p8
Schuler, Catharine '86/p2
Schuler, Jacob Mar '77/p12
Schuler, Jacob '89/p20
Schuler, Louisa '89/p20
Schuler-Renter '90/p80
Schull, Johanna '89/p61, 69
Schulpher, P '85/p20
Schulte, Clara Eva '84/p43
Schulte, Reka '90/p53, 57
Schulter, Ulrike '79/p22
Schulthess, Jacob '84/p14
Schults, Ephrozena '90/p53
Schultz '89/p37
Schultz Saloon '84/p9
Schultz, Anna J F '79/p22
Schultz, Anna M '78/p31
Schultz, Anton '86/p64
Schultz, Augusta '80/p3
Schultz, Augusta '91/p51, 53, 76, 78
Schultz, Bertha '79/p30
Schultz, Birdie '84/p2
Schultz, C P '84/p38
Schultz, Carl '78/p33
Schultz, Caroline '78/p28
Schultz, Christina '85/p23, 28
Schultz, Ephrozena '90/p57
Schultz, Ernest '82/p33
Schultz, Eunice '78/p35
Schultz, Frank '79/p40; '81/p81; '86/p1
Schultz, Friederike '79/p26
Schultz, Friedrich Mar '77/p12
Schultz, Friedrich D '79/p26
Schultz, Gottfried '78/p28, 30
Schultz, Helmuth '79/p30
Schultz, Henry '88/p10
Schultz, Johann '78/p22
Schultz, Johann F '79/p21
Schultz, Johanna '78/p35
Schultz, Lois '79/p35
Schultz, Lois E '78/p26, 64
Schultz, Margaret '84/p47, 48
Schultz, Mary '81/p24; '84/p2
Schultz, Mary (Mrs. Frank Ostre) '92/p5
Schultz, Mary '92/p7
Schultz, Minnie (Borgelt) '78/p33
Schultz, Rosie '78/p67
Schultz, William Luie '85/p45
Schultz, Wm '84/p1; '85/p72
Schultze, Robt '87/p47
Schulz, Anton '82/p31
Schulz, August Mar '77/p12
Schulz, Bertha L '91/p49, 53
Schulz, C M '88/p5
Schulz, Carl '82/p33
Schulz, Catherine (Baja) '86/p36
Schulz, Charles '91/p51, 53
Schulz, Elizabaeth '86/p36
Schulz, Ella '79/p38
Schulz, Erna '78/p35
Schulz, Ernst '92/p37
Schulz, F '86/p35
Schulz, F A '82/p33
Schulz, F A '91/p57
Schulz, F Jos '84/p14
Schulz, F W Mr '89/p64, 69
Schulz, Ferdinand '84/p43
Schulz, Gesine '79/p38
Schulz, Helena '81/p43
Schulz, Ida M '79/p38
Schulz, Johann Friedrich Mar '77/p12
Schulz, Johann M '79/p21
Schulz, John '86/p36
Schulz, Ludwig '82/p32
Schulz, Lula '79/p37
Schulz, Mathilda '82/p33
Schulz, Pauline (Mrs. Frederick Witmire (Vietmeyer) '92/p3
Schulz, Pauline '92/p7
Schulz, Sophie Dorothea '79/p21
Schulz, Walter '79/p38
Schulz, Wanda '92/p37
Schulz, William '81/p45
Schulze, J G F Rev '82/p2
Schulzkump, Herman '91/p50, 53
Schulzkump, Walter '85/p18
Schumacher '89/p37
Schumacher, Amelia '82/p32
Schumacher, Anna '83/p40
Schumacher, Bertha A '78/p35
Schumacher, Gustave Mar '77/p12
Schumacher, Mathilda A H '79/p36
Schumacher, Reinhold '83/p40
Schumacher, William '83/p40
Schumacher, Wm H '79/p36
Schuman, Mar '77/p12
Schumcker, Mathew '80/p67
Schurman & Meyer '81/p78
Schurman, '87/p5
Schurman, E Mrs '84/p9
Schurman, E Mrs '91/p15
Schurman, Ernest A '91/p15
Schurman, Ernest Mrs (Looschen) '91/p15
Schurman, Herman '91/p15
Schurman, Johanna Mrs '91/p15
Schurman, John '84/p9; '85/p78
Schurman, John '91/p23
Schurman, John L '88/p13
Schurman, John L '91/p15
Schurman, Johnnie '89/p 9
Schurman, Ludwig '91/p15
Schurman, Minnie '91/p15
Schurman, Otto '87/p70
Schurman, Otto H '91/p15
Schurman, R B '87/p70
Schurman, Rudolf B '85/p30
Schurman, Rudolph '84/p50
Schurman, Rudolph B '91/p15
Schurmann, Alma L '78/p63
Schurmann, Andrew '82/p31
Schurmann, Theo '78/p63
Schuster, E '86/p36
Schuster, Hinda Chusha Mrs '81/p24
Schuth, Charles '80/p4, ’69
Schuth, George '80/p4
Schuth, Julius '80/p4
Schuth, Margaretta '80/p4
Schuth, Mary '80/p4
Schuth, Wilhelmina '80/p4
Schutt, Henry '86/p29
Schutt, Norma '82/p20B
Schutt, Wm '86/p29; '87/p71
Schutte, F W H Mr '89/p64, 69
Schutte, Franz '87/p25
Schutte, Fred '81/p84
Schuyler city, NE '90/p14
Schuyler Mission '90/p49
Schuyler, Colfax Co '91/p43
Schwab, A Hotel; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Schwab, Adam Mar '77/p12
Schwab, Adam '79/p50; '82/p31
Schwab, Adam '89/p52, 57
Schwab, Heinreich Mar '77/p12
Schwab, Henry Mar '77/p12
Schwab, Henry '90/p53, 57
Schwab, Jacob Mar '77/p12; '79/p50; '85/p64, 74; '88/p56
Schwab, Katherine '82/p62
Schwab, Louis '89/p51
Schwab, Paulina '89/p51
Schwab, Rachel '89/p51
Schwab, Robert '81/p79
Schwadler, fFederick '80/p26
Schwaiger, Rupert '86/p14
Schwamm, Jacob '81/p24
Schwamm, Jacob Mrs '81/p24
Schwan, Anna Barb '84/p14
Schwan, Theodore '81/p58
Schwank, John '80/p67
Schwanke, A '79/p35
Schwanke, A E '79/p36
Schwanke, C F '79/p35
Schwanke, Christ '78/p77
Schwanke, Edna '79/p36
Schwanke, Emma '78/p66
Schwanke, Ester E '79/p36
Schwanke, Friedrich '79/p35
Schwanke, Friedrich W '78/p66
Schwanke, Fritz W C '78/p66
Schwanke, Hattie '79/p36
Schwanke, Helene '78/p66
Schwanke, Herbert H '78/p34
Schwanke, Ida '78/p66
Schwanke, John '78/p34, 77
Schwanke, John F Mar '77/p12
Schwanke, Walter '79/p36
Schwanke, Wilhelm '79/p35
Schwanke, William '91/p25, 28
Schwanke, Willie '79/p35
Schwanke, Wm '78/p77
Schwaratz, Samuel '81/p69
Schwartz, Magdalena '82/p54
Schwartz, Antonette '80/p68
Schwartz, Baltzar '82/p54
Schwartz, Betty (Hanks) '90/p40
Schwartz, Christian '79/p22
Schwartz, Michael '82/p54
Schwartz, Mike '82/p54
Schwartz, Wilhelmine '79/p22
Schwartze, Ferdinand '79/p8
Schwarz, J '86/p35
Schwarz, Jakobine & children '86/p36
Schwarz, L Mar '77/p12
Schwede, Magdalena '86/p2
Schwedhelm, Alania '79/p24
Schwedhelm, C '79/p24
Schwedhelm, Earl '84/p47
Schwedhelm, F S '79/p24
Schwedhelm, Francis S '91/p25, 28
Schwedhelm, John '91/p25, 28
Schweedhelm, Francis '84/p76
Schweedhelm, Madeline '84/p76
Schwefel, Johanna '80/p1
Schweichler, Karl Mar '77/p12
Schweidhelm, Theresa '84/p76
Schweigert, Henry '89/p20
Schwein, Cornelius '82/p32
Schweitzer, Aug '84/p39
Schweitzer, August '88/p13
Schweitzer, Friedrich Mar '77/p12
Schweitzer, Oscar '92/p18
Schweizer, Franz Mar '77/p12
Schwele, Adam '87/p4
Schwenck, Charles '87/p3
Schwenk, P '88/p36, 37
Schwinck, Carl '92/p46
Schwittmann, Helene '87/p23
Scilley, Hugh '91/p59
Scisson, M M '88/p5
Scofield, Frank '80/p15
Scofield, John '80/p15
Scofield, Mrs '80/p15
Scoins, Mrs '82/p5
Scoins, Wm '82/p5
Scotia village, NE '90/p14
Scott '92/p71
Scott, A Cutting '91/p25, 28
Scott, Addie '86/p32
Scott, Agnes '86/p32
Scott, Alexander '82/p9
Scott, Alph '85/p77
Scott, Alpha '88/p44
Scott, Alvin R '87/p58
Scott, C T Rev '86/p79
Scott, Capt '82/p15
Scott, Catherine '86/p53
Scott, Charlott '82/p45
Scott, David Mar '77/p12; '84/p65
Scott, David '92/p3, 7
Scott, David Jr '85/p62; '86/p55
Scott, David Sr '86/p53, 55
Scott, Edwin '86/p31
Scott, Eleanor '88/p49
Scott, Eliza Jane '81/p85; '85/p22, 28
Scott, Elmer '88/p44
Scott, Elmer W '80/p13
Scott, F C Mar '77/p12; '80/p34
Scott, Fern J '86/p33
Scott, Frank C Mar '77/p12; '86/p58; '88/p68
Scott, Fred F '82/p69
Scott, George E '79/p70; '84/p31
Scott, George T '86/p20
Scott, Hugh '81/p58
Scott, Ira '86/p33
Scott, Irma '86/p33
Scott, J P '86/p26, 48
Scott, J P M/M '91/p68
Scott, J. P. '92/p55
Scott, James '86/p29
Scott, John '78/p11
Scott, Julia '81/p34
Scott, Lou '80/p32
Scott, Lulie '88/p44
Scott, Mabel '86/p32
Scott, Maggie '82/p33
Scott, Mary Ann '91/p25, 28
Scott, Montague Charles '92/p18
Scott, Mrs. David (Mary Elizabeth Maddox) '92/p3
Scott, Nellie '86/p29
Scott, O J '81/p18; '86/p67
Scott, Olvier '78/p63
Scott, Orville '85/p75
Scott, Pearl '86/p32
Scott, Quinn '80/p16
Scott, Quinn '91/p59
Scott, Ruth '86/p32
Scott, Samuel G '80/p13
Scott, W A '78/p17
Scoville, S M '85/p72
Scow, C O '86/p50
Scow, Edward '86/p50
Scow, Oliver '86/p50
Scow, Peter M/M '85/p28
Scribner State Bank; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Scribner village, NE '90/p12 insert, 14
Scribner, Merchant Tailor; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Scribner, NE '91/p57
Scrieber, Fred '81/p80
Scriver, Mrs '88/p41
Scruggs, John W '81/p70
Seahmann, '87/p5
Seaman, J T '84/p9
Seaman, Katie '86/p2
Search, James '82/p73
Seargant, Reuben J '78/p77
Searl, E Marintha '86/p2
Searles, G Mar '77/p12
Searles, S Mar '77/p12
Searls, Mar '77/p12
Searls, Lewis '82/p12
Sears, Benjamin '78/p22
Sears, Colson & Corcoran; Fremont, NE '89/p75
Sears, Edson A '86/p14
Sears, Louisa '87/p3
Sears, Ruth '81/p17
Seaton, Kirley '85/p5
Seaton, Mattie '85/p1
Seaton, Maud '85/p1
Seaton, W C '78/p52
Seaton, W C M/M '85/p1
Seaton, William C '78/p53
Seavers, Betlef '92/p50
Seavy & Goodrich '92/p71
Sebastian, P '86/p37
Sebastian, R Rev '86/p36
Sebousky, T Mar '77/p12
Seceran, Henry '87/p71
Secherlick, Margerina '87/p3
Seckel, Josjua C '82/p14
Seckler, Abraham '81/p72
Seckler, Nettie '85/p10
Secky, Edward '81/p24
Secky, Rudolph '81/p24
Secky, Rudolph Mrs '81/p24
Secor, Bula '85/p53
Secor, Catharine '85/p53
Secor, Theron '85/p53
Secord, Charles '83/p80
Secord, Claude '83/p80
Secord, Lissi '83/p80
Security Savings Bank '84/p9
Sedlacek, Edward '85/p45
Sedlacek, Joseph '80/p77; '83/p4
Sedlacek, Joseph '92/p4, 7, 64
Sedlacek, Joseph '92/p64
Sedlacek, Josepha '83/p1
Sedlacek, Louis M/M '81/p74
Sedlacek, Mrs. Joseph (Anna Kastl) '92/p4
Sedlacek, Mrs. Vencel (Mary Tomes) '92/p3
Sedlacek, Onde (Oude) '92/p44
Sedlacek, Vaclav '83/p1
Sedlacek, Vencel '92/p3, 7
Sedlacek, Wenceslalus '83/p1
Sedlak, Agnes '83/p5
Sedlak, Joseph '83/p5
Sedlak, Josepha '83/p5
Sedlicky, Anastasia '83/p9
See, Grantville '88/p5
See, H J Mar '77/p12
See, J C Mar '77/p12
See, J J Mar '77/p12
See, M B Mar '77/p12
See, M E Mar '77/p12
See, Mary '88/p5
See, N B Mar '77/p12
See, N E Mar '77/p12
See, Thomas Mar '77/p12
See, W B Mar '77/p12
See, W E Mar '77/p12
Seebech, Herman '81/p79
Seebeck, Jno '87/p71
Seebeck, John H '84/p39
Seebode, Johann '84/p43
Seedorff, H D '81/p17
Seedorff, Mrs '81/p17
Seelbach, Anna Cath '84/p14
Seelbach, Gerhard '84/p14
Seelbach, Hinrich '84/p14
Seelbach, Joh Dan '84/p14
Seelbach, Maria Cath '84/p14
Seelbach, Maria Christ '84/p14
Seelbach, Wilhelm '84/p14
Seeley Brothers '83/p30
Seeley Son & Co '82/p4
Seeley Son & Co '89/p59
Seeley, Clarence '80/p15
Seeley, Frank '80/p15; '87/p58
Seeley, Imo '85/p21, 28
Seeley, J G '78/p18
Seeley, John Mar '77/p12
Seeley, Jonas '84/p33
Seeley, Joseph S '86/p10, 14
Seeley, L M Mar '77/p12
Seeley, M/M '80/p15
Seeley, R '86/p62
Seeley, Seth '80/p54
Seelig, Mabel '86/p31
Seelig, Mary '86/p31
Seely, Byron '84/p19
Seely, E G '88/p8
Seely, Emma '81/p78
Seely, J C '85/p74
Seely, James '81/p78
Seely, John '78/p63
Seely, John C Mar '77/p12; '78/p63
Seely, John C '91/p49, 53
Seely, L C '81/p78
Seely, R '80/p39
Seely, R Mrs '81/p78
Seely, Will W Mrs '80/p39
Seeman, Amalia '83/p74
Seeman, August '83/p74
Seeman, Caroline '83/p74
Seeman, Vannata '87/p2
Seeman, Will W Mrs '80/p39
Segelke, Charles '92/p37
Segelke, Minnie '92/p37
Seggern, Mar '77/p12
Seiber, Frederick '81/p58
Seibold, Ella M '89/p61, 69
Seidek, Frank '88/p5
Seidel, Augusta '89/p28, 30
Seidel, H F '82/p31
Seidel, Herman '91/p58
Seidel, John '81/p24
Seidel, Mr '80/p27
Seidenglanz, Josef '92/p66
Seidler, Ernest '86/p46
Seigel, '88/p5
Seiker, Sophia '86/p42
Seiker, Sophia (Mrs. Jacob Rusterholz) '92/p4
Seiker, Sophia '92/p7
Seiley, Mar '77/p12
Seine, Becka '78/p52
Seipp, Edith M '81/p17
Seipp, Philip W '81/p17
Seipt, Elisabeth '87/p26
Seitz, F William '85/p30
Seitz, Willie '84/p50
Seivern, Joseph Mar '77/p12
Seivers, Detlief '88/p67
Seivers, Etta C '89/p63, 69
Seivers, Henry '88/p66, 68
Seivers, John '88/p68
Selah, Geo W '83/p74
Selah, George W '80/p70
Selah, Mary M '81/p42
Selah, Nellie M '86/p10, 14
Selah, Nellie M '91/p51, 53
Selah, William F '83/p74
Selander, Ernst '84/p4
Selander, Gerhard '84/p4
Selden, O B Mar '77/p12
Selden, Perry '87/p50
Selden, Perry '91/p37
Selder, O B '78/p19
Selicky, Anastasia '83/p9
Sell Bros; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Sell, Charles '81/p58
Sellars, J W '80/p33
Selleck, Charles '91/p37
Sellers, George '92/p28
Sellhorst, Joseph '86/p2
Sellick, Abbie V '85/p49
Sellick, Charles '84/p22
Sellman, Otto '92/p25
Selser, Maggy '91/p50, 53
Seltz, Charles '79/p70; '81/p72; '83/p54, 56; '84/p22, 31
Seltz, Harry '87/p49
Selzer, Margarette '91/p26, 28
Seman, Nicholas '81/p58
Semanovski, Elonora '81/p24
Semanovski, Vera '81/p24
Semans, Annie M '81/p45
Senate, Mary '81/p72
Sendgraf, John '92/p34
Senecal, '83/p20
Senemark, Anna M '90/p57
Senemark, Anna Maria '90/p55
Senneth, John '81/p58
Senter, A S Mar '77/p12
Senter, Mabel '84/p47, 48
Separ, Anna '81/p24
Serch, Mary E '85/p8
Serk, Charles '86/p29
Sermmer, Peter J '84/p36
Service, Tillie '89/p65, 69
Servin, Maybel '90/p41
Serviss, Anna '85/p33
Serviss, George A '85/p33
Serviss, J T M/M '85/p33
Serviss, M J '85/p33
Session, S Mar '77/p12
Sestak, Vacl Mrs '86/p39
Settel, E H '81/p17
Settes, W M '86/p50
Settles, Anna '85/p26, 28
Seutin, Mar '77/p12
Severa, Jan '83/p4
Severa, Joseph '83/p4
Severa, Rose E '84/p56
Severa, William J '83/p47
Severin, Al '82/p77
Severin, Frank '80/p33; '86/p16
Severin, Joseph '91/p25, 28
Severning, Adolph '81/p58
Severson, Ida '84/p47, 48
Severyn, Albina '84/p56
Severyn, Chas E '84/p55, 57
Sevrean, Henry '82/p32
Sewall, Jane '81/p17
Seward city, NE '90/p14
Sewell, J B '87/p70
Sexawer, Jacob '81/p58
Sexon, John W '92/p36
Sexson, Catharine '92/p36
Sexson, Dorathy '92/p36
Sexson, Etta '92/p36
Sexson, Harvey E. '92/p36
Sexson, J W '91/p59
Sexson, Jemima A '92/p36
Sexson, John W. '92/p36
Sexson, Mrs. John (Jemima A.) '92/p36
Sexson, Ruth '92/p36
Sexton, A '86/p46
Sexton, Bertha '84/p47
Sexton, Catharine '92/p36
Sexton, Dorathy '92/p36
Sexton, Dr '80/p26
Sexton, E L '85/p18
Sexton, Ernest '86/p46
Sexton, Etta '92/p36
Sexton, Harvey E. '92/p36
Sexton, Isaac '78/p8
Sexton, Jemima A '92/p36
Sexton, John W '89/p64, 69; '92 36, '92/p36
Sexton, Mrs. John (Jemina A.) '92/p36
Sexton, Ruth '92/p36
Sexton, Wealthy D. (Mrs. John B. Foot) '92/p4
Sexton, Wealthy D. '92/p7
Seyfried, Louise '81/p24
Seykora, Edward J '89/p63, 69
Seymour, C A Mrs '89/p65, 69
Seymour, Horatio '83/p30
Seymour, James Mar '77/p12
Seymour, James A '89/p27, 30
Seymour, James M '88/p68
Seymour, Samuel '84/p18
Shackelton, R '91/p71
Shadamann, J J '81/p37
Shae, Michael '81/p58
Shafer (Schafer), Hinrich Diedrich '92/p64
Shafer, A M '81/p34
Shafer, Alice '83/p50
Shafer, C J '81/p34
Shafer, Edmund '81/p35
Shafer, Elisabeth '81/p35
Shafer, Erastus '81/p34
Shafer, F R '81/p34
Shafer, J A '81/p34
Shafer, Julia '84/p55
Shafer, Michl '81/p34
Shafer, W A '81/p34
Shafer, W H '78/p13
Shafer, William '82/p32
Shafer, William A '87/p58
Shafer, William Henry '78/p13
Shaffer, Anna '85/p33
Shaffer, Henry '85/p33
Shaffer, Jay '81/p79
Shaffer, W L Mr '89/p28, 30
Shaffer, W T '88/p67
Shaffer, W T M/M '86/p14
Shaffer, W T Mr '89/p28
Shafter, Major General '87/p58
Shahan, George H '82/p27
Shakespeare Club; Fremont, '89/p14
Shaler, Charles '92/p75
Shallue, Mary '86/p3
Shamanag (Simanek), Mary (Mrs. James Namacay (Mamacay) '92/p4
Shamanag, Mary '92/p7
Shamp, Peter '82/p60
Shanahan, B '85/p20
Shanahan, Mike '91/p64
Shanahan, Rhoda '91/p64
Shane, Carrie A '85/p6
Shane, Henery '85/p6
Shane, John '81/p70
Shank, Georgia E '81/p80
Shank, J. W. '92/p76
Shanka, F W '86/p49
Shannahan, J J '82/p7
Shannon, Benjamin F '83/p50
Shannon, Ellen '92/p59
Shannon, Frantz '83/p50
Shannon, G W Mar '77/p12
Shannon, James B '81/p58
Shannon, P W '78/p13
Shannon, William '81/p70
Shapflin, Frederick '81/p44
Shapland, Geo '84/p2
Shapland, J C '84/p2
Shapland, Mary F '84/p2
Shapland, Paul '84/p2
Sharfan, Frank '91/p49, 53
Sharkey, James '80/p12
Sharp, Albert '81/p4; '85/p57
Sharp, Charles M/M '85/p28
Sharp, Charlie '86/p14
Sharp, Chas M/M '82/p57
Sharp, Edna '84/p47
Sharp, Ewing Smith '78/p12
Sharp, Galen '82/p72
Sharp, Hannah '85/p57
Sharp, Henry C '80/p67
Sharp, Henry K '82/p72
Sharp, Irving, S '78/p12
Sharp, J L '78/p1
Sharp, James '78/p1
Sharp, James M '82/p72
Sharp, Joseph L '78/p1, 12
Sharp, Josephine V '91/p50, 53
Sharp, Lillie R '91/p49, 53
Sharp, Margaret '91/p49, 53
Sharp, Martin V B '91/p25
Sharp, Mauda B '82/p72
Sharp, May '84/p47
Sharp, N I '78/p12
Sharp, N W '85/p57
Sharp, Polly (Baldwin) '78/p1
Sharpe, Frank '86/p3
Sharrar, Frank D '83/p38
Shartel, Alonzo '81/p34
Shartel, John '81/p34
Shartel, Kath '81/p34
Shasa, Helen '89/p63, 69
Shattuck, Benjamin '84/p68
Shattuck, Ettie '84/p68
Shavlik, Agnes '86/p33
Shavlik, Anna '82/p75; '86/p48
Shavlik, J F '82/p75
Shavlik, J F '86/p48
Shavlik, Joseph V '82/p75; '86/p48
Shaw & Davies '88/p51
Shaw & Davis Mar '77/p12
Shaw, Chas F '89/p27, 30
Shaw, Fannie '85/p20
Shaw, Helen '86/p68
Shaw, J G Mar '77/p12
Shaw, J S Mar '77/p12
Shaw, James '89/p28, 30
Shaw, Joe '86/p49
Shaw, John '88/p42
Shaw, Joseph '83/p48
Shaw, M A Mar '77/p12
Shaw, Mabel '88/p42
Shaw, Sarah '83/p48
Shaw, Thomas '91/p43
Shaw, William '91/p42
Shaw, Wm '85/p48
Shawler, '79/p17
Shawnees & Wyandotees '84/p21
Shay, Annah (Mrs. John Conley) '92/p5
Shay, Annah '92/p7
Shay, Brig’t '85/p20
Shay, Cai’h '85/p20
Shay, Hannah '85/p20, 22, 28
Shay, Julia '85/p20
Shay, Julia '90/p54, 57
Shea, John '81/p58
Shearch, James '82/p73
Shed, A Mar '77/p12; '78/p59, 73,, 77
Shed, Caccheus '88/p66
Shed, J Mar '77/p12
Shed, L Mar '77/p12
Shed, Willie Z '86/p2
Shed, Z '90/p10, 11, 57; '92/p49
Shedaman, John '80/p68
Shedd, Z '88/p52
Shedd, Zack '88/p52
Shed's Opera House; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Sheehan, John '81/p70
Sheeley, Elsie '86/p32
Sheeley, Ira A '86/p32
Sheely, George '78/p52
Sheen, Patrick '81/p59
Sheeths, Charles Mar '77/p12
Sheets, Henry '82/p55
Sheets, Jessica (Dixon) '82/p55
Sheets, Solomon '78/p52
Sheiver, J T Mr '91/p 5
Shelby village, NE '90/p14
Shelby, G C '78/p39
Shelby, J G '78/p39
Shelby, Willburn R '78/p39
Shelden, '88/p35
Sheldon Pickle Co; Fremont, NE '89/p77
Sheldon, '83/p20
Sheldon, A E '88/p32
Sheldon, Addison E. '92/p70
Sheldon, Addison Edwin '82/p76
Sheldon, C. B. '92/p55
Sheldon, George Niles '91/p49, 53
Sheldon, Lawson '91/p37
Sheldon, Lawson Mrs '91/p37
Sheldon, O H '78/p52
Sheldon, Prof '88/p33
Shelhorn, Henry '78/p5
Shelhorn, Jerome '78/p5
Shelhorn, John '78/p5
Shelley, B Y '78/p23
Shelley, B Y Dr '78/p23
Shelton village, NE '90/p14
Shelton, A W Rev '81/p17
Shelton, Ferne '78/p81
Shelton, James '81/p39
Shelton, W P '78/p77
Shendart, Lewis '81/p59
Shepard, Huldah J '91/p78
Shepard, Huldah Jane '91/p76
Shepard, John R '91/p76, 78
Shepard, Mary E '91/p49, 53
Shepard, N P Mar '77/p12
Sheperd, C H Mar '77/p12
Sheperd, C W Mar '77/p12
Sheperd, Lettie '85/p7
Shephard & Badgar '86/p59
Shephard, A P '86/p74
Shephard, A P Mr '84/p64
Shephard, C M M/M '90/p73
Shephard, F. A. '92/p35
Shephard, George '88/p31
Shephard, M Mr '91/p23
Shephard, Mary A. (Mrs. Frank W. Hayes) '92/p35
Shephard, Theo '88/p48
Shepherd, A P Mar '77/p12; '87/p70; '88/p66
Shepherd, John '87/p47
Shepherd, Mary '86/p2; '87/p47
Sheppard, Lizzie '82/p33; '85/p31
Shera, Joseph '91/p37
Sherer, Aron '82/p73
Sherer, Henry '82/p52
Sherer, Rosa '82/p52
Sherlock, Arlen '80/p5
Sherlock, Charles '80/p5
Sherlock, Charles '91/p26, 28
Sherlock, Ester '78/p58
Sherlock, Gary '80/p5
Sherlock, Henry '80/p5
Sherlock, James '80/p5
Sherlock, Lusy A '80/p5
Sherlock, Nancy A '80/p5
Sherlock, Stephen '80/p5, 67
Sherman, E. B. '92/p54
Sherman, Emma '91/p75, 78
Sherman, General '89/p45
Sherman, John '79/p48
Sherman, John H '78/p20
Sherman, Lutha A '85/p3
Sherman, R N Mar '77/p12
Sherman, William '78/p24
Sherneer, George '81/p59
Sherratt, Eliza '85/p16
Sherrwinka, Wenzel '91/p49, 53
Sherry, Enoch '83/p50
Shervin & Welty Mar '77/p12; '85/p66
Shervin, J E Mar '77/p12; '80/p40; '85/p66
Shervin, J E '90/p5, 30, 57; < '92/p73
Shervin, John '87/p1
Shervin, John '89/p12; '91/p23
Shervin, John E Mar '77/p12; '78/p73, 77; ‘ 85/p65, 67; '88/p57, 66
Shervin, John E '90/p 6-8, 10
Shervin, Mabel '91/p24
Shervin, Mayor '89/p56
Sherwood, Elmer '88/p10
Shevlik, Maggie '89/p61, 69
Shibiowski, Lorenzo '80/p66
Shickley village, NE '90/p14
Shields, Florence '89/p20
Shields, George '91/p28
Shimeall, James W '89/p65, 69
Shimm, M F Mar '77/p12
Shimousky, Stanley '78/p16
Shincke, Angeline '84/p73
Shincke, Samuel '84/p73
Shinke, Wm '80/p68
Shinn, Elder Mrs '85/p28
Shinn, Moses F. '92/p77
Shinn, Wm C '79/p44
Ship Augusta Victoria; Hamburg, Ger 91 64 '92 23,43,45,63
Ship Baltic; Gothenburg, Sweden '91/p61
Ship Baltic; Liverpool, Eng '91/p64; '92 65
Ship Bluecher; Gluesing, Germany '91/p63
Ship Bluecher; Hamburg, Ger '91/p61, 62
Ship Bresden; Bremen, '91/p64
Ship C T Tegen; Copenhagen, '91/p62
Ship Campania; Liverpool, Eng '91/p63
Ship Claverting '84/p36
Ship Columbia '84/p36
Ship Concordia; Schleswig, '91/p62
Ship Coronia; Denmark '91/p63
Ship Cyprus '84/p36
Ship Deutschland; Hamburg, Ger '91/p62; '92 41
Ship Dominion line; Liverpool, Eng '91/p61
Ship Erlandsen, Alfred '84/p26
Ship Ethiopian; Glasgow, '91/p61
Ship Frederick Der Grosse; Bremen, '91/p63
Ship Germania; Espberg, Denmark '91/p62, 63
Ship Gumar Line; Aarhus, Denmark '91/p63
Ship Hanover; Bremen, Ger '91/p62; '92 25
Ship Hellij Olaf; Copenhagen, '91/p63
Ship Imperatrix '84/p36
Ship Island; Christiana, Norway '91/p62
Ship Ivernia; Liverpool, Eng '91/p61
Ship Kaiser Wilhelm II; Deutsch Brod '91/p62
Ship Katy; Germany '91/p61
Ship Keisern Augusta Victoria; Hamburg, '91/p64
Ship King of Great Britain & Ireland '91/p61
Ship Kiser Grosen; Germany '91/p62
Ship Kronprincessin Elizabeth; Bremen, '91/p63
Ship Maine; Bremen, Ger '91/p64; '92 16
Ship Nikar; Bremen, '91/p63
Ship Oceania; Espia, Denmark '91/p63
Ship Orlando '84/p36
Ship Passenger Lists '90/p58
Ship Pengwern '84/p36
Ship Phonicia; Hamburg, '91/p62
Ship Poitou '84/p36
Ship Santiago '84/p36
Ship Scheldstroom '84/p36
Ship Seltic; Christiana, Norway '91/p61
Ship Sheridan Passenger List 1855 '84/p10-15
Ship Sirius '83/p19
Ship St Louis; Sherborg, France '91/p64
Ship Thomas W Lawson '84/p36
Ship Umbria; Queenstown, Ire '91/p61
Ship Wattern & Jorgensen '84/p36
Ship Welend; Hamburg, Ger '91/p61
Shipers, Sarah E '89/p28, 30
Shipherd, James '84/p54
Shipley, J '82/p21
Shipley, James L '81/p72
Shipley, L. E. (bride) '92/p7
Shipley, L. E. (Mrs. Thomas Canaga) '92/p5
Shipley, Lafayette '88/p8
Shipley, Thos '81/p8
Shipley, William '83/p57
Shipley, Wm '80/p56; '81/p8
Shipman '89/p37
Shire, Natalie Jan '77/p4
Shires, Bernice Jan '77/p4
Shires, Bessie N Jan '77/p4
Shires, Elma Hudson Jan '77/p3
Shires, Ivan H Jan '77/p3
Shires, Millard Jan '77/p2, 4
Shires, Rachel Jan '77/p4
Shires, Rachel C Jan '77/p4
Shires, Roger M Jan '77/p3
Shirk, Jennie '92/p34
Shiron, Mary Ann '91/p49, 53
Shirrit, Wilson '78/p13
Shirvin, Jacob '78/p16
Shiveley, I P Mar '77/p12
Shiveley, J P Mar '77/p12
Shiveley, Jacob '82/p10
Shively, Amanda L '87/p77
Shively, Eliza '87/p75
Shively, I P '88/p67
Shively, J M '82/p27
Shively, J M M/M '90/p74
Shively, J M Mr '81/p78
Shively, J M Mrs (Wintersteen) '90/p74
Shively, J P '82/p50
Shively, Jennie E '81/p78
Shively, L Miss '81/p78
Shively, O H P '81/p78
Shlenz, Ben (Bernard) '89/p60
Shlenz, Bernard '89/p60
Shlenz, Mary '89/p60
Shlotfeld, Claus '84/p4
Shlotfeld, Dora '84/p4
Shnur '89/p37
Shnur/Schnurmacher '89/p37
Shoebridge, Charles '81/p7
Shoebridge, Edward '81/p7
Shoemaker, Annie '89/p64, 69
Shoemaker, Clifford A '78/p28
Shoeter, John N Mar '77/p12
Shomshor, Bertha '88/p26
Shomshor, Charlie '88/p27
Shomshor, Ed '78/p63
Shomshor, Ella '88/p26
Shomshor, Emma '88/p26
Shomshor, Gustaf '86/p4
Shomshor, Henry C '87/p70
Shomshor, Louise '88/p26
Shomshor, Martha '88/p26, 27
Shonka, Anna '84/p55
Shonka, F W ‘89/p78; '86/p49
Shonka, Mayme H '84/p56
Shoop, John '81/p9
Shore, Emma '85/p79
Shore, Thomas '85/p79
Short & Turner '80/p40
Short, Anita '79/p12
Short, Caroline N '81/p59
Short, D B Mar '77/p12; '88/p51, 67
Short, Edna S '81/p80
Short, George W '81/p59
Short, H V Mar '77/p12, '88/p66
Short, James K '80/p13
Short, L E '88/p67
Short, Leon C '81/p59
Short, Mary A '89/p29, 30
Short, O B '88/p51
Short, S S '81/p59
Short, Sewall W '81/p59
Shortell, James '81/p41
Shorter Co, NE '91/p 3
Shorter, Mar '77/p12
Shorwits, Naomi '81/p17
Shotenkirk, Dewitt '86/p48
Shoultz, William M/M '81/p74
Shouts, Emeline (Mrs. Theodore Griesen (Grieser) '92/p3
Shouts, Emeline '92/p7
Showalter, J H '85/p73
Shower, Capt '82/p16
Shrader, Bernhard '85/p52
Shrader, Shilton '85/p52
Shrage, Gus '80/p40
Shredded Wheat '84/p38
Shreve, Mabel '85/p78
Shreve, Myrtle '85/p78
Shreve, Myrtle '91/p24
Shriaver, Ross '86/p33
Shriner '89/p37
Shriner/Schreiner '89/p37
Shriver John L '81/p81; '86/p1
Shriver, Edith N '86/p33
Shriver, Elsie M '86/p33
Shriver, Ethel '86/p33
Shriver, Francis A '87/p18
Shriver, Frank '80/p16; '86/p29
Shriver, H W '87/p18
Shriver, Harry '81/p20
Shriver, I T '86/p74
Shriver, I T M/M '86/p29
Shriver, Isaac T '87/p18
Shriver, James A '87/p18
Shriver, Kate '91/p49, 53
Shriver, Lloyd Wayne '87/p18
Shriver, Mary E '87/p18
Shriver, Nellie M '87/p18
Shriver, Olive M '87/p18
Shriver, William T C '87/p18
Shriver, Wm '81/p20; '87/p18
Shriver, Wm T C '87/p18
Shriver, Wm M/M '86/p29
Shryock, Edith '91/p37
Shryock, Rachel A '91/p37
Shryock, T W Mrs '91/p37
Shryock, Thomas W '91/p37
Shryock, Wm b '91/p37
Shubert village, NE '90/p14
Shude, Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry Godeker (Gudeker) '92/p3
Shude, Elizabeth '92/p7
Shull, Daniel W '91/p37
Shull, Maggie '91/p37
Shull, Wilma Sadler '90/p79; '91/p18
Shulte, Maggie '89/p27, 30
Shulte, Mary '89/p28, 30
Shults, Fred M/M '86/p14
Shults, J W '84/p5
Shults, Mary '84/p5
Shults, Robbie '84/p5
Shultz, Auguste '84/p4
Shultz, Caroline '87/p2
Shultz, Christian '78/p4
Shultz, Fredrick '87/p77
Shultz, J W '91/p42
Shultz, John '87/p77
Shultz, John W. '92/p4, 7
Shultz, Lizzie '88/p63
Shultz, Lizzie '89/p10
Shultz, M. '92/p34
Shultz, Matilde (Grosse) '78/p30
Shultz, Mrs. John W. (Mary E. Miller) '92/p4
Shultz, Rose '81/p20
Shultz, S P ‘70p78; '86/p49
Shultz, Simon P '90/p53, 57
Shultz, William M/M '81/p76
Shuman, Frank R '87/p59
Shuman, Gorge '87/p70
Shumberger, John '88/p5
Shur, J D Mar '77/p13
Shur, John D Mar '77/p13
Shurman, R H Mar '77/p12
Shutt, Belle '81/p80
Shutt, C W Mar '77/p12
Shutt, Cyres W '89/p63, 69
Shutt, Frank '89/p65, 69
Shutt, W A Mar '77/p12
Sibley, F E '88/p67
Sick, Alfred '80/p48
Sick, Carl '80/p48
Sick, Christian Mrs '80/p47
Sick, Christian Rev '80/p48
Sick, Clara '80/p48
Sick, Rev '91/p39
Sickel, Blanche '85/p78
Sickman, George '92/p74
Sickman, Johanna F '88/p9
Sickman, Sophia '92/p74, 75
Sickmanhousen '92/p74
Siders, A J '90/p48
Siders, Clyde '86/p31
Siders, J. M. '92/p34
Siders, Myrtle '81/p19
Siders, Mystic '89/p 9
Sidle, Mar '77/p12
Sidner, H J '87/p71
Sidner, Mattie '86/p66
Sidney town, NE '90/p12 insert, 14
Sidney, W '81/p9
Siebl, Heinrich '84/p43
Siebl, Sophie Caroline '84/p43
Siebuhr, Christoph '83/o80
Siebuhr, Maria '83/p80
Siecke, Charles L '79/p40, 41
Siecke, Christian '78/p29
Siedal, Mar '77/p12
Sieger, George '86/p19
Siegert, Heinrich '78/p65
Siegert, Karl '78/p65
Siegfried, Barbara '84/p14
Siels, John Mar '77/p12
Siemour, John '78/p7
Siems, A '88/p5
Siems, Bettus '91/p64
Siems, William '82/p23
Siemsen, Hans '89/p63, 69
Siepker, Margaraet Wolff '79/p7
Sierk, August M/M '87/p49
Sierk, Jacob J '87/p49
Siert, Henry '87/p50
Siever, Henry Mar '77/p12
Siever, W Mar '77/p12
Sievers, Albert '85/p62
Sievers, Anna '81/p80; '86/p1
Sievers, Anna '89/p28, 30
Sievers, C W M/M '82/p31
Sievers, Charles Mar '77/p12; '85/p62
Sievers, Charles '90/p53, 57
Sievers, Chr H F '84/p43
Sievers, D Mar '77/p12; '85/p66
Sievers, D H Mar '77/p12
Sievers, Detlef Mar '77/p12
Sievers, Elsabe '89/p28, 30
Sievers, F H '82/p32
Sievers, Frank '87/p70
Sievers, H '82/p30
Sievers, H J '91/p58
Sievers, Henry Mar '77/p12
Sievers, Henry Sr '82/p31
Sievers, John Mar '77/p12
Sievers, Maggie E '86/p3
Siewert, Antonia '81/p44
Siewert, Louise A '81/p42
Siewert, Mariah '81/p42
Sigler, Ada '84/p57
Sigler, Ada E '84/p55
Sigler, Emma J '87/p74
Sigler, Hallie D '84/p56
Sigler, J W '85/p73
Sigler, Ora H '84/p55
Sigler, W H '87/p74
Sigman, Carrie '81/p80
Sigman, Lenora '86/p4
Sigman, Mr '86/p29
Sigmund, Delma '81/p17
Sihm, Mary '81/p1
Silcock, R B '88/p44
Silcock, R H '83/p63
Silke, Mary '91/p50, 53
Sill, A '87/p46
Sill, Charles W. '92/p5, 7
Sill, F A '87/p46
Sill, Floyd '87/p46
Sill, Godfrey '78/p49
Sill, Horce L M/M '86/p14
Sill, J A Mar '77/p12
Sill, Julius A. '92/p5, 7
Sill, Mary '86/p14
Sill, Mary W '87/p46
Sill, Mrs. Charles W. (Hattie M. Sweet) '92/p5
Sill, Mrs. Julius A. (Frankie French) '92/p5
Sillberg, O Mar '77/p12
Silliman, E C Rev '90/p75
Sills, Horace L '87/p46
Silver Creek village, NE '90/p14
Silver, Francis '86/p46
Silverman, C Dr '85/p47
Silvey, Frank '91/p24
Sim, Mude '84/p56
Simanek (Shamanag), Mary (Mrs. James Namacay (Mamacay) '92/p4
Simanek, Edward '82/p78
Simanek, Frantiska '83/p78
Simanek, Jakub '82/p78
Simanek, Jiri '82/p78
Simanek, Marie '82/p78
Simanek, Ruzena '82/p78
Simanek, see Shamanag
Simanek, Thomas '83/p1
Simanek, Thomas '91/p74, 78
Simenson, Anna Mary '89/p18
Siminton, S M Mar '77/p12
Simmons, A W '91/p37
Simmons, Adeline '81/p43
Simmons, C. H. '92/p55
Simmons, Chas '86/p46
Simmons, D P '80/p38
Simmons, Daisy E '84/p55, 57
Simmons, Elmira J '81/p42
Simmons, Frank Mar '77/p12
Simmons, Isaac B '82/p11
Simmons, Jacob Mar '77/p12
Simmons, Jonathan P '82/p11
Simmons, L A '91/p37
Simmons, M L '85/p73
Simmons, Thomas B '82/p11
Simodines, Frant '82/p78
Simodines, Vaclav '82/p78
Simodynes, Frank '80/p14
Simodynes, Infant '81/p1
Simon, Jaroslav '81/p24
Simon, John '84/p37
Simon, Mrs '81/p24
Simon, Ruzena '82/p77
Simond, Joseph '90/p54, 57
Simonds, W '81/p59
Simonek, Frank '82/p6
Simonides, Anna '83/p11
Simonides, Frantiska '83/p6
Simonides, Jan '83/p11
Simonides, Wenceslaus '83/p6, 11
Simons, A H '78/p52
Simons, George '81/p59
Simons, Orrin H '85/p7
Simonsen, Charlie '84/p50
Simonsen, Georgine '81/p43
Simonson, '88/p5
Simonson, Anna Mary '81/p81; '86/p2
Simonson, Anne Malene '81/p45
Simonson, Christina '89/p28, 30
Simonson, Cilia '89/p28, 30
Simonson, H '84/p23
Simonson, Nels '84/p37; '87/p7
Simonson, Simon J '82/p23
Simonton, Christina M. (Mrs. Christian Anderson) '92/p5
Simonton, Christine M. '92/p8
Simonton, Edwin '91/p74, 78
Simonton, Lizzie '91/p74, 78
Simphinz, J P Mar '77/p12
Simpkins, J P Mar '77/p12
Simpkins, James O '83/p78
Simpkins, John '82/p78
Simpkins, Mary J '83/p78
Simpkins, Sarah '83/p78
Simpkins, William E '87/p78
Simpkinz, C P Mar '77/p12
Simpkinz, J P Mar '77/p12
Simpson, Ada J '81/p34
Simpson, Capt '82/p17
Simpson, E D '88/p5
Simpson, Elizabeth '87/p74
Simpson, George '78/p10
Simpson, Harold B. '92/p26
Simpson, J M '81/p34
Simpson, James '81/p70; '88/p5
Simpson, James B '80/p54
Simpson, John '78/p12
Simpson, Josephy '82/p73
Simpson, L A '81/p34
Simpson, Lavina A '88/p5
Simpson, Louis '87/p74
Simpson, Mr '86/p50
Simpson, Peter '86/p9, 14
Simpson, R L '81/p72
Simpson, R O '80/p33; '86/p16
Sims, Alice '85/p79
Sims, Arthur C '87/p58
Sims, Boyd '85/p79
Sims, Nat E '87/p58
Simunek, Joseph '83/p77
Simunek, Miss '90/p44
Simunek, Wenceslaus '83/o7
Sinamark see Senemark '90/p57
Sinamark, Carrie L '87/p46
Sinamark, Dora '81/p79
Sinamark, Lillie M '86/p33
Sinclair, W B Dr '83/p46
Sincroff, John '88/p5
Sindelar, '82/p25A
Sindelar, Charles F '82/p47
Sindelar, Emma '85/p45
Sindelar, F K '86/p49
Sindelar, F K '89/p 1
Sindelar, J B '88/p62
Sindelar, J B '89/p 1
Sindelar, J J '86/p49
Sindelar, John A '85/p46
Sindelar, Joseph '85/p45
Sindelar, Katerina Bartak '82/p25A
Sindelar, Maria '85/p45
Sindelar, Mary '84/p47, 48
Sinemark, A '88/p66
Sinemark, Andrew S '78/p77
Singer, A Miss '81/p24
Singer, Antoinette '81/p24
Singer, Bernhard '81/p17
Singer, C A '88/p5
Singhan, Patrick '81/p70
Singleton, Elza (Swearingen) '91/p80
Singleton, John A '78/p4
Singleton, John J '78/p7
Singleton, Matilda '78/p1
Singpiel, John '83/p27
Singpiel, M '88/p74
Sini, Lina '88/p74
Sinka, Anna '83/p8
Sinka, Frant '83/p8
Sinkey, Clara '89/p64, 69
Sinko, Peggy Tuck '92/p39, 58
Sinkula, Frantiska '83/p5
Sinkula, Joh '83/p5
Sinkula, Josepha '83/p5
Sinkula, Maria '83/p5
Sinn, Larry Mrs '81/p62
Sinnemark, James '91/p58
Sioux '89/p43
Sioux City & Pacific Railroad '83/p59; '87/p49
Sioux City & Pacific Railroad; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Sioux City & Pacific RR '91/p29
Sioux Indians '80/p41
Sioux Indians '90/p18; '91/p 4, 69
Sipmson, L W '81/p17
Sippach, Richard '82/p45
Sirinek, Jos '86/p39
Sirks, Mary '89/p62, 69
Siroka, Mary (Mrs. Wenzel Mach) '92/p4
Siroka, Mary '92/p8
Sirp, Anna '91/p50, 53
Sission, L E '82/p24
Sisson, Arthur '91/p59
Sisson, Eli '82/p24
Sisson, Eli I '87/p59
Sisson, F. M. '92/p76
Sisson, Fletcher M Rev '89/p57
Sisson, Hildreth E '85/p30
Sisson, Lester E '87/p58
Sisson, Rev '90/p75
Sisson, S T Mar '77/p12
Siteke, Caroline '84/p74
Siteke, Charles '84/p74
Siteke, Paulina '84/p74
Sitke, Charles '81/p44
Sitko, Gerard '86/p37
Sitko, John '86/p37
Sitko, Mary '86/p37
Sitmer, Elizabeth '85/p53
Sitmer, John '85/p53
Sitzer, George '79/p53
Sixberry, Mary '91/p46
Skaarup, Margarethe '81/p24
Skar-rar-rar-de-sharr-rar (Black Eagle) '89/p43
Ske Dees '89/p42
Skelton, R '87/p59
Skewis & Marshall; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Skibowski, Lorenz Mar '77/p12
Skiles, Robert F '89/p28, 30
Skinner, Florra '79/p50
Skinner, I B '86/p57
Skinner, J B '82/p51
Skinner, James '78/p58
Skinner, James L '79/p49
Skinner, Joseph Mar '77/p12
Skinner, Joseph H. '92/p4, 8
Skinner, Marietta '89/p27, 30
Skinner, Marry Etta '86/p29
Skinner, Mary Etta '86/p29
Skinner, Mrs. Joseph H. (Nina O’Neal) '92/p4
Skinner, Robert '88/p66
Skinner, Volona '87/p76
Skinner, William Mar '77/p12; '87/p75
Skipper, Fred '86/p46
Skirving, John H '88/p39
Skoda, Joe '91/p43
Skoda, Tomas '86/p39
Skrader, Anne M '86/p64
Skrader, Jens P '87/p64
Skrader, Karen '87/p64
Skrader, Peter J '87/p64
Skrivan, Jos '86/p36
Skyker, J. A. '92/p78
Slack, B F '87/p75
Slack, C W '87/p46
Slack, Clair W '87/p46
Slack, Elearnor (Realph) '86/p20
Slack, George '81/p20
Slack, Regina '90/p54, 57
Slack, S '87/p46
Slack, Taylor '84/p59
Slade, Emma '84/p35
Slader, Charles M '88/p8
Slader, Dean C '88/p8
Slader, Norman G '88/p9
Slader, Sarah J '81/p72
Slader, Zenos '88/p67
Slama, Josephine '90/p53, 57
Slama, Mary '85/p45
Slane, Andrew '78/p12
Slane, Hugh '78/p12
Slane, Jhn '78/p12
Slaughter, Brad D '91/p37
Slaugroer, Edward '81/p59
Slavania, NE '91/p31
Slavik, Anna '81/p24
Slayback, Thomas '78/p53
Slaymaker, Capt '82/p12
Sleepe, Joseph '90/p18
Slemp, Bascom '81/p17
Slemp, Bascom Jr '81/p17
Slemp, Campbell '81/p17
Slerka, Bohumil '92/p44
Slerka, Bohumil '92 44
Sligh, Charles '81/p17
Sloan, Stephen H '78/p10
Slocum, Charles '86/p14
Slocum, Jalapa '86/p14
Slocum, John D '78/p77; '88/p66
Slocum, Samuel '82/p17
Sloman Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Sloman, M '89/p12
Sloneker, Peter '82/p73
Sloniker, Peter '82/p73
Slope, James '92/p5, 8
Slope, Mrs. James (Josie Doreshe (Dolise) '92/p5
Sloss, Elizabeth '79/p45
Sloss, Georgia '86/p33
Sloss, Helen '86/p31
Sloss, James Mar '77/p12; '79/p45; '84/p71; '85/p64; '86/p32, 79; '87/p48; '88/p56
Sloss, James M/M '86/p79
Sloss, James M/M '91/p55
Sloss, James Sr. '92/p54
Sloss, James W '84/p17
Sloss, Janet '88/p49
Sloss, Jessie B '79/p53
Sloss, John '79/p53
Sloss, John '91/p55
Sloss, Robert Mar '77/p12; '84/p17
Sloss, Susan '79/p53
Sloss, Susie '86/p32
Slosses, '82/p38
Slothower, Bob '84/p49
Smails, Herbert '88/p22
Smails, J H '86/p46
Smails, N W '80/p40; '86/p27, 29, 60; '88/p51
Smails, Robert '92/p34
Smails, W E '88/p53
Smails, W E Mrs '92/p28
Smails, W. E. '92/p77
Smails, William E M/M '88/p24
Smails, William Herbert '88/p23
Smails, William Howard '88/p24
Smaling, Herman '85/p74
Smallwood, Ellen '81/p34
Smallwood, Laura '81/p34
Smallwood, Nancy '81/p34
Smallwood, Thomas '82/p13
Smallwood, Wm '81/p34
Smatian, J E '86/p49
Smatlan, J E M/M '81/p74
Smatlan, Jos '86/p62
Smatlan, Jos '89/p 1
Smatlan, Joseph '86/p62
Smaus, Paula '81/p24
Smead Mary '81/p40
Smead, Anna '81/p40
Smead, Chester '81/p40
Smead, Lyman '81/p40
Smead, Marion '81/p40
Smeal, Jacob '91/p58
Smidt, Ida '78/p35
Smiley, J G '89/p36
Smiley, Laura E. (Mrs. O. H. White) '92/p30
Smith '80/p58
Smith & Dorsey Mar '77/p12
Smith & Harmon; Fremont, NE '90/p31
Smith (Schmidt) Heller '89/p27
Smith '92/p49
Smith Brothers Mar '77/p12; '82/p29
Smith D A & Co '85/p66
Smith Joseph Mrs. (Mary Haxby) '92/p4
Smith, '89/p37, 80
Smith, A '81/p36
Smith, A A Mar '77/p12; '78/p77; '88/p66
Smith, A D Mr '91/p23
Smith, A M Jan '77/p1
Smith, A P Mar '77/p12; '78/p23
Smith, A R '86/p29
Smith, A. A. '92/p73
Smith, Adam '83/p20
Smith, Adin M '87/p18
Smith, Agnes '84/p55
Smith, Alba '81/p36
Smith, Alfred Mar '77/p12
Smith, Alonson M Jan '77/p1
Smith, Amy B '86/p2
Smith, Andrew C '87/p58
Smith, Anna '78/p10
Smith, Annie (Kelly) '86/p29
Smith, Arch D Mrs '91/p24
Smith, Archie '89/p 8, 47; '91/p23
Smith, Arthur '88/p39
Smith, Arthur '89/p 8
Smith, August Mrs '86/p3
Smith, Aunt Phoebe Jan '77/p2
Smith, Austin '81/p36
Smith, B '89/p11
Smith, Benjamin '81/p59
Smith, Bertie '89/p 9
Smith, Bessie '84/p55, 57
Smith, Bessie '91/p24
Smith, Birt '85/p58
Smith, Bruce '91/p23; '92/p30
Smith, Bruce E '86/p3
Smith, Bruce E '89/p12
Smith, Bruce Mrs '91/p24
Smith, C '81/p36
Smith, C A Mar '77/p12; '78/p61; '85/p68; '87/p4; '88/p66
Smith, C A & Co '88/p52
Smith, C A & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p27
Smith, C B '78/p17
Smith, C C '81/p30, 34
Smith, C L Mrs '86/p49
Smith, C R Mar '77/p12
Smith, C R Mar '77/p12
Smith, C W '91/p42
Smith, Caroline '81/p36
Smith, Carrie O '85/p1
Smith, Charity '88/p43
Smith, Charles '79/p49; '80/p53; '82/p29
Smith, Charles '90/p71, '92/p72
Smith, Charles A '78/p77
Smith, Charles Ashton '82/p28
Smith, Charles B '78/p6
Smith, Charley '92/p72
Smith, Charley Gustave '83/p48
Smith, Charlotte '85/p57; '86/p49
Smith, Charlotte A '84/p2
Smith, Chas '78/p21
Smith, Chas '92/p30
Smith, Chas A '79/p49; '85/p64; '88/p56
Smith, Chas A. '92/p73
Smith, Chas B '78/p6
Smith, Chas E '85/p57
Smith, Chloe '81/p37
Smith, Clar L '84/p55
Smith, Clara E. (Mrs. John Keller) '92/p3
Smith, Clara E. '92/p8
Smith, Clara L '84/p57
Smith, Clark '85/p28
Smith, Cornelia C '78/p18
Smith, Cyrus Mar '77/p12
Smith, Dalton '91/p24
Smith, Davis B '78/p52
Smith, Delma '87/p69
Smith, Dora '80/p15
Smith, Dora E '85/p9
Smith, Doris R '78/p63
Smith, Dr L. B. '92/p77
Smith, Dradena J '89/p27, 30
Smith, E Mar '77/p12; '88/p42
Smith, E A Rev '87/p13
Smith, E C & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Smith, E C Mrs '88/p43
Smith, E E '78/p16
Smith, E J Mar '77/p12
Smith, E Mrs '88/p42
Smith, E R '82/p30; '85/p72
Smith, Earl Mrs '81/p62
Smith, Edwin B '85/p57
Smith, Eliza Ann '78/p45
Smith, Eliza D '87/p3
Smith, Eliza Jane '84/p3
Smith, Elizabeth '81/p46
Smith, Ellen '81/p37
Smith, Elnora '81/p36
Smith, Emily '81/p37
Smith, Ernest '87/p4; '88/p67
Smith, Ernst Mar '77/p12; '78/p77
Smith, Etta '81/p36
Smith, Eugene C '81/p80
Smith, Eva '83/p77
Smith, Eva B '85/p3
Smith, F Mar '77/p12
Smith, F B '81/p36
Smith, F E Mr '91/p23
Smith, F J '85/p48, 73
Smith, F K '86/p49
Smith, F M '89/p19
Smith, Florence B '87/p76
Smith, Francis '82/p15
Smith, Frank '80/p66; ‘8/p5
Smith, Frank '91/p22
Smith, Frank C Mrs '81/p17
Smith, Frank E M/M '81/p78
Smith, Frank L '85/p48
Smith, Fred Mar '77/p12; '80/p15
Smith, Fredrick '87/p4
Smith, Freman '85/p8
Smith, G Mar '77/p12
Smith, Garrett Mar '77/p12
Smith, Geo E '88/p45
Smith, George '81/p59; '82/p30; '86/p21
Smith, George A '82/p67
Smith, Grover Franklin '88/p25
Smith, Gullielmum Edmund '83/p2
Smith, H C '81/p34
Smith, H K '84/p31
Smith, H P Mar '77/p12
Smith, H W '91/p42
Smith, Hallie '86/p66
Smith, Harry '86/p31
Smith, Helen '81/p24
Smith, Helen '89/p61, 66, 69
Smith, Heller '89/p27, 30
Smith, Henry '84/p66
Smith, Henry '91/p54, 59
Smith, Henry M '86/p27, 29, 50
Smith, Henry Z '90/p55, 57
Smith, Hertha (Breitkreutz) '78/p35
Smith, I P Rev '78/p58
Smith, Ira E '87/p18
Smith, Irwin '86/p32
Smith, Isabel '85/p44
Smith, Issac '83/p2
Smith, J '88/p5
Smith, J B '89/p11
Smith, J B M/M '86/p14
Smith, J D '82/p22
Smith, J D Mrs '85/p28
Smith, J E Mar '77/p12
Smith, J G Mar '77/p12; '79/p45; '82/p37; '84/p9; '85/p68; '88/p31
Smith, J G 89 11, 12, 53; '90/p48, 57
Smith, J H '84/p28
Smith, J H '90/p10
Smith, J J Mar '77/p12
Smith, J M Mar '77/p12; '81/p9
Smith, J Mason '82/p47, 38
Smith, J P '80/p8; '81/p17
Smith, J R Mar '77/p12
Smith, J T Mar '77/p12’ ;78/p77; '85/p68; '87/p70
Smith, J T '90/p57; '92 73
Smith, J Towner '88/p66
Smith, J Towner '89/p53
Smith, J W Mar '77/p12; '78/p57; '79/p46; '81/p70
Smith, J. T. '92/p73
Smith, Jacob Jr '83/p49
Smith, James Mar '77/p12; '78/p52
Smith, James A '83/p67
Smith, James E '79/p70
Smith, James G Mar '77/p12; '78/p45; '82/p28; '85/p63, 67; '86/p14, 79; '88/p56, 66, 68
Smith, James G '89/p31
Smith, James M '88/p8
Smith, James S '83/p37
Smith, Jane '83/p45
Smith, Jane M '84/p3
Smith, Jared Edwin '85/p1
Smith, Jared J '85/p1
Smith, Jas Mar '77/p12; '78/p77
Smith, Jas B '92/p49
Smith, Jas C '80/p28
Smith, Jas G '89/p42, '92/p73
Smith, Jennie '85/p3
Smith, Jessie '86/p14, 31
Smith, Jno W Mar '77/p12
Smith, John '80/p33; '81/p59, 70; '83/p74; '87/p42; '88/p14, 33
Smith, John F '89/p27, 30
Smith, John G '85/p?; '88/p9
Smith, John H '78/p73, 74; '88/p67
Smith, John H '90/p10, 11
Smith, John Jacob '85/p3
Smith, John M Mar '77/p12; '84/p3; '85/p74
Smith, John M '91/p55
Smith, John Mason '87/p44
Smith, John Mason '92/p54
Smith, John R Mar '77/p12; '83/p66; '88/p37
Smith, John R '90/p34
Smith, Jonathan '84/p28
Smith, Jos '85/p48
Smith, Jos H '86/p49
Smith, Joseph Mar '77/p12, '83/p50; '88/p56
Smith, Joseph '91/p69; '92/p4, 8
Smith, Joseph T '78/p47; '81/p80; '84/p2; '88/p56
Smith, Joseph Towner '82/p28; '85/p63
Smith, Josephine L Jan '77/p5
Smith, Jr '86/p14, 15
Smith, Judge '86/p14
Smith, Judge '92/p30
Smith, Judson '78/p57
Smith, Julia Ann '78/p57
Smith, L Mar '77/p12
Smith, L A '78/p77
Smith, L B Mar '77/p12; '88/p66
Smith, L B Dr '84/p9; '86/p9, 14
Smith, L C '85/p48
Smith, L C '91/p42
Smith, L J Mar '77/p12
Smith, L N Mar '77/p12
Smith, L. B. '92/p73, 77
Smith, Lambert '84/p52
Smith, Laura '89/p55
Smith, Leander Mar '77/p12; '84/p61; '87/p18
Smith, Leander B Dr '82/p29
Smith, Leander C '87/p18
Smith, Leon N '87/p18
Smith, Leroy C '87/p18
Smith, Leutecia '83/p77
Smith, Lida '78/p60
Smith, Lillie '86/p67
Smith, Lizzie '89/p28, 30
Smith, Lola '83/p59
Smith, Lon '85/p72
Smith, Louisa B '80/p8
Smith, Lydia '87/p4
Smith, M '81/p36
Smith, M A Mar '77/p12
Smith, M W '81/p24
Smith, M Wm B '79/p46
Smith, M/M '80/p15
Smith, Marcus '80/p15
Smith, Margaret '83/p46
Smith, Martha E '85/p28
Smith, Mary A '81/p36
Smith, May '88/p39
Smith, Mellania '88/p10
Smith, Michael '83/p20
Smith, Mr '91/p56
Smith, Mrs J E '79/p19, 20
Smith, Mrs. Bruce (Mabel Enos) '92/p30
Smith, Mrs. William H. (Charlotte Wearne) '92/p4
Smith, Nancy S '79/p49
Smith, Nettie '86/p31; '88/p5
Smith, Norman P '87/p74
Smith, O Mar '77/p12
Smith, O J '85/p48; '86/p49
Smith, O J '91/p42
Smith, O J M/M '86/p49
Smith, O J Mrs '86/p49
Smith, Oliver Mar '77/p12; '82/p6; '85/p72, 73; '88/p66
Smith, Oliver '89/p11
Smith, Oren Sylvester '92/p51
Smith, Oscar '81/p36
Smith, P I '78/p14
Smith, P J Mar '77/p12
Smith, Perry '83/p77
Smith, Peter '83/p20
Smith, Phebe E Jan '77/p5
Smith, R C M/M '91/p68
Smith, R S Mar '77/p12; '88/p66
Smith, R S M/M '85/p28
Smith, Ray E '87/p18
Smith, Reuben W '87/p75
Smith, Robert '83/p50
Smith, Robert Jr '82/p32
Smith, Robert L '82/p24
Smith, Rosanna '81/p59
Smith, Roy '85/p77
Smith, Roy '91/p23; '92 30
Smith, Roy '92/p30
Smith, S Mar '77/p12
Smith, S C '91/p43
Smith, Sadie B. (Mrs. Rolling A. Trail) '92/p51,52
Smith, Samuel Mar '77/p12; '78/p6; '81/p59
Smith, Sarah '83/p72
Smith, Sarah Elizabeth '85/p2
Smith, Sarah Frances Thompson '92/p51
Smith, Sarah I '87/p76
Smith, Sarah T '87/p74
Smith, Sardius C '80/p52
Smith, Sedney '83/p72
Smith, Seth '81/p37
Smith, Sidney Mar '77/p12; '84/p35
Smith, Sidney S '87/p18
Smith, Solomon '86/p80
Smith, Susan '81/p36
Smith, Susan '85/p2
Smith, Susie '86/p32
Smith, Sylvania Hart '82/p29
Smith, T E '87/p71
Smith, Thomas Mar '77/p12
Smith, Towner Mar '77/p12; '82/p29
Smith, Victor '88/p21
Smith, Victor '89/p16
Smith, W A Mar '77/p12
Smith, W A Mrs '80/p76
Smith, W D '84/p24
Smith, W H '86/p50
Smith, W H '91/p37
Smith, W W Mr '89/p44
Smith, Wagoner George R '87/p58
Smith, Walter G '82/p73
Smith, Willard M/M '81/p75
Smith, William '81/p59, 70; '85/p2
Smith, William D '78/p35; '81/p59
Smith, William H '86/p14
Smith, William H. '92/p4, 8
Smith, Wm '78/p77; '80/p38; '81/p36; '86/p29
Smith, Wm M '79/p44
Smith, Wm R '80/p53
Smith, Wm S '85/p53
Smith, Zenas B Jan '77/p1, 5
Smith, Zenas B Mrs Jan '77/p2
Smithe, William '81/p59
Smith-Gordon, Ellen '81/p17
Smiths '82/p38
Smith's Shoe Store; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Smithson, Mrs '85/p32
Smiton, Duncan '90/p57
Smitte, James '81/p59
Smitton, Catherine '84/p3
Smitton, Duncan '84/p3
Smitton, Duncan '90/p53
Smock, Allery '84/p7
Smock, Daniel C '86/p14
Smock, Garrett Mar '77/p12
Smock, Leigh '84/p7
Smock, Nancy M '86/p14
Smock, Parcy '84/p7
Smola, Franz Mar '77/p12
Smrcek, Josephine '81/p24
Smyth, John L '81/p59
Snajdr, Albina '81/p24
Snajdr, Arthur '81/p24
Snawerdt, Peter '88/p80
Snay, John N '82/p73
Snell, Arwin '78/p13
Snell, Ionh '78/p21
Snell, J R '78/p2
Snell, James H '79/p20
Snell, Pap '86/p42
Snider, H A '78/p47
Snider, Harriett '78/p47
Snider, J W '86/p46
Snider, Mary M '78/p47
Snider, N '78/p47
Snider, U '78/p47
Sniegrath, S Mar '77/p13
Snively, David '86/p29
Snoor, Fritz '88/p5
Snover, '90/p42
Snow, '91/p60
Snow, Charles S '85/p7
Snow, Erastus '91/p71
Snowball '89/p56
Snowden, James R '81/p59
Snowden, W T '78/p18
Snowden, Wm P '91/p37
Snowdon, Thomas Mr '81/p78
Snuffin, Elias '78/p12
Snuffin, Joh P '78/p12
Snyder village, NE '90/p14
Snyder, "Pinnacle Jake"" '91/p30
Snyder, A Mar '77/p13
Snyder, Felix '88/p66
Snyder, Frank A '87/p58
Snyder, Henry '81/p70
Snyder, J Mar '77/p13
Snyder, J. '92/p49
Snyder, Jay D '89/p62, 69
Snyder, Jennie E '86/p3
Snyder, John '81/p34
Snyder, Joseph Mar '77/p13; '78/p77; '85/p74; ‘887/p2; '88/p66
Snyder, Joseph '91/p59
Snyder, Joseph M/M '85/p28
Snyder, Kathy '89/p60
Snyder, L '91/p59
Snyder, Mattie A '85/p9
Snyder, Peter '81/p59
Snyder, Wm M '85/p48
Sobaje, Lucia '81/p24
Sobel, Anna '81/p43
Sobel, Babette '81/p42
Sobeslavsky, Rudolph '82/p47
Sobota, Jan '83/p5
Sobota, Joseph '83/p5
Sobota, Marie '81/p24
Sobotka, Frank '87/p59
Sobotka, Margie Mar '77/1C; '78/p17, 18, 18B; '80/p20; '81/p1, 13, 20B;
Sobotka, Marjorie '85/p0; '86/p0; '87/p0
Sobotka, Marjorie '89/p 0; '90/p 0, 20
Sobotka, Rudie '84/p60; '85/p60; '86/p39; '88/p20
Sobotka, Rudie Mrs '91/p80, 80B; '92 80
Sobotka, Teresie '84/p40
Sobotka, Vaclav '79/p17
Soches, Frank '80/p28
Sockip (Soukup), Frank '90/p54, 57
Sockip, Frank '90/p54, 57
Soderberg, Gust '89/p 4; '92/p31
Soderholm, John P '91/p74, 78
Sodoma, Josefa '81/p24
Soemis, Jessie '85/p43
Soerey, Amanda E '85/p9
Sofarik, Marie '86/p36
Softly, Fred '89/p64, 70
Sohaeffer, Chas '84/p9
Sohl, Anna '89/p27, 30
Sohl, Henry '92/p5, 8
Sohl, John M/M '86/p29
Sohl, Mrs. Henry (Anna Minke (Monke) '92/p5
Sohlberg, John A '91/p53
Sohlberg, John Adolph '91/p50
Sohm, Minnie '91/p75, 78
Sohram, Conrad Mar '77/p13
Soiled Doves '89/p56
Sokol, Emily '81/p24
Sokup, Maria '83/p2
Sokup, Matthias '83/p2
Soll, John '83/p36
Soll, Julius Carl '92/p44
Soll, W P C '84/p38
Sollars, J W '85/p40
Sollett, J '83/p45
Soloman, D H '78/p10
Solomon, C D '87/p59
Solomon, Neel '84/p35
Somac, V '90/p44
Somer, Ursula '91/p26, 28
Somerlad, H W '82/p22
Somers, Alex '81/p70
Somers, H G '84/p9; '87/p70
Somers, Herb '91/p23
Somers, Lou '92/p27
Somers, Robert '81/p70
Sommer, John A '89/p63, 70
Sommer, Nicholas Mar '77/p13
Sommerfeld, August '87/p24
Sommerfeld, Carl '87/p24
Sommerfeld, Elisabeth '87/p24
Sommerfeld, Marie '87/p24
Sommerfeld, Wilhelm '87/p24
Sommers, Carrie F '86/p4
Sommers, Maragret '81/p70
Sonebarger, John '82/p73
Sones, Georgene Morris '82/p72
Sones, Georgene Mrs '81/p13
Sones, Gus '82/p73
Soney, Henry '81/p44
Soney, Rebecca '80/p70
Soney, Ross '81/p43
Sonin, John '87/p70; '88/p16
Sonin, Mr '88/p15
Sonka, Anna '88/p8
Sonka, Frant '83/p8
Sonka, Frantisek '83/p8
Sonka, Joseph '83/p8
Sonka, Magdalena '83/p5
Sonkerg, Wronker '87/p76
Sonle, Jane '83/p78
Sonle, Marietta '83/p78
Sonle, William '83/p78
Sonnaband, John Mar '77/p13
Sonnabend, John '85/p73
Sonnenschein, F '83/p38
Sonnenschein, Fred '80/p38
Sonnger, W H Mar '77/p13
Soper, William W '78/p10
Soper, Winslow '78/p4
Soper, Winslow L '78/p10
Soper, Wm '78/p3
Sorby, Sarah '81/p80
Sorencen, Flora '83/p76
Sorensen, Andrew '92/p73
Sorensen, Axel William '92/p64
Sorensen, Cathern '83/p76
Sorensen, Cathrine '87/p63
Sorensen, Hans H '88/p67
Sorensen, Helle '87/p64
Sorensen, Howser '83/p76
Sorensen, Jens '87/p64
Sorensen, Jens C '87/p67
Sorensen, Jeppe '87/p66
Sorensen, Johan N '87/p64
Sorensen, Karen M '87/p64
Sorensen, Maren '87/p66
Sorensen, Marie A '87/p67
Sorensen, Marinus '92/p25
Sorensen, Neils '78/p77
Sorensen, Niels '87/p64
Sorensen, Peter '87/p64; '88/p5
Sorensen, Peter Mrs '88/p5
Sorensen, Soren '87/p64
Sorenson, Elenora '87/p2
Sorenson, H Mar '77/p13
Sorenson, Hans Mar '77/p13; '88/p66
Sorenson, Nels C '89/p64, 70
Sorenson, Peter G '91/p78
Sorenson, Peter Granum '91/p74
Sorenson, Soren '86/p14
Sorncor, Andrew Mar '77/p13
Sorreigns, Laura '82/p44
Sorrensen, Peder C '89/p63, 70
Sorrenson, Hans Mar '77/p13
Sorrenson, Hans C. '92/p4, 8
Sorrenson, Mrs. Hans C. (Mary C. Hansmoistel) '92/p4
Sortscher, John '88/p5
Sotas, Francis '81/p70
Soucek, Anna '83/p9
Soucek, Fr Mrs '86/p39
Soucek, Frank '86/p48
Soukup, Anton '86/p48
Soukup, Anton '89/p28, 30
Soukup, Frank '90/p54, 57
Soukup, Joseph '81/p24
Soukup, Joseph Mrs '81/p24
Soukup, M/M '84/p35
Soule, Isaac '80/p12
Soule, Jane '83/p78
Soule, Marietta '83/p78
Soule, William '83/p78
Souns, Jessie C '86/p42
South Bend village, NE '90/p14
South Carolina - Weazels '91/p41
South Central Genealogical Society '81/p62
South Omaha city, NE '90/p14
South Platte Mission '90/p62
South Sioux City, NE '90/p14
Southeast NE Genealogical Society '81/p62
Southwest NE Genealogical Society '81/p62
Southwick, B W '90/p22
Southworth, Dr '84/p9
Southworth, Lelia A '86/p42
Southworth, Wm L '86/p42
Souvenir German Methodist Church '90/p63
Souvenir West German Conference '90/p52
Spafford, Wm H. '92/p73
Spalding village, NE '90/p14
Spalding, Historical & Genealogical Society '81/p62
Spalding, Rev/M '86/p54
Spangler, Lottie '88/p21
Spanler, Mamie '81/p79
Spanmuth, Mary '91/p49, 53
Sparks, Ambrose Mar '77/p13
Sparks, Dr '87/p34
Sparks, Oliver '78/p3
Sparks, William Mar '77/p13
Sparks, William '90/p53, 57
Spasse, Blaje '92/p44
Spath, Friederich Mar '77/p13
Spath, Lewis S '89/p64, 70
Spatman, C H F '78/p16
Spatz, George '92/p5, 8
Spaulding, Mar '77/p13
Spaulding, Eunice '85/p4
Spaulding, F E M/M '91/p64
Spaulding, F H '81/p40
Spear, E J '86/p46
Spear, Louis Mar '77/p13; '82/p68; '85/p73; '88/p67
Spear, Louis '90/p54, 57
Spear, W '86/p62
Speck, D. '92/p55
Speck, James '81/p2
Speck, Maria '88/p10
Speelman, L May '83/p72
Speelman, Miles B M '83/p72
Spees, Bleeg '92/p18
Speiss, Nick '84/p37
Spellman, Caroline '83/p72
Spelman, Henry '83/p72
Spelman, L May '83/p72
Spelman, Miles B M '83/p72
Spelts & Klosterman’s Warehouse '88/p35
Spence, George '91/p42
Spence, John '92/p53
Spence, John H Mar '77/p13
Spence, M W '87/p59
Spencer village, NE '90/p14
Spencer, '84/p53
Spencer, Charles '82/p21
Spencer, Edna '86/p31
Spencer, Florence '86/p31
Spencer, Joe E '84/p74
Spencer, Mary E '84/p74
Spencer, Mike '86/p80
Spencer, Orson '82/p67
Spencers, Orson '82/p66
Spengler '89/p37
Spenner, Ignatz '92/p47
Sperakus, Vaclav '82/p17
Sperl, Mary '81/p24
Sperrey, Enoch D '85/p47
Sperry, C B L '78/p17B
Sperry, Capt '82/p12
Sperry, J H M/M '92/p27
Sperry, Mark '83/p30
Spickard, Daisy '91/p24
Spictieche, Raphiel '81/p70
Spidle, A J '91/p42
Spidle, D M/M '81/p75
Spidle, Hazel '81/p74
Spidle, John '85/p48
Spiegelberg, Anna '84/p14
Spiegelberg, Jacob '84/p14
Spiegelberg, Maria '84/p14
Spiegelberg, Samuel '84/p14
Spielberg, E O '86/p19
Spielberg, E. O. '92/p68
Spielman, Alice L '81/p34
Spielman, Caroline '81/p34
Spielman, E '81/p34
Spielman, H M '81/p34
Spielman, Jesse '81/p34
Spielman, Lillie May '81/p34
Spielman, Sarah J '81/p34
Spiers, A '78/p13
Spiers, B '78/p14
Spies, Ben Mrs '88/p47
Spies, Gus '89/p55
Spies, Nick '89/p61, 70
Spies, Sharran '92/p14
Spiess, Johann '84/p14
Spiker, S R '78/p53
Spikes, W F Mrs '91/p45
Spilinek, Jan '86/p39
Spillman, Jerome '79/p44
Spilman, J '79/p43
Spinar, Frank '81/p24
Spinar, Martha '81/p24
Spindler, Frank '82/p6
Spindler, Wenzel '91/p50, 53
Spira, Hesse '81/p17
Spira, Henry '81/p17
Spira, Mrs '81/p17
Spitley, Martin M/M '87/p41, 42
Spiva, W H & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p29
Spivey, J H '87/p58
Splavec, Otilie '81/p24
Splichal, Alois '92/p25
Splichal, Joseph '92/p25
Splittgerber, Auguste '78/p33
Spoden, Therese '81/p24
Spoor, Alpheus F '88/p68
Sporn, Franjott '80/p1
Sprague, Chester B '91/p37
Sprague, Kendrick '78/p52
Sprague, P '81/p6
Sprecher '92/p20
Sprecher, Ed S '80/p78
Sprecher, Geo '85/p48
Sprecher, John C '80/p33; '85/p40; '86/p64
Sprecher, Sarah '86/p64
Sprick, August '86/p14
Sprick, H Mar '77/p13
Sprick, Henry '78/p43; '80/p44, 45, 48; '84/p28, 29, 30
Sprick, Henry '91/p 7
Springer, Alice J '88/p9
Springer, Bert '86/p46
Springer, D M Mar '77/p13
Springer, D W Mar '77/p13
Springer, Dan '90/p41; '91/p23
Springer, Elizabeth '78/p43
Springer, Elizabeth Boyles '78/p42
Springer, Ellen E '78/p42
Springer, George G '85/p46
Springer, Henery '78/p23
Springer, Job '78/’42
Springer, Mary '85/p5
Springer, Rev Levi '78/p43
Springer, W M Mar '77/p13
Springer, Wm '85/p75
Springfield village, NE '90/p14
Springler, Rudolph '80/p28
Springs Well City, NE '91/p11
Springview village, NE '90/p14
Sproener, '78/p30
Spurlock, Arthur M/M '81/p75
Spurrier, Wilmot E '91/p76, 78
Spyker, J A Dr '88/p7
Spyker, John A '92/p76
Squire, Timothy '82/p13
Squires, Sara L '91/p75, 78
Srack, L E Mr '89/p62, 70
Srack, Nellie M '90/p54, 57
Srb & Hubanka '82/p6
Srb & Hubenka; Dodge, NE '90/p44
Srb, Henry C '81/p39
Srb, J V E '84/p56
Srb, Joseph Jr '91/p43
Srb, Mary '81/p39
Srb, Michael '81/p39
Srb, Susan '81/p39
Srb, William '81/p39
Sriver, Louisa Mrs '91/p37
Srsen, Anna '82/p77
SS Baltimore '83/p19
SS Berlin '83/p18
SS Braunschweig '83/p19
SS Caspian '83/p19
SS General Werder '83/p19
SS Hannover '83/p19
SS Hermann '83/p19
SS Hibernian '83/p19
SS Leipzig '83/p19
SS Minister Room '83/p19
SS Nestorian '83/p19
SS Nova Scotian '83/p19
SS Nurnberg '83/p19
SS Ohio '83/p19
SS Peruvian '83/p19
SS Scandinavian '83/p19
Ssirinek, Emma '85/p46
Sspielman, Mary E '81/p34
St Charles Borromeo Church '86/p44
St Charles Hotel '83/p37
St Charles Hotel; Fremont, NE '89/p13; '90/p10, 26
St Edwards village, NE '90/p14
St Helena village, NE '90/p14
St James Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14
St James Episcopal Church; Fremont, NE '89/p57
St James’ Episcopal Church '82/p64
St John E C '85/p66
St John E G Mar '77/p13
St John, E G '89/p12; '90/p24
St John’s Lutheran Church '86/p57
St John’s Ridgeley '85/p80
St Joseph Church; Cuming City, NE '92 27
St Louis Case '85/p28
St Louis Trial Begins '86/p14
St Louis, Dr/M '88/p17
St Louis, H H '80/p78
St Mary’s Cemetery Linwood, Nebr '80/p75
St Mary's Church; Tabor, NE '89/p 2
St Patri Church, Maple Township '91/p39
St Patrick Catholic Chruch; Fremont, NE '89/p57
St Patrick’s Catholic Church '82/p64
St Paul city, NE '90/p14
St Paul’s Church '85/p80
St Paul's Lutheran Church; West Point, NE '91/p28
St Peter Lutheran Church Snyder '85/p80
Staats, '87/p70
Staats, Geo F '87/p70
Staats, H K '82/p41
Staats, J H Mrs '85/p28
Staats, Jack '82/p41
Staats, Jack H '85/p28
Staatz, John '81/p3
Stabenow, Fritz '82/p32
Stabenow, Wilhelm '89/p61, 70
Stach’s Gen Merchandise '82/63
Stadelmann, Wm '91/p37
Stadts, Betty '84/p43
Staedek, Anton Mar '77/p13
Staemton, James '81/p59
Staffenson, Cicilia '87/p61
Staffenson, Emma C '87/p61
Staffenson, Nils T '87/p61
Staffenson, Peter '87/p61
Staffenson, Sophia W '87/p61
Stafford, J S '89/p11
Stafford, W H '78/p47
Stafford, Wm '78/p49
Stafford, Wm H '78/p77
Stage, Pearl '84/p47
Stagelmann, Detleff M '81/p80; '86/p1
Stager, Andrew '86/p57
Stahl, John '84/p74
Stahl, Superintendent '84/p47
Stahlik, Mary '92/p6
Stahlmann, Johann '83/p44
Stakey, Julius F '88/p8
Stalling, B J '87/p7
Stalling, B J H '84/p37
Stalling, Herman '84/p37; '87/p7
Stalnaker, Theodore G '89/p63, 70
Stalp, Theo '92/p46
Stamard, Sylvester L '81/p70
Stambaugh, Joseph '78/p78
Stambaugh, W D Rev '88/p30
Stambaugh, Wm '85/p8
Stamm, Eduard '86/p35
Stamm, Eliska '86/p35
Stamples, E T '86/p60
Stanbaugh, Annie '88/p5
Stanbaugh, Catharine '81/p36
Stanbaugh, Delilah '81/p36
Stanbaugh, George '81/p36
STanbaugh, John '81/p36
Stanbaugh, Joseph '81/p36
Stanbaugh, Mary '81/p36
Stance, Emanuel '91/p 4
Standard Cattle Co '91/p30, 54
Standard Oil Co '86/p77
Standard Oil Co; North Bend, NE '89/p55
Standen, Frank G '80/p13
Standford, I E '80/p19
Stanek, Jerry '92/p46
Stanek, Josepha '83/p3
Stanfieald, Francis Randall, '85/p1
Stanfield, Edwin Earle '85/p1
Stanfield, Ethel '85/p1
Stanfield, Francis '85/p1
Stanfield, Francis M '85/p6
Stanfield, Harriet '85/p1
Stanfield, Hiland '85/p1
Stanfield, Orrin '85/p1
Stanfield, Thomas '85/p6
Stanford, A C '88/p9
Stanford, Dick '91/p23
Stanford, Goerge L '82/p39
Stanford, I E '81/p19; '86/p31
Stanford, Richard B '89/p66, 70
Stang, A '81/p7
Stang, Edmond '81/p70
Stange, J '86/p35
Stanik, Maria '91/p50, 53
Staninlov, Martin '82/p75; '86/p48
Stanislav, Frantiska '83/p9
Stanislav, Martin '83/p9
Stankey, Frederick G '88/p9
Stankey, John '84/p53
Stankey, Julius F '88/p8
Stanko, Maria '81/p24
Stanley, C C '80/p37
Stanley, C C M/M '90/p70
Stanley, C W Mar '77/p13
Stanley, Geo W '86/p11, 14
Stanley, George '88/p9
Stanley, Jane '81/p59
Stanley, L B '79/p20
Stanley, Mary A '83/p79
Stanley, William '81/p59
Stanly, James '78/p4
Stannard, C D '86/p29
Stanoscheck Frank J '79/p43
Stansbury, William '86/p29
Stanton city, NE '90/p14
Stanton, Milton '78/p25
Staplehurst village, NE '90/p14
Stapleman, Charles '85/p45
Stapleman, Erstina '85/p45
Stapleman, Richard '85/p45
Staples, E T M/M '90/p72; '92 27
Staples, E. T. '92/p27
Staples, Ed '82/p57
Staples, Edward T '87/p74
Staples, Kate '87/p74
Staples, Lulu '87/p74
Stapleton, James '78/p52
Star Livery Barn; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Star, Barn '84/p9
Stara, Ant B '86/p39
Starboard, Geo W '78/p77
Starboard, Geo W. '92/p73
Starch, J F '82/p24
Starch, Joseph A '87/p58
Starck, Bertha '78/p24
Stare, Charles '90/p54, 57
Starek, Marie '81/p24
Stark, Albertina Horn '80/p1
Stark, Aug '79/p21, 23
Stark, August Mar '77/p13; '79/p26; '80/p1; '86/p33
Stark, August F '79/p29
Stark, August H '80/p70
Stark, Augustina '80/p67
Stark, Bertha '79/p21; '80/p1; '81/p43
Stark, Carl '80/p1
Stark, Carl Horn '80/p1
Stark, Caroline '79/p21, 23, 26, 28
Stark, Charles '79/p25; '81/p43
Stark, Clara '79/p29
Stark, Congressman '80/p14
Stark, Dwane '79/p25
Stark, Heinreeta '80/p1
Stark, Henrette '80/p2
Stark, Henrietta '83/p74
Stark, Henry P '79/p29
Stark, Herman '80/p1
Stark, Johanna '79/p21
Stark, John '80/p1
Stark, Louise '79/p28
Stark, Martin C W '79/p25
Stark, Pauline '79/p21
Stark, Sophie (Degner) '80/p1
Stark, Wilhelm '83/p74
Stark, Wilhelmine '79/p21
Stark, William '80/p1, 2
Stark, Wm '83/p25
Starke, Charles '81/p70
Starkey, J S '90/p48
Starmer, Alma '84/p55
Starmer, George '85/p24, 28
Starmer, Rosanna '90/p54, 57
Starr, Charles '80/12
Starr, Charles Willard '81/p81; '86/p1
Starr, Samuel H '81/p59
Staska, Joseph '83/p8
Staska, Theresa '83/p8
Stasta, Frank '81/p24
Stastny, Anna '84/p56
State Bank of Hooper, Nebr '82/p19
States Nicknames - 1865 '91/p41
Statmann, Theresia '79/p6
Staube, Lillian L I '78/p66
Stauffer, Chris '78/p31
Stauffer, Christian '78/p31
Stauffer, Frank '90/p48
Stauffer, H S '78/p31
Stauffer, L '78/p31
Stauffer, Willie '78/p31
Stauffor, Anna '78/p31
Staurt, A E Mrs '82/p41
Stauss, August '88/p59
Stava, John '92/p3, 8
Stava, Mrs. John (Frantiska Mencik) '92/p3
Staver, William '92/p64
Stayal, John '92/p5, 8
Stayal, Mrs. John (Anna Kryz) '92/p5
StClair, Belle '88/p75
Stead, J '81/p59
Steadman, Mr '82/p21
Steadman, Theodore '80/p28
Steam Flouring Mills; Fremont, NE '90/p24
Stearnpf, Louisa (Mrs. Charles Manzel) '92/p5
Stearns, M O '87/p58
Stearns, Myron '87/p58
Stearns, Vera '81/p17
Stearpf, Louisa '92/p8
Steavens, Wm '78/p13
Stebbins, C M Mrs '91/p24
Stech, Fr '86/p39
Stecher, Charles '83/p11
Stecher, Joseph '83/p11; '86/p14, 15
Stecher, Julia '79/p9
Stecher, Karel '83/p11
Stecher, Leonard '79/p9
Stecher, Louis '89/p65, 70
Stecher, Vincent O '82/p39
Steckleberg, Fred '82/p63
Stedry, John Mar '77/p13
Steel, Nels, '92/p44
Steel, Ross '80/p14
Steelburg village, NE '90/p14
Steen, Charles '92/p66
Steen, John '83/p68
Steen, Mr '90/p24
Steen, Rufus '80/p14
Steen, Rufus L '80/p13
Steen, Theodore '80/p12
Steen, Theron '80/p14
Steenken, Emma A '79/p37
Steergeon, Joseph '81/p59
Steergeon, Joseph Jr '81/p59
Steffa, Jan '86/p36
Steffan, A H '84/p23
Steffen, Adam '82/p55
Steffen, Charles Theodore '82/p55
Steffens, E '86/p35
Steffensmeier, Bernard '81/p42
Steffka, F '86/p36
Stegel, John '85/p25, 28
Stegelman, Adolph '82/p31
Stegelman, Frederick '86/p29
Stegeman, Lena '89/p27, 30
Stehlik, Mary (Mrs. Andreas Rousan) '92/p6
Stehlik, Mary '92/p8
Steidl, Bedrich '82/p79
Steidl, Ignac '82/p79
Steidl, Teresie '82/p79
Steifer, Jno Mar '77/p13
Steil, John E '78/p63
Steil, Lewis '82/p31
Steil, Louis '82/p32; '85/p62; '86/p58
Steimer, Andres '86/p14
Steimer, Anlon '78/p58
Steimer, Anton '87/p2
Stein, J W M/M '86/p14
Stein, Michael '84/p37
Steinacker, A '81/p59
Steinauer village, NE '90/p14
Steinbach, Emma L Jan '77/p3
Steinbach, George R Jan '77/p3
Steinbach, William Jan '77/p3
Steinback, Charlie '84/p19
Steinberg, Niclous '89/p63, 70
Steinberg, Paul Frederick '81/p80
Steinberger, Susan D '91/p50, 53
Steine, Daniel '81/p59
Steine, Jacob '78/p24
Steineck, Joseph '81/p80
Steiner, Anton Mar '77/p13; '80/p28
Steiner, Frank Joseph '92/p64
Steiner, Ignatz '86/p36
Steiner, John a '78/p10
Steiner, Maria '86/p36
Steiner, Maria (Faustera) '86/p36
Steinhauer '89/p37
Steinhofel, Friederich Mar '77/p13
Steiniger, Marie '81/p24
Steinke, John '86/p49
Steinke, Mary '86/p49
Steinkraus, Gustav '84/p39
Steinkraus, Arthur '84/p39
Steinmetz, Catharine '84/p43
Steinmetz, Elisabeth '84/p43
Steins, E '82/p55
Steirs, George M/M '81/p74
Steitzel, J C Mar '77/p13
Stejskal, Antonia '83/p0
Stejskal, Antonin '83/p9
Stejskal, Barbara '81/p24
Stejskal, Frantisek '83/p9
Stejskal, Jan '83/p9
Stejskal, Josepha '83/p6
Stella village, NE '90/p14
Stelle, Charles G '91/p75, 78
Stelling-Sombrero, Bella '81/p17
Stemmler, Emma '91/p49, 53
Stenman, Lizzy '81/p42
Stenman, Martha '81/p41
Stenson, M R Mr '91/p24
Stenvers, A Mar '77/p13
Stenvers, Albert '90/p53, 57
Stenvers, Morritz '86/p4
Stenzel, Gustavus '89/p61, 70
Steotzell, John C Mar '77/p13
Stephani, Margaretha '84/p14
Stephens, D V Mr '91/p23
Stephens, Dan V '82/p66; '87/p70
Stephens, Daniel V '89/p63, 70
Stephens, Ira '85/p42
Stephens, James H '86/p30
Stephens, Sylvia '78/p69; '85/p55
Stephens, W M Mr '89/p65, 70
Stephenson, George '91/p21
Stephenson, Oliver '82/p22
Stephenson, S C '91/p37
Stepka, M '86/p36
Stepkova M '86/p36
Sterling village, NE '90/p14
Sterling, Charles '81/p70
Sterling, E Mrs '84/p38
Stern, Moses Mar '77/p13
Stern, Wolf '86/p36
Sterner & Becker; Fremont, NE '89/p11
Sterner, Minnie '84/p50
Sterner, Richard B '86/p11, 14
Sterns, Almor '85/p8
Sterns, C M '91/p37
Sterns, W P '91/p37
Stetson, B F Mar '77/p13
Stetson, Carrie A '81/p81; '86/p2
Stetteyman, Anna '90/p53, 57
Steufer, Wm '83/p38
Steuingle, Maria '86/p36
Stevans, George '81/p7
Stevens, George Mar '77/p13
Stevens, A Mar '77/p13
Stevens, Abby '83/p72
Stevens, Andrew J '87/p18
Stevens, Benjamin '81/p59
Stevens, Chas M/M '81/p74
Stevens, Dan '91/p23
Stevens, Frank '83/p72
Stevens, Frank H '81/p35
Stevens, George Col '84/p33
Stevens, George W '79/p45
Stevens, Gertie '84/p50
Stevens, Grace '83/p72
Stevens, Howard '87/p55
Stevens, Isam J '88/p9
Stevens, James C '80/p13
Stevens, Johanna '91/p74, 78
Stevens, John W '82/p47
Stevens, Levi '85/p4
Stevens, Lewellyn '85/p4
Stevens, Z P Mr '91/p23
Stevenson, Amanda '78/p39
Stevenson, C W '85/p73
Stevenson, Celso '82/p21
Stevenson, Elsie '86/p31
Stevenson, Fanncy C '84/p74
Stevenson, J W '80/p16; '86/p79
Stevenson, James '78/p39
Stevenson, Leon '84/p74
Stevenson, Louse '78/p39
Stevenson, R F '83/p30, 31, 62; '84/p74
Stevenson, R F '90/p34
Stevenson, Richard F '87/p77
Stevenson, Samuel '78/p39
Stevenson, Steve '83/p31
Stevins, Isaac '82/p73
Steward, Amanda J '81/p72
Steward, Thomas S '88/p8
Steward, William A '81/p41
Stewart, A E Mr '91/p23
Stewart, A F Mar '77/p13
Stewart, A S '82/p22
Stewart, Amanda J '81/p72
Stewart, Andria A '79/p50
Stewart, Anna '78/p58; '87/p2
Stewart, Chas '87/p77
Stewart, Chas Mrs '88/p42
Stewart, Chester '88/p21
Stewart, D. B. '92/p27
Stewart, Grant '91/p37
Stewart, Guy '86/p46
Stewart, J B Rev '78/p62
Stewart, J W '85/p48
Stewart, Jack Mrs '88/p5
Stewart, James B '83/p57; '87/p50
Stewart, James H '91/p37
Stewart, James S '84/p22
Stewart, John '81/p59
Stewart, John A '87/p58
Stewart, Laura C. (Mrs. George E. Banta) '92/p3
Stewart, Laura C. '92/p8
Stewart, Peter M. '92/p60
Stewart, Peter Miller '92/p60
Stewart, R R '86/p30
Stewart, T F '78/p20
Stewart, William C '81/p59
Stewart. Elvessa '86/p68
Stewart., William '81/p59
Stewartz, Henry '81/p59
Stiava, Mary '90/p54, 57
Stibel, John '85/p42; '86/p49; '87/p42
Stibel, Mary '85/p42
Stibor, Jan '83/p3
Stibor, Maria '83/p3
Stickle, Mr '84/p66
Stiefvater, Barbara '89/p64, 70
Stieren, Carl T '79/p9
Stieren, Charles '92/p46
Stieren, Christina '79/p6
Stieren, Elizabeth C '79/p6
Stieren, Karl '79/p6
Stieren, Theresia '81/p43
Stigge, Catherine H G (Wichmann) '78/p66
Stigge, Emma L '78/p66
Stigge, Heinrich H '78/p66
Stigge, Henry '78/p66
Stigmann, Joannes '82/p53
Stiles, B F '88/p66
Stiles, S F '84/p9; '88/p31
Stillman, Annie (Mrs. George T. Taylor) '92/p3
Stillman, Annie '92/p8
Stillman, Charles B Dr '86/p30
Stillwell, Helen Barton '81/p17
Stillwell, Robert '81/p72
Stillwell, William '78/p2
Stilts, Alice J '88/p9
Stilts, P N '84/p33; '85/p7
Stimpson, Henry '81/p39
Stimpson, John '81/p39
Stimpson, Mary '81/p39
Stimpson, Mary J '81/p39
Stimpson, Samuel '81/p39
Stinebaugh, Elias '91/p25, 28
Stinebaugh, Mary A '91/p28
Stinebaugh, Mary Alice '91/p25
Stinebrown, Neils C '78/p77
Stinehower '89/p37
Stinehower/Steinhauer '89/p37
Stineslar, Franziska '85/p49
Stineslar, Martin '85/p49
Stinger, James '85/p6
Stinger, Wm '85/p6
Stinsen, C '81/p36
Stinsen, H '81/p36
Stinson, Judge '92/p47
Stirk, Samuel '78/p77
Stirns, Hiram '85/p53
Stirns, Margret '85/p53
Stirns, Martha E '85/p53
Stirns, Mary '85/p53
Stnley, John G '83/p79
Stoarnagl, Marie '86/p36
Stock Yards & Land Company '82/p4
Stock, Mar '77/p13
Stockdale, Jonas '85/p51
Stockdale, Prof '84/p47; '88/p30
Stockdale, Rachel '85/p51
Stockdale, W T '88/p30
Stockdale, W T '89/p36
Stockel, Mrs. Charles (Clarissa Suckel) '92/p3
Stocker, Joseph Mar '77/p13
Stockey, Josephine H K '85/p2
Stockham village, NE '90/p14
Stockhorst, B '86/p46
Stocking, Edith '81/p20; '86/p24
Stocking, Edith '92/p52
Stocking, Jane '83/p50
Stocking, Moses '83/p68
Stocking, NE '91/p31
Stockman, J Mar '77/p13
Stockman, Joseph Mar '77/p13; '88/p67
Stockton, Bertha '82/p55
Stockton, Nettie '87/p49
Stockville village, NE '90/p14
Stoddard, B W '84/p9
Stoddard, E '79/p53
Stoddard, Elmer '84/p2
Stoddard, W O '85/p79
Stoddard, W V '87/p41
Stoddarn, Doris '85/p4
Stodder, Charles Mrs '81/p17
Stodele, Mrs '80/p33
Stoe, John '85/p72
Stoecks & Gohlman '82/p6
Stoecks & Gohlman; Dodge, NE '90/p45
Stoer. Aig '86/p49
Stoetzel, Emma '88/p63
Stoetzel, Emma '89/p10
Stoetzel, John '88/p63
Stoetzel, John '89/p10
Stogden, J '81/p6
Stohs, Glenda Mrs '90/p20
Stokel, Charles '78/p2
Stokel, Charles '92/p3, 8
Stoker, Agnes '83/p9
Stokes, J C Mrs '86/p75
Stokes, John '88/p9
Stolba, Bohumil '81/p24
Stold, Berta A '84/p74
Stolfa, Bohumil '81/p24
Stoll, Anna '92/p37
Stoller, John M '80/p70
Stolt, F W '84/p74
Stoltenberg, Adam '84/p4
Stoltenberg, Adam '91/p58
Stoltenberg, Claus '91/p74, 78
Stoltenberg, Frerike '84/p4
Stoltenberg, H P '86/p57; '87/p21
Stoltenberg, H P '91/p58
Stoltenberg, Hans P Mar '77/p13, '83/p47; '84/p4
Stoltenberg, Hans Peter '87/p75
Stoltenberg, Margaret '84/p4
Stoltenberg, Minnie '84/p4
Stoltenberg, Minnie Kruse '87/p49
Stoltenberg, P W '86/p57
Stoltenburg, Andrew M/M '81/p76
Stoltzmann, Christian F '80/p69
Stolze, Caroline '86/p37
Stolzman, Fred '92/p47
Stolzman, Otto '92/p47
Stone, '91/p60
Stone, Albert '83/p78
Stone, Alfred A M/M '81/p75
Stone, Carrie C '87/p76
Stone, Charles '83/p78
Stone, Elizabeth '88/p77
Stone, Ellen, '83/p50
Stone, George G '85/p46
Stone, J D '83/p77
Stone, John '83/p78
Stone, Joseph '78/p5
Stone, Julia '83/p77
Stone, Lee '82/p24
Stone, M W Dr '88/p41
Stone, Margaret '88/p8
Stone, Mary M '83/p78
Stone, Melville W '83/p67
Stone, Nellie '81/p17
Stone, Sarah '83/p78
Stone, Waldron Mrs '86/p49
Stone, Wm '83/p50; '85/p48
Stoner, John D Mar '77/p13; '79/p47
Stoner, Lee H '87/p58
Stonich, Josephine '91/p49, 53
Stooss, Carl '84/p14
Stooss, Cathrina '84/p14
Stooss, Johann '84/p14
Stopher, John W '80/p12
Stoppoff, K '86/p35
Storch, James F '87/p58
Storch, Joseph S '87/p58
Storek, Emma '82/p47
Storeks & Gohlman; Dodge, NE '90/p44
Storjohann, Herman '78/p63
Stork, Casper '88/p9
Stork, Hannah '79/p43
Stork, Henry '79/p43’ '80/p44
Stork, John H '88/p8
Stork, Kaspar '80/p45
Stork, Mary '81/p72
Stork, Wm '80/p45
Storks, '84/p23
Storm, Devra '87/p3
Storm, Henry '89/p27, 30
Storm, John '89/p28, 30
Storms, Dora '78/p59
Storta, David '85/p3
Storta, John G '85/p3
Story, J '85/p20
Story, Joseph '78/p1
Story, Mr '90/p75
Story, Stephen '78/p1
Stotsenberg, Colonel '82/p24; '87/p57, 59
Stotsenberg, John M '82/p24; '87/p58
Stott, Ann M '88/p47
Stott, Herman '88/p47
Stott, Herman Mrs '88/p47
Stott, Mary Louise '88/p49
Stotzinbough, George '82/p73
Stouffer, Frank '92/p30
Stouffer, Nancy '86/p67
Stoughton, Aaron '78/p63; '85/p74
Stoughton, William '78/p63
Stoup, Andrew '86/p14
Stout, '85/p72
Stout, Anna '84/p62
Stout, D D '81/p10
Stout, David '79/p70
Stout, E P '79/p70; '80/p57; '84/p30
Stout, Elisha P '79/p70
Stout, Lizzie '86/p68
Stout, W H B '79/p70
Stout, Wm H B '81/p72
Stover, J H Mar '77/p13
Stover, Jacob '84/p38; '88/p5
Stover, Margaret '86/p14
Stovw, J H Mar '77/p13
Stowell, Ambrose '78/p69
Stowell, Sarah F '90/p54, 57
Stowell, W H '91/p37
Stowers, Mary Adilade '81/p81; '86/p1
Straadtmann, Joh '87/p24
Strabe, August Mar '77/p13
Strad, Jas '81/p10
Straif, Joseph '91/p26, 28
Strainbe, Augsut Mar '77/p13
Straka, Mary '81/p24
Strand, Dora '81/p79
Strand, Family '79/p17
Strand, Loell '79/p17
Strand, Peter '84/p19
Strand, Shirley '79/p17
Strand, Swan '87/p21
Strand, Swan '92/p38
Straney, S M M/M '86/p30
Straney, Silas '91/p59
Straney, William '81/p79
Straney, Wm B '91/p68
Strang village, NE '90/p14
Strange, Gary Lee '80/p18
Stranska, Anna '81/’24
Strate, William '86/p22
Stratmann, Frank Richard '79/p7
Stratmann, Heinrich '79/p7
Stratmann, Heinrich '84/p43
Stratmann, Hermann '79/p6
Stratmann, Johannes '78/p7
Stratmann, Katharina '79/p7
Stratmann, Maria '79/p7
Stratton McIntyre & Goodrich Mar '77/p13
Stratton village, NE '90/p15
Stratton, F M '83/p68
Stratton, John L '81/p79
Stratton, Josiah '80/p52
Stratton, Mr '83/p67
Straube, F M '80/p33
Straube, Leona E A '78/p66
Straube, Victor A '78/p66
Strauss, Marie '89/p61, 70
Strauss, NE '91/p31
Strayer, A K Mar '77/p13; '85/p75
Streats, H B '88/p5
Street, A G '78/p17B
Street, Brant M/M '91/p64
Street, Brant, Mrs '80/p28
Street, G B '88/p68
Street, George B '90/p54, 57
Street, Joseph D '78/p17B
Street, Mary F '87/p76
Street, Mrs '80/p29
Street, T W '85/p74
Street, T W Dr '80/p28
Street, Thomas Dr '78/p63
Street, Thomas W Mar '77/p13; '88/p68
Streeter & Bowman’s Implement House '88/p35
Streeter, Geroge A '81/p59
Streeter, Hon Holton W '81/p17
Streils, Dr '88/p18
Streincer, Katherine '81/p24
Streipe, Rosina E '87/p75
Stretey, Bertha '81/p81; '86/p1
Streuhe, F M '85/p40
Stribling, Frank '91/p23
Stribling, Frank F '88/p5
Strickland, Emily '79/p43; '84/p29; '85/p67
Strickland, John Mrs '88/p47
Strickland, Samuel '78/p43, 57
Stricklet, Elisabeth A '85/p7
Stricklind, J B '78/p20
Striker, Ellie May '81/p80; '86/p1
Strode, James Newton '78/p52
Strof, Vac '86/p39
Stroh, Adolph '82/p20
Stroh, Ledwig '91/p75
Stroh, Louis '91/p75, 78
Strohmeyer, Alzbeta Mrs '81/p24
Stromquist, M '84/p37
Stromsburg city, NE '90/p15
Strong, D M Mar '77/p13
Strong, Dunham M '85/p75
Stroup, J D '82/p20
Strow, John '82/p30
Strube, August '81/p32; '86/p14
Strube, Otto '82/p31
Strube, William F '78/p63
Strubig, Gottlieb '84/p43
Strudevant, Frank Maxley Jan '77/p2
Strudl, Agnes '82/p47
Strudl, Frank J '82/p47
Strumpf, Anna M '91/p28
Strumpf, Anna Margaret '91/p26
Struve Saloon '84/p9
Struve, Detlef '89/p63, 70
Struve, Emma '85/p46
Stryer, A K Mar '77/p13
Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery Abie, Nebr '80/p75
Stuart village, NE '90/p15
Stuart, Anna '81/p5
Stuart, James '81/p10
Stuart, Miss '84/p66
Stubb, Jesse '82/p73
Stubbard, Mar '77/p13
Stubbard, Mary A '87/p77
Stubbard, Thomas M '88/p68
Stubbart, B W Mar '77/p13
Stubbart, John R Mar '77/p13
Stubbart, M Mar '77/p13
Stubbart, Matthew Mar '77/p13
Stubbart, Thomas M Mar '77/p13
Stubbert, Ben '92/p71
Stubbert, Davie '87/p32
Stubbert, Ellen J '90/p55, 57
Stubbert, Fanny '87/p32
Stubbert, Grandpa '87/p30
Stubbert, J M '87/p30
Stubbert, James '92/p71
Stubbert, Jim '87/p33
Stubbert, John R Mar '77/p13
Stubbert, Matthew '86/p58
Stubbert, Matthew '92/p71
Stubbert, Mose '92/p71
Stubbert, Ollie Mrs '88/p47
Stubbert, Thomas Moses '90/p80
Stubbert, William C '81/p81; '86/p1
Stubbert,James '92/p71
Stubbort, Mary A '87/p77
Stubbs, Jesse '82/p73
Stuchlik, Anna '83/p10
Stuchlik, Anson '90/p53, 57
Stuchlik, Charles '83/p10
Stuchlik, Frantiska '83/p10
Stuchlik, Karel '83/p10
Stuck, Bonnie Lee '87/p36
Stuck, William H '86/p2
Stuck, William M/M '90/p73
Stuckers, J F '87/p71
Stuckleford, William N '80/p53
Studer, Henry '91/p51, 53
Studnecka, F '90/p44
Studnecka, Frank '90/p44
Studnica, Frank '82/p6
Studnicka, E B '90/p45
Studnicka, Emma Sindelar '88/p62
Studt, Adolph '82/p7
Studt, Kate '82/p32
Studt, Tena '89/p63, 70
Stuebe, Herman H Jr '78/p37
Stuefer, Anna '80/p1; '81/p43
Stuefer, Arnold '80/p1
Stuefer, Carl '80/p1
Stuefer, Charles '83/p74
Stuefer, Johanna '80/p1; '83/p74
Stuefer, Louise '80/p1
Stuefer, Marin '83/p74
Stuefer, Martin '80/p1; '83/p25
Stuefer, Martin Sr '83/p25
Stuefer, Paul '80/p1
Stuefer, Pauline '80/p1
Stuefer, William '80/p1, 68
Stuefer, Wm '82/p21
Stueher, Eliza '83/p74
Stuehmer, Chris '82/p31
Stuehmer, Lloyd '78/p63
Stuehrk, Andreas '92/p4, 8
Stuehrk, Mrs. Andreas (Anna Johannsen) '92/p4
Stuemer, Martin '83/p25
Stuhryk (Stuhulk), Mary (Mrs. Peter Krz (Kres) '92/p3
Stuhryk, Mary '92/p8
Stuhulk (Stuhryk, Mary (Mrs. Peter Krz (Kres) '92/p3
Stuk, Dora '89/p66, 70
Stull, Caroline '86/p31
Stultz, Mrs '85/p28
Stumm, Anton '86/p30
Stump, L V '86/p67
Stumpe, Bernice '80/p20; '82/p20B; '82/p20B
Stumpe, Berniece '79/p18B
Stunkel, Aug '87/p71
Stupples, Mary '83/p42
Sturbaum, Henry Mar '77/p13
Sturbaum, Joseph '91/p58
Sturdevan, T H '89/p 1
Sturdevant, D E '86/p50
Sturdevant, J M Mar '77/p13
Sturdevant, James B '83/p68
Sturdevant, James Brantley Jan '77/p1
Sturdevant, James Otis Jan '77/p2
Sturdevant, Moria J '85/p56
Sturdevant, R M '85/p56
Sturdevant, Samuel Man '77/p1
Sturdevant, T H '89/p 2
Sturdevant, W F '85/p56
Sturm, Duane '90/p79; '91/p39
Sturm, Pat '90/p79; '91/p39
Stusek, Anna '83/p4
Stutensburg, Mrs '87/p56
Styles, B F '88/p66
Sublette, Mr '86/p54
Suchy, Frant '83/p11
Suchy, Theresa '83/p11
Suckel, Clarissa (Mrs. Charles Stokel) '92/p3
Suckel, Clarissa '92/p8
Sucklen, A '81/p10
Sudorf, Henry '81/p70
Suffacool, Fannie '81/p81; '86/p1
Suffecool, '80/p58B; '82/p25A
Suffecool, Fanny '89/p18
Suhlke, F Mar '77/p13
Suhr & Heyne; Uehling, NE '92/p56
Suhr, Bertha M '89/p62, 70
Suhr, Gesine '81/p81; '86/p1
Suhr, H. R. '92/p56
Suhr, H. S. '92/p56
Suhr, Heimrich Mar '77/p13
Suhr, Rudolph Mar '77/p13
Suhr, Rudolph C '85/p58
Suhr, Rudolph C '89/p61, 70
Sulivan, Cath '85/p20
Sulivan, Clementine '84/p73
Sulivan, Ellen '85/p59
Sulivan, Elma '84/p73
Sulivan, Gertrude '84/p73
Sulivan, James '84/p73
Sulivan, John '78/p23; '85/p20
Sulivan, Wm '85/p20
Sulka, T Mar '77/p13
Sulkowske, Lizzie '91/p50, 53
Sulliavan, David '81/p59
Sullivan, Abraham '91/p58
Sullivan, Amanda '81/p72; '84/p25
Sullivan, Dennis '81/p70
Sullivan, E '81/p6
Sullivan, E H '80/p57
Sullivan, Elenora '82/p53
Sullivan, Ephriam '79/p70
Sullivan, Hannah '85/p20
Sullivan, James '81/p70
Sullivan, Jermiah '81/p70
Sullivan, Jerry '79/p70
Sullivan, John '81/p8, 70
Sullivan, Mary A '83/p42
Sullivan, P C '80/p56; '81/p6
Sullivan, Pat Mar '77/p13
Sullivan, Pete '90/p68
Sullivan, Porter Charles '80/p56
Sullivan, Potter C '79/p70; '83/p55; '84/p30, 31, 32
Sullivan, T '85/p20
Sullivan, Tade '91/p58
Sullivan, Thad '91/p54
Sullivan, Wm '78/p63
Suman, Mary '81/p42
Summers, Dr '82/p21
Summers, Kate David '81/p17
Summers, M S '78/p17
Summers, W S '80/p14
Summervile, NE '89/p26
Summit Grove Cemetery '86/p57
Sumner village, NE '90/p15
Sumner, Daisy '86/p30
Sumner, Dr '87/p34
Sumner, Ella '87/p33
Sumner, John Jr '86/p30
Sumner, Maude '86/p32
Sump, Mrs '81/p24
Sump, William C '81/p24
Sunchein, Frederick '81/p41
Sundberg '89/p40
Sundberg, Christina Niclasdotter (Videen) '89/p40
Sunden, Peter '87/p76
Sundling, Theodore '86/p35
Suneborger, John '82/p73
Sunnermann, Gesche '87/p23
Sunrise Cemetery Wahoo, Nebr '80/p14
Suntych, Victor '91/p45
Superior city, NE '90/p15
Supposed Homestead Mar '77/p13
Surbur,Frank '86/p2
Surh, H Mar '77/p13
Susanka, Maria '83/p8
Sutherland, Abram '78/p52
Sutherland, Betsey '85/p4
Sutherland, C L '86/p49
Sutherland, Charles L '86/p50
Sutherland, George '85/p4
Sutherland, Mr Rev '78/p60
Sutherland, V W '85/p48
Sutherland, V W '91/p42
Sutherland, William '85/p4
Sutter, Marie '84/p52
Sutter's Mill '89/p22
Suttle, W P '90/p36
Sutton city, NE '90/p15
Sutton, A Y Mar '77/p13
Sutton, Albert '81/p18
Sutton, Daniel '82/p15
Sutton, Herbie '88/p50
Sutton, Jennie '88/p50
Sutton, Rowland '78/p18
Sutton, Samuel '78/p45
Sutton, Sheriff '88/p17
Sutton, Susan '78/p45
Sutton, W H '87/p77
Sutton, William Mar '77/p13
Sutton, William '90/p54, 57
Suty, Jacob F '81/p59
Svaba, Adolph '82/p77
Svacina, Jacob '82/p3
Svacina, Jan '82/p78
Svacina, John Jr '82/p3
Svacina, Marie '82/p78
Svacina, Martin Jr '82/p3
Svacina, Martin Sr '82/p3
Svacina, Mary '82/p3
Svacina, Peter '82/p3
Svacine, Peter Mrs '82/p3
Svanda, Don Mrs '81/p62
Svane, August J '87/p63
Svane, Christian J '87/p63
Svane, Elisabeth D '87/p63
Svane, Johanne '87/p63
Svane, Jorgen J '87/p63
Svane, Juliane M '87/p63
Svane, Leo '92/p45
Svane, Marianne J '87/p63
Svarac, Jan '83/p9
Svatora, Anton J M/M '81/p75
Svec, Blanche '81/p24
Svec, Mirosla '81/p24
Svec, Mrs '81/p24
Svehla, Anton '85/p45
Svenen, Kirsten '87/p62
Svensen, Erick P '87/p66
Svensen, Jens '87/p66
Svensen, Jens J '87/p66
Svensen, Maren '87/p66
Svetc, Eileen Mildred (Muhle) '89/p40
Svetc, Lumir '89/p40
Svobada, Anna '81/p24; '84/p56
Svobeda, A '90/p44
Svoboda, Anton '80/p66; '82/p6
Svoboda, Bohumil '82/p47
Svoboda, F '82/p77
Svoboda, Filip '82/p77
Svoboda, Frant '82/p77
Svoboda, John '83/p60
Svoboda, Josie '91/p76, 78
Svoboda, Marie '81/p24
Svoboda, Paul A '82/p47
Svoboda, Vaclav '82/p75; '86/p48
Svododa, Kamilla '88/p30
Svoma, '82/p59
Swaboda, Josie '89/p62, 70
Swain, Helen '81/p17
Swales, James '87/p76
Swan & Sellers; Fremont, NE '89/p11
Swan, Andrew F '91/p75, 78
Swan, Annie Catharin '79/p48
Swan, Araminta (Mrs. Henry Wood) '92/p4
Swan, Araminta '92/p8
Swan, August '89/p27, 30
Swan, Edward '86/p31
Swan, Family '79/p17
Swan, Fred '86/p31
Swan, James R '79/p50
Swan, John '88/p13
Swan, John B '89/p27, 30
Swan, Peter '86/p20
Swan, Peter Rev '86/p79
Swanberg, F N Rev '89/p74
Swanke, Christopher '80/p70
Swans, Else '91/p76, 78
Swanson, '87/p55; '87/p69
Swanson, A J '89/p71, 72
Swanson, Anna G '91/p28
Swanson, Anna Gustava '91/p25
Swanson, Aug '80/p13
Swanson, C '85/p3
Swanson, Gertrude '79/p18B; '80/p20; '82/p20B, 31
Swanson, Gus '80/p14; '82/p62
Swanson, Hans '92/p66
Swanson, Hattie '84/p47, 48
Swanson, John A '91/p25, 28
Swanson, John S '88/p13
Swanson, Luella '87/p75
Swanson, Magnus '92/p66
Swanson, Mary '82/p20B; '84/p59; '85/p0; '86/p0; '87/p0
Swanson, Mary L '86/p40
Swanson, Mrs. Peter (Mrs. Guneld Ehman) '92/p5
Swanson, Nelley '85/p56
Swanson, Nels '88/p67
Swanson, Nelson Mar '77/p13
Swanson, Oscar '92/p47
Swanson, Peter '82/p62; '85/p23, 28
Swanson, Peter '92/p5, 8
Swanson, Selina O '89/p64, 70
Swanton village, NE '90/p15
Swantze, Katerine '80/p32
Swap, Jno '78/p14
Swarc, Pauline Christina '83/p9
Swart, E E Mrs '80/p77
Swarts, Rev '88/p48
Swartz, C H '87/p58
Swartz, Charles '82/p24
Swearingen, Asbury '91/p80
Swearingen, Columbus '91/p80
Swearingen, Daniel '91/p80
Swearingen, Daniel D '91/p80
Swearingen, Ellen '91/p80
Swearingen, Elza '91/p80
Swearingen, Georgia '86/p67
Swearingen, Hannah (Cunningham) '91/p80
Swearingen, Richard A '91/p80
Swearingen, Ruth '91/p80
Swearingen, Thomas B '91/p80
Swedeburg, NE '91/p31
Swedish Baptist Church; Oakland, NE '89/p74
Swedish Lutheran Church; Fremont, NE '89/p57; '91/p67
Swedish Methodist Church; Ceresco, NE '90/p61
Sweeney, Bridget '85/p59
Sweeney, C H '78/p43
Sweeney, Catharine '82/p55
Sweeney, Elizabeth '78/p43
Sweeney, H '81/p70
Sweeney, H D '78/p43
Sweeney, Mary Jane '78/p43
Sweeny, James '78/p21
Sweesy, Wm F '83/p24
Sweet, Alice B '89/p62, 70
Sweet, Carrie L '89/p61, 70
Sweet, Del '86/p46
Sweet, E N Judge '82/p21
Sweet, Emma '86/p4
Sweet, Emma '89/p18
Sweet, George '88/p5
Sweet, Hattie M. (Mrs. Charles W. Sill) '92/p5
Sweet, Hattie M. '92/p8
Sweet, Jessie L '89/p64, 70
Sweet, Levi '78/p5
Sweet, M L Miss '89/p44
Sweet, N F '89/p52
Sweet, W H '89/p52
Sweet, W H Mr '89/p18
Sweet, William Mar '77/p13
Sweet, William H Mar '77/p13
Sweezy, Mr '90/p17
Sweigard, '82/p25A
Sweigard, Henry Mar '77/p13; '88/p36, 60
Sweigard, Henry '89/p20
Sweigard, L M Mar '77/p13; '87/p75
Sweigard, Mrs Monroe Mar '77/p13
Sweigard, Wilda '80/p58B; '82/p25A
Swein, Addie L '89/p63, 70
Sweney, D '85/p20
Sweney, E '85/p20
Sweney, Ellen '85/p20
Sweney, Joh’a '85/p20
Sweney, Mary '85/p20
Swensohn, P Mar '77/p13
Swergard, Henry '87/p76
Swers, Janis '81/p13
Swertson, Christian '91/p25, 28
Swetland, George '81/p38
Swift, Richard L '85/p9
Swigard, L M '81/p12
Swigard, Lewis M Mar '77/p13
Swihart, Bert '83/p59
Swihart, Israel '83/p59; '88/p10
Swihart, Nancy '87/p1
Swihart, William E '78/p53
Swihart, Wm E '90/p11
Swindler, Fred '89/p70
Swindley, Fred '89/p66
Swing, A T Rev '89/p18; '92 27, 30
Swing, Rev. A. T. '92/p27, 30
Swint, Conrad '88/p5
Swobada see Svoboda '91/p78
Swobada, Josie '91/p76
Swobada, Maria '83/p4
Swobaoda, Wenceslaus '83/p4
Swoboda, Antonia '83/p11
Swoboda, Emma '89/p65, 70
Swoboda, Frank Mar '77/p13
Swoboda, Frantiska '83/p11
Swoboda, Jan '83//p6, 10
Swoboda, Joseph '83/p6
Swoboda, Maria '83/p9
Swoboda, Martin '83/p10
Swoboda, Vaclav '83/p4
Syas, '79/p17
Syas, Evelyn '79/p17
Sydney Stage Line '82/p65
Syer, Mr '81/p17
Sylvester, Samuel '86/p14
Sylvis, James '78/p52
Symmes, F W '78/p15
Symmes, W F '78/p20
Syracuse village, NE '90/p15
Szucs, Loretto Dennis '92/p39, 59
Szwanek, Boleslaw '92/p45

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.