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U O of H; Fremont, NE '89/p14
U P Depot '88/p35
U P Meat Shop '85/p66
Uebel, Minerva '84/p52
Uebersack, Jacob '88/p6
Uehling Electric Light '82/p63
Uehling Hardware '82/p63
Uehling Implement '82/p63
Uehling Post Office '82/p63
Uehling State Bank '82/p63
Uehling, Augusta (Mrs. Hellett Frederick Henkens) '92/p3
Uehling, Augusta '92/p8
Uehling, Barbara '89/p62,70; '90/p53,57
Uehling, Casper Mar '77/p13
Uehling, Edward '82/p62, 63
Uehling, Edward '89/p63, 70
Uehling, Elizabeth '87/p1
Uehling, Ernestine H. '92/p8
Uehling, Ernestine Henrietta (Mrs. Franz A. F. Ollerman) '92/p4
Uehling, F Mar '77/p13
Uehling, Frank '82/p62
Uehling, Fred '82/p62
Uehling, Fred '92/p4, 8
Uehling, Frederick '82/p62
Uehling, Henry '82/p62
Uehling, J Martin '84/p37
Uehling, John Mar '77/p13; '87/p1
Uehling, John Jr Mar '77/p13
Uehling, Lewis M/M '84/p19
Uehling, Ludwig '82/p62
Uehling, Martin Mar '77/p13; '82/p62
Uehling, Mr '82/p63
Uehling, Mrs. Fred (Mary Kruger) '92/p4
Uehling, Oswald '85/p65; '88/p57
Uehling, Oswalt Mar '77/p13
Uehling, Otto '82/p62
Uehling, Russell '82/p62
Uehling, Theodore Mar '77/p13; '82/p62, 63; '85/p64; '88/p56
Uehling, Theodore '92/p56
Uehrs (Vehers), Ferdinand '90/p55
Uehrs, Ferdinand '90/p55, 57
Ueke, Minnie '91/p75, 78
Ueke, William Mar '77/p13
Uffman, Edward '84/p2
Uffman, Fred '84/p2
Uffman, Harry '84/p2
Uffman, Lizzie '84/p2
Uher, Anna '85/p52
Uher, Frank '81/p45
Uhing, F Rev '85/p28
Uhing, Lewis '80/p67
Uhing, Mrs '85/p28
Uhlik, Frank Mar '77/p13
Uhlik, Frank '89/p61, 70
Uhling, Bernard '91/p49, 53
Uhling, Casper Mar '77/p13
Uhling, Edward '89/p52
Uhling, John '78/p58
Uhling, John Sr Mar '77/p13
Uhling, Martin Mar '77/p13; '87/p1
Uhling, Oswald Mar '77/p13
Uhling, Oswald '89/p52
Uhling, Theodore Mar '77/p13
Uhling, Theodore '89/p51
Uhling, Theodore M/M '86/p15
Uhrback, Carl '87/p23
Uhrback, Regina '87/p23
Uling, Elizabeth '78/p58; '87/p1
Ullerman, Gustav '84/p74
Ullerman, Halbert '84/p74
Ullerman, Theresia '84/p74
Ulriach, Christian Mar '77/p13
Ulriach, Selma '79/p9
Ulrich, Ferd '92/p46
Ulrich, Joch Jac '84/p14
Ulrich, John '86/p46
Ulrich, Louis '81/p45
Ultz, Cataharine '87/p74
Ultz, Joshia B '87/p74
Ulysses village, NE '90/p15
Umfreys, H L A '89/p14
Umstead, Mar '77/p13
Umsted, Mar '77/p14
Unadilla village, NE '90/p15
Underhill, C '86/p46
Underhill, M '81/p10
Underwood, Don Clinton '86/p40
Underwood, Elizabeth '86/p40
Underwood, Ethel '86/p40
Underwood, George Willis '86/p40
Underwood, Henry C '87/p58
Underwood, Isaac '91/p6
Underwood, James Harrison '86/p40
Underwood, Pearl Valeria '86/p40
Underwood, Willard '86/p40
Underwriters Inc C Mar '77/p14
Ungara, Olga '81/p24
Ungier, John Mar '77/p14
Union House '83/p24
Union Meat Market '82/p65
Union Mutual Insurance Company '88/p46
Union Pacific '82/p65
Union Pacific Co '91/p67
Union Pacific Company '86/p57
Union Pacific Railroad '80/p41; '86/p53; '87/p41, 42
Union Pacific Railroad "'90/p17,18;'91/p1, 56
Union Pacific Railroad Co '83/p67
Union Pacific Railroad Co '91/p43
Union Pacific Railroad; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Union Pacific RR Mar '77/p14
Union village, NE '90/p15
Union, NE '91/p31
United Brethren Church; Howells, NE '89/p 2
United Brethren in Christ; Ithaca, NE '90/p63
United Church of Christ '91/p73
United Church of Christ; Arlington, NE '90/p66
United Lutheran Church in America '90/p50; '92 32
United Lutheran Church in America '90/p50
United Methodist Church (First) North Bend, NE '90/p51
United Methodist Church (First); Blair, NE '90/p66
United Methodist Church (Salem) Telbasta, NE '90/p67
United Methodist Church Iliff Chapel Memphis, NE '90/p64
United Methodist Church; Arlington, NE '90/p66
United Methodist Church; Ashland, NE '90/p61
United Methodist Church; Cedar Bluff, NE '90/p61
United Methodist Church; Ceresco, NE '90/p62
United Methodist Church; Herman, NE '90/p67
United Methodist Church; Hooper, NE '90/p50
United Methodist Church; Ithaca, NE '90/p63
United Methodist Church; Memphis, NE '90/p64
United Methodist Church; Morse Bluff, NE '90/p64
United Methodist Church; Nickerson, NE '90/p51
United Methodist Church; Rogers, NE '90/p49
United Methodist Church; Valparaiso, NE '90/p65
United Methodist Church; Wahoo, NE '90/p65
United Methodist; Fremont, NE '90/p50
United Methodist; Hooper, NE '90/p50
United Presbyterian Church '86/p79; '88/p48, 49
United Presbyterian Church of United States '91/p73
United States Express Co; Fremont, NE '89/p12
United States National Bank '88/p53
University of Kansas '86/p65
University Place '90/p15
Unknown Last Name, Nels S '89/p28, 30
Unknown, Pauline '78/p65
Unland, Bennie '89/p36
Unland, Herbert '89/p36
Unruh, Charles '86/p30
Unruh, Jansen '86/p30
Unthank, Frank W '87/p74
Unthank, Jessie E '87/p74
Unthank, John A M/M '90/p72-73
Unthank, Marietta '88/p8
Unthank, O N '86/p59
Unthank, O N M/M '90/p72
Unthank, Ollie '82/p57
Unthank, Ralph '82/p57
Unthank, T A '86/p59
Upjohn, E N '78/p16
Upjohn, Helen E '78/p15
Upland village, NE '90/p15
Upton, Emily '85/p41
Upton, Henry P '85/p41
Upton, M '78/p17B
Upton, Mike '81/p7
Upton, Nealy M '89/p63, 70
Upton, Theodore '85/p56
Urban, Fr Mrs '86/p39
Urbanek, Lillian '81/p24
Urbin, Cacheline '78/p53
Uren, Mrs '81/p17
Uren, Thomas T '81/p17
Urzaelnik, Mar '77/p14
Usher & Fuller Mar '77/p14; '88/p54
Usher & Fuller '91/p21
Usher & Sawtell; Fremont, NE . '92/p49
Usher, '81/p71
Usher, Annie '85/p77
Usher, B M Mrs '78/p49
Usher, E C Mar '77/p14; '78/p59, 61, 78; '79/p45, 50; '82/p38; '85/p64, 66; '88/p56, 67
Usher, E C '89/p51; '90/p30; '92/p73
Usher, E C Judge '78/p58, 60, 61
Usher, Ezra C '82/p16
Usher, Judge '78/p73
Usher, Judge '90/p10
Usher, Mr '88/p54
Usher, Mr '90/p44
Utah Expeditionary Force '91/p71
Utah War '91/p72
Utica village, NE '90/p15
Vaca, Ferdinand '92/p19
Vaca, John '92/p19
Vacek, Catharine '83/p5
Vacek, Martin '83/p10
Vacek, Theresa '83/p10
Vacha, Julian Wenceslaus '83/p5
Vacha, Vaclav '83/p5
Vacha, Wenceslaus '83/p5
Vacherlora, Anna '81/p24
Vaclav, Family '79/p17
Vadovcak, Mrs '81/p24
Vagner, Auguste '83/p74
Vagner, Barb '82//p77
Vagner, Mina '83/p74
Vahle, Edward D '79/p37
Vahle, Hinrich '79/p37
Vahle, Paulina L '79/p37
Vail, I H '82/p59
Vakiner, Hartmann Mar '77/p14
Vala, Catharine '83/p8
Vala, Jan '83/p8
Vale, John '81/p70
Valenine, Mrs '83/p32
Valentine village, NE '90/p15
Valentine, Mar '77/p14
Valentine, David '83/p43
Valentine, E K '83/p38
Valentine, E K '90/p21-23; '91/p2,29
Valentine, Elizabeth B '79/p45
Valentovic, Ferdinand '81/p24
Valeska, Auguste '79/p22
Valeska, Friedrich '79/p25
Valeska, Maria (Heiman) '79/p23
Valeska, William ‘'79/p27
Valeske, Friedericke Ernestine (Kumm) '79/p27
Valish, Julius '91/p43
Valish, Thomas '91/p44
Valish, Thos '86/p49
Valk, John '92/p25
Valk, Johon '78/p63
Valkenhorst, Herman '91/p74, 78
Valla, Mary (Mrs. James L. Patteson) '92/p5
Valla, Mary '92/p8
Vallery, Jacob '91/p37
Valley County Genealogical Society '81/p62
Valley Distilling Company '88/p45
Valley House Hotel '82/p68
Valley town, NE '90/p15
Vallieu, Peter F '78/p7
Valna, Frant '82/p77
Valparaiso village, NE '90/p15
Valsek, Marie '81/p24
Vampler, Charles B '82/p44
Vampler, John H '82/p44
Vampler, Sharlot A '82/p44
Van Alstine, Levant '78/p21
Van Anda, J A Rev '78/p60
Van Anda, J. A. '92/p73
Van Anda, Rev Joel A. '92/p76
Van Buren, Dr '80/p65
Van Buren, Rev '81/p20
Van Densen, Geo '82/p43
Van Devanter, Dollie B '81/p17
Van Horn, S S '88/p31
Van Housen, Cliff '80/p33
Van Nostrand, Joseph W '91/p37
Van Tassel, Geo L '89/p44
Van Valin, Eunice (Mrs. Ralph McGill) '92/p1
Vana, Mr '90/p44
Vanalstine, Levant '78/p20
VanAnda , J W Mar '77/p14; '88/p67
VanAnda, Carrie '92/p77
Vananda, Carrie M '87/p3
VanAnda, Emma Mar '77/p14
Vananda, J A '78/p78; '78/p49, 50
VanAnda, J A '85/p73
VanAnda, J A Rev '78/p58, 59
VanAnda, J J '85/p72
VanAnda, J Woodward '81/p81; '86/p1
VanAnda, James Mar '77/p14
VanAnda, Joel Mar '77/p14
VanAnda, Joel A Rev '86/p2
VanAnda, Joel A Rev '92/p77
VanAnda, John Mar '77/p14
VanAnda, Rebecca A '78/p61; '87/p4
VanAnda, Rev '92/p48
VanAnda, Rev Joel A. '92/p77
VanArsdol, Charles '86/p33
VanArsdol, Verna '86/p33
Vanasek, Anna '81/p24
Vanashur, Jim '89/p60
Vanashur, John '89/p60
Vanborn, J H '78/p52
Vanbrooklin, D '83/p79
Vanbrooklin, Elizabeth '83/p79
Vanbrooklin, J A '83/p79
VanBuren, Daisy '88/p50
VanBuren, Dr '85/p66; '88/p52
VanBuren, E Mar '77/p14; '82/p61; '85/p74
VanBuren, E C '88/p67
VanBuren, Evert '88/p50
VanBuren, Swazy '88/p27
Vance, Charles '88/p6
Vance, Chas H '85/p9
Vancevanter, Ella '78/p45
Vancura, Jan '89/p60
Vancura, Vaclav '89/p60
Vandegear, Arnold '84/p14
Vandegear, Casper '84/p14
Vandegear, Daniel '84/p15
Vandegear, Felix '84/p15
Vandegear, Joh Baptist '84/p14
Vandegear, Johanna '84/p14
Vandegear, Maria Ros '84/p15
Vandegear, Melani '84/p15
Vandeman, A W '85/p58
Vandeman, Gracie '85/p58
Vandeman, Sarah J '85/p58
Vanderbeck, Ethel '82/p47
Vanderkolk, Seth '86/p49
Vandermoot, Mar '77/p14
Vanderslice, Samuel '78/p2
Vandervert, James Milton B '78/p72
VanDeusen, Cornelius '85/p4
VanDeusen, DeWitt '85/p4
VanDeusen, Howard '82/p32
VanDeusen, Ida '85/p9
VanDeusen, James '85/p4
VanDeusen, Maggie J '85/p4
VanDeusen, Rachel '82/p32
Vandevanter, F '78/p45
Vandevanter, Fenton '78/p45
Vandevanter, M '78/p45
Vandeventer, Morgan H '91/p37
VanDevere, W Mar '77/p14
Vandevert, J M '78/p78
Vandevert, J. M. '92/p73
Vandirhof, Sarah A '79/p50
VanDoozer, O '85/p77
VanDusen, Mar '77/p14
VanDusen, Elizabeth '85/p4
VanEaton, Catherine '85/p6
Vaneg, Elise '81/p24
VanEion, D '78/p15
Vanek, Alois '81/p24
Vanek, Frantisek '83/p2
Vanek, George '83/p2
Vanek, Joseph '92/p4, 8
Vanek, Maria '83/p6
Vanek, Martin '83/p6
Vanek, Mrs. Joseph (Anna Foven (Foren) '92/p4
Vanesson, Matto '89/p62, 70
Vanhoosen, Henry '85/p58
Vanhoosen, Louis '85/p58
Vanhoosen, Mary '85/p58
VanHorn, Hattie E '85/p6
VanHorn, Jeff '87/p49
VanHorn, John '85/p6
VanHorn, Kate '85/p6, 7
VanHouse, A C '86/p49
VanHousen, A C Mrs '86/p49
VanHousen, Burr '82/p47
VanHousen, Carey A '83/p49
VanHousen, Chris '84/p55
VanHousen, Cliff '85/p40
VanHousen, Clifford '83/p50
VanHousen, D '85/p48
VanHousen, Deputy Sheriff '80/p33; '86/p16
VanHousen, Ed '85/p40
VanHousen, Hattie '86/p49
VanHousen, Isaac '83/p50, 73
VanHousen, Jerusha '84/p55
Vanhousen, John C '80/p69
VanHousen, Josephine '83/p48
Vanhousen, Mary '83/p73
VanHousen, Mattie '84/p56
VanHousen, Myron M/M '81/p76
VanHousen, O '86/p49
VanHouson, Cliff '80/p33
VanHouson, Ed '80/p33
Vanier, Moses '85/p4
Vanier, Z '84/p33
Vanier, Zephrone '85/p4
VanLean, Z '84/p33
VanNames, D A '86/p15
Vanness, A A '88/p6
Vanorder, Mary A '82/p46
Vanorter, Sarah '88/p9
Vanous, Carolina '83/p7
Vanous, Frantiska '83/p9
Vanous, Joh '83/p1
Vanous, Jos '83/p9
Vanous, Josef '86/p39
Vanous, Joseph '83/p7
Vanous, Maria '83/p1
VanOver, George '87/p59
VanRenslver, Cook '85/p8
VanSaage, A H '82/p31
Vanshur, Bryan '89/p60
VanValin, Alexander '87/p58
VanValin, James '83/p79; '85/p3; '88/p10
VanValin, Oliver '85/p3
VanValin, Wallace '85/p8
VanVleet, Mrs '88/p41
VanZile, Carry '88/p74
Varejcka, John '91/p44
Varney, Dora '86/p80
Varney, H T Mar '77/p14
Varney, Hiram '83/p48; '87/p20
Varney, Hiram L '86/p80
Varney, Hiram L M/M '86/p15
Vars, J W Mr '90/p24
Vars, Mrs '90/p24
Vasey, Josephus '83/p80
Vasey, Mary '83/p80
Vasey, Sarah '83/p80
Vasholz Meat Market '84/p9
Vasko, Frantisek '83/p5
Vasko, Frantisk '83/p5
Vasko, Maria Josepha '83/p5
Vasko, Rose Anna '83/p5
Vaspir, Agnes E '82/p47
Vasvarie, Louis '92/p25
Vaten, Joseph Mar '77/p14
Vaughan & Hinman; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Vaughan, F W '89/p10
Vaughan, James D '91/p37
Vaughan, R C '89/p19
Vaughn, Charles W '85/p79
Vaughn, Charles W '91/p75, 78
Vaughn, Emma J '85/p79
Vaughn, Hyram '78/p22
Vaughn, James '87/p49
Vaughn, Otis '90/p23
Vaughn, William C '88/p8
Vaux, E P '81/p60
Vaux, Laramie '81/p60
Vaux, Omega '81/p60
Vaux, Sylvia '81/p60
Vaux, Victoria '81/p60
Vaux, Virginia '81/p60
Vaux, W '81/p60
Vaux, William '81/p60
Vavra, Anton '85/p42
Vavra, Eliza '83/p10
Vavricka, Maria '83/p7
Vavuska, Maria '83/p2
Veach, Michael '88/p67
Veazie, C B '85/p73
Veceky, Miles '81/p24
Veda, NE '91/p31
Vehers see Uehrs '90/p57
Vehers, Ferdinand '90/p55
Vehrs, Helen '86/p31
Veil, James '86/p30
Veit, Jost '87/p25
Veit, Max Oswald '92p45
Veitl, Jacob '91/p25, 28
Veitmeier, Frederick '81/p81; '86/p1
Veleba, Frank '92/p66
Velek, Josef '86/p39
Vencl, Lubor '81/p24
Venclova, Bela '81/p24
Vencolph, Christ '87/p75
Vennidge, Alice '85/p50
Vennidge, J L '85/p50
Vennidge, Mary '85/p50
Verba, Anna '82/p32
Verbeck, Herman '82/p33
Verbeek, Herman '92/p64
Verbin, Mr '88/p15
Verdigre town, NE '90/p15
Verdon village, NE '90/p15
Verity, W E '82/p58
Vermillion Colony '91/p69
Vermont - Green Mountain Boys '91/p41
Vernier, James '85/p59
Vernier, Robt '85/p59
Vernier, William '85/p59
Vernon, Blance Josephina '82/p52
Vernon, Francisca Caldwell '82/p52
Vernon, Henry '82/p52
Vernon, Teresa '82/p52
Verois, E A '87/p58
Vertz, B W '78/p52
Vesecky, Frank '81/p24
Vesecky, Frank Mrs '81/p24
Vesely, '78/p26
Vesely, Anezka '82/p78
Vesely, Antonie '81/p24
Vesely, Jan '82/p78
Vesely, Josef '82/p78
Vesely, Karel '82/p78
Vesely, Maria '81/p24
Vestal, W I '79/p50
Vestal, William I '91/p79
Vestal, Wm I '91/p79
Vestal, Wm L '78/p72
Vetter, Peter '86/p58
Vgel, Heinrich '84/p14
Vibber, Florence B '81/p17
Vicina, Zoa '82/p54
Vick, Nels '81/p45
Vickers, A H '87/p58
Vickers, Arthur H '87/p58
Vickers, Harry W '87/p58
Vicotrio, Chief '91/p 4
Videen, Christina Niclasdotter '89/p40
Vidinut, D K Mr '85/p47
Viek, Herman C. '92/p66
Viele, A H '85/p8
Viele, Charles W '85/p7
Viemeyer, see Witmire
Vienna Restaurant; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Vierig, Soachim '78/p16
Vietmeyer (Witmire), Mrs. Frederick (Pauline Schultz) '92/p3
Vietmeyer, (Witmire) Frederick '92/p3
Viges, May '82/p57
Vigna, Catherine '88/p10
Vijtech, Anna '81/p25
Vijtech, Emil '81/p25
Vijtech, Emily '81/p25
Vijtech, George '81/p25
Vijtech, Helena '81/p25
Vijtech, Joseph '81/p25
Vincent, F R '78/p78
Vincent, J N '86/p49, 50
Vincent, Samuel '81/p60
Vining, Mrs. William H. (Sarah E. Ridenour) '92/p5
Vining, William H. '92/p5, 8
Vinndege, J L Jan '77/p5
Vinnedge, Caroline Jan '77/p5
Vinnedge, Leander M Jan '77/p5
Vinons (Vinous), Joseph '92/p3
Vinons (Vinous), Mrs. Joseph (Frantiska Kavan) '92/p3
Vinons, Joseph '92/p8
Vinous (Vinons), Joseph '92/p3
Vinous (Vinons), Mrs. Joseph (Frantiska Kavan) '92/p3
Vinson, Eva '91/p75, 78
Vinson, Nellie '91/p75, 78
Virginia - Beagles '91/p41
Virgl, Anna '83/p7
Virina, Elizabeth '82/p53
Virina, Petrus '82/p53
Virina, Susanna '82/p53
Virka, James '80/p45
Virtue, Mr '80/p45
Visman, John '81/p60
Vitek, Joseph '86/p62
Vittum, M O '85/p3
Vizna, Catherine '88/p10
Vizne’, Lewis '85/p5
Vizne’, Mary Salome '85/p5
Vlasak, Family '79/p17
Vlasak, Harry '87/p71
Vlasek, Mildred J '84/p55
Vlcan, Antonia '83/p7
Vlcan, Charles '83/p7
Vlcan, Frantisek '83/p7
Vlcan, Karel '83/p7
Vlcek, Fr '86/p39
Vleet, Van Mrs '88/p41
Vliet, Mrs '88/p43
Voboril, Antonia '83/p9
Voboril, Maria '87/p74
Vodovcak, Anna '81/p25
Vodvarka, Marie '81/p25
Voehler, Charles '90/p55, 57
Voelker, Fredericka '81/p45
Voelker, George '92/p19
Voelkhardt, Louise Anna '91/p40
Voesch, Charlotte F W '78/p29
Vogel, Diedrich '84/p43
Vogel, Fried '84/p14
Vogel, Friedricke '84/p14
Vogel, Gustav '84/p14
Vogel, Heinrich '84/p14
Vogel, Michel '84/p14
Vogel, Rosine '84/p14
Vogeler '89/p37
Vogl, Mrs '81/p17
Vogl, Otto '81/p17
Vogle, Anna '87/p22
Vogle, Ruth '81/p17
Vogler '89/p37
Vogler, Marie '90/p18
Vogler/Vogeler '89/p37
Vogltanc, Frank J '84/p35
Vogltance, F J '84/p57
Vogt, Anna '83/p44
Vogt, Carl L '81/p70
Vogt, Heinrich Mar '77/p14
Vogt, Ida '91/p26, 28
Vogt, W. G. '92/p46
Voigt, Bertha '83/p43
Voigt, Ernstina '83/p43
Voigt, Fritz '83/p43
Voigt, Gerhard '84/p39
Voigt, Gustav '83/p43
Voigt, Johann '83/p43
Voigt, Johanne '83/p43
Voita, Anna '85/p52
Voita, Joseph '85/p52
Volesensky, Josef '83/p78
Volgtance, F J '82/p47
Volkers, Fredricka '80/p67
Volkhardt, Louise Anna '91/p40
Vollmer, Albert '78/p32
Vollmer, Carl '78/p32
Vollmer, Ida '78/p32
Vollmer, Jod Fried '84/p14
Vollmer, Kenneth '78/p32
Vollstedt, Henry '92/p19
Volpalensky, M/M '91/p14
Volsky/Volesky '90/p60
Volunteers, The; Fremont, NE '91/p67
Vomacka, Jan '86/p39
Vomocil Annie '85/p46
Von Borries, Louise (Mrs. Albert Heller) '92/p5
Von Borries, Louise '92/p8
von Bremen, Karl '89/p37
Von Duesen, G (Garrett) S '78/p52
Von Essen, Christian '92/p37
Von Olstein, Charles '78/p20
von Rein, Carolyn '90/p80
Von Seggern, Henry '89/p27, 30
Von Thaden, August '91/p57
VonBodungen, F W '82/p21
VonBories, Louisa '85/p24, 28
VonBorthengen, F W '82/p25
Vondra, John '85/p48
Vondra, Jos Mrs '86/p39
Vondruska, Anna Maria '83/p8
Vondruska, Frantisek '83/p8
VonEssen, H Mar '77/p14
Vonhousen, Charlot '83/p73
VonKuhlberg, Werner, Paul Rev '78/p66
VonRein, Herman '84/p37
VonSeggern, A H Mar '77/p14
VonSeggern, D G '87/p71
VonSeggern, H Mar '77/p14
VonSeggern, M Mar '77/p14
VonSeggern, O H '83/p77
VonSeggern, Vernon '78/p63
VonSeggern, W Mar '77/p14
Vonseggern, Wenke '87/p4
Voorhies, S N '85/p74
Vopalensky, Edward '89/p61, 70
Vopalensky, Kristina '89/p61, 70; '90/p69
Vopalensky, M/M '90/p73
Vopgle, Charles '81/p17
Vopolenski, Anna '89/p27
Vopolensky, Anna '89/p30
Vopolensky, Frank '86/p48
Vordermeyer, Simon '83/p44
Vorhies, Lemuel E '78/p52
Vortschneider, Heinrich '87/p24
Vosburg, Clyde '82/p24; '87/p59
Vosek, Caroline '83/p7
Vosely, '78/p26
Vosicky, Barbara '83/p8
Voss, '88/p6
Voss, Adda '88/p69
Voss, Anna Maria '83/p2
Voss, Barhnard Mar '77/p14; '88/p68
Voss, Carl '88/p69
Voss, George '84/p23
Voss, Gerhardt M/M '88/p69, 70, 71
Voss, Louis '88/p70
Voss, William '84/p23
Vosteen, Anna '78/p60
Vosting, Johann '87/p25
Vostoupal, Julia '88/p75
Vostres, Anna '87/p3
Vosyka, Vaclav '81/p25
Votrupa, Vaclav Rudolf '91/p64
Vozab, Emily '82/p77
Vrana, Anastasia '83/p8
Vrana, Frank '82/p75; '86/p48
Vrana, Joseph '83/p8
Vrana, Mary '89/p61, 70
Vrana, Mike '82/p75; '86/p48
Vraspir, Adolph E '82/p47
Vraspir, Joe '88/p6
Vrba, Anna '83/p4
Vrba, Maria '83/p4
Vrba, Thomas '83/p4
Vredenberg, Emmet D '89/p62, 70
Vrtek, Barbara '83/p9
Vrtek, Jan '83/p9
Vullbrook, Louis '87/p22
Vunek, V J '90/p44
Vyhlidal '92/p78
Vyskocil, Anna '83/p8
Vyskocil, Joseph '83/p8

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.