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Naber, Henry '86/p3
Naber, Katrine M '87/p77
Nadherny, Frank J '81/p23
Nadherny, Mrs '81/p23
Nadoo, Maria '89/p27, 30
Nadrchal, James '85/p45
Nagele, Jacob '84/p12
Nagele, Sophie '84/p12
Nagelein, Dorathea '84/p12
Nagelein, Elizabeth '84/p13
Nagelein, Louise Caroline '84/p12
Nagengast, Albert '80/p77
Nagengast, Katherine '80/p77
Nagle, Edmond '88/p14
Nagle, Richard '86/p3
Nahr, Max '85/p16
Nahse, Augusti '81/p69
Nairn, James '78/p9
Najman, John '91/p44
Nalezincek, John '92/p66
Nali, Frantisek '83/p1
Nali, Joseph '83/p1
Namacay (Mamacay) Mrs. James (Mary Shamanag (Simanek) '92/p4
Namacay (Mamacay), James '92/p4
Namacay, James '92/p7
Nance, Loma '85/p49
Nance, Theo F '85/p49
Naper village '90/p14
Napier, H '78/p12
Napier, Walter '86/p33
Napp, Elisebeth '81/p69
Nappier, George '89/p65, 69
Nard, Mar '77/p9
Narracong, Frank B '87/p58
Naruvasey, Mar '77/p9
Nash, C O '81/p10
Nash, Edward '81/p16
Nash, Elizabeth '81/p16
Nash, Ellen '81/p16
Nash, Estelle '81/p16
Nash, Family '78/p17
Nash, L C Mrs '81/p16
Nash, Mary E '89/p62, 69
Nashe, Helena '81/p69
Nashe, see Nahse '81/p69
Nason, J A '78/p64; '80/p38; '85/p74
Nason, Jesse '82/p33
Nasstrom, Anna Christina '92/p24
Nast, Fred '87/p71
Nast, Henry '87/p71
Nathan, Friedrich '78/p29
Nathan, Herm '86/p35
Nathan, Wilhelmine '78/p29
Nathen, Frederick '83/p74
Nathen, Otto '83/p74
Nathen, Wilhelmina '83/p74
Nation, J W N/N '88/p24
Nation, Leta '88/p22
Nation, Leta Laurayno '88/p23
Nation, Lita '88/p24
National Bohemian Cemetery Abie, Nebr '80/p75
National Center Stop '91/p57
National Rubber Company '84/p38
Natrware, J W Mar '77/p9
Natter, J V '85/p5
Natter, Joseph H '85/p5
Natter, Margert '85/p5
Nau, Earl C '80/p19
Nau, Flora B '80/p19
Nau, George '80/p19
Nau, Isabelle '80/p19
Nau, John Jr '80/p19
Nau, John Sr '80/p19
Nau, Lois Mae '80/p19
Nau, Lucille J '80/p19
Nau, Mathilda '80/p19
Naughler, Benjamin '81/p57
Naunheim, Philipp '84/p13
Navratil, Frank '91/p44
Navrkal, Frank '82/p75; '86/p48
Navrkal, James '82/p75; '86/p48
NE Creamery Assn; Fremont, NE '89/p11, 78
NE Wesleyan Univ '90/p80
Nead, Giles '84/p22
Neagles, James C '90/p58, 78
Neagles, Mark C '90/p78
Neal, E C '86/p17, 18, 19
Neal, Eva '89/p62, 69
Neal, Isabell '88/p8
Neal, Lewis '78/p1
Neal, Mary '85/p3
Neale, David '83/p57; '84/p21, 33
Neale, David '91/p36
Neale, George '83/p57; '84/p21
Neale, Minnie E '87/p49
Neals, Louis '78/p1
Nealy, John '78/p5
Neapolis, NE '90/p76
Nearing, Charles Mar '77/p9
Nebr Methodist Historical Center '90/p49
Nebr State Historical Society "'90/p38, 50;
Nebr Wesleyan University; Lincoln, NE '90/p49
Nebr, Ashland Jan '77/p1
Nebr, Bridgeport Jan '77/p2
Nebr, Bruno Cemetery '80/p75
Nebr, Butler Co Cemeteries '80/p75
Nebr, Dodge 1895 '82/p6
Nebr, Estina Saunders Co '88/p18
Nebr, Father Ryans Cemetery '83/p20
Nebr, First Legislature '82/p22
Nebr, Fremont Brewery '82/p4, 5
Nebr, Fremont Eight Grade Graduation 1894 '84/p49, 50
Nebr, Fremont Newspaper 1892 '82/p22
Nebr, Galena '79/p68
Nebr, Homestead Notices 1879-1880 '86/p36-38
Nebr, Lincoln Congregational Church '79/p62
Nebr, Linwood Dawson Cemetery '80/p75
Nebr, Linwood Hill Cemetery Linwood '80/p75
Nebr, National Bohemian Cemetery Abie '80/p75
Nebr, North Cemetery Wahoo '80/p14
Nebr, Platte River '80/p36
Nebr, Pleasant Valley '81/p48
Nebr, St Maryís Cemetery Linwood '80/p75
Nebr, St Peter & Paul Cemetery Abie '80/p75
Nebr, Sunrise Cemetery Wahoo '80/p14
Nebr, Wahoo Jan '77/p1
Nebraas, Laura '85/p78
Nebraska - Bug Eaters '91/p41
Nebraska Binder Twine Co; Fremont, NE '89/p78
Nebraska City Mission '90/p65
Nebraska city, NE '90/p14
Nebraska Colonization Co '91/p 6
Nebraska Iowa Grain Co; Winslow, NE '92/p68
Nebraska Map 1860 '81/p26
Nebraska Pioneer '84/p32
Nebraska Tract Society; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Nebraska Univeristy '84/p29
Nebuda, Anna '81/p43
Nebuda, Joseph Mrs '80/p38
Nebuda, Mae '84/p47, 48
Nechvatal, John M/M '81/p74
Nechvatal, Rudolph '85/p46
Necker, Catharine '84/p42
Necker, Kurt '81/p23
Necker, Maria '84/p32
Neckum, Jonathan '82/p73
Nedela, Edward '82/p78
Nedela, Frant '82/p78
Nedela, Marie '82/p78
Nedely, Barbora '82/p77
Nedtwick, Emma '80/p16
Nedved, Barbara '81/p23
Nedved, Edith '81/p23
Nedved, George '81/p23
Needham, James Rev '79/p42
Needman, Betsey '82/p45
Neel, Jas '84/p34
Neesen, Joe '92/p46
Neesen, Josep '78/p7
Neeson, Claus '79/p9
Neeson, Elizabeth '79/p9
Neff, Carrie '82/p32
Neff, Francis M '86/p13
Neff, Francis N Mar '77/p9
Neff, Frank '78/p63; '85/p26
Neff, Gertrude E Man '77/p4
Neff, Isaac '88/p17
Neff, Ivel '81/p72
Neff, L H '85/p74; '88/p37
Neff, L H Mr '89/p28, 30
Neff, L Miss '81/p78
Neff, M M '78/p14
Neff, Mrs Man '77/p2
Neff, Pires '86/p28
Neff, R Mr '81/p78
Neff, Sadie '81/p78
Nefvel, Julia '83/p48
Nehrbas, Charlotte '85/p58
Nehrbas, Peter '89/p11
Nehrbass, Peter Mar '77/p9; '88/p66
Neiberg, Alice '91/p51, 53
Neiberg, Amelia '88/p75
Neiderhofer, Heinrich Mar '77/p9
Neidermeyer, Wm '83/p27
Neidhamer, George F '81/p57
Neidig, Christian '90/p21
Neidl, Vac Mrs '86/p39
Neilsen, Jens '87/p65
Neilsen, Johanne M '87/p65
Neilson, John '92/p73
Neiman, Baby Boy '79/p35
Neiman, Frank '79/p30
Neiman, John '79/p30
Neimann, Louise (Schinke) '78/p64
Neimann, Theresa Mae '79/p36
Neimann, Wilhelm '78/p64
Nejpierszonka, Thekla '86/p36
Neke, Wm F '87/p71
Nelezinek, John '88/p59
Neligh Bruner & Kipp '83/p37
Neligh city, NE '90/p14
Neligh Douglas & Brumer '83/p37
Neligh House '83/p26
Neligh, Alice A '80/p1
Neligh, Ambrose '80/p1
Neligh, Catharine B '80/p1; '85/p79
Neligh, David '80/p1; '83/p25
Neligh, Elizabeth (Peterman) '80/p1
Neligh, Frank '80/p1
Neligh, George H '80/p1
Neligh, Grant '80/p1
Neligh, J D '81/p37; '83/p22
Neligh, J D M/M '83/p37
Neligh, Jane '80/p1
Neligh, Jeremiah '80/p1
Neligh, Jerry '83/p31
Neligh, Jno D '80/p1
Neligh, John '80/p1; '88/p74
Neligh, John D '80/p1; '83/p24, 36, 37, 38; '85/p79
Neligh, John D '91/p29
Neligh, John W '91/p36
Neligh, Kerry '82/p21
Neligh, Maggie '91/p51, 53
Neligh, Mary Jane '80/p1
Neligh, Mr '83/p37
Nelke, Conrad Mar '77/p10
Neller, Daniel '83/p27
Neller, John '81/p43
Nellor, C '82/p21
Nellor, John '83/p27
Nellson, Peter Mar '77/p10
Nelsen, A '84/p9
Nelsen, Chris Beck '92/p24
Nelsen, Niels Christian '92/p63
Nelson Morris Co of Chicago '84/p26
Nelson village, NE '90/p14
Nelson, A C '81/p2
Nelson, Albert '83/p81
Nelson, Albert '92/p17
Nelson, Albert A. '92/p34
Nelson, Andrew '85/p55; '86/p17
Nelson, Andrew '89/p65, 69
Nelson, Anna '85/p54
Nelson, Anna '90/p53, 56; '91/p50,53
Nelson, Anna Maria '86/p2
Nelson, Anne Katrine '81/p80
Nelson, Anton '79/p6
Nelson, Anton '91/p58
Nelson, Aris '88/p4
Nelson, Bengta '85/p54
Nelson, Benjamin '92/p66
Nelson, Bennett '90/p54, 56
Nelson, Bertha G '85/p55
Nelson, Carl '81/p79
Nelson, Chas '85/p58; '88/p66
Nelson, Cheryl '80/p20; '81/p20B
Nelson, Chester '83/p76
Nelson, Christina '89/p65, 69
Nelson, Clarence '81/p3
Nelson, Delia '85/p78
Nelson, Delia '89/p 9
Nelson, Ella '85/p11
Nelson, Ella '91/p49, 53
Nelson, Ellen '81/p1; '86/p11, 13
Nelson, Elvera L '85/p55
Nelson, Emma '80/p68
Nelson, Fred '82/p30
Nelson, Fred '89/p11
Nelson, Georgie '89/p 9
Nelson, Hannah '82/p45
Nelson, Hannah '90/p55, 56;'91/p26, 27
Nelson, Hon N P '82/p62
Nelson, J F Mar '77/p10
Nelson, Jamces C '87/p2
Nelson, James Mar '77/p10; '81/p57; '88/p66
Nelson, James C Mar '77/p10; '78/p77; '88/p66
Nelson, James E '83/p48
Nelson, James P '88/p66
Nelson, James P. '92/p3, 7
Nelson, John '78/p77, '83/p76; 87/p76; '85/p7
Nelson, John '89/p74; '92/p73
Nelson, John F '88/p36
Nelson, John L '87/p4
Nelson, John Peter '89/p72
Nelson, John W '91/p50, 53
Nelson, Lena '86/p28
Nelson, Lina '81/p2
Nelson, Louis '89/p62, 69
Nelson, Maggie '83/p76
Nelson, Magner P '91/p76, 78
Nelson, Mariane Jensine Christine '92/p17
Nelson, Martin '81/p79
Nelson, Martin '92/p34
Nelson, Mary '89/p65, 69
Nelson, Mathilda '85/p54
Nelson, Maurice '82/p69
Nelson, Maxine '83/p81
Nelson, Morie '83/p76
Nelson, Moses '82/p73
Nelson, Mr '85/p18
Nelson, Mrs '88/p4
Nelson, Mrs. James P. (Hattie Lindstrom) '92/p3
Nelson, N N Mar '77/p10
Nelson, N P Mar '77/p10; '82/p62
Nelson, Neils M '88/p4
Nelson, Nels '87/p46; '88/p4
Nelson, Nels '92/p66
Nelson, Nora (Mrs. E. S. Flor) '92/p28
Nelson, O '80/p33
Nelson, Ole '84/p37
Nelson, Otto E '91/p45
Nelson, P Mar '77/p10
Nelson, P A '87/p70
Nelson, P C '88/p4
Nelson, P Mrs '90/p71
Nelson, P N '91/p53
Nelson, P N Mr '91/p49
Nelson, Pauline '84/p47, 48; '86/p3
Nelson, Peter Mar '77/p10; '85/p54, 58; '88/p66
Nelson, Peter '91/p50, 53
Nelson, Peter N '89/p74
Nelson, Phebe A '91/p53
Nelson, Phebe Anna '91/p51
Nelson, Philip '80/p14
Nelson, S '80/p13
Nelson, S M Mar '77/p10
Nelson, S. '92/p38
Nelson, Soren C '85/p55
Nelson, Susie '88/p50
Nelson, Swan '86/p70
Nelson, Swan M '87/p3
Nemaha Co, NE '91/p 3
Nemaha village, NE '90/p14
Nemec, Adalbert '83/p7
Nemec, Frances '82/p47
Nemec, Frantisek '83/p7
Nemec, Joseph '83/p7
Nemec, Vincent '83/p7
Nemecek, Elizabeth '83/p7
Nemecek, Frank V '81/p16
Nemecek, Marie '82/p77
Nemecek, Mrs '81/p16
Nemeckay, Albina '81/p23
Nemsik, F J '82/p75; '86/p48
Nepita, Anna '81/p43
Nere, Anne '90/p60
Nerehausen, Dominique '84/p13
Nergaard, Mary '89/p28, 30
Nerock, Anna Marie '84/p13
Nerock, Jos '84/p13
Nerock, Threse '84/p13
Nesladek, Antonia '83/p10
Nesladek, Frantisek '83/p11
Nesladek, Vaclav '83/p11
Nesladek, Wenceslaus '83/p11
Nesladek, Wensh '87/p3
Nesnidal, Matej '92/p43
Nethaway, Roy '80/p14
Nethaway, Roy F '80/p13
Netlock, Eliza J '89/p29, 30
Nettie, Elizabeth '82/p71
Neubich, Cunegunde '83/p3
Neuhamer, Heinrich Christoph Arnold '92/p43
Neuman, '78/p26
Neumann, Christian '80/p2
Neumann, Christian Mrs '80/p3
Neumann, Elisabeth '84/p13, 14
Neumann, Emma '91/p49, 53
Neumann, H F '86/p35
Neumann, John W '81/p16
Neumann, Mrs '81/p16
Neurenberger, John '88/p66
Neve, Sophus '85/p8
Nevell, G W '80/p56
Nevell, Geo W '81/p8
Nevelle, George William '84/p32
Nevelle, Hannah A '81/p72
Neville, George W '84/p21, 24
Neville, Michael '81/p57
Nevins, Clarence B '78/p45
Nevins, M E '78/p45
Nevins, M L '78/p45
Nevitt, Jacob N '80/p54
Nevitt, John '80/p54
New Asylum Beer House '89/p79
New England Cemetery, Ill '78/p53
New Hampshire - Granite '91/p41
New Jersey - Clam Catchers '91/p41
New Model Clothing Co '84/p9
New York - Knickerbockers '91/p41
New York Creek, NE '90/p67
New York Dry Goods Store '85/p66
New York Hotel '84/p9
New York Hotel; Fremont, NE '89/p13; '91/p54
Newberry, John H '78/p47
Newbery, G T Mar '77/p10
Newburn, Eliza J '80/p67
Newburn, Josiah '80/p70
Newcastle village '90/p14
Newel, John B '81/p39
Newell, Henry '78/p52
Newell, John W '91/p36
Newell, L M '79/p50
Newell, Lizzie '85/p11
Newell, Lydia M '87/p50
Newell, Samuel A. '92/p73
Newhouse, Henry '81/p69
Newkerk, Benj '85/p10
Newkerk, Ellen '85/p10
Newkerk, M E '85/p10
Newkirk, Ferdinand '85/p72
Newman Grove village, NE '90/p14
Newman Precinct, NE '90/p64
Newman, Bishop '92/p77
Newman, Christian '80/p2
Newman, Emel '80/p2
Newman, Geo N '85/p79
Newman, Gus '82/p32
Newman, H C '88/p66
Newman, Heman '80/p2
Newman, John '88/p66
Newman, Maria '80/p2
Newman, Minna '80/p2
Newman, Minnie '85/p79
Newman, Mrs '86/p13
Newman, NE '91/p31
Newman, Thomas '89/p79, 80
Newman, Willhelm '80/p2
Newman, William '80/p2
Newmann, Emil '80/p2
Newport town, NE '90/p14
Newsom, Adda G '85/25
Newsom, Bessie '86/p31
Newsom, Ethel '86/p31
Newsom, J A '81/p20
Newsom, J C Mrs '85/p35
Newsom, J E '91/p58
Newsom, Jacob A '86/p31
Newsom, Jessie '86/p31, 66
Newsom, Marie '86/p32
Newsom, Minnie '86/p32
Newsom, Ollie '81/p20; '86/p31, 66
Newspaper Fremont 1869, 1898, 1921, Nebr '85/p31-34
Newten, William '82/p73
Newton, Mar '77/p10
Newton, D T '86/p13
Newton, E L '81/p32
Newton, F N '78/p4
Newton, Geo A '78/p77
Newton, Geo A. '92/p50
Newton, Lorine '81/p32
Newton, Mary '81/p32
Newton, NE '91/p31
Newton, Page '78/p52
Newton, W '78/p4
Newton, W B '81/p32
Niblack, Florence D '84/p20
Niblack, Harley '84/p20
Niblack, Herman D '84/p20
Niblack, Julia '84/p20
Niblack, Maude '84/p20
Niblack, Neal '84/p20
Niblack, Noyce '84/p20
Nichel, Gus '86/p35
Nichela, Henry MíM '86/p35
Nichels, Addie M '86/p4
Nichol, William '85/p71
Nicholas, Grandfather '89/p24
Nichole, G P Rev '78/p62
Nicholesian, Jensonia '82/p45
Nichols, Mar '77/p10
Nichols, Albert G '81/p69
Nichols, Daniel '88/p8
Nichols, Fanny '87/p77
Nichols, Frank '80/p32
Nichols, Hanson B '85/p26
Nichols, J '85/p20
Nichols, Jacob '88/p42
Nichols, John W '83/p80
Nichols, M W Mrs '80/p39
Nichols, Mr '90/p18
Nichols, Nellie '82/p57
Nichols, Rev '88/p29
Nichols, Sarah E '83/p80
Nichols, Warren C '83/p80
Nicholson, Lancelot S '82/p12
Nick, Herman '92/p66
Nick, Judith Kathleen '80/p17
Nick, W H Mar '77/p10
Nick, William L '80/p17
Nickedemus, Mar '77/p10
Nickel, Adrew W '91/p36
Nickerson, Frank H '85/p30
Nickerson, Ira S '85/p72
Nickles, M D '88/p4
Nickols, G E '78/p24
Nickols, Thos '78/p14
Niclasdotter Videen, Christina '89/p40
Nicodemus, '87/p71
Nicodemus, C B Mr '91/p23
Nicodemus, Charley '91/p22
Nicodemus, H Mar '77/p10
Nicodemus, H B '88/p66
Nicodemus, Henry '88/p66
Nicodemus, Nina '84/p50
Nicodemus, Nina '91/p24
Nicodemus, W B Mar '77/p10
Niebaum, Herman '80/p48
Niedermyer, Agnes '80/p69
Nielsen, Kirsten '87/p62
Nielsen, Anne '87/p52
Nielsen, Anne K '87/p65
Nielsen, Carl '87/p62
Nielsen, Carl '92/p17
Nielsen, Carre E '87/p46
Nielsen, Charlotte '86/p0; '87/p0; '88/p0
Nielsen, Christian P '87/p66
Nielsen, Christine '87/p65
Nielsen, Dorothea K '87/p63
Nielsen, Else C '87/p66
Nielsen, Hans '87/p62
Nielsen, Hansine E '87/p46
Nielsen, Inger M '87/p63
Nielsen, Israel N '86/p63
Nielsen, Jens P '87/p46
Nielsen, John '78/p77
Nielsen, John '92/p17
Nielsen, Juliane M '87/p63
Nielsen, Karen '87/p63, 67
Nielsen, Maren '87/p64
Nielsen, Marianne '87/p65
Nielsen, Michael S '87/p66
Nielsen, Niels F '87/p46
Nielsen, Nielsine '87/p63
Nielsen, Paul '87/p65
Nielsen, Peter '84/p23; '87/p63
Nielsen, Rasmus '87/p62, 64
Nielsen, Ren '83/p42
Nielsen, Thomas Johan '84/p36
Nielson, Anna B '84/p56
Nielson, Christian Peter '91/p71
Nielson, Lorentz Anderesen '81/p80
Nieman, Albert M/M '81/p75
Nieman, Emily '86/p49
Nieman, F '82/p59
Nigh, Family Jan '77/p1
Night, Jams '78/p2
Niles, W '81/p10
Nillson, John '88/p66
Nilson, '88/í4
Nilson, Anna (Mrs. Oscar Lofstedt) '92/p3
Nilson, Anna '92/p7
Nilson, Kirsti '87/p63
Nilson, Mrs '89/p44
Nilsson, Carl Fredrik '86/p40
Nilsson, Elof '89/p60
Nilsson, Hanna '92/p18
Nilsson, Mary Jewett (Harter) '89/p60
Niman, Loretta '81/p45
Nina O’Neal (Mrs. Joseph H. Skinner) '92/p4
Niobrara village, NE '90/p14
Nisbet, Chalmers W '78/p42
Nisbet, E '78/p42
Nisbet, Elizabeth '78/p42, 43
Nisbet, John '78/p42
Nisbet, L '78/p40
Nisbet, Lucille S '78/p42
Nisbet, Marygaret Jane '78/p42
Nisbet, T '78/p42
Nisbet, T J '78/p40
Nisbet, Thomas '78/p43
Nisbet, Thomas J '78/p42
Nisbet, Walter '78/p42
Nisbet, William '78/p42
Nisewanger, J F '86/p66
Nison, Annie Maria '86/p2
Niss, Maria '84/p11, 13
Nissel, Adeline '81/p16
Nissen, Henry '91/p63
Nissen, John Henry '92/p63
Nissen, Peter Henry '92/p43
Nisson, Hugo '88/p4
Nistil, Karel '82/p77
Nitz, Minnie '91/p25, 27
Nitzner, Frederick '79/p34
Nizera, Anna (Mrs. Joseph Wishsel (Wesisel) '92/p4
Noble, Anna C '85/p2
Noble, Anna Catherine '85/p1
Noble, Henry '85/p1, 2
Noble, Jane '85/p1, 2
Noble, L D Mar '77/p10
Noble, Mary A '81/p23
Noble, Mrs '81/p23
Noble, Reuben '81/p23
Noe, Edward '89/p36
Noe, Fannie '86/p66
Noe, Jim '91/p23
Noeman, Clarinda '87/p36
Noh, Helene '87/p45
Noh, Henry '87/p45
Noh, John '82/p58; '87/p45
Noh, Leonard F '82/p47
Noha, Frank '91/p43
Nojkek, Anton M/M '82/p75; '86/p48
Nolan, Allie '89/p65, 69
Nolan, Florence '86/p32
Nolan, George '82/p31
Nolan, George '91/p54, 58
Nolan, Gertrude '88/p26, 27
Nolan, Grace '88/p26, 27
Nolan, John C Mar '77/p10
Nolan, Katie '90/p55, 56
Nolan, Marge '85/p59
Noll, Ella '84/p56
Noll, Miss '84/p56
Nolte, Conrad '87/p71
Nolte, Conrad '91/p74, 78
Nolte, Friedrich Wilhelm Karl '92/p43
Nolte, Hannah '84/p53
Nolte, Heinrich Gustav Fredrich '92/p43
Nolte, Herman '84/p39
Nolte, Ilse Marie '84/p42
Nolte, William '87/p76
Nolten, Ferdinand '81/p23
Nonnamaker, Grace '88/p29
Nonnamaker, Grace '89/p36
Nonnamker, Grace M '88/p29
Noolan, M/M '85/p26
Noone, Hugh '89/p77
Noone, Margaret '89/p65, 69
Norbeck, Charles '91/p50, 53
Norberg, Margaret '88/p10
Norcross, Geo '90/p25
Norcross, George Mar '77/p10; '88/p66
Norcross, George E '87/p77
Norcross, Laura '89/p 9
Nord '92/p49
Nord, '88/p4
Nord, A T Mar '77/p10
Nord, Andrew '88/p66
Nord, Andrew T '78/p77
Nord, Carl '80/p13
Nord, Rix '88/p4
Nordeck, Mar '77/p10
Norden, R M '88/p7
Norden, Rudolf M. '92/p78
Nordgrain, Caroline '87/p75
Nordlander, A '85/p54
Nordlander, Andrew '85/p54
Nordlander, Anna '85/p54
Nordon, Emilie A '78/p66
Nordon, Pastor Rudolf M '78/p66
Nordquist Bros '84/p9
Noreen, A O '89/p19
Noreen, Allen '91/p24
Noreen, W. D. '92/p30
Norfolk city, NE '90/p14
Norfolk, John G '81/p69
Norgard, H T '85/p56
Norgard, John '92/p63
Norge Steamliner '86/p71
Noris, Benjamin '82/p73
Normal College '90/p70
Normal School; Fremont, NE '89/p19
Norman, Rufus '81/p57
Norman, S '81/p57
Norris, Mar '77/p10
Norris, A F Mar '77/p10
Norris, A L Mar '77/p10
Norris, A T Mar '77/p10; '85/p74
Norris, Al '90/p11; '92/p54
Norris, Al M/M '85/p26
Norris, Albert L '87/p76
Norris, Benjamin '82/p73
Norris, Clarence '86/p31
Norris, George '85/p52
Norris, Hattie May '85/p52
Norris, J R '89/p13
Norris, Jacob Mar '77/p10
Norris, Jerome Mar '77/p20
Norris, Judge '88/p28
Norris, Myrtle Athelyn '85/p26
Norris, Sarah '85/p52
Norris, Senator '82/p76
Norris, Sylvester W '85/p26
Norris, T L '88/p66
Norris, Thomas L Mar '77/p10
Norris, William B '91/p74, 78
North Bend city, NE '90/p14
North Bend Star; North Bend, '90/p48
North Bend Town Co '91/p 9
North Bend, NE '91/p55-56
North Carolina - Tar Boilers '91/p41
North Cemetery Wahoo, Nebr '80/p14
North Loup city, NE '90/p14
North Platte city, NE '90/p14
North Platte Genealogical Society '81/p62
North Western Broom & Brush Co; Fremont, NE '89/p78
North, Francis R '81/p69
North, Frank J '89/p66, 69
North, J E '91/p36
North, J E Mrs '91/p36
North, Myram '78/p48
Northeastern NE Genealogical Society '81/p62
Northern Antelope Co Genealogical Society '81/p62
Northern Illinois University '86/p8
Northern Nebr Genealogical Society '81/p62
Northwest Genealogical Society '81/p62
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co; Omaha, NE '89/p24
Norton, A Mar '77/p10
Norton, Alexander '91/p74, 78
Norton, Chloe '81/p57
Norton, Easter '81/p57
Norton, Elizabeth '81/p57
Norton, Ephraim '81/p57
Norton, Fredrick '80/p67
Norton, H H '81/p57
Norton, M F '78/p77
Norton, Marin P '81/p57
Norton, Melvin F '89/p27, 30
Norton, Melvin T Mar '77/p10
Norton, Oliver '81/p57
Norton, Victor '81/p57
Norton, W Mar '77/p10
Norton, Walter S '81/p57
Norton, Zeriah '81/p57
Norvatich, '82/p63
Norwalke, Doratha '81/p44
Norwegian Danish Church; Fremont, NE '91/p66
Norwegian Danish M E Church; Fremont, NE '91/p66
Nosal, Barthol '86/p36
Nosal, Jacob '86/p36
Nosal, Thekla (Nejpierszonka) '86/p36
Nosler, Grandma '86/p73, 74
Noteneare, M M '82/p74
Noteware, M M '86/p48
Novak, Anezka '81/p23
Novak, Anna '81/p23, 45; 87/p25
Novak, Anna '91/p25, 27
Novak, Antonia '83/p8
Novak, Fanna '85/p43
Novak, Frank '85/p43
Novak, Frant '82/p77
Novak, Frantisek '83/p6
Novak, Franz '87/p25
Novak, Johann '87/p25
Novak, John '85/p43
Novak, John '89/p 3
Novak, Joseph '80/p69; '87/p25
Novak, Maria '83/p6
Novak, Mariana '83/p11
Novak, Wenzel '87/p25
Novar, Clementine (Mrs. Joseph Schonbacker) '92/p4
Novar, Clementine '92/p7
Novark, Anna '86/p42
Noves, Baka '80/p5
Novosad, Joseph '83/p7
Novosad, Maria '83/p7
Novotny, Anna '83/p8
Novotny, Anton '86/p62, 65
Novotny, Bessie E '82/p47
Novotny, Bozena Miss '86/p65
Novotny, Charles '86/p62, 64, 65
Novotny, Esther '86/p65
Novotny, Frank '86/p62, 65
Novotny, George '86/p65
Novotny, Jacob '83/p6
Novotny, Jan '83/p7
Novotny, John '86/p64
Novotny, John J M/M '81/p75
Novotny, John sr '86/p62, 64, 65
Novotny, Joseph '86/p62
Novotny, Maria '83/p4, 6, 7, 9
Novotny, Marie '82/p78
Novotny, Martin '86/p62
Novotny, Rohoslav '82/p47
Novotny, Theresa '86/p62
Nowacek, James '92/p5, 7
Nowacek, Mrs. James (Victoria Kawan (Kavan) '92/p5
Nowak, Anna (Mrs. Anton Pokorny) '92/p4
Nowak, Anna '92/p7
Nowak, Antonia '83/p8
Nowak, Lizzy '81/p41
Nowak, Mariana '83/p11
Nowothyny, Maria '83/p7
Nowthny, Jan '83/p7
Noyes, Bewarn '80/p5
Noyes, C B '91/p59
Noyes, Charles '80/p5
Noyes, Clark, B '88/p37
Noyes, Julia Belle '85/p30
Noyes, Kate '85/p8
Noyes, Mary '80/p5
Noyes, Mary A '90/p71
Noyes, Mr '80/p24
Noyes, N (Niles) E '78/p52
Noyes, Patrick M '80/p5
Noys, John H '81/p72
Nuckolls, George '78/p9
Nuckolls, Heath '78/p9
Nuckolls, S '78/p13
Nuckolls, Stephen F '78/p13
Nuckols, Heath '78/p9
Nuckols, Hughston '78/p8
Nuckols, Stephen F '78/p9
Nudensall, Mar '77/p10
Nuebauer, Julius '81/p42
Nugent, Elyth '85/p59
Nugent, Joseph '85/p59
Nugent, Julia '87/p77
Nule, Ann '85/p59
Nule, Henry '85/p59
Nule, James '85/p59
Nule, Jane '85/p59
Nule, William '85/p59
Nulhern, Robert J '81/p42
Numan, Mr '83/p45
Nunstedt, Friedrich '87/p23
Nunstedt, Fritz '87/p23
Nunstedt, Johann '87/p23
Nunstedt, Marie '87/p23
Nunstedt, Sophie '87/p23
Nurse, S W '88/p8
Nute, Polly '82/p11
Nuveman, W '90/p43
Nuvemann & Parr '82/p6
Nyberg, Gustave '88/p66
Nye & Colson Mar '77/p10
Nye & Schneider Co '82/p69
Nye '92/p50
Nye Schneider-Fowler Co '87/p9
Nye, '82/p38
Nye, Caroline M '79/p50
Nye, Carrie '92/p35
Nye, Colson & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p12, 13;'90/p25;
Nye, Fred Mar '77/p10; '84/p33; '85/p24, 26
Nye, Gretchen '92/p35
Nye, John Clifford '78/p72
Nye, Orpha J '91/p49, 53
Nye, Ray Mar '77/p10; '87/p70
Nye, Ray '91/p23
Nye, Ray Mrs '91/p24
Nye, T '78/p45
Nye, Theon '88/p66
Nye, Theon '91/p16; '92/p73
Nye, Theren '78/p77
Nye, Theron Mar '77/p10; '79/p50; '82/p69; '85/p64, 68; '88/p56
Nye, Theron '89/p50, 53; '90/p57
Nye, Theron Mrs '91/p32
Nye, William H '91/p51, 53
Nye, Wilson, Morehouse Co '82/p58
Nye, Wilson, Morehouse Co; Howells, NE '89/p 2
Nye-Colson Co '82/p69
Nye-Schneider-Fowler Co '84/p9
Nykodym, Anna '85/p46

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.